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Episode 242 - Eric Oligny

Inappropriate Earl

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Episode 242 - Eric Oligny

"Alright inappropriate or I'll soundcloud. I tunes currently number four, so suck it all my haters out there, thousands and thousands of podcast out there, and I've not cracked the I tunes code. I've cracked the funny code. Some of you going to be working on that for real long time. But I pre she ate the love and support of the soldiers that are in the IRL army, the Skakel army. And today I have a comic who is a comedy store. Favorites is always say the Salat, but he's a dude. I, you know, you see people every night, you know them, but you don't know them is comet from the Tampa Bay area. So we will have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Pittsburgh Steelers game on mute, of course, which starts in about an hour. Please give it up for the military man. Mr. Eric ligne. Thanks for having me on Earl, glad beer. Finally, I've been actually looking forward to this. Yeah, it sorry. It's so onto now, it's all right. You're one of my favorite podcasts. When I listen to you do the Tommy Morris podcast that's when I fell in love with this podcast. Well. You know, I try to get interesting guest, and you know, Tommy, I think told the story that you know, I had heard he reached out to Mark merit and I don't know what Marc Maron said to him, but I'm assuming it was either fuck off or no are both. So I'm like wealth. Tommy wants to talk, get them on, and you know it's was a podcast that I will tell anyone that, you know, I do comedy shows and they're like, what's like a good starter to listen your podcast? I always tell them that one. Well, that's where I started and it was it kept me on it. It's like that was so informational and like going being around Tommy Ammon to do all the stuff that you know we had to do the hoops we had to jump through. It was nice to hear. You know you ask the questions that we wanted to the asked the ramblings of mania. Definitely. He thought he was Mitzi I think. Yeah. I mean, I. I think that it was kind of like the, what's that movie. I'm not Bates motel. Right it. Was that psycho? Yes, IKEA, there we go. Well, you know, he was the guy in charge thankfully. Now the guy in charge is, you know, guys, I on the prize and he's really good at what he does. Yeah. Yeah, he gets, you know, you want people to come. You have to get famous comics and and I'm not as favourite, but he's very honest and I like him for that. Yeah, Tommy would bullshit. You at least Adams straight up. I don't tell you, you know, but you know what he also does is he. The comics who aren't famous or funny like famous, but I'm finally leaving crushing it lately in the late night to. Yeah, I mean, you know, Candace Thompson, you know, in the technical since famous, whatever that means, but she's amazing. Yeah, very, I mean, she's funny if not funnier than Amy Schumer. Jomar neighbors aren't abors yoke Alana. There's so many. I mean, there's, you know everyone. He's passed. You can't argue with Brian Simpson and Ron Taylor lately they were both passes and he's passing all kinds. You know, women minorities, gay, straight older younger, you know, Tommy would just pass people who gave him we'd or studio time. I figured elisas dog would have been passed if he said, I mean, you know, as crazy as it sounds, you know, I know Bob Wheeler who I think was the comedy store. Accountant. Tommy would give spots to think it's a little typewriter next to his name on the wall. I mean, it's crazy, but that's, you know how Aki when you try and explain the dark ages of the comedy store to people like that's the literally the accountant got past just because he wanted to do stand up. It's weird because the store was a tougher time them, and I'm glad I got to be, at least at the very end of Nazi like three years of that. Oh, yeah. I mean, I, you know, you know, people think roast battle is a tough show. You know, you take that most. You know, hardened roast battle, comedy, shit, their pants. If they did potluck in o.'neil on my shot them up or I was terrified when I'd have to go up with anybody on those those those hosts, or you know, they were brutal and Brody. You know, back then was like pretty aggressive, and you know, eleven, you had him on and you talked about that told that kid. But I mean, people don't understand how dark and like dirty the store was back then. And you know, you take these, you know, roast battle, comics who walk around the club, and it's not a Tuesday night and they start roasting people say, you know, you get shit slap out of you. You know, back in the dark ages, like people would fight. Yeah, you know, you try to row someone in two thousand five issue. Let's go in the parking lot, and I'm sure you've had that happen where the younger comedians come up to you. And I've had to happen a couple times where they come up to me and I'm around, let's say THEO von and Jason Tibo. We're hanging out and they come up and throw a roast joke at me in the middle, like trying to roast me while I don't even know who you are and I'm like, where do you come from? Roasting, somebody out of nowhere. And then on top of it, you're around all these other comedians. Well, they don't get it. I mean, it's like they think it's their way in at the comedy store. It's just obnoxious and shout out to Kelly. LA Banco who's ah, commie story legend herself and Facebook chat right now, what's up Kelly, but they, it's not a way to get in at the stores comic. You know, I learned the best way to just be be around the stores to keep your head low and be funny. Yeah, but you don't have to talk to anybody. I'm pretty much a loner there. I hang out with everybody, but I still kind of by myself a lot. Well, Adams gotta see in when I say you I, I don't mean you, but like to the comics, listen, he's got to see on stage. I say so many comics, you know, go in the back and smoke pot, which is fine or whatever, but it's. Like you think atoms gonna poke his head back there and go, this lighten up a bowl, I should pass. You know, you gotta like there's one comic in particular. I've never seen him go up at the store, but he's airline. They just kind of loiters hangs out, walks around. You know, it's like, you know you're wasting your time. Yeah, I always ask Adam probably once every two months for my friends and family spot so we can see my development. So you can see that I'm going on. I'm hitting the open mics before I go to the store doing all the things I need to do before I go to the store. I mean, you gotta get better. You know, I hang at the store a lot, but not gonna. Do anything? No, definitely not. Everyone's goal is to get past that the storm yet your name on the wall. And that's not the end all be all. You know, it's not like I'm super famous. I've been passed now for thirty four years, and I mean, I'm certainly more well known, but you know, I think people, you know, it's a lie, like gross spat, or, you know, I've had three people from season three call me and go, what do I do now? Like, and it's the same thing with, you know, on a much higher scale getting past at the store, you get past that inside like again, the ten picture developmental the next day. Yeah, you gotta keep working. Yeah. You gotta go to other clubs too, and you know you can't be a store and that's why I went on that road trip is to get get out and go do comedy elsewhere and see the see the country not just Los Angeles. Yeah. I mean, you gotta do, and that's what I wanna get into now is like, I see so many comics. They don't really go. Oh, anywhere, but the store, they'll do the open mics the store and they'll just, you know, think that's the way to get past, but they'll really improve because they're pretty much performing in front of comics only. So there's no growth. But you recently did saw that. I frankly never would have done even back in my hunger days. You know, you traveled from one end of this country to the next doing open mics, like each state? Yeah, it was fun. How did you map that out? Originally, I got my first feature gig 'cause I got past the laugh actually. So as really happy to get my first feature gig and I thought to myself, well, Brody always Brody Stevens always told me you're not a feature until you go feature. You're not an opener until you open. And so I got that feature. Finally feature. I'm gonna go and go around the country and work on my comedy, so I can be a really good feature. I'm not just going to be some shit feature. You see, I'm gonna be somebody you'll remember. And so I went, I mapped it all out before I went. I started a gofundme. To help me pay for it, and then you got like I saw like one person gave you like five grand? Yeah, really good friend in comedy. I don't know. I know who it is, but I'm not gonna say who they are, but that's pretty cool. And there was no what I liked about how they did it without mentioning their name. And quite frankly, it's not something I get along with that. Well, because of a misunderstanding that, yeah, I know what you're talking about is they did anonymously. Yeah. Like it's always bugged me on, go fund me or Kickstarter. All the. There's another one now where someone sick or you know, there's a dying kid and they put their name Earl. Skakel donated the anonymous. Yeah, and I, I was shocked my God, it and I was like, who the hell knows? That would give me five grand. I was like, was Larry limited number of peop-. Yeah, it me in. It wasn't me. I mean, I love you, but I give you five g. but you did you did something more than the money you actually sent me a message on the end of the trip, like probably a month ago, I got a message on Facebook that said, I really respect your grind. Oh yeah, put and then you put suck it and it just made me laugh and it made me feel really good that you were thinking about me and like you actually were you were you weren't dogging me because I was out there trying to do something from, oh, no, dude, I respect anyone who does the grind even people. I don't like. I know a bunch of rose. Battle comics go to Fresno lot in. Do like these shit bar gigs, but I respect that. Yeah. No. I mean, I did it. You know, my earlier years because you're not until you get TV credits, you're not getting stage Simon ally. And I ended up getting a bunch of really good spots that I would have never gotten here in LA. I got to open for Bobby Lee degrade Bobby lay. He's always helped me. Bobby Lee gave me my first intro ever at the comedy store. He's very nice to do that. Like he didn't have to. Yeah, he so let me open for him twice in San Antonio and Assan Ahmad was the feature, and he was really funny. Yeah, he's a good dude. Where's this? Ask off, but he's always going to like San Diego new? Yeah, he's, he works hard. He's always that Marty's. A lot of people don't do Marty's. They're like, oh, I don't wanna do Marty's and it's, you can go up for ten to twenty minutes mardi sometime less. You'd go thirty to forty. It's in front of nobody, but it still. Stage time that's valuable. I mean, and all the pens, what level you're at, not only necessarily as a comic, but as you get older in this business, you'll stop doing things two years ago you would have done. Yeah, I fifteen years. I would have gone the Marty's. This is great. I don't even like driving by let alone doing it. But I'm also twenty years ends. Yeah. And you're also you're, you're not you. Nobody's beyond you're eve approached where you're, you're paid regular at the comedy store. You're on major, television shows cave. You getting good spot. So. Well, I mean, I get the spots I deserve. I mean, you know, I like the way you work late night because a lot I see this at the store and I don't like it. Swing comic goes up late night and immediately shifts on the crowd for not being a big crowd. It's like it's a late night show. Well, yeah. If you wanna go on earlier, get more TVs or just enjoy the crowd that you have like you and Don do you Donner masters of it, but it's also like there's, there's, I think on the our lineup, there's I think twelve spots tend to from ten to every fifteen minutes what it said. So sixteen spots, I guess. And you know those first eight spots for the big TV heavy. Hitter Walker comics, you know, Delina and the, oh, and you know, Hinchcliffe and galernter. Nikki Glaser iron Bowers. Yeah. So you know, there's really like one TV show you've done in. Let's say one Conan or Yuan you know, I don't know. I'm dying up here. Like Weather Channel. Yeah, but you're going to go on at twelve thirty. There's no room for you. You're not gonna bump Elliott now. So he's a great entertainer. Oh, he's great. Like a fantastic entertain. You talk about a grinder, you know? Yeah, he doesn't get the credit because you know his dad was in the business, but you know, I remember seeing him at open mics like fifty or however long twelve fifteen years ago. You know, he never tried to go on a head of anybody would just sit in the back. Hey, I'm Chris. Oh, Earl, you never said I'm going to, you know, you're here before me. So you'll go on before me like. So I've always liked have just for being real. Yeah, he's always been nothing but nice to me hate on him because he's famous and successful while they more hate on them because his father was where he is in the industry works, but there's no denying his talents. Hello to Irish and Keith and the chat. I don't like to say low too many people in Facebook because then the people listening on I tunes or like what the fuck is this guy who's he say a low too, but I'm all. I mean, I'm all on all forms which gives them a reason to go back to items and listen again, because I want to hear my name being told by Earl plan. Hugh people ask me all the time. Like, you know. Why are you so high up on? I tunes because I work at a do the Facebook, live doing Instagram, I don't. Periscope. I never really did, but like I'm doing everything you know paying to do the podcast cover art, you know, there's no hacking into items now. It's really social media in general. All these things are just it's really hard to gain a following. You have to be consistent. Yeah. I mean, that's, I mean, I gave an a level comic advice. The other night who's podcast is somewhat struggling in. They're like, well, you know, how are you so high up like they were insulted that I was doing well over them and I'm like, it's consistency like really wake. It's consistency. Also finding the entertainment you gotta find these entertaining things that you you bring a lot of entertaining people on here. I'm not talking about myself, but I mean, you're like, you know, like, you know, you not the most known comic, but like you got a great story. You know, it's an entertaining interview. What I love to have Jerry Seinfeld on. Sure. I mean, but you know, it's, I'd rather have a friend on like two people at a bar talking, and then you know, I want to do like what Rogan does Rogan had Hinchcliffe on. Nobody knew who Tony, what Duncan trussell are should fear, Bert, Kreischer, Tom Sawyer, and Christina. Nobody knew who these people were. Everyone's gonna know because all things comedy just got picked up by comedy central. So yeah, I mean, big time, you know, that's an in Almaty goal and Bill Burr to awesome dudes, and you're seeing a lot now where people are working with comedy central and Netflix. I mean, Ross battles on comedy central, but the historical rose. Is now going to be on Netflix. So I think there's a point in time where people were scared to work for, say Netflix out of fear of my comedy, central Saint socket. But you know now it's. You know, I think people look at us like, no, we want you on Netflix too, because people go to comedy central and watch whatever you're on this network, realizing TV's pretty much a dead medium now except for sporting events, but even sporting events or like I mean, look at the, I had to ask you where the Steeler bucking nears game was because I watch all my stuff on read it. Cable, so, but I mean, that's crazy though that like you know, Monday night football when I was a kid was channel seven, five o'clock? Yeah, MBC while for me when I was, I mean, that's more Sunday night football. But like I had to ask you what channel Monday night football on wasn't on ABC back then on ABC. And then I think in then I think it went to NBC, but like in terms of comedy, there's just too much comedy on TV, you know? So a little too much on Netflix right now, there's too much. I mean, you know you, you figure that. I mean, Conan, excelling Kimmel sometimes does Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon set, Myers corden or James. James corden has that's five shows right there, but he did, hey, sues trail on. So that was good. Oh, yeah. I mean, but you know, dean del Rey was just on Conan, deans. Talk about a hustler, but. It's like people hate on him. 'cause you know, like he's opening up for Bill bird and September twenty eighth at the forum. But. All he does do stand up, like literally goes everywhere and his bike. Yeah, I mean, but that's like, you know, how come he's getting gig and you know, 'cause he asked for it. That's one thing I don't like being around anymore as a better comics who just bitch and moan about shit that didn't happen for him. But I mean, yeah. I mean, I'm better, but I think I look at it as more being honest, I think I think you're jokingly better, but I mean, I think you know, like, you know, when I was going through my beef with roast battle and you know, I, I don't take back one thing. I said, you shouldn't because everything I said was true. Yeah, it is. I mean, I was there when it started, so I know how important you to that show. Yeah. And so if you remember Alex Phillips and I were like the either second or third battle ever. I'm not gonna lie. I don't, but like. You know, it's a fine line of sticking up for yourself and burning bridges. I mean, I'm sure comedy central like my biggest fan at the moment, but you know, I don't think I burn to bridge, you know, it's like I said, the network socks or you know anyone associated with roast battled sucks. I was like, this is what happened to me and it was like seven or eight. Thanks wasn't like it was just one thing, just being honest. And he saw Anthony joslin on, especially said the same thing about comedy central. He he, he lashed out on, I'm gonna special. I mean, he's in a little bit more of a position to see that, say, things that I can't, but like I still don't. I, I love him. I love his honesty and has I don't give a fuck. He's awesome. I mean, I'm sure he gives a fuck, but like you know, I just like his the way he approaches comedy, and he doesn't take shit from anybody. And he's one of the best judges on rose paddle for sure way because he gets the show. Like I think sometimes they get these judges who don't really. Yeah. And they should gets like the voice where they have to say something. Nice about the person. Yeah. Like what big over like she was a little like my sister Amina and supposed to be funny, I suppose to just judge and and but she was great. She got, you know into do it. She settled into a groove, Donna Kenza. Great. Judge. Yeah, he, he gets in, you know, he's a pro wrestling freak. So I liked Leslie as a judge. She was crazy, really funny. I mean, I think I don't know if she gets the vibe and the show like, you know, obviously she's incredibly funny, but I think sometimes she took things personally, it's, hey, we're all. