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"jason yukon" Discussed on The Pog State

"I just don't feel like they're going to take a game and you will win. The the best of three us three did two zero gingy. Yeah but like. We predicted this before we had friday matches. Though i don't think it would have changed it for me. Because i don't think that what katy which is heart stomped their lanes and like hearts. Don't skirmishes you're going to be able to do against gingy and also think five kit if he plays again not gonna have as easy a time which is a pretty big problem. Actually if there's if there's a metro i'm looking towards that week. That can have opposite. Actually think weirdly it's nauseam versus hawa. Which like. I don't know like i don't feel like gingy out. I don't feel like it should be but that is one of those matches wire. It just seems like it'd be so per for how much completely demolished an auction and then still do everything else and not my playoffs. Oh my god he's done it. He's beginning to believe in the way. I'm not i'm not saying sankoh says like i've just. We've seen a lot of these upsets happen. Where teams can have a really good form on a specific day. I think kawhi is one of those teams while effing. Nauseam is currently our best team in the l. c. k. Over gingy no by large margin but by a margin. I i still. I can see you know. I mean there are holes in the drafting right. We saw some really wacko drafting yesterday. They face pick the jason yukon was available. That was pretty. They just didn't care about brown at all. I'm like that. Hey i investment. He like we just want a bit of a challenge. Please give us something so that we can have a decent game because they walked into everything right like lava picks lucien for what feels like the first time in the second round oil like the first time in like multiple wakes. He's not allowed to play that champion. He was way too good at. It was banned every single match. And we don't care play it wou- play yasuo into it. It'll be fine what's crazy about. It is normal and you see a draft like that with him has done like all the players like athen their ass off. They're like yeah. We're gonna lay this weird cop. Everybody looked extremely stressed out. Like okay we have to use also to salvage distract figure this out. I don't even think it was. It was nerves. A think i think fell. This mentioned is just. I dunno falls on our off a but no shame just looked like team were su simultaneously extremely humble and extremely like take everything series without there being pressure like they just see. We just want to be the best team afterwards. Docomo's again. I made so many mistakes. When a fetus one game and then like one nine and also have that one team fight on as real that makes me think like maybe he's just the best israel in the uk and like august. So many believe it. I was watching. I was like holy crap. I always yelling at the. Tv i mean at the same time rich had like one of the most incredibly clutch ultimate swear. He found two bits of wall with two different players. That somehow there. And i think it was also infernal riffs. It was even harder to find bits of wall in particular game but appealed really really well but dot com just everywhere he needed to be on my god. It was just incredible but they outplayed their way through that series..

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