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, we're all fair game up here. Yeah, like no one cares who you are that's to this day. That's what I love about. Rose battle. The most is that when you walk up those stairs or if it's on TV, but primarily about the weekly show where all same. Yeah, you're like out in the African safari and you're just little? Yeah, ELS running it. It's the only place where an open mic, calm consid- there and look at Jeff Ross and Jeff Zang them and say something funny about them, and then they can go back at Jeff and just shit on them if they should not have. And then there's been some really funny comebacks. Oh yeah. I mean, but Leslie sometimes get a little. You'd have to ask her offended or upset, you know, because people go at her. I think Dave Taylor went out or once Ghostbusters, but it's like, that's that's the show. And that's Dave Taylor. Yeah. I mean Taylor. I wish it was more a part of Ross battle because he'd to me fits. The vibe of the show is very funny. It's very insanely on us. And the truth is his show with Tibo and sandy Danta the reason the rose battle even exists. Well, we must not forget seventy some bar having Harithi. Open mic. It wasn't bad because of Stephanie, but it was just, you know, choose day night there was nothing going on. It's like she was, you know, you go to roast battle. Now you watch the comedy before roast battle, the Santa portion, it's all great comics like Jack Knight and Jimar Jeremiah Pat Barker. Yeah. I mean, it's like a who's? Who of, you know, Sarah Tian all do it every now. And then back then it wasn't that kind of quality. It was just like horrific open mic. And then you know, Stephanie gave it up to Brian, and then you know, it's crazy to see a show, go from an open mic with that one person in it to three sees Ray seasons on TV. It's going to Canada. Now, Mexico. It's in the UK like literally all from the belly room on Tuesday night. You remember remember the inside joke the Sikh. The secret show with David Taylor and sandy dance. Yeah, that was. I think that was on Sunday night on Wednesdays. So, but then you know, there's an incident there that made the we won't go into what the incident was, but there was a topic covered that wasn't cool, and you know that show shut down, but it is. It did kind of lead to, well, we need another wacky show up there and you know, luckily Josh Martin and Kenny Lyon, why would have loved to seen on television? I really think that if they do a season for Bros battle and I'm sure they will. They have to put Kenny line Josh, Marin on. They started at all, and I would just be amazed if he doesn't come out buffalo billing it, but if they don't fight that night, Moses doesn't say what he said, and then you know went well. And then the next week I can't can we roast each other and then the next week couple of people. I mean, it really started from nothing. Yeah, this is. So it's pretty cool. I, it is cool. I mean, even my problems notwithstanding, I still speak very highly of the show and. If you're in LA on Tuesday nights, it's the place to be at still five years later completely sold out every night. Defeat like the energy is not the same as it wasn't went. I started with that that ruckus like the whole room would shake. Yeah. Well, I must say right now before we get into that Notre Dame highs, finest, Jamie wagon by who I took basketball class freshman year taught by the legendary Al Shubert Choubey dooby and I got to play basketball with the seniors, which was a big deal to Hello. Jamie Notre Dame high for life. Any relation to Jimmy Shubert because father no algebra was my eighth grade basketball coach, and it was a big deal because the starting point guard for Notre Dame high nineteen eighty two eighty three was the coach of I believe Pittsburgh university right now Jamie Dixon. Sam and Jamie Dixon pass me. The ball wants in a practice shot at airball. So I didn't get the ball again, but it's crazy that you'd have a basketball class count as credit. So good ole Notre Dame high in my heart forever when we had basketball in high school too. But I mean, I shouldn't have been in the basketball class, you know. And then they got mad at me because I didn't play football, you know? And then 'cause I got cut from the basketball team because they didn't play football going up in Florida's. I really let you get high school. I kind of realized that my dreams of playing pro sports were really limited. Why thank you know. Yeah, because high school football and Florida's, it's ridiculous. I played one year and it was just I was getting knocked out every day. Well, I mean, it's basically pro football. For teenagers. They quit baseball fifteen because the kids were pitching eighty five. Oh yeah. It's scary like some like Knight as at Notre Dame and he was in the class. He was in basketball class to was a six pack Jack McDowell and who went on to incite young awards for, I think for the White Sox, he played for Toronto to need to e. They played for the angels for second. He's more known for being on the White Sox, but. He threw like ninety five miles an hour in high school. Like I'll never forget watching him pitch. It was like unfair, but he was the. He was, you know, he was the age. I mean, it was. This wasn't like it was the Puerto Rican team in literally World Series where they all have full fucking facial hair. And you know the one thing, California and Florida sports is there's all the athletes are. So God damn good, California, Florida, Texas? Yeah, because you can play sports year round. I mean, Texas. The football games are played in like the college stadiums? Yeah, ten thousand people at high school game. It's like high school hockey, Minnesota. They play where the Minnesota wild play. So yeah, I didn't have a big high school career either just because you know, I'd never seen black kids my age before or why kits. Like I was the biggest kid migrate school so dominated yards. Because I was just known, could stop. I mean, I was, I was like, Bo Jackson was great at every sport kickball. I was like, Mickey, Mantle guy would kick home runs in most kids at that ten couldn't get out of the fucking Enfield. I was like, you're the one kicking and hitting somebody with the ball and is making windows. But then I got the Notre Dame and so. Played one day a freshman football on as a decision happening. I remember how fun kickball was, and then I played it like five years ago and I was like, this shit sucks now. It's there in these people take seriously. These older people who play it. Oh, yeah. There's a gay kickball league affinities gayer than kickball. It's gay. Kickball leave. I don't know if that's someone's joke. It's almost seems to easy of a joke, right? But maybe it was a gay softball summit some comic at a joke, very similar to that, but kick ball back when I was playing with. For whatever reason. My grade school didn't want play with bats, so we kicked ball was like big Goto sport. But you know, that was you know how socially developed sports yet. But I feel like we had fun when we were kids, and now that we're older, the ones that are on the other side of the field, they take it more seriously and don't really have fun playing it well, because now you know, back then I don't think even though pro athletes were making a lot of money, certainly in the seventies, I'm sure like Kareem was making three hundred grand plan for the Lakers which is crazy. But like now Korean played, he'd make literally thirty million. So I think kids see that and they're like, wow, I want thirty million a year. You know, I don't think kids back then. It was like, I want three hundred grand a year like, and there's some idiot kid that's out there really getting good at kick bonds gonna realize later the there's no career. I mean, I don't think there is. I mean, maybe in China, there's a wacky sports out there, but like basketball, football hockey. If your kid and Canada, what's the, what's the one in the Olympics, the ice curling curling. That's the one I'm kinda love the sport, but I'm baffled like who was the one who was like, this is what I'm gonna to the rest of my life. I mean, because what do you do after the Olympics? Right. You really good at brushing something to get it to go Cleese with volleyball. There's like a pro beach league, I think still and you know, softball. There's, you know, you can. I don't know if you can make money being a pro softball player, but like I mean, you can make money being a pro player. Yeah. I mean, it's actually you can make really good money being Dr player, but it's also the world sports scene is just 'cause it's not big in America, like, you know, soccer's the best example. That's the biggest sport in the world. You know, we don't give a shit about it. You see those transfers. They get to move one player to another team like thirty or forty million just to get the guy like you have to pay to get the guy, and then you gotta pay him another thirty million to play, but they make it. I mean, I've never seen a like a Manchester United game this completely sold out, or I hate Manchester United just because our owners on that team. I mean, I don't follow it so, but you know, you see. I mean, it's crazy how rabid the fans are over there and racist to, jeez. I'm not a big fan of the bucks, ownership, Tampa Bay fan. So let's get back into coaching talking too much about me. So you do this huge trip. What was the wacky gig you had? And before you say that this is where we're going to cut the Facebook live feed. So if you wanna know what air wacky is gig was, you're going to have to listen to the rest of this on items when it comes out tomorrow, inappropriate Earl, soundcloud, nitrates for the Facebook. Live freak, Eric, where can they find you Twitter, Instagram, find yet. Eric ligne. That's your c. o. l. i. g. n. y. thanks for joining us. Yeah. Yeah, he's a good dude. And of course we're gonna talk for a while. After this, you know, give you guys a little taste and then you hop on over to IT or if you don't do the Steve Jobs machine soundcloud, it's it's free on. I think a lot of people don't realize. Yes, you have to pay for your music on I tunes but podcast free. So and for my friend, Julie CBA, the great Julie Sebok by. Awesome. I got a couple of book plugs. I want you guys to do by the roast battle coffee table book with pictures. Of course, by the inimitable Troy Conrad, it's on Amazon, I believe, and I had a guest on a few weeks ago during into the sunset strip music scene, which you know I am go on WWW dot, Vicky Hamilton dot com. And by her book appetite for destruction. She was the first person to get guns and roses over to Giffen. She managed poisoned back in the day. She helped manage and facilitate motley crews early career. So please support my friends book projects, Vicky Hamilton appetite for destruction. Julie Seib. Oh, the rose battle coffee table book, and we're gonna talk to Eric about his wealthiest gig in three, two one was the wacky Gigi man. Okay. So I was a, I was in Tampa had to be there for a couple of weeks. Waiting for to go open for Leslie Jones at the improv. And so I had a couple of weeks to just sit around and like go to open mic and do whatever this place called green iguana on southwest shore, Tampa. It is my favorite one of my favorite bars in Tampa, and it's just a very south Tampa kind of people's, not not not a lot of tourists. So I go there and I usually go up on their open mic, Thursday nights. They have an open mic there. So if you're in Tampa, you can go there and go check it out. I go up on their open mic, but it was probably after the bartenders one of my friends, Josh mckellar. He's over the bar and he's yelling at me to come take a bunch of shots. And so I go over there and he lines up some Jamison. HS took one, Jamison and I was like, I'm good. And he's like, no, no, I kept drinking Jameson and I didn't realize like how drunk I was until my name was called by the musicians who do the open my. And get on stage, and I did my jokes, but I only did the setups and I didn't do the punch lines. So it was really hard for the audience to follow me and somebody walks by me and goes, you're not very good at this. I just remember that moment and I could the next woke up and I was like, this is why I don't drink and do comedy. Like I just remember. 'cause I, you know, I don't drink in LA. I normally don't drink before I go on stage that night just happened to be one of those nights where I got really wasted, and I just remember not just doing my setups and no punch lines, which is not a very good formula. If you're gonna make people. I mean, you got to be focused it. So joke, Jimmy Carter me. He's like, nobody funnier when they're drunk. Yeah. I mean, Jimmy, I think is stone call so ver? Yes, has a my and but you know, a lot of people smoke weed. I mean, I'm sure you know it's different for everyone. You know. I just think that I mean on the road, you might have a little leeway at the Bluey Guana chronic green iguana, but there is a blue Ghana to train iguana. You know. But I, when I see these people at the store drunk or hi, just fucking onstage. Wasting time duty. Do you don't know who's in the room right now who can help you? Yeah. And even if the talent bookers not in the room, you know were gets around at the store very quickly. I mean, that's part of what guy may pass was just a million people going up to Adam. Hey, you gotta pass all these guys, the man, whatever they were saying. He's funny. He's been up, you know, and that happens right now. I'm sure someone was in his ear, hey, Brian, Simpson's really funny. I did a show them here. This show them there. So it's, I always tell people give it your best. You never know who's in the room that can help you. Yeah, you know, that's why I quit drinking there. I mean, I saw the path going down. I mean, you can. I don't mean to be a swear. You know, you can have a good time, but it's just like. You know what's more important, you know a good time or get up in front of people who can help you. Yeah, and that's the thing is one of the reasons I hang out at the store. A lot in the late nights is working with Don, and Brody has definitely made me a better comic is definitely made me more valuable in the improv sense, being able to spit something out and be funny, you know, like when Brody plays with me on stage that makes me better at being funny just in the moment. Yeah, I tell everyone that you wanna get better as a comic work with better comics you. I mean, that's got me. More accelerated was. Working with people riding on the end bags, talk show, you know, I wasn't nearly ready to be in a room, some of the caliber of Ian, but it made me get better. So I try to surround myself with people. I find the funniest which is to me, it's you, it's regained Grimm. It's Jason Tibo. Go along list on bears Brody Stevens. I mean, all these guys are collectively people I go to for anything. If I wanna go talk to and just to shoot the shit. But then when I'm hanging out with them, I can see how we connect together and then I can be how I can be funnier like things that they do like Tebas very smart about how to improv then. I mean, he's taught me a lot about that which is basically learning how to be wet. What is the funny in what you're saying? And you have to listen to with improv. I mean, that's what they teach in the ground rings lesson. Yes, and you know, and, and you know, but improv at the comp. Store late nights. It's not the groundlings. No, definitely not. But I mean, it helps you listen to the audience when you are at the red iguana and. Teal on, you know, you'll maybe someone heckles you and you know, listen, you know, and wait the beats and then get get them. What's the most rewarding thing in my career? So far at the comedy store, at least I've had really great. That's really good sets each room. But the most warnings two sets with Brody were I've just knocked it out of the park with some things I've done with them and hearing a whole packed room, laugh at a joke that you came up with in the comedy stores really is just a reward. Well, it's just not monetary. But yeah, I mean, if you do comedy in Los Angeles for monetary reasons, you'll quit after about two months, like there's no money and stand up in Los Angeles, you know, in the in the early part of your career your, I mean, I was driving to San Diego which probably fifty sixty bucks in gas to a ten minutes for fray. Yeah, you know, in pretty much any room. LA's not gonna pay you less. Pass one of the clubs the only way I five is I drive post mates and I work with Byron Allen on a game show, but you know, there's another dude Byron Allen, everyone makes fun of, you know, because he's, you know. Square. I mean, I don't want to hacky, but he's very Aki his silly humor and like, you know, the setups on comics unleashed. Fuck and Stevie Wonder could see common. Yeah, it's middle. It's based on most of the stuff. It's smart. He's basing it for middle America. Yeah, nobody daytime. You like hockey. Here you like hockey? Well, yeah, I told you that in the green room, but you know, he's anything he's far from dumb. This fucker just bought the Weather Channel for three hundred million. Yeah. So you know, you people who rip on Byron Allen. I remember him when he was on NBC's real people. Not many people can say they have a thirty year career in this business. Now career especially not say they can buy three hundred million dollar company overnight. I mean, that's. But you know, I think he's funny like not my kind of humor, but he's middle America's kind of humor. Yeah, black dude who's light skin, which he's necessary for something. But I mean, he's like in the perfect demo where he's blacks, he'll get the black crowd, but he of looks white. I mean, like I mean, I, you know. I don't think raises what I'm saying. But like it's a, he looks wide enough where white people would be like, yeah, I'll give the sky shot. You know where someone like Bruce Bruce is so fucking black that you know, like racist white people not watching. Yeah, I'm not watching this at all. I mean, that's it's the Trump world. And then he also, he writes the jokes to where he kind of placates to that subtle racism. Well, I mean, that's what I grew up watching like Archie bunker. And yeah, you know, like those great show. You know that and like my favorite show of all time was the white shadow, which was like an on samba version of on the family. You know where they just played on every racial stereotype and. All the blacks on the team where like scheming and scamming and getting girls pregnant and the Jewish guy, nobody liked and the Italian guy salami was a big, fuck and Dovan sounds like are funny should ask game set. That's how it is kinda like. But I mean, it really, I really wish this show was more well known, you know, Gwyneth politics, dad traded request. They put it on Netflix. We already on who I recently started watching it on Hulu and is only for three seasons. But back then every season was twenty two episodes this eighties. I think it went from seventy eight to eighty one, three seasons, and but it was also on the time where there was three networks CBS NBC ABC there was no FOX. It was CNN. There's no FX FX acts so's really groundbreaking show. Given the subject matter that they delved into. To which was, you know, abortion pregnancy, that a great episode where high school player from another school is gay, and he went to carber high thinking, nobody would know him. So then they go play basketball one day on the courts, and there were guys from his old high school there. So as a, you know, like unchannelled to you heard, hey, what are you doing here? You fag and it was just like, but this is unlike seventy eight. That's crazy. You know, on channel two on Monday night, you just didn't hear that. I mean, now kids would be like, that's all they said. Yeah. Even in the eighties when I grew up, I didn't know what a k. person wasn't. So I was like, twelve. I had no idea Paulin and Jim j. Bullock gay. But like you know, Byron Allen is kind of like the anti or the antecedents of the white shadow Archie bunker like this. Happy, go lucky, you know, light skinned black dude who can really play all audiences because he doesn't. Anybody. Yeah, but that's why he. You know is worth what he's worth because he literally can hit every. Demographic young old. You know, he started working for Jimmy Walker writing for Jimmy Walker, and then in that writing staff, he was with David Letterman. Jay Leno on good times are just, I think for his comedy, his actual stand up because he was running the comedy store, like Jimmy Walker was a huge part of the comedy store and all my God. So he would go up and do their jokes, but only would use on that one night. And then like these are stories that I hear through the working at the studios Byron talks to the audience every day before the show. And he goes over the same stories a lot. So you hear a lot of the y'all talks about Mitzi and the comedy store, and that's why I had admits he's memorial, I let them know. So he would go and he show he did. He showed up and he spoke in the main room. I mean, I was a crazy. He's memorial you had like dice clay there. Louie Anderson, Jim Carey, all these amazing yet. Jim Carey, you know, I don't think you'll ever see that amount of talent from so many generations ever. Again, it was really cool. I mean, Tim, Tom, or should I think, was there like willy willy willy, Tyler Tyler? Did he bring the dummy now that pretty funny, you know, but like to see like some like Tim, Tom Orson. Wow. Dives like big in the eighties. His name's on the in the one of the red neon names in the original room. Like if you have your name in the original Roman red neon, you're like, you're the real deal. We had him on a ARGUS Hamilton's Tim, Thomason. I love him. Yeah, he was on three episodes ago for episodes. So you guys can go listen to ARGUS Hamilton's. Yeah. How do you? How do they listen to that? This is show I helped produce at the comedy store. It's called ARGUS ham a comedy store tonight, starring ARGUS Hamilton. You can go on YouTube. Just look up comedy store tonight, starring ARGUS Hamilton. And what do you do on that? I just helped put the team together and put every- put everything together, produce direct, a couple of things for them. And then I gave the reins over to Brett Erickson because he's running whole podcast doodo now and he's just really good at what he does. So I just kind of loosely hang out and work on some of the writing stuff with them, and I'm just kind of along for the trip now I put the. Team together and just watching them work. Do you want to be a stand up or do you want to. Be like behind the scenes. I wanna be a stand up. I wanna be. I wanna be in the front, but I do like being part of the production. It's a lot of fun to produce things, and I have ideas for things. I wanna produce later, but you know, I'm surprised you don't have a podcast, everyone else does folly. Fuck. I'm thinking about starting something about horror films. Join the party I might as well. Are you what? What? What is your thing with horror films? I just think they're fun to like you can have somebody watch him and then both the shit on it and you can just even if you like it, you can still shit on it. And it's really easy because horror films are very funny that a lot of funny moments on they just like, you know, you could do something different or like the MAG. Like I watched the MAG recently and I saw that movie and it was just garbage. And I felt like if they would have replaced the sharp Jason, stay them with the shark. The movie would have been good. I mean, I like movie like that call my bloody Valentine. Oh, I saw it's really good, but the original not see me may. I mean, it's unbelievable. I like shady horror films. Well, my buddy downtime. The original one was good because it was like nineteen eighty. I think it's still the scariest movie I've ever seen in the theater like remember going with my two brothers and two sisters and holding my sister's hand because my God, I mean it was like a nightmare on elm street, but darker that was my maybe that's gave me the most. Yeah. I mean, I would scare me about the nightmare street was the commercials for the first one because that always be home Saturday night watching. I think Howard Stern. On w. o. r. which is the New York cable station, and they would play that nightmare elm street, the commercials, what the fuck is. So it's and I think he's doing an episode of the goldbergs coming up the real Howard Stern is Robert England, okay. Oh, gee, FREDDY Krueger. So that should be fun. I like him. He's he's actually good in the little Cami as he does. He's he was he? He really, although I thought I liked him and I'm elm street movies better when they weren't his humorous. Like the first two were like, kinda scary, became like he became the spuds MacKenzie as just too much, and it was still funny. But like this, I think it kinda almost even start with the second one where they were like a lot of gay overtones. But it was the timeframe I gotta watch it. Again. There was just like, looking back now it's like I was watching that sound a horror movie, but Schwarzenegger's commando. Yeah, which came out in eighty three and. The bad guy in that Vernon wells whose for Mad Max Australian actor, a. It was like having Freddie Mercury fight Schwarzenegger kill him with aids that be an ultimate superpower, the aids gun. You got aids aids is just as penis with cut. I mean, but yeah, it was only in the early eighties. Could you get away with the villain being like a Freddie Mercury. Like a muscular Freddie America. That's just like the David Bowie movie. He's gay as hell in that. Well, it's kind of pedophile Shen movie. Labyrinth Freddie Mercury are Freddie. Krueger was kinda like you had a thing with all the children. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Think about. And I know like in the remake with Jackie Earle Haley, who for you? Bad news bears freaks. He was Kelly leak. Heat, they played up the child stuff a little too much for my taste, but I think Jackie Earle Haley was nominated for an Oscar. So he had a great actor, but this is not the nightmare announced I grew up with, but hey, what do I know? Like Bill Paxton said in the Elliot's what I know, I just work here. I don't think I've ever identified with someone a movie character, like do Bill Paxton aliens just always thinking they're out to get you just doom around every corner. You know, you don't get along with your comedy mates in his case shipmates that the Indian from predator Indian always knew there. Someone watching them out. They're always knew they were going to get killed. And at the end of the movie, he just said, fuck it. I'm done running, took the knife, cut himself. Predator EDEM by the way, the new predator was horrible. I walked out. I heard you say that. Yeah, I've horrible. Did you like the new covenant? I did. I thought it was. I thought it was pretty awesome. I don't like these remakes and well, it was really Scott though you have a, you know, predator shame, black, the Raymond English black, who if you're a really a predator loser fan, you realize shame. Black was the first guy killed in the original predator. He was the nerdy guy with the glasses who did the the two jokes to the Indian, hey, Billy. My wife said like a low pussy. I said me too. Mine's as big as a house get it. It was the echo. Then he had another joke was. Hey, my wife has a really big pussy. My wife has a really big pussy. What'd you say? Twice? I didn't the echo. So I mean, that's the headliner. I don't know. By the way you know, these comics LA are out of control headlining you're going on last big difference. You charlatans doing ten years. I still never headline real headlined. Yeah, but I don't think people realize headlining is not just standing on stage for an hour. It's standing on stage for an hour and being funny people paid to see you as a headliner. Yeah. I mean, you know, most people in LA who call themselves headliners couldn't headline the head of a line yet, but you know, I gotta stop worrying about other people and concentrate on myself. You're killing it right now. Every I've ever seen you do in the last three weeks has been really great. I mean, I'm doing all right, you know, I can always get better though. That's my approach with comedy. You can always get better. I feel like the AllState Earl is starting to be onstage more while I myself in a bit of a. Crossroads where. You know, like my normal standard is just very dry and. Laborious delivery because that's just how I talk. But lately I've experimented late night at the comedy store with an angry, almost pro wrestler type of cadence and it's killing. Because I just talk about my frustrations with the business and you know, and the crowd loves. But I don't know if that translates to like doing an hour on stage. I don't. 'cause Benji did the same thing. A couple years ago where he had this angry character. I remember it was funny at times it killed and then he went back to his normal stand up, which is great too. But it's just. You know, you have to. Find your groove. And you know right now I'm almost in a state of confusion. I'm with you on the confusion part. I'm confused a lot right now. My stand up, but like you know, Adam Sandler Tomi took him nine years to figure out, okay, this is how I wanna do my stand up. So you're right at that Mark, you know. You know, at bones and buddies, I felt like my set now, what's bones and buddies for people who like so buddies as a show. I run in Hermosa beach with the great Hermosa beach, Mary or as new guys will never marry Stevens. She's an awesome person that is one of the people that's a fan of the comedy store. About three years ago, we started to show in her backyard and Hermosa beach, and it's become pretty popular. And so- Saturday night we had a show. And Earl was there very funny show a rat came out and greeted earleir on stage in a snuggie, not Stephen pair? Well, it was very cold. It was cold, but yeah, I, this is one of the shows that you know, tell people. I don't just go up at the comedy store, you know, do a backyard show and Hermosa beach and it was packed. Yeah, it was. I mean, it was that was a really good show last night, but I had a fee. Ling, it's I'm going through this right now where my confidence can be really good one night, and then my confidence can be lower the next and I went up on stage and had good confidence going in. But then I did my set in the middle and I felt like my confidence was lacking in there for my jokes weren't as good. And I see that a lot right now where I'm still teetering on how confident I can be, but that's everyone. Yeah, you know, that's one of the great things about the comedy stores. You know, I seen every big comic in the world in the are trying stuff out, doesn't work. I'm, I mean, I won't mention names because I don't wanna get blacklisted and I don't mean the James spader show, but like I I've even seen recently is. As early as last week I saw, let's just say a big one in their kind of trying out new material. Some was good. Some, you know, he was just kind of fucking around, but so if it's happening to the biggest of the bag, it's going to happen to you and may for sure. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's like good feeling of you know that the material works, you know, you made the mistake, you can fix it. Well, some nights, it's the crowd. I very rarely will blame the crowd, but especially at the comedy store, you know, when it's late night and you know, they've already been there for two hours and they've seen every big comic from Rogan Joey de as to, you know, allies to Nikki to Jason Goeller n- and they're beat up. You know Bryant Holtzman I, you know, by the time I get up there, it's they're dead and you know. So it's they're not gonna necessarily give me like two minutes. Go came. Us laugh monkey man. And if you don't believe in so, but it's great training. It's made me in the four years that I've been passed at the store. It's made me a hundred times better the comic because I've watched your development through the when you got past, I saw you really step up your game, but you're always following someone. Funny. I don't think people get that at the comedy store or the improv, you know, laugh at well. I mean, I don't know about the land, but. You know, like the comedy store lineups there's not one week comic. Yeah, you know, there's like even the comic who's going on before Dom barris is going to be someone incredibly funny. Only time get we comics during fallouts. Why? Yeah. I mean, yeah. I mean, you know, I don't know, you know you're referring to specifically. I don't. I don't know either. I'm just saying that you'll get somebody who's not that strong if they're old school paid regular, right? You know, that's one of the great things about the comedy store. It's getting your name on the Stanley Cup. What your pass your in there? Of course, it depends on who the Booker as you know. As to if you will get spots. But for those of you wondering what fall out is it's on choosed in Wednesday's if there's time at the end of the lineup, which there usually isn't because everyone runs the light. If you're paid regular, you can go on. So it's like one of the perks of, you know, you can go up at the number one club in the country at least one or two times a week if there's room, which is pretty cool. I thought about when that mid-seas memorial, I thought this must suck for atom like he's probably getting hit up by every old pay regular. Oh my God. I went to that must have killed him. It sucks for well. They just don't get it like I saw one all-timer you know, he's probably sixty five and you know, literally hasn't done comedy and like almost two decades, but he has passed up there buddy. I mean, he's got nothing going on nothing. And he was like hitting them up for a spot. You gotta be kidding me. Like, look at the lineup, swear on this lineup is gonna put you? Yeah, and it's had nothing to do with his age. You know, there's a lot of older comics who are funnier than anyone who's in their twenties, and they got stuff going on. So 'cause I've stayed in it there yet, but this guy was like heading ADEMA per spot. It's like you out of your fucking mind. You literally have done stand up since evening at the improv. You know, ARGUS is one of those ones older and you just watch him. He's methodical. He goes out there and you never see him bomb. I don't know, never, but like, you know, I mean, we all bomb well. Yeah, you know what I mean? He's very, he's very consistent in the main room. I mean, everyone box everyone. Like even at your famous comic, you know, just. I think it's the the edge that gives you the Jews, you bomb bomb. Or at least maybe bombs a strong word, but you know you're not a good set. Yeah. I mean, I've the oh, are like I I did like three angry sets in a row or killed, and then I think we'll last week at set. Oh, this isn't killing. You know. You know, if you do along, you're gonna bomb Don the other night first time I've known Don for eight years now and seen him almost every night or those eight years close out the show, and I've never heard him come up to me and say, I didn't like my set. I've never heard him say that if the toughest out anyone. Yeah, but out of those eight years, never heard him having come up to me and say that, and he just said, he's like, I didn't like my said tonight. I didn't connect. I didn't connect. Well, it's hard to connect it like fucking, you know. Literally, he's going on at two in the morning and the at that point, they've heard everything. So it's very difficult to. Keep their attention and you gotta figure if anyone's in a comedy club at fucking two in the morning, they're either drunk coked up or both to. They're not going to be the greatest crowd plus Chapelle and rock were in the room. So they're all looking at them. Probably. Yeah. And that's because you know, they know that they're coming up and then so they're not really giving the person on stage, you know, much love or whatever you wanna call it so, but you know, you gotta. You can learn from bombing, you know, I do. I still do like, okay, what could I have done better? You know, and some some nights, it will be the crowd, especially if you're doing bar shows, you know, you got TV's on football on hockey and all that. It's. You know you, you learn almost more from your bad sets and you do your good ones. So that's what I found on that trip when I was doing those bargains. But there were with music, I realized I will never do another show where there's music involved and drinking because people hate when you interrupt their music for comedy, especially at a bar had a lot of angry people that I dealt with in the trip from that well, but I mean road gigs or even tougher. 'cause it's like, you know, they're not there for comedy and necessarily they're all it's a sports bar. Like, you know, at the black and Guana I mean the Telea one. So you know, I'm sure there. You know, comedies afterthought. Serve ago, Tampa Bay interception. We get Tampa banner -ception, but we can't really talk about the game because we're going to lose the audience. So what's what's in the future for you in comedy? I mean, what's. I mean, I know you working out by Allen show working on right now. I ride a bunch of things, but I'm working on writing a pilot. I want to. I have an idea for show that when we were gone and working with ARGUS on this show at the comedy store, hoping that that progresses and we start getting that show just to make our do something. I did it personally 'cause ARGUS has been a mentor to me and he's been a big part of my comedy life. And so he asked me to put put it together for him and Michael Nathanson the new comedy store, exac guy with me, and he's a really good guy. And he started talking about the things we could do, and I just did it because I wanted to help ARGUS because he's helped me so much. She was the first person I ever sold a joke to. He was a, he was always willing to help me if I had a joke, he would always sit there and write out something better for it, or maybe give me a tag or a punchline. So it was something I wanted to do for him and eventually. Down the road, it's going to be comedy store, show live. It's done live every Tuesday at seven pm and the comedy store basement. They've set up a whole basement now. It looks beautiful down there from the live podcast and eventually to get sponsors and get the comedy stores you to all their live streaming up to par with, let's say, all things, comedy or one of these bigger, you know, media companies. So that the comedy store has their own feet, so they don't have to go anywhere else. But the comedy store, the comics can go there and do it. Yeah. I mean, it's crazy. You know, now comedy central and all things, comedy joining forces and. You know, of course there's desk wa as you know, really afford to the ground. They're on the ground floor of it. Oh, yeah. I mean, they started all I mean, read Bannon Rogan, and, and then you know that's where and brought in all his funny friends and comedy stores. Now trying to do the same. I think the laugh actor has a podcast thing. Yeah, they gotta podcasting started up Sean Joshi who was on the he was on the buns and buddies. He's doing the laugh actors podcast right now. And I know the improv had a podcast room, but it didn't. I would work out. I mean that a great room, but you know, it's, you know podcast. It's not as easy as people think it is. No, it's super hard. You know, even doing this podcast with you today was like, you know, took months when you could do it. I couldn't. And when I could do it, you couldn't. And I, it's, you know, it's not that hard for me to add it, but like it's, you know it. It's not that easy, and you have to also its being finding the. Entertainment finding what you wanna do with your podcast winning, what's your angle is and where you wanna go with it and being consistent all my egos just to have people on. I wanna talk to like, I think this is episode to forty two if I'm not mistaken and not one person had I not wanted on my couch so. And I looked at your podcast today and you had some really, really interesting ones. I mean, I have some weird ones. I have a lot of people eighties metal guys. I actually liked those a lot. Those are some of the ones I really look forward to. I mean, that's fun for me just because you know, I'd like to have Stephen peercy from rat on. It's kinda cool, and you know, now our friends and the drama from Cinderella couple of other people. And then you know to have you know two people who've won Stanley Cups, come on the pal cast, you know, Dustin Penner, THEO. Fleury maybe a future Super Bowl. Yeah. I mean, I, you know, we did a show Eric that the patio show or there's was guys naming totally Banta McCain or totally Banta. Cain Tully, Banta. Cain was a offense lineman for the New England, Patriots anyone to Super Bowls. I would have him on just to talk about life in the NFL and. I mean, I'm not gonna get at this point, super famous people, but people with interesting stories in their lives. Yeah, I'm proof positive out of all the podcasts and the top twenty. You know, I probably get the lease known guest, but it's still hangs in there with the bigger podcast because you know, you know, it's interesting. So do you have any fun shows coming up in the stand up where people can check out? I do not have anything really great on board do the squat melt behind meltdown. It's Howard Kremer show if you wanna go check that out every Wednesday night at eight PM behind meltdown. Comics, you can go check that out. It's a, it's a free show. You bring your own beer. If you wanna, drink, bring whatever you want lawn chairs, it's actually a really great show and Brody Stevens hooked me up with that gig. And I've been doing a bunch now. It's no microphone, no stage. It's in the back alley. It's pretty hard show, but it's. Fun. Now, the last thing I wanna talk about is she in some have never understood about you because never really asked you, you served in the military. Yeah, I was. I served for a little bit in the military was kind of discharged on a negative terms with the military and then fought my way to get my honorable discharge. But what branch were you? I was in the army. So did you serve like, yeah, no, I did not serve over seas. Okay. Like what I mean like so you were like stationed at a base? Yeah, I was stationed. So I went started off at started off at fort sill Oklahoma, artillery. I got on my Tillery training actually high speed, and it was a like a top in my battalion really good. I knew the new my job. I knew what I was doing. So they sent me to airborne school because the top soldiers get forced pretty much to go to airborne trick me pretty much to go into airborne. I didn't want to. I don't wanna jump out of the plane, but my drill sergeants told me, they're like, you've got. Go airborne. It's right for you. You're gonna make a lot of extra money, you're going to do it. And so I went did that I went to four Benning, Georgia, and then right when I got there, I decided I'm not jumping out of a plane and they ask you the first day. They're like, who wants to drop out. We need to hundred people to drop out and I was like, I'm out. And so why do they need to hundred people? Because they overbook it. They they over put soldiers in it. So they like, so they'll have like five hundred in the class. And basically three hundred of those people won't make it only two hundred will be passed. So they needed two hundred more to just go ahead and say, I don't want to do it. It's pretty much just they weed out a lot of people by doing that. Okay. And so I took it. I took my extra duty, you get extra duty for two weeks on four bending took that what's extra duty men just going out. So they keep you busy and you're going out and helping. So I know is really cool. Actually, I got to go help the pathfinders and the Rangers and I got to see how hard it was to be of may. Army ranger, it's ridiculous guys were out there talking to themselves because they hadn't been sleeping in three days and like just you met these people who are going through the training and you're like, I would never be able to do that. What was the hardest thing physically for you to do the seven. Okay. So in the end of the training for our Tillery we had a seventeen and a half seventeen mile ruck March, but my battle buddies and I went the wrong way because these during your ruck March, it's called the rights of passage. The drill sergeants drive these white vans through the where you're walking. And if you see the white band, you have to duck for cover and find place to hide. So they. See you is just a training tool and so like the enemies coming, you can hide. And so this white van came and my friends, I ducked and we, we ran around the corner and we head. And then when we got back on to the trail, we went the wrong way. So we ended up doing like seventeen point, nine kilometers, adding onto our seventeen kilometers March, and that was the hardest I've ever done just because they're like your body's done. You like I cannot believe my body can do this. I never thought my body could do that. And then when you make it past where you get, and that's when you're finally soldier rights passage, they finally give you your stripes, and they finally tell you in the army, you don't. They don't need to fuck with you anymore. That was probably the hardest thing to get over. Now. What about like gays in the military, where you guys asked? Are you guy now? But we had gays. We had like a lot of gay people in the military, and so we're really like way tougher soldiers. And I was like, are you ass when you're signing, will you be bothered being around gay people know when I went in there was. No, it was don't ask, don't tell very much. He didn't talk about it and the gay kids. I knew they were. People knew they were gay, but they weren't allowed to like just come out and be like homosexual and get article fifteen and send out of the army. And what? What about racism did you ever see racism in the army? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, my what? I guess the white. The white combat soldiers, like I would hear a lot of racist shit out of the like the infantry white infantrymen were the most racist cavalry. I heard some really racist shit from calorie guys and infantry is, but more bravado racism, you know, like trying to be like macho, saying the words, I really hate that kind of race and this is it proves nothing and it just kind of obnoxious, really, I'm so yes, all that. And then. Yes. After fort sill four bending, I went to four drum the coldest base in the military. Whereas at tenth mountain division, it's in upstate New York. It's right near Canada, right? Near Kingston, Canada. It was a very good life experience. It helped me prepare for stand up because living there was not easy. And what like where were you ever around like navy seals? Like what's the toughest unit in the army like the Rangers? Like is that like. The green berets army Rangers there. There's also like. What I can't even remember the name right now. It's in Black Hawk Down a delta force. Delta forces the one where the Chuck Norris of well, that's the unit and the army that doesn't exist, but it really does and they're all the best of the army Rangers army Rangers best people can't get into like they still waiting to get into delta force like there's people still waiting like if you are really good, like say your level, like if you were like some maniac, physical specimen, do they take go? Do you wanna be a delta voice? Or do you want to try to be a delta force? I was actually I was a freak and running and I got three hundred PT's. So when you're getting three hundred on your PT's they get like a test. One hundred push ups, one hundred, sit ups and one hundred and two mile run. And each one you can get extra points like so it seventy seven pushups seventy five sit-ups seventy as I'm like that. And then a twelve minute two mile run. Do exactly push ups. Xactly setups, and I'd run up eleven minute thirty second two mile which would just push my score up really high. And then that eventually got my captain to ask why quit airborne school. And I told him because I want to jump on a plane. He's like, would you wanna be a ranger? And it was like, not really because then I'll have to jump out of a plane and he's like, you can be ranger tab without jumping out of a plane. So he tried to recruit me to ranger tab me. And I just said now because I saw their training and I knew I couldn't do it. Well, well, there's a white guy making a big touchdown for the Steelers. Once again. I know I'm gonna lose the itin crowd because we're talking about, you know, football game that you know, but Vance McDonald just scored a seventy five yard TD reception. It's crazy the Steeler fan base travels. I think better than any fan base out there. Philadelphia to Philadelphia's good. But like I went to a game in San Diego and I felt like I was at a Steeler home game. I mean, it was crazy. I've never seen a white guy run the band Donald. I have much respect for Steelers fans out any fans NFL. 'cause I went to the Super Bowl in Tampa, Arizona versus Pittsburgh. And at the end of the game, by the way, one of the best games, it was so entertaining at the end of the game. All these kids were crying. All these Zona fans. Kids were crying in the stadium and all the Steeler fans. Instead of celebrating, we're running up and giving these little kids hugs and you saw all over the stadium. And I was just like, that's a good fan base. Tell you what's not good as Steelers, kicker, who just missed the fuck and Chris Boswell and have them on my fantasy team as well as having a rough one. But well, Eric, I guess this is about time where we bid ado. Do you have anything you want plug websites? Yeah, I mean shows by Allen show where can people who want to know more about you that they didn't find out? I wish I had more going on in my life. I just got back to LA recently, so I'm trying to get back into the swing of book and shows again and doing I'm doing, but you can find me Eric ligne Yar I see ally Jianwu on everything, and I guess you can watch by renowned show if you feel like maybe you need a nap funny should ask you can go watch that in past. You know. You know really need that out there. But, hey, if I lived in a building with Byron Allen's, mom, she's awesome. She's a sweet lady century Parke's Olympic and always seem in the lobby, and he would always come up to me because I sit on a fan. You're some real people, you know, skip Stevenson. He loved it anyway. Complain to me about the ratings for his show, and it's like, do your interviewing like toady from facts alive, three in the morning on Sunday. Like it's not like you're getting the primetime slot. Their homes, be happy with what you get, Eric. Thank you for common makes me on Earl inappropriate Earl. Soundcloud night tunes, you know, the drill follow Eric. He's a good dude. Follow his comedy exploits on Twitter and Instagram. Leave a review for this. If you can on. I tunes literally takes thirty seconds. It's not that hard. And if you don't like it leave a bad review. Like, you know, I can't take him down. So you know, I think you know for the most part of reviews are favorable, but you know, she got a problem with the show, putting their review and head. I tunes on a man of the people. I take care of my fans coming up soon. We got ace ban Johnson, the Qatar player from faster pussycat, possibly cabin. Hoax who played MAURICE store from the white shadow. He's a hard guy because he worked so much, but I'm working on him and we got a few other surprises in October, sixteenth at the palladium slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the conspirators, our plane. And they have told me the conspirators told me with Mr. Kennedy that they will do the podcast. So that's something to look forward to. And you know, my comedy exploits are well known at the comedy store couple times a week, and. I can't say the jellies coming back. I can't say it's not coming back. I would just make sure to have your adult swim subscription up to date.

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# 14  Somethings Burning Uncut  Theo Von & Andrew Santino

Bertcast's Podcast

1:20:18 hr | 1 year ago

# 14 Somethings Burning Uncut Theo Von & Andrew Santino

"Hey guys it's a brand new. Something's burning uncut if you don't know what that is it's where. I released the audio from my cooking show. Something's burning from beginning to end. Uncut is just US hanging. So it's a lot of stuff that The didn't make the cut for whatever reasons maybe it's a little more risque than they wanted to put on Youtube. Or maybe if gossip or maybe it's just too much too much good times by the way this towards this episode is when we started like letting these run longer so now it's just great content just going to enjoy it. This was one of the biggest episodes we've ever done. I know you guys are GonNa love it. It's still Vaughn. Andrew Santino enjoy the PODCAST. Bird boy world tour next week. Evansville Indiana Indianapolis Indiana and Louisville followed by Medford I chose at dusk constitutional in DC ATLANTA NASHVILLE TAMPA. A third shows added in Medford Massachusetts and in Orlando. I will see you on the road without further ADO. Something's Burning Uncut with Yvonne and Andrew Santino. I know him as the avant works. Yeah obviously did you notice the author? Andrew? Congratulations guys. You guys are blowing up right now. Both of you. Thanks appreciate it obviously to feel it now know a little bit at all from point for when you go back to the very beginning of comedy when you're just trying to get on stage you feel like the like you feel. Do you feel like the uphill is not quite as bill right. Now you've got steeper stiffer steep Berbie Andrew. I bet for me way more. Yeah stuff that comes out of my mouth feel can rely on his fantasy talk. I and people judge me that it's real why does bought Dez Bryant for and I'm not in you know. See the file only by somebody online but I bought a black guy that fun southern accent that's GonNa say. Bryant was black another hilarious. I don't have yet. No I have a lot of I this racial filter on my computer. We can't tell what racing is anymore. Real Yeah Oh cool so it's pretty cool. It's like you just you just. How does that work for poured? It works off porn right now. Six days clean. But I'm guessing it's fine you know but you can't have any everything kind of blur when it comes to race over the same color so you can't see you don't see color with us now because you're so you can call you guys We'll color line you kind of a little bit of like a P. Peachy thank you a knob birds kind of more like a kind of a Rodin kind of like a kind of a rubenesque forest kind of Anyway to Rubik. Yeah Yeah Roman. That's what I'm in Rome itself. You have really line twenty to two different. They're watching right now. I'm sure have you ever had sex with a black role? Yes I have and I haven't been off Ventura Boulevard really. Yeah and she had a bunch of like chain mail and stuff on a room which was chain maze and she had you ever been to the bus station where they have those. They don't have mirrors but they have like metal. That's like reflective I don't tr- I never in the bus editor talking about. Thank you Bert Yeah they had. She had data up on the ceiling. So it wasn't a mere. It just seemed like a really where the kids got a bus. Stop on the bus stop. She had one of those mirrors. That was coming. I'm going to have to work. It was crazy man and this was halloween. I think it was Halloween. I don't remember Mary Crazy. Man I remember. It was crazy people. I have one of those changes. Are you saying the right word I think so. We'll meet chain meals like when you swimming with sharks with they put you in too. Yeah no that's GonNa kill you wearing chain mail in the water you're GONNA Change Hain Male. Somebody that fought in eighteen hundreds and they were the big Lancer. Yeah she had chainmail match your team. Yellen Room. I don't know what's interesting chicks. I've ever heard of about the life of the darker check with chainmail dinning. That's the new thing. Now you know yeah so I mean. I'm making this dish because goes part native American tonight. How much I'm one eight from father got into it. Everyone Louisiana's pretty much really. I think that's how Louisiana just like a huge melted nothing before the orbit thought about being assaulted by their the original trouble. Speaking French grown-up I mean. I've never trusted most of the French to be honest with you. I don't mind I mean name seven cool French Louis Vuitton Gucci Gucci Mane. An when you it's almost like you're playing a you're playing wasn't when you mad libs today making native American five Ed Tacos Desert Borough Dude Look. I'm I've been involved in a lot of races. Shipman I used to lift weights and David. Duke might doing any of this shit. What do we make fried bad tacos? Dude Fried Bread tacos fried bread fry private so it basically what you're doing it's like Tortilla. It's Kinda feels it's good. Rachel makes all these recipes. This is an honor of his native. American your some to. What are you guys Irish Italian Irish Italian? Yeah Boston Chicago Chicago Chicago in every part of what you present yourself as the you still feel Chicago when you live in La. I think my attitude is Chicago. Is I think a lot of the way I present myself is very Chicago. People always go. Are you from the East Coast? Got like an weird attitude. And that's what I just have like. What does that mean? I don't know this is fun. Let's go through and describe. Describe where you're from and what that attitudes like I'm from Florida. I think everyone's a little bit broken in Florida. They have no rules. And it's like Burger King and they all think. Yeah it's like the king of the world. I don't know if that's actually the best analogy but like everyone. I knew everyone I knew would drink and drive and if you coca firm. They thought it was rude not to do it. No one ever said no to a joint join around like okay on Fan. I'm in south Florida Tampa. I always say there's a thing that always sets forth apart I go up in Florida and in two dudes without talks to men without tons in their mouth toes. Brett all real builders. They're watching right now or not back. The love the sextant. How DID THEY LOSE THEIR TONGUE? They never told us Does it keep? It describes the cargo for me in a fast food restaurant. No no no I wouldn't now it'd be if it'd be probably checkers Zack. Tucker very well Chicago would be checkers. Students seem it seems inviting from the street. Like like a nice little drive through drive up type of thing. Oh this is this is fucking way way way tougher than I thought it was going to seem like a dirty childcare. Chuckers do the fries. Attackers are phenomenal. Great shares is Great. But that's Chicago. It's great but it's also tough around the last it was Described Louisiana man probably may be something Something that was hit by a storm. Probably I'm guessing like two great fast. We've had think hard as it was hit by a snow. Heart is Yep already maybe it was. Arby's you don't know what it's called Arby's roast beef Arby's are bees. Bullshit I swear to God that Google I call him arby's Arby's someone Google off. Read it new. That's how I need to make the fried bread dough in this like I'm here. This is great cool so we just watch. You know you guys can help when I need you guys to do is here all right. I need you guys to unload all of this crisco into their new easy all this. You're hoping some of this. Is this fat free up? All the another Chris go over there to when the when the when the cameras this Dude Albert Einstein. Why don't you on your mind like as you saw this? Is this supposed to be hot? Yeah two cops left it under like okay. I'm never made though before I have. Maybe you should take. GimMe a scooper to get all this out on Andrew Fuck I quit counting. Twelve Shit. Maybe I don't know six you can zoom in on this God damn I got distracted missed it looks like when I shoot premium. Sad thick got it. They don't worry about it. I think I got that broke. The camel's we could be one tablespoon baking powder. There's no way that this recipe calls for this much. Crisco chance on earth. Would you need this much? Prescott for a lot of people who look how many people are in. Is it for us? There's no way we need this Rachel. This is absurd. We're supposed to be pretending we're all these are magnets. We'd yeah small arena. I am how this works feeding. Two hundred for real look at look at. Trish impact on the back of this one hundred. Thirteen fucking one hundred thirteen servings in this is you. WanNa hold this. If you leave your spoke is because we don't eat it all that Donald No. I think it'd be pretty precise when you make bread for Florida. My Dad to take us to the Burger King gives us a bag of pies and leave us there all day like it was for daycare. We are these both the tablespoons of tablespoon one this. You show did drunk driver but an catching. Did you sell the show where you can you? Who decided you can do? Your kids must be sword of Andro. Theo you can't eat. I HAVE ICE CREED. We could fuck this whole thing. Ready with goes I mean the fucking bogus right focus. Okay Slowly Nixon. One warm water war with what does that. Where did you that? Just take a couple hits. Bro. You remember doing on behalf of good shit Thursday with a girl in college. What do you WANNA do? She gets go to the grocery store and dewitt's and we just went to his grocery store. Was your first date loved. Mary thank you fucking kidding. There's been four dates in his life. Bert Grocery store sexual sixty things. Women Girls Girls don't have sex with six women Yup total now. What about were any of them. Young children smell so bad. Something from Rada Brody. We're the we're any of them. Children were you guys children. No when you lose your virginity. Burke Seventeen oh children. That's a child's underage. He asked me that question. Just staring you lied to seventeen eighteen doing this right. I think you do with your hands. Fuck so we we do favor you get me. I need you to slowly okay. I need one more cup. So that's a half a cup and I'm going to do this with my hands and I think yeah and then just revere here Dow Bet. Yeah just slowly. There we go. Yeah Yeah Oh yeah for snow right. That doesn't that SMELL WEIRD. Supposedly Bad Pusey. Oh Yeah Dude. Come from six possible. Okay okay make it a doors. He wants to do now that we're now that we're in me out of black man. Yeah yeah use that talking block and then we feel. Put that on the stove right here. Let's get that hot tonight. Fuck this how do you want this? Cut chopped up french-style. Theo doesn't like the Frenchman. I Dunno more water to when it comes to the dough. Nobody likes a friend what I wanted to sticky. How about flowery. The best part about this is we can make a mess and we don't have to clean it up so we do not see. No Yup awesome all right so so you lost your virginity at seven. Am team. Which was originally Theo. Theo? Let's do the teen for Theo. Yeah in Louisiana. I think Louisiana twelve is the starting block is that right. Oh when did I lose it? I'm thinking I want to hear the stories. This fight for some Virginia who who tried to take it from me. I was a family member. Notable Babysitter pedophile story and hold knows story. This dude Richard Lying in Stein. And He's dead now you can hear it. He was a convicted pedophile. -pedia file almost rather saying he got bust and he took Marilyn Manson concert though really. Yeah pretty cool. How old was he is probably eighty? She's he's trying to fuck. Took it to the show and then afterwards like let's go out and get something to eat actually speaking to cook. And here's what happened. We got some steaks one time from this place. Little was a place called. Charlie's junior little Charlie's junior steak steak house and they had So one time we got steaks right so he smoked weed with this man had marijuana and we you know excited about that. How kids like yeah? Yeah so we're smoking I get caught by a pedophile. And I I mean I'm Peter came up to me now. There are some that might fuck them a what smoker the pedophile. Now no big Jim. Cramer asking me to keep going and I remember what I wonder what happens so one time we get some baked potatoes and we got the states and big Richard. He was in the other room and my buddy was like a Haiti Ebony. Sour cream and big. Richard goes no but you can have some of this sweet crane said Seaman and so I get it. I just stood there kind of shocked. And that's not realize this was a com. No I mean this is going to happen to my is lurking is running a marathon which Florentine or a half marathon with Jim Florentine fast No no not at all he goes. We're talking cautions. He goes your concussion but few lesson you having a few on it right away. He goes A French pastry bad here Would you I want. I said basketball camp. Weird to put me in the priest and the wake me up every hour on our my testicles and he goes. I think you were molested. I go nuts. How they can Godsend? He goes nobile. Your cousin and I was like really very sad. This whole this whole pedophile molestation talk by up to now. This is good. This is looking good right straight crying on camera but as fucking Cutlass Goddamn kids. Show that you're cutting the onion gonna hear are our stories and you're right. I'm a soccer IRAS. Got Handle the fucking little strong veggies. You know come over here and you do it. Most family members at eight for Grace Alma fucker. Talking toll looks like this is nice. I was trying to all right. So now we're we're fucking. We're moving fast guys. This is doing good. We've got to let the rest for twenty minutes. Is that on the? Oh yes on this being really the shittiest lost thirty seventeen. No I was talking to Al. Gore's two outdoors. I lost my virginity and Marco Island Florida captain. Brian's Virginia Marco Island Florida someone who was under seventy years old. I don't know I have the picture I use you and your boys key for you and your boys are going down for spring break. All right don correct. You're in this hold on. Let him finish out but I was. I was I was checks not strike but you're but that's okay sunburn. I was burnt. One was a local. Now she was the broader. Oh you knew okay. Let me do this once you dig into a story. Yeah did sound like you. Probably traded a bottle of Captain Morgan for a hotel room and the condom broke a while. Pretty cool so I left a kid and Marco Island Florida. You guys have an abortion. No she had there. Were you serious children line. There you go your first time. Was I good? I lasted a pretty good amount of time. I lasted a while until the condom broke and then it was just like see. This is all coming out. What do you mean see ya? It was over. I had to walk away. We sat about it. He House real bummed man. Conham real bomb economy really both. She got mad because I took a long shower really long shower. I was kind of late in life. I was like what if I have a child now. Dude that was what what generally my fucking lasting thought was already for a kid. No fun on seventeen years old kind of broke out. That's it this is it it. I ain't GonNa Anikin Identikit. That's what they should say. Seventeen year olds vindicated. Yeah are you ready for AIDS? Sex without a condom now forty-six all the dice on AIDS night. You're like I'm out of here as soon as a healthier lifestyle and have to keep myself clean. Do they cured? Hiv even read about it magic. Johnson who can't even read about gotTa know they hide it. Magic Johnson is doesn't even have it. Horace Grant Never added Horace. Grant never had to be jam did neither. Where's grant never had AIDS? Never WanNA teach. Yeah put that stood up. Cut THESE ONIONS UP. So fucking well okay. Let's let's Shaw. There's another direct my ancestor. So let that hope. This is a lot. This does fuck up your is. It does my bad. I'm sorry no it's okay. I knew it was going to do something I've never seen before. I'm fucking really proud of this show. I did not see this coming out the way it was. I let me get this. Is that on. It is but I want to put a little olive oil in their Elia home. I think we'll just let it sit there. It'll start melting. Theo and then we're gonNA use Bison today Oh that's hence the native American appropriation mice and hey what kind of American is Pretty much charity probably Cherokee. Yeah my grandmother. Cherokee great-grandmother thank you. That's perfect new great-grandmother guess what Your Dad Born in one thousand nine ten. Jesus do you think a great grandmother was born do? My grandfather was born in eighteen. Eighty my GRANDPA. Well was he knew in eighteen eighty S. I don't know where to draw hanger and left in the vacuum a sex got it out. Eighteen Eighty leuke back from New Orleans. Baton Rouge for Louisiana's Nicaragua. My father grew up in. Nicaragua has his mom's Deroga- I can never tell what's real or not real with you. I'm police Nicaragua. They were Mahad deals from Cleveland Polish. Nicaraguan yeah my family was in the Mahogany game over there and Nicaragua so they had a maid cleaning company but Madd Polish that racists. Yeah I mean it doesn't register with me. I didn't notice it. You ask didn't notice the media. Make another cocktail. My great grandfather was a rat salesman in Italy. Was He really sold rats? What kind of like Like animals rounds beautiful street rap constant costume wrap the costumer. Oh Shit what. Can't you lease suicide? Okay where's the Bison? I'm guessing until the fridge. What is this is this all the CRISCO? Yeah that's all CRISCO and then what we're GONNA do is. We're going to take these. Make Lo flop like a little red it really at little a politician bird. It'd be mazing vision. You know missy amazing thing this whole oh why. This is illegal by the way this night sleep. Yeah it's gotta be. Who gave you this a friend? Marine Marib paralyzed forgot his name. I never remember his name but now he's walking again. He was paralyzed freak acts. And that's how dove Marines out. They could get paralyzed and walk again. I saw him walking the other day put on instagram and he was like Walker and he was like. I'm going today but can walk. Actually you use. It can be opened by some with it. Hold on adviser from us is is is bison cool. Let me see buddy of mine is mail me Five hundred bucks. What what what. A fucking turnover. Get the PUCK. Golden over not traditionally perfect. Put it under a lamp and they can talk talk. Talk Talk Mutiple. Dude hold on stillborn on new once. You get the no one stillborn stillborn Tokyo city. I guess it's like a Middle Eastern Pennsylvania and the Little Day whether they still joke yeah to me. It would give me one. Oh No no no not at Rachel killed killed off going to. I know but you can watch some online joke Britain more. You like lately where you're like. I'M NOT GONNA go there. ooh Oh yeah go ahead Probably a metoo joke. Yeah a racism probably anything. Well Yeah but I think we think racism going to take a comeback or not. It's not as good. I think we can. I think we gotTA burning year. Maybe we got two more years fun. I think it's having to bring a year in the news. But they're just doing that to say we think it's having fun and live either in real life. I was I was at went away. People are still fucking racist. Yeah but it's not not actively race they're not like people are beating each other because of the color of the skin anymore. Yes they fucked actually all right now. They're not wearing a sean was. We're having one place during those people couldn't see at night. Some dude just shot up a fucking synagogue. That's racism I don't know jury still out. Yeah I don't know yours are what I'll say. Is that when you hang out just regular like I we more live? It's not. It's not as bad as as online online. It may solving. I'm not going to hang on everyone's cool. Everyone says Heidi old elevator door. People aren't as horrible as there are online. Rian connoisseur. This fucking video. No one would say that. It's still crazy raises two in Japan. Three Japanese people hate other Asians. I think I think that was the whole premise of crazy. Rotation they hate they hate every other Asian for local knew that we knew about Chinese people. He's the Japanese exciting. I think that's acceptable. Racism of white people aiding other white people hitting other white people. You can't anybody else right now except for pretty much. You're the biggest oppressed person in this world. Read that's redhead. Joke take it Yup. We have to yeah. I hold up in racist court. Who were some famous already head? Who's a famous red or some famous red hair? Marchington Larry Bird. What George Washington grants headquartered? Marshon Larry Bird a bill burr. Do you realize you realize how are you on our TV? The Cartoon Guy. I can name a few to go. Robert Redford Dale earnhardt JR in Dale earnhardt. Jr. Hold on but he faded realize he didn't stick with it didn't stick orangeade. Almost my brand a lotta guys can't hold it. Hardly we'd be the most famous red-headed Comedian Milburn. Carrot Top. No fucking way. More famous than bill thinks in comedy. I mean it's not better than them just way more famous. I don't know could care top sell out Madison Square Garden. I'm not placating. I'm just being. I don't I don't know but I mean I I. I don't know I don't know comedy was different. He was saying right now right. No no no no right now but I think in comedy curious. I mean I don't know I like Bill. Better but carrot. Top's fucking huge dude. He had a resident vague like he sold out. He's still there. I'm two weeks ago in Vegas. So it's Britney Britney spears a huge crush on her dude. I still do you really. Yeah I love her. I follow online. That's crazy ass. She dances and does all sorts of wardrobe. She tries on wardrobes shit if she walks around hallway like this all day center. Like Tim's really awesome team. We make our way up. Oh pillows for one. I'm trying to read Florida. What am I supposed to do? Just put the neck it'd be it'd be Dilbert. Rachel dispersed channel. I know but I think people really tune in to watch my cooking. Yeah yeah that's what they want to see. Oh Wow this guy right. Because they're gonNA look Shirley Knighthood in here or something but Achilles all right this oil heat it is. Oh Yeah Oh we should turn it down a little bit then that and then I want to get it hard again and then we're GONNA get. This isn't office during the day right Yup. What a nightmare. There's still humans working here. Where's the cooking in their office? Guys at work. This fucking dude is working to go home to his girlfriend and be like you have a fucking cooked again in my in where I work the worries man I used to. We're going to Mexican restaurant which one this one is called. Okay Grundy `grande run a big bag? It was the first one or the second one in our town. The first one God not excommunicate. What is it when they get called? And they shut it down. Commune came down and sat down. And so people took it over restaurant you can you. Can you live in theory only talking to you guys do because every time I try to talk you guys trying to be mean really watched that knife yet so I can right now I know but I think that was in Afghanistan with them so we should? Maybe this is not. This is going fantastic. I think guard go has been arrested. How many how many minutes are we on camera? I sent my time right. How how many how logo but twenty minutes two. This smells really good man. What are we gonNA do in that? We're GONNA fry the bread in there. We go farther. But what was the first time you've got drunk? I was fifteen really. We're a garage hopping that when you in the Mid West you go around people. See People's garages are open. People come home in the Midwest. They trust me with the garage. So you go into a garage. People have fridges in the mid west and their garage. And you steal everything they have or you don't steal valuable items alcohol and that's it and tops a wedding cakes. You gotTA steal a wedding cake get home. But he's a really really really funny all right. I'm going to switch this over to back here and then move that over here. Correct and then we're going to do these Flat print pitches. What is this for Rachel okay? I'm excited about this. I know I'm hungry. Suggests looks breaks. Should be pretty good. Don't why are you talking? Were you ever in the military? Burt nope you fucking lasted in the military could have lasted a fucking second. Just leaned right over fucking flame look bad the last military level that you make it on your arm level where we blow your fucking stop. Would you too all right? That's GonNa stay night. Goddamn not burn my lift up your own. Bernier aren't but then I went. I would lean over. My eyelashes are gone. Oh Shit your eyebrow is is partially gone yet is now you have seen that cyber things that went from concerned. That's gone all right here. We go we got this heated roll dough into a quarter inch thick sickles live. Yeah Yup be Yosick this. You'll be Yosick up getting I wish we could just throw this stuff and shatter down. You want me to put some flour down Theo. Not Go looking at this. We have no meal of your trump. This wouldn't dropped okay. Okay just dropped. It was in the airforce over here. Calmed Down Bro. Bj'S PIZZA DUDE OFF. Highway twenty two. He thought happening the way I go. Yeah that's how little flower here because Kevin Little sticky right our flower that ever and then we'll do this these little balls like this is supposed to do racial balls little tiny balls yup and then paddock down and get yourself a little dough like this and then you ready ready. And then just that hitter in their boy gang gang Sun Woo. Oh Shit very racist out with your hands. Can't you put your hand in there? Oh Shit take a look at this. Take a look at it. This is looking great little small little bitch which fuck. I think. We're making them all. He's a really talk does okay. So let Browne Rachel. Watch this is. This is what we do. You already got him. I got we need more. We need more flour answer some shut down there there. You Say Yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah they all get over here. This one this one. Yeah Yeah Yeah Steel Yours Yours. Pike like fucking coins. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah this this one's GonNa be the one that's a hitter right there. Oh Shit somebody's fucking on the fairgrounds mine too. Bam you go. Oh look at this. Look at this tell you. I'm waiting on mind going round trip to take that Golden Brown Brown job. Good job mind. That's GonNa really fucking good. What are we we put? Put some more flower. What were you like when you were a child? `But curious really goofy childlike really fucking goofy. Bother your parents a lot and my dad to this date is not really understand me entirely burt How many brothers sisters both live in? La One of them looked just like you or not. I won't say my youngest medical Burton skirt she married. Does she take her shirt off? Which is often. She's a Georgia Fox. Oh she does. This one's a few years or tablet small are you on a diet. Cheetah that one's legit this one's La- Joe. That's cool man. What about beams? Did we put in beans? That's supposed to be in there. Called Free Holy Guys three hole. I think this one's good plus forget some more flower flower here. I'm going to make you ultimate this one's Magette this one this one. I didn't fuck up. Thank you player. What this one. Why why not they look? They're fried due to my agent if he had to go home every night. Cooked by yourself. Lonely we're the beans. We're the being so sad. What are we doing beans do that anymore? Pots do okay. We how long you been married Andrew? Two years we can't say no but I mean you can't add it's fine. I mean you could say I could be like your wife's in school isn't she? She asked she still in school. How old it's awesome. Forty two forty two forty three now that she's not forty three now. She's not in school. She works oh I thought you know. She's she works human shift. She does human ships. Nice lady man for now to Chicago and then around here real AL risky guy. Does she know you a four? You or She's not from here before you were mediocre comic flower. Does she love for homeowner many? That's yes she knew me. She moved for all the success. Okay guys dropping cooking. If we don't want we want to be not professional. That's I just feel like for any fire star. Sorry sorry shit kind of thicker guy and you burn all the Food Concern. Kind of like a moral concern. Yeah what'd you doing over there one? You can go into the end your your recycling bone. We're fucking losing putting food buddy. How long is that been cooking for? Like just keeping warm and keeping them warm Brooklyn's a calf man. You GotTa shut it down. Oh No night and then how do you play these Rachel what do they look like Taco Open faced Dada Open faced? That was done. Yoga gotten more golden this one. This is hard as a fucking rock. Reliefs gone. Do we make scones makes its own. Policies has been an era. So fucking on the fortunate. Oh Shit last boy. A Little San Luis dropped in there. Have you seen black fish? I don't talk about that or not. Black called black. We're supposed to what is the put a Taco on top wants to call black fish or black about what they blackfish in San Diego Very Senate. What do they do? It's me do you do this. Oil is too hot no show. You're GONNA make Oh. Where did that even go? Food spread these out. You're making Talkin coins. It evaporates to Andrew Andrew's unit better. I've done enough anyway. Go all right. We used we need to. We need to go once. I could take some no. No no no no. No that one's going to be your story. What are you doing tasting a piece? Why don't you wait till the end? You may not know what it's like okay. We're GONNA have seven kids and never talked to the first one. No obviously because the first one fred way not telling you know. I've got a secret in my mouth. Bowling even shape drawn. God Look at you do very good guy very fucking good. Wow Wow wow. Wow Wow you're getting the whole life's going for holidays are on their way. You feel like a fucking chef should not have done that. Wait a minute. Would you this weekend? San Diego Yeah. Wow that's awesome logo club. Everybody down there. Sounds like Krista Leia character they all all Greece's fire we. That elitist distant commander. Let's get that one that one's that we get the fuck out now. That one takes a little bit. I you just put that one in there watering their. You know arisen stone so then what we'll do is we'll take our plates what each player Selves One and concoct it you little shows for the thing a little bit of hot sauce. Everybody gets them right. Yeah thanks Comedians die even Bison so hard to die for Food Dude. Who Ever trust you so much like? I know that you've almost died eating food or definitely tell us about some food poisoning. You've had one time. I'm having a rap with my family and I'm wearing candidate and I said that's so funny. I would've never peanut butter in here and there. What is it a Turkey? Sandwich where there's a hint of uniform and they're like peanut butter in there and I was like now do you taste it. I'm not touching anything fucking next thing you know God damn that's good. Was it scary? Dude Scoop poisons terrifying realize you've been poisoned. I've never had it. I've watched I've never had seen people. Oh my God this one's looking. That's what we're supposed to listen to what we're supposed to do the whole fucking time. It took us one two three four hundred seventy nine eleven thirteen fourteen of them. Not Bad guys have never cooked in there fucking life. This looks so lonely. Comedians have ever done not right now. Bro Well lit kitchen with fucking different things in jars. Yeah this is Aligned Guy. Who just got his vision back in his describing the big long bridge jars tomatoes. That one's fucking minders beautiful. This'll be our beauty getting shot at this one. This is over campus. Got Really Cool. And let's go. Do you think for eating their food. Do you think native Americans treated fairly or you think it was fifty fifty happy about all the shit. That's happened. Do you think they brought some of it on themselves? I'm asking You holy Fuck Fair question. Yeah is it. Yeah if you don't know anything about American history. Yeah that's Super Tech. Whatever doesn't WanNa talk have discussion about adult stuff. That's interesting you guys are doing. Did Yours is a pretend burnt burnt half of his face. Hair off the one more time running back over that. That's is not that Rachel Vic. Dvd's are you looking at this. This is real. Good fucking beautiful. I think it's done. I'm GonNa give you a little. I Take Mine. And put my. Oh that's not bad at all. That's good there's a little soft you ready for that. Hold on. Yeah Yeah. You're ready ready ready. Let's take these over here and I'm like proud almost got from the mask. Have you seen that movie? Love Fucking Beers feel you feel which won the silver dollar twenty? You want here you go. You gotta get all that with that. That's me right there at that. Little French hippy. Right there all right so then we'll dry out is we cannot hear you create a little base with this little base of what basically whole as player will basically for holy space. Okay no that's look. It's he feels. Got The right ideal when it up. That's going to better your. We'll take him out for you. What are you GonNa wait? 'til dries out. We've gotTA drive a berk rhyming. Paper Towel Aisle handwriting named six or seven. Things that native Americans have been awesome. Eros Eros well noted and come up with arrows. No no yeah. Sure who will cook their food? But doesn't know anything about him. Eros everyone had eros. Yeah everyone. That's native American. No no no no no no. No one knew name Americans until we got here. We didn't come into what the fuck it other things other. Eros like the communists come and go fuck shooting at us. They're like we know what those are called. They're called Aero guns. That's the problem. Yeah we didn't have we have. We just had guns so eros what else. Oh I know what Maybe some of that game. What's that game? That kids feel lucky. No cops and robbers. No Soccer House Not Counsel. Robert Hi Hi Hi Hi this. Kinda and guess what cowboys and Indians. That's what I'm thinking of cowboys career. What else outrage a second ones? They see this episode. What open fire off your call damage so good to have you around? Turn that fire off. Can you believe if somebody's at the name of our show? Turn that has been able to cooking. Show this hot sauce to name some other cool stuff though man. That's what is this though. What's the hottest I don't know? Let's let's try some of the hottest shit it's going to be. Let me see what's what's your scoble on their. Here's hoping euro or it's all opinion. Yeah Gimme the sooner. Salsa smells showed the hottest one too you WANNA get beauties of ours cheese. I love cheese. What about What about a native Americans vests? I think they probably had them the needed. There would be pretty. Do more athletic stuff than somebody that were like. Are you putting hot sauce online for me? A thank you friend in need is a friend. Indeed go that's enough online Elia. Perfect okay do you want to get these these and that's real. Plus this looks pretty good. this cooking show. I mean come on Bro for someone to take this and then do a little bit of a little bit of it. Anybody can do cooking show. That's what that's this is proof of any network. So do people have to fight at the end it when that'd be cool I love. That shit dish was good. But not quite marcus. Lucie that beautiful it is we try guys. Ooh Vines pulled up pretty fucking nine. Here's a look at Terry. Why or a hotshot my buddy hot while do come from high and it's really do like tell you boroughs fucking around no shit now online Paul. Who Cholera. Aw how much tap halt really good. It's like a Taco Bell with tons more these unhealthy Rachel. How on really really unhealthy. Just because of the bread feature fine cheeses. What'd you Zach? This CRESCO THIS. Lean a drought much and news real really. What do y'all think so next popular meet Pigeon Squirrel. I Bet Fox before Fox meat. I haven't had a lot but sometimes hot sauce that enough to feel your best size. Those are a lot easier because they're not just have one of these. I know but it would have been nice to have samples. Well not a greedy strange person. Women samples they're all. It's all the same ship of samples of the breads. Like this. Like just going in and going on this. I did it right right. Watch this. I'm going in opening it up. I'm putting cheese in here right output cheese in the wife. She slept heavy advocate. Him like it just happened upon them in the woods as you can see. The betty is loading a piece. Choose look at that. Only she doesn't look like it. Hit a honeymoon. Honey you're sweating out of your is sledding on Burke. Well Fuck have you have. You had a big dinner on here that you haven't sweated sweat on everything time. I sweat when I eat at. No no no no but I think are getting like like panic eating mode. Yeah you gotta get it in before they take it away like. You're eating the EH major right here. Well they say like no one's watching. It's I think it's dance Tom. Arnold here thuc he all. He's always swag as sweating together. Yeah he looks like a fucking Fossey. Yeah he sweats and just always crying about something. That fucking topic. What is in there? What's that Holy Shit Fat? We couldn't do that. I'll say it big ups to the native Americans do with the fact that we're doing wouldn't be here for you guys literally so thank you very much about all the bad shit cleared out. Sorry for all the best on the bench. Had We done it? We can do gun. Good cut some my mental five is it really narrows you do my pillow birth loud. That's awesome you don't know Softbank's most of the time she gets out of bed and go sleep on the couch. Watch north who is awesome. Now we are supposed to be a bullshit we have no idea pretty good idea. Got No idea had no fucking idea. If you're what do you think women love snapped and chip kill? You stepped in. You know what that is. You're done Puckett sweating my ass off right now. This is cool to fix some of those butch out Chevron and all this Maya is what my hair with us now should we fry them up again. Yeah Look Pretty. Fried to me fuck me. Boats legit the guy that invented refried. Yeah different he's like. Oh God I'm fucking Fire Bird. You guys have any holiday traditions that you do with the wife and kids coming up on Christmas. My wife makes country steak records. New Holiday Fuck me now have an Arrow got you really. Aren't it's fucking. Yeah I'M GONNA be Shit in the middle of the night and day why not? I'm never getting married. Do nothing prefers the pocket and all of them do that. Shit in the middle of the evidence circuitry. But that's on her. You don't his wife. She's not here. She's taking care of the kids. Were in a responsible adult courtesy out of his ass with more than gyro run euro per puts them. How you're one of those ready broke limited Albany area throat. We've been doing Idaho Pusa with it. Losing was filled when we started his very very hard. It was way too much on. That was a bad such a dumb idea who committed once you covered minded but I did to mine. So it's fair I'm GonNa go with the bureau. Holy Shit me man strong. Just we wanted to sell that. Kerr not put onto much happened. Almost a quarter of the jars. Oh what do people think you need hot stuff because you ever an air. Not Yeah it. Kinda comes with the territory. People think you can eat hot. Still issue have red hair spicy temper very. It's an extremely valid question for redheads. We're GONNA talion those fucking out around you. This powder flour hot tempers. Oh Yeah what am I talking about Wilbur? Young and have more by some prices fantastic license. Good where's it from? Do they have it in the picture? Can you see? We're at that in the background. It's gotta be Colorado all the Bison as they've they've they've Looks Very Good. And that's Drought Bison too. I think varied is his name. Who is the Marines name? Scott Holy Shit that took you twenty five minutes at poor guy that meet a lot of people or at night. That's cool though. Didn't stop anybody in San. We just night with Vietnamese beer tiger logger. Unless you tigers killed people in Vietnam all the time you have on a daily basis. I'm crazy you run the date roll. My wife was in Vietnam. Run the debt. You Roll that my wife in Vietnam Stuttered. What was he doing over there? Senator over there and learn how to be a real life holy shit and so we'll try this we cut it. Oh there we go. Oh Wow God cut it for you. again center and do. I feel like I'm the House I'm doing dishes and Shit. What a little. Just watch this out for no reason. You'd think food will ever coming like just full-sized suppositories Bro. Give or take this in the bag. You put that up your ass. I would would you during. The holidays. Probably didn't work but are we talking. President's day no out something between the ended December. Well there's only two this Thanksgiving anywhere in there probably and I have to be at home. You got so good right. That's so fucking. Is this a desert it is now? We'll call it's called a desert. Fiber bread deserve Dude here what are we beer? What do you guys have been talking about? Oh Shit yeah at the birds Santino. Namibia little some-something Burger Tunnel. Looks just all the way at this point? No I'm going to share it out of your mouth. Your tongue looks like fucking rampage Jackson. Interesting comes right out near the NEAT THAT. Let me say this again. It's dangerous dude. It's kind of like you know yes. Widened strong widened strong. Have your tongue in has a long time. Yeah that's cool. Let me see your tongue real quick. Do it again. Woah fucking fine with food. Conceal the full thing. Let's all tracing the ready young. Oh Wow oh we're DAMASEC Greg Amos Babe hit. You wouldn't kiss risk while dude when you got that bad cat hanging out your face for him. Well I don't get a lot of pleasure by telling you still take. It could really get elected child with. That's fucking bad boiling coach. I I'm over. Went down on a check. I just fucking witness bad bitch out doesn't work the way of thinking really yes your tongue yet so big pretty big chunk but that's not people grow a ton inside them they're like you know worked a top of the key to a c green at the top of the key. Steve Kerr chaos chaos. I feel that we give oral sex watching cat. Ooh Oh I died Dennis off. Who DOES HOPPER DENNIS? Hof Do think Dennis Hof died. Shoot at three Jimmy. Kimmel do Dennis Hopper one of the sixty or seventy greatest actors. He died last year thing. Didn't he hawked. I gotta own the kind of the fucking raffle in Nevada. Yeah he's been dead is all fucking lifted. No He's been alive live do lives. Did you see the pictures of the women was nasty? Yeah I don't think I have. I wouldn't have any of those go to that place. Would I guess just prison? I was feeling I guess. Would you ever get a prostitute? I end high end ten grand where someone like Abu Dhabi or something. Yeah one of the sand dollars. Yeah fucking little desert dwellers Oh yeah I give him his car dashing type of gals you know they got that. If you if you could have been risky pretty woman what would appear to be probably Judi dench now. We're on the same page. There clothes for me Julia on Dreyfuss. No truly aunt Julie Andrews Julia Child's child that is Julia from pretty one trillion Rob Julia Roberts. You could name Julia Roberts leaving Julia and pretty woman but you know the most the most famous actress and not even an obscure Julia Julia. That's not real man naming those broads if you could waking up right now and wake up as a famous male celebrity just wake up and then your hip. Who is it James Woods? Oh I thought your say James I mean some fun roles I guess I'm trying to think a big Dick really fast. Bender has pipe apparently. Have you seen pictures and drawing on? Yeah Yeah this guy. Got CAUGHT ALMOST TO HIS KNEE. Tickle his talks on the Internet. Hey Siri show me a picture of Michael Fast? Benders invented that probably invented that technology presidential bid. I found his big huge cock online. Check out some searches. Here's what I found for Michael Bender huge cock online and saved a few top line for news. Do you think he saw Moore penises before the internet or after the war. I just follow broad Taymor penis because when we were everybody showed their cock but but as a man but as women probably seacock way more now the technology because Dick. Pics are sent out all the time. I'm only using lot less than when we first got phones. Everyone was centered on time out. I'm not talking about the strangers. People Send Dick to be with their talking to look. I'll send it to guide. It's almost a girls the crazy guys under the gross. What crazy. That's the normal scenario? Dude Jason Tibo. One hundred bucks. He lets me use pictures of his Dick on similar his Dick as thick. It doesn't matter it's still you're sending a picture of a Dick Dick Dick. I don't think it holds up in court. They would say that was my. That's how my Dick or you just got hit by a fucking straight single again. I'd be sending out Limp Dick Pics. Hi there is. I sent a girl. One time is a picture of the shadow of your debt into a house mask and a little mini night and makes it look so much bigger because you can just back away the wall. They have When I was young they had a dude who would draw Jerusalem policy for you for the weekend. Let you take it home guy at the fair. Pay 'em four bucks. I just a good artist. Yeah we'll just drop some draw. Some good eve make eighty dollars on a Friday. Thick high school. Kid know this Middle Schools. Six Raider draw plus and you take it home. Oh Yeah you pay for it. That's now you're finding. I took a picture of somebody in front looking to ask. Look at that fucking look at Holy Shit on know what that is a stupid. He's not talking anything in those wouldn't look at look at. He's assist Goof or get no Dick on someone. Show that to the camera so they can see the rights. Michael Bender is going to green. Let us know when I was him if I had a fucking hog that put that all over the place I've put a billboard on. Oh okay. Here's Michael Fast Benders Dick this reaction. This isn't going to help the whole Dick Right there. Oh my God told You Mirror. Yeah you can even see an jeans. What do you mean it's close up? Look at that while. That's not your thing that is somebody made that somebody made a digger. Nfl genes in black jeans. Dude did you on thirteen. I can't even hear it all right. This is hiding my zipper. This is the worst Dinner Party. I've ever by four. There's gotta get divorces horrible. This is Michael Fast. Benders Dick it would be grooming their quick showing me that look at that. See The fucking outline of the helmet right there. Oh through jeans. Making his dig is putting a dent in dental. Could never be a marine. Who is go fast but none of us could be a fucking Maria. I could maybe be one. The Fuck Outta here. No remotely be remain. No memory. I can't even say definitely kept I. You'll never be accompanying. None of us could be a fucking marina. Okay Bliss right out. Let's do. Let's kick US accounting. Get rid of not kicked me out. It would make you shave your fucking head. Say Okay you're cool with that. Yeah okay second of all say what time you wake up in the morning from probably a quarter to eight not early enough not early enough you were going to probably do you make you work out the moment you wake up. No I don't then you're not a fucking marine every morning you make your bed every day. I don't believe is there anything on your floor is a chair and corporal? You got a fucking go. You're not a marine that chair fucking taking commands fifty fifty not a marine marine's. The new slogan is. Hey you do you. Do we say that if if that's installing twenty unless you don't feel like they just had some five nine fucking one near sixty in a row no breaks no breaks the fuck out. They're not doing push ups here by this. Took money in it on it. I know excuses row but money money inside a stuff like this payable and you'll do sixty push ups right here bro and Brian how much how much good I put. I put one hundred bucks as he can't get sixty. I'll put a hundred bucks a says you can't do sixteen zero. I wouldn't even do sixty for two hundred bucks regard. How much how much would you do? Sixty four maybe two G. Get the fuck this is. This is absurd. What's our budget for this show Campbell? Tripoli pro I just take from other shows and just make the same thing. I've had a lot of sugar. I'm dope it's a good Tom. Problem Muscles to engage in on at. Here's a better question in fact than sugar. How many more ups than me do you think you could do? Probably fifty five fifty five more than me so if I go bang out twenty right now. Seventy five twenty two. Now I can do. Twenty could probably give it thirty knowing that he's GonNa do eighty. Yeah how about this one hundred and twenty dollars? You guys do fifty push-ups you'll get me after. I just say that fifty push-ups Earth okay. Yeah Yeah Okay. We're going to do it on the table. I can't do it on the table. I WANNA burn my fucking eyeballs. Yeah are we GONNA do right here? Fucking watch a boy okay. I'm going to do. Let me real quick. I'm going to see how many I can do. Okay here we go along. Why maybe three four five was through his back. Fifty Bro okay. I'll do a row. Yeah for one hundred twenty table then we the money right now. I'll put down this credit card. Actually I might up from NAPA punk. Throw up I'll BURSAR. You've you've got the X. Box if I throw up you'll give you extra bug up one twenty five. We have to see the bomb though. Just alive keep it like this phone for the same player. Okay something's burning guys you only. Something's burning it's a ginger. But see the heat. I want you guys might know Andrew from I'm dying up here. Yeah he's about to hang out fifty push over. We grow one two three four five six seven s safe selling nine hundred eleven twelve. Ooh Look at him sweating row if he lived steam coming off of really. Red Red smoke. Bay Bang Rachel Young looking full of these Indians food and now he's going to do all their stunts. Were we add come on dirty true forty butthole getting all sweet? Do a little ginger. Oh I'd words. Erect Dot O. R. Theo deal's a deal. Wow Bro you strong feel good. You look the guy in Homeland Man Jerry. Feelers chest just as one shirt right now fuck. Fuck what I might throw up. You Look Red Pass on. Why why did you feel it with? Two hands has a better feel chest. What's not same thing? It's the one hand you one of my tits is going to be bigger than the other awesome. I got Fed. I said fifty push-ups on Cam. I actually did WANNA learn twenty bucks. I'll never see also send you the money. Okay he says good of Emo to you. How about this in exchange for those necessity giving me money for NASA take another hit at Lawrence four percents? No Haley awesome cooking. Show puck and forward. Do I see people tall forward? Daily dose of recent movies now. He likes old school ship. Yeah League of their own. Baby Jerky loves jerk. St Martins Jer- Jersey Madison County. Just Wash Tomatoes. Big Huge made us. It's fucking awesome. Yeah they killed. That guy now only watches Fu movies. Five Green Tomatoes Bay city halls meatballs ready ready ready ready all right name a movie with a number. In the title one hundred nations one hundred one bootleg one of the street person go. Yeah it was a Diorama file Let's see let's see okay. Sixteen candles twenty one days later. You the fucking biggest. Have ANY OF THOSE ACTORS. Yeah okay. Let's Damon movie with a color in it. One blew over the blue. I Okay Green Mile Okay. Old yeller hunt for Red October. Yeah a Red Dawn. Get these yellow boys. It's a bootleg whiskey to inch orange. You GotTa tomorrow right all right this separately. We're playing doug loves movies alright. Name name I can do it. I person I I it doesn't I K- name a person over seven feet tall but okay all right name. A Person Ball Bull from bowl. Bowl forbid from Oregon. Baltimore child the son Bobo oriented manute. Bol Ball Ball. Yeah name a surgical procedure up. Black Panther Panther is a good job. Cooper name a name your favorite disease ooh scabies. It just sounds fun. Remorse not a disease yet. Editors sure it what's an infection no is an infectious disease not Alcoholism Okay what about Me Too Lou. Gehrig's disease look bad. Yeah Yeah I got real low. All right well guys. That was a great episode man. I had a great time trying to figure out a way to end this. What's a good ed? I'm going to apologize for anything? And I've said it could be misconstrued. Same same police caught around a lot of this is going to be cut up into US just making food. Do all the things that might get us in trouble. Just bleep out just every word of what we say except for like make again kind of figure out like when the Oh says what was the what was the one thing had native Americans really suffers also have good really suffering from the line of this guys WanNa Bridge important topics. That's fine. Just take me out of it all right if you good wouldn't it? Can you guys do that? He has not very cool. How so fucking funny. We should do two versions. One is us without the Bert. Thanks for having US Bank. You appreciate it my friend a long time. This is actually. It's such a good meal. Chris is fantastic because I've had a blast and cheese for whole as you should do this again. Fried Dough your with a pound of CRISCO. I mean that's repulsive in a grand pig is still hot drink a little bit not not put it into something like some special mold regimes Cardigan. How many calories are in one fried bread? What do you think a lot thousand because we fry the bread so we only had just the bread? That's not bad is bad dude. It can't be good. I feel like we're fine. Is Civil War Tree? How do we end this show? I always forget how to end it. Mike what do you think? How do we enter the show? Mike if you liked any of the show so far on your Lila Harden can you hear that. That's America do support. The perfect way to me saying following to say Happy Veterans Day Dude. Yeah but veterans as still exists. You idiot sorry I feel it. Thank you veterans. Day Guys Veterans Day. Thank you to all the veterans who gave us this knife says the Guy Scott gave us nine so we can fuck and cook with it. Was IT in Afghanistan Scott? Chris was the guy's name. Okay and also thank you for having me. Thank you thank you both. Thank you both of you guys Remember subscribe to all things comedy. We got new episodes every other Monday next week. We've got Adam Sandler and David Letterman. We'll see you then. Are you think you're really going to watch this? That's next firm yeah. I haven't really reached out to them. I'm pretty laugh on the next one after that. Oh George Clinton and George Bush and that's are going to do with politics. One and one is what capital on the growth? That said he assaulted her. And they're going to be together together. We're GONNA MAKE SPAGHETTI and catch up episodes. Yeah Yeah and then we got Donald Trump and Kathy Griffin. So we'll see you guys. Subscriber member bilberries. New Special is coming out on six. That's also awkward for you. Know it makes perfect sense. Yeah all right. Thank you guys. Thank you Bert. You good all right thank you thank you thank you.

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#678 - Chelsea Skidmore

The Church of What's Happening Now

1:44:54 hr | 2 years ago

#678 - Chelsea Skidmore

"Greetings from podcast Ville, it's Thursday, the twenty fifth to April, you bad, motherfuckers. The church is brought to you by ZipRecruiter. Hiring is challenging, but there's one place you can go with hiring is simple, fast and smart placement. Growing businesses. Connect to qualified candidates. That place is ZipRecruiter dot com slash church. And right now the church family could try ZipRecruiter for free. That's right free. At this exclusive web address, ZipRecruiter dot com slash church. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash church. Again, ZipRecruiter dot com slash church. A smarter way to hire the church is also brought to you by hymns me ask you a question. I don't know if you know this Jack, but it's unusual. In fact, up to thirty nine percent of men experiences is the funding to quickly you wanna maintain your erections for a long time. The deeper issue isn't timing. Ng premature ejaculation can make men feel down on themselves. Grading vicious cycle of sexual executive trust me. I lived through it. Most guys. My guys aren't thrilled at the thought of opening up a dot to a doctor about their performance problems. If you know what I mean, but having a positive mental status good in and of itself, and it can also be the key to better lovemaking and help guys gain control when crunch time hits. That's what we call a win win situation. This is what hems could do for you. And right now, a special offer to my to the church family to get you started ten dollars. You're like Joey ten dollars ten dollars. Go that four hymns dot com slash cocoa. To get started. That's four hymns F O R H I M S dot com slash cocoa. To get started. See the full the website for full details and safety information. Let's get this party. Started kick this motherfucker mealy. Oh shit. Going to be one of those fucking shows. Beautiful mother fucking day to kick that mealy kick. There you go. Kirti? What's happening now? Down sheltie skid row. Oh, Christ killer. Hit it without even broke with. Finding them down the bring. Which is the oboe with. We is. Would you date? But what? Eight. Would you would you if up futuristic would you put the two boarding could show yourself working on it? Contingencies. Go. Go. Go go. Go. We're here mother fuckers Chelsea skin was here, the flying Jewish here. But most importantly, your issue bad motherfuckers was up Chelsea what's up. How's it going? You know me trying to put the pieces together every day try to run through. It's been a rough locking week. But rough couple of weeks nipsy Russell fuck nine. I don't at the people getting shot in the head and fogging in a bad neighborhood. We're just trying to put the pieces what's going on with you just drinking my crack right now. My Notaro cold brew shutout to Tate caveman call. So is that coffee or is that fucking it's cold brew. So what cold brew? I have no idea wealthy. That's cold with oxygen levels and shouldn't the. Yeah. I don't like it, very acidic. I don't like the taste of coffee. But I like the way that this makes me feel it makes me feel like I did a speed ball. And. Yeah, you don't do coffee. I just started drinking coffee. I milk. I like it with half and half. Like a fucking black Cup of coffee strong. I wish I did gross. It's fucking nice fake sugar. Yeah. Mice black Cup of coffee without black in the sugar. I do four expresses at night really at night. Yeah. Like, I do four of them like at six of the order store and do a four shot at lake. Eight. How do you fall asleep midnight? I could fall I did come for thirty years. I could fall asleep on remembered fall asleep. Drinking red bull. Could you can you fall asleep on coke? No. Okay. Meaning that it's funny coupley yet. Yes, they or Sunday. I was going to go to bed and the date. I don't know what I was thinking about this thing. I saw about ten years ago. There was a case that they couldn't figure out a murder county. Not a murderer the guy died, but he died in the sleet, and they couldn't figure out the guy. Never drank. He never did drugs. She stayed home. Every night zen with his wife is the a rider. They couldn't figure out what he had done at the autopsy they they looked at. There's no he had been addicted to coke for years. But what his thing was he would do coke to go to sleep. I knew people that would do a line of coke to go up. Because what goes up must come down say we'll do a little line of come before. They. I went to sleep, and it would keep them up at twenty and then the crash on one little line. It would ride that wave into sleep. How people could do. That's what this guy was doing. That's fucking crazy for the interview his wife his wife was like sixty. And she was like it was funny. He would come up every night and then go into his own private bathroom being there for like five minutes. So after the autopsy came back they went into the bathroom, and they found fucking mirrors announced half a coke. He was just an old in coca that figured out. He wouldn't do it in the daytime he just do a line at night and then go to bed. Well, you know people. So there's like two different types of people like people who are dictated to coke like they get high from coke and they're awake. But if there's people who do pills and the people who like pills, they go up to but people who don't like pills. Did do you know what I mean? It's the opposite and people who like if I took pills. I don't like. Pills that makes me sleepy. And the kind of people who like pills when they do coke. It makes them sleepy. Do you know what I mean, I explained it goes on? Like one day, I fell asleep on the podcast of my two months ago with Steve Simone. We had eaten edibles Abby longer. We had battles. But it was the Viking pop like a half of Ikin and a half a happy pill. They put me out. Yeah. When you read about them, they have speed them. They have caffeine. That's why they make you feel like that bike it an vicodin core. Noko norcal Noriko Mac OS to have so much. I don't know what the word is speed. It's caffeine. I think caffeine some Malsin it that's supposed to keep. Yup. That's why the pain goes away. And I and then I am being Vegas like two years ago, and would our friend. He gave me a Noriko. I remember going upstairs to room, and I cannot fall asleep. I was up. So they affect you. We'll do it. Take two of those capital. I think we took two of those capsule. That's those are storm a happy pill. Wait what the ecstasy or hap happy? What we call Vikings or north goes, actually, my friend in Vegas calls. Happy bills. Happy bills. So we just kept Abby post. It's not that we, you know, every once in a while somebody gets surgery and they'll go his tool. Yeah. Not put them in the bag of tricks, and they'll stay they'll stay in there for six months. And then when that I thought that's either Nakal maybe I'll go work backed her to some and win. That's right. The bright pop to knock I couldn't stay awake. But for both people. They pop Darko, and it reverses them, I don't know much about. Yeah. Pill retired and coke makes me up awake. I can't sleep on coke. I'm sober now. But how long before I'll have three years next month? But I b b because I was a really bad coquette. How old were you? When you start. I started when I was fifteen no shit. Yes. Yes. Yeah. I skipped the last period of highschool skipped art class went to the jungle gym, and I did coke with my friend. And I was like I love this. And I just did it. Yeah. Did up until like twenty six. But I've I've been sober technically for six years, but I relapsed three years ago on coke or. Yeah. Drinking coke for a couple of weeks. And then now, I'm back. We'll made you relapse. I was dating a guy who has an asshole. And he cheated on me. And he like rubbed it in my face. And it just like it just made me snap for some reason. You know, a lot of people who are addicts and alcoholics they get fucked up 'cause they can't like feel their feelings. So basically like, I don't know. It was just like too much for me. And I think I had been in a lot of shitty relationships and it felt like everything kinda just like hit me at once. You know, what I mean like dealing with the same type of person, and I just kinda like snapped. And I'd just like had to drink, and I just partied really, really hard. And then I had to get sober because I can't handle it anymore. If to wagon for it was two weeks. I was out of my mind. And I'm so glad I didn't go to the store because I've never been to the store fucked up 'cause you know, when I started going there of a sober. But I stayed away on my relapse because I was like, I know I'm just gonna get high and like stay weird shit to people, you know. But I know I was like texting COMEX like love your special like high on coke just like that person. That was bad erikgriffin, just like, Pepsi them at all hours, just being crazy. It's a weird fucking drug. I can never imagine me relapsed going again, it's been eleven years. I can't imagine. Like people have done it in front of me, doesn't even spark a hair or I just can't imagine. Yeah. Unimat? It's my favorite thing. It was mine. Also. Yeah, I couldn't focus guy. And I still have it's been eleven years but the anxiety. I get it night was the same. Exactly I was getting from what it was time to do. Coke. Like, loser would come into my mind. We'd have to show them fifty five. Yes. Seven fifty five. I was often running like I had equity been think I would call them and go over and pick it up. It would be my pocket that will put me a piece not that. I was doing. I know exactly what you mean. If I if I had it my pocket. It's security. The spirit is is rested. Now, let's go to the store and do my spot. If I could get away with my spot and the way. Right off the ridgeville room. I would go right into the bathroom. There would not even be. There would behave. Meet me in the bar. No hold on. I gotta pee real bed like go right into that bathroom. And that was my boom foot bumps go to bog and a fuck in Jack and coke. And then what then I wouldn't get fucked up down. Once I do the Jack and coke. It was time to go home. I finished getting fucked up by got him like in fucked up. I think in all these I was down there. Snorting coke? I think I stayed to drink maybe five times in those seven eight years, maybe five times, I stay the nine you got the Sierra the house coat up and people got to see you coked up. But adding insult up there early at where I found that people watching. Yup, debt. Yeah. I gotta be really careful up there. So I knew not the fuck around. Do you get hung on? I would I have other issues, but drugs have never been my thing on strong edibles fell a little bit hung over the next day. But if you don't CoCo. All night. How like how do you feel the next day? And then like how many nights a week? Are you doing it? When I was doing first of all you feel like you wanna die the next day. You're so hung over you feel like you wanna throw yourself out the window, and I do coke until I just can't talk anymore. You know, what I mean, like sixteen hours usually for me was like my limit. So I'd like drink do coke for like sixteen hours at go home at like five PM the next day. You know sons still out trying to get a cab in the city. No cabs are stopping because it's always rush hour by the time, I'm finished, and you just feel like you're like fucking dying. The worst is having to take the subway home after a night of doing coke all night when you're coming down. I have like the worst comedown like trying to find my way home stories, and then you're just like dying. And then you take like Touzani bar, you know, to zanex bars to fall asleep, and then you wake up, and you do the whole thing over again the next day. So I was doing it like five days a week. I was like. Really big party girl in New York. I, you know, it was like a club person, and she will go you will commute every night or you lived in the silent in the city. I went to college in Hawaii at a high school, and then I transferred to the city and I went to pace downtown. Who'd you ruin? Yeah. She went to university of why I yeah. For three years. It was cool, but I was bored. After the first year you went down to get away from the ship. It was the only school gone into. I was I wasn't. I was not good at school. I smoked weed. And I just like I didn't care about school. I got an eighty on my SAT's. Communications, which means I spend a ton of money for. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you know, there was some fun classes in college. But I don't think I needed it. When you decide on standup. I had always wanted to do stand up. It just took me a long time to do it. Because I was scared. You know? And I I did it when I was eighteen, but I really didn't start more seriously until like six years ago about a New York you were saying earlier. Yeah, I was doing some bikes in New York and LA, and then I moved to L A that year. So we're major move on. I wanted to do the groundlings. We've been there lately. Yeah. Well, I started doing UCB New York. And then I wanted to switch and do growling. So I did that for two years. But then I just which to stand up because it was just too much for me in the beginning of me start like wanting to get serious about standup. I was like I can't do all these other things. I just need a focus right now on stand up. So. Look. Well, I didn't used to be in New York. I didn't do out here. But my experience was that everyone is supportive of each other. Not that everyone is not withstand up. But I do think like, you know, with improv everyone's clapping all the time after you finish. And like everyone like wants you to do better. And they all help each other. And I do think obviously is like that in stand up by also thank your friends laugh at you. When you bomb in the back. You know what I mean? So there's a little on. You're also on your own when you do stand up. You know, you're not working with other people. I personally like to be doing stand up better. I like to be on my own and not have to rely on someone else on stage with me, and you know, just do that. Because when I got here I thought about going on those plays just to see. Paul Mooney was get crazy. Don't go on with those people's people wacked up with the education, you're getting here. But I always believed in the more broader, you are the better you'd be stand up. Just if you just go touch it and then improv Olympic opened up around the corner from me rather than Hollywood. And I took a few classes in there. And I think midway through the second class. I'm like, I'm not coming in. Like, I had just gone fucked this because they used to have a stand up show at improbable limping this is going back to douse and six two thousand five two thousand four and I kid you not guys an improv that it was improbable that was an improv school on Hollywood and co ended down the corner they used to be an improv school but on Friday night. Somebody talked him into doing stand up at eleven o'clock. And I'll tell you something I've been to the store I'm been the laugh factory, and I've been to the ice house and the and the improv in Hollywood all those years. I saw industry nights what they call the industry night. I had never seen so many agents like I did that night at the improv Olympic. And I don't know what they were there. The see. Yeah. There was nothing. Outrageous that and I remember walking in you're like number eight, and when I went up it was like thank God fucking stay. Like people clapping. They thought it was a magician. I was like Jesus. Yeah. I walked off Mike what the fuck is going on. And when I stayed to watch it was like improv kids trying to do. Nothing gets no body. But it was just God awful show. Right. And I'm like, wow. All these fucking agency. And it made sense. That's where they go. They can't be at the improv watching fucking real comedy comedy store. They got to come here to watch these kids and at the improv Olympic I noticed. It was a lot of rich kids that go there with a dream, then a work. Don't do nothing. They just come here. They watch that live. I think they'd tell their parents. Let's we want to give it a shot in Hollywood. And the parents have okay, you got a year on the credit card. But if you don't make you gotta come back and work at the fruit stand, something it was a lot of those type of guys like they would always going six months to make something happen. You'll like I mean even fucking nine years. Nothing's happened. Yeah. How's it going to happen? What the fuck you looking for in six months. So I had a weird way of looking at those places. I thought it was I think that the more classes you took in your head to better you got at something. But I don't really agree with that. I think the more you get on stage, the more you learn every time you got on stage. You should walk off the stage with something like I made a mistake dab keep that in mind. I made a mistake they're sick. When you go work at a deli. The first time you don't get good until you cut for your fucking fingers off. Yes. Just one time on that slicer shit. And all that, you know, it's the same thing with Tommy, it's it's you could study it and read about all you fucking one. And you watch stand up all the fuck you want. But it's one of those things that you have to gallon sage constantly. Absolutely. Why are you something that I've noticed since I started is that improv and stand up are very they didn't seem like they're connected. But I've done eighteen shows where they they do improv based off of your material or I've had improv people come into open mics, and it seems very different because there is improv and stand up, right? There's people who go up there and just win. I could go up there and wing it if you'd like if you want me to go up there and wing it I'll go up there and wing it every night, right? What you're going to get is if I do six sets three of them are gonna be fucking superb and the other three are gonna go. I'm never going to rip take it up. Never go watch stand up again. Okay. So I could go up there and improv with the best. I go up there. Fresh off the cuff and talk about all the shit. We do here. Like, we're talking. I say all that shit the craziness I can go up there. And I get an I'll tell you if I do six of those sets three of them will be tremendous. But the other three will be so fucking bad that you'll never want to see stand up again. So I can't take that chance anymore. Right. When I first started. I learned how to improvise at the when I first started in in boulder. I tried to be Louie, LA more. We all try to be writers. But I realized that I couldn't write five minutes every fucking Tuesday. Like, no maga-, right? Three minutes from Tuesday, the Tuesday but five seven minutes, unless I improvised. And then the guy would always tell me do ten I can't fuck it through ten minutes that I had to write. These are the same reason why I do material every week is because the same people. It was the same people came to this comedy thing. It was Mucci who came they would pay fourteen ninety five a prime rib. Shrimp, and all that shit. And then they get a comedy ticket. So when you walked up on stage you had to get him on the steak. I would eat the steak they weren't there for you. They would ever fourteen ninety five for the state. So I would have to go up there. I and II bomb for so long in my mind, if I just made him lift the head from the stake that was an applause, so I had to give new material but shortly after by six months, I realize you know, what fuck this material ship missile income, Ian fuck with them. So for eighteen months. I did great as a standup. I relied on my improv skilled that you had been improvised MO my life. But when it comes in any gritty that. Improvising. Didn't come back to me. There's times I got like a set list of forty minutes, and you go on stayed in twenty minute. Mark you improvise for ten year. Like oh shit that I could pull off. But the still has to be the foundation still has to be there. I just can't go in a New York it when you start New York you pick up a bad habit. And that's twelve the people. It's a bad. Apple you mean, crowd work, really New York. Everybody this crowd. And that's what that's why I really got into that bad habit. I call groundwork crowd work like when you get a rebound. And instead of putting it backup dribble the ball. And then you go up now got five guys on you. When you dribble the ball you made that you it's a magnet. The ball is a magnitude of you put it down five and it's hard habit to break. Grant, the rebound. It's an grabbing and putting it back up getting a rebound. That's what talking to the audiences because when you come to you can't talk to the you. First time agent goes to see you. Fucking around with the audience. Go walk, right, right. That's an you could see an amateur LA guy in a professional guy. When people move time for mother like Texas is chatty, while comics that were Texas that chatty and New York City is definitely chatted. Go right up on stage. I all doing great. They have a beer in hand that cool. Then they put the be down. They take the Mike. What do you do, sir? All you Trish in you've been to get in. And they work from that. Some people are brilliant that some people for nominal, but you're gonna have rough night's. And there's some nights that people like, you know, what we really came to see stand. In the rumpus when I ever saw was he kept asking the same three questions yet because they don't wasn't getting of the answers he wanted and it was like twenty minutes, and like people around with what's happened that that's what I'm saying. Like when you have a real show, you can't talk to people that when you when you're at the store, you'll learn quick that you can't talk to people because unless Iraq war forties doing anymore. I don't think. Yes does. But a lot of people don't like fucking wreck. Because that reason because when you follow RIC now that gives those people permission to talk to you. Right. So you wanna be a headline and do it. That's good. But like as a feature I used to do it. The headline is pulled me aside, and we talked to you for saying stopped on. Yeah. 'cause they they think they got the right to talk to me. Right. Because it opens it out the whole like human. I go to the store want. Somebody go up that does that Rick. Rick Ingram is good only at it. He's been doing it for a long time. But if you ask Rick Palmisano, RIC converse from planning by you doing that couple of don't like, I didn't know that. Yeah. Couple of don't like it because you talking to the audience now every comic that comes up here. Some fucking idiots going to say so. So that's the school of thought that when you start at white Provis when you had before wall flappers or whatever the funky do open mics improvise. I the improvise I I wouldn't put up with that shit. I wouldn't put up with that. I wanted and saying the joke in the joke behind it's gonna die. It's eighteen comics new room, you might as well and provide right working on that muscle. Just go up that called that shit. You wrote is not going to go over at these open mic place. It's a why you don't you're not going to get those two real gauge little joke. You're in front of a live audience stride, rather you bring a tape record. And you start talking just talking now those three minutes of five that they give you you're gonna have a minute pearls and golden write it down gonna write it down the gaughman listening right now at the end of the week. That's why they call it work. And you just talking I'd rather go up there and take a chance and talk I do at the ice house. Then go up there with jokes that I wrote the try. Because I'm gonna be fucking. I'm gonna be thinking of those words, I rather just talk. And then afterward Chelsea is say that why you said was really good write that down in. You'll say that line you some really good right now. Could I can I think it's a little different because with improv? It's a lot of it's not even crab work because they ask for suggestions. While you're creating a scene. It's it's different from like. 'cause you're not stand up is obviously writing jokes and Mike performing non stage. Stand up is going up with several people and doing a scene. It's it's like a whole different. It's weird. I saw someone do one person in providence. This is the worst thing I've ever seen by yourself. It's. It's a UCB and groundlings has great shows though, you know, there's a lot of really talented people up there for sure will there's a lot of people who is that the way to go. If you were going to move here as an actor, and I want to be the next movie store like it seems like a lot of the comedic actors come from those places they might not be standing, but they come from that a lot of a lot of actors do stand up because they now right which is like because they think that's the thing to do right now to me through. He. It's like a whole, you know, a lot of people just do that stuff to get famous or to put it on there. A lot of actors are told doing improv class put it on your resume. That's what people like to see when you audition for stuff. They make like to. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I I don't I just don't like I think I look back now at the twenty two years I've been in town and all the fucking scams. I thought about doing like an ally like all the stupid shit because they're all scams in class in breathing and motivational all that shit Justice. Can't you know, you think about all the scams that they run out there, and what these poor kids come out of college and come out here with their parents aren't earned dollar, and they give it to Joe schmo. Stand up school the guys on the spot in fucking down. You know, what I'm saying guys never done a spot in flock in town or they go to an acting coach. And just ask the first I see your resume. Let me see your resume and the stand you to be like, Phil Jackson. Phil Jackson was a horrible Buchan basketball player. But he ended up being one of the best coaches of all time, I understand that happens. But like, I know when acting guy that was an acting coach I saw him one time act on tight TV show, and it was fucking rent. It was fucking horrendous. I was at some people's housing all while I'm paying my Buddy's going to be on kowcase. It'd be ten years ago. I put the episode. It was God awful. And this guy today is charged like a Meisner school somewhere. Right. Yeah. He's a director of the school. And I'm like. But give that fucking mutt. Money's not nice guy. He's a nice guy. But what can he teach right book to guests? Dr dirty is I gotta fucking pet monkey that could book to guest parts in two years one hundred additions, you're gonna book something. Yeah. Right. Twenty fucking years. I remember even my wife did acting for a year she booked fucking the national something with a billboard. So I if you stay in town long enough, and you are dishing you'll get some some they'll fucking is you commercials. All you need is to fog up the bottom of the glass. It's no narrow talent booking fucking commercial. When you check got fact died, and he's wiggling with a tie around his stomach, and it says fuck, and you know, Pennzoil whatever the. How did he go to go to improv school to learn Rego? Do you bring a coach Inigo? Okay. When you wiggle breed. And let the tire go around, you know, put the fucking tired. I did this as a kid like a who who fucking hula-hoop only heavy, you know, but people really want to have the hands help this town like they really do that. I never I know. I just never when I went to an problem. And then I went to the store after that improbable Olympic experience. I said, that's it. That's why Mitzi calls it university. You go from the belly room to like a paid unpaid regular paid regular. There was a system there was a system, and if you wanna work there as doorman you got work there as a doorman to to help with the fucking bills, or whatever that was so many options that they gave you just sitting in the back and watch it. It's incredible increase just sitting in the back like go. Do you spots every night? Go do your spots. You're eight o'clock and stand online if lap and then jump up and down some Mexican room in Lionsgate, or whatever, let's call whatever. Whatever the fuck off the five all these guys on the way, home you just going to go home and watch TV anyway, go get pot by that time, twelve o'clock. There's tons of meters on the fucking sunset you go and sit in the back of the room. I tell you comic that I worked with as a fucking host Myrtle Beach. And he told me when he was hoping he goes, I'm moving to LA you had to storm combined saying Hello when you said to somebody like. What his chances come by saying that motherfucker came mindset alot like, and then you're like what? The fuck are you doing here? And never came to me and asked me for nothing. He would he go you can you get me a seat inside? And he would just wait and wait. And wait. I watched them free year at night to get off the original. And it's too little. I will be in the back in those days. It was only eight people that was not six hundred people whose day night. It was a people. So I'd always say then after six months he got he got a dog job at the comedy store that I saw him on stage play that guys Jason Lucas. Yeah. Yeah. Now, he's married doesn't do stand up much editing. But for a year I saw Jason. And I'll go Jason don't you work. And he goes I to be at work at Sam. But I come and watch Mooney every night, you you have like his he'd come like a call eleven o'clock eleven thirty. It's at that. Dole won it in the back. It's been an incredible education working there and just getting to watch people every night, you know, for five years haven't you seen? I I never I've seen everyone. Yeah. Mortgage charles. Yeah silverman. Yeah. Everybody. I can't think of who. No one off the top of my head. I can't think. Yeah. It's incredible. No. It's a, and that's why I like the I like watching like I hate going with comedy store, and I sit down and people wanna Bob him. And I'm sitting that Mitzi Royal plucking highest flow. I'm just watching standup guy. I'm getting into their act like I'm getting sucked in by by them. You know, you watch a special on Netflix. It's funny, but you're not getting sucked not the same mugging. Yeah. You gotta watch it live being sucked. And I knew nothing like before I got on stage. I want zero stand-up live. Zero from fifty yards. I saw Dave Chapelle and black dude in nineteen eighty-two at Washington square park. When there'd be a circle around, Dave Chapelle and other guy that he started the main guy was Charlie Barnet near that was the main guy, but Chapelle would be his under study. He was like fifteen when you talk to Chapelle next time bring up Charlie by that his is -lanta that's his mental. Well, Charlie Barnet. What's supposed to be on a Saturday Night Live? Benny Murphy took his spot. Charlie couldn't read, but Charlie could read there'd be no any Murphy. Yeah. Good, charlie. Was a fact he was just on the night. I was strolling the channels, and that movie was an I was I came on for bitten had to leave. And I laughed my ass. Well, I forget what he's on a movie, Mr. Teague, and it was not like BT the night late night all anonymous like eight thirty or nine, and I and I asked my wife, I go put stop that. For a second. DC cab DC cab. I haven't heard of that. I laughed my ass off watching Member Mr T, but Charlie Barnet was the one that was supposed to be the next big thing. He got HIV and everything he was the real deal. Wow. He was junk he was a fuck and HIV, but it was a heroin guy. And he was the one that you know, would let I I guess Dave Chapelle will come up from DC to New York on the weekends or every day. And Charlie Barnet would just go, you know, inscribed. Barca's he would just go off. They're like there was those little artists arch might by the arches there. You know that there's dead bodies buried under Washington square park east. Did you know that? Yeah. It used to be like a used to be a cemetery. They're like thousands of dead bodies buried under Washington square park material that can seventeen on. Yeah. But still. It's my hometown this thousands of cemeteries, really like my hometown north Bergen, New Jersey bridge there right over the tunnel. They had tons of cemeteries, and I remember if you take the fence by the projects by sixty. Fifty eighth street as to be offense, and it would cut you through to forty six and we would take that fence on that take a shit in a funeral in the cemetery. Knife, ready prince died, and I had tickets shit. This out all the old, man. People already prince junior. I'm talking about Freddie print Saint he killed himself. I can send me seven seventy eight seventy nine one of those years he killed himself. And I was walking home. And I remember going manhat- take shit, and it was fucking free and out, and I pull my pants down. But I double checked on the grave 'cause I go how does this guy just got buried? Yeah. Our up bags? There was a bunch of Brown bags that people had I took as many as I could it was fucking freeze. And I was a kid eighth grade. And I pulled my pants to the front and shit. But I peed in my pants. Oh my God. I went to put the pants back on they were froze now had to walk home. How long was that? Walk. Twenty minutes, thirty minutes an hour. What would I look at the it wasn't even the tombstone? It was a two sticks put together like, but they had been like finished like it was good would. And it said like eighteen twenty to eighteen ninety nine. I'm like, why are you gonna fly having any visitors? He has that business in fucking year had one part of the cemetery, and that was really old. But they, but then there's another building what they built on. And they said there was a cemetery in the buildings having problems now Braley. Yeah. Yeah. LA or New Jersey. Yeah. Jersey right there because all those things along the river all like with George Washington fought the Indians. Like, if you go to fort Lee, the other side of the bridge is where you're from Westchester chess is the other side of the bridge. If you go on that fort Lee bridge, and you walk off, George Washington, and you go underneath this park. Have you been at park? It was a little stroll park there. They have all the cannons. Cannonballs George Washington. I think last trip man, you have to walk up that hill you walk under the bridge. And you cross the street you you cross not pass implant road you rush. Whatever that river road. Whatever that Riverdale is river road. But is that Riverdale fort Lee? It's a fall in New Jersey where the in fourteen all right? So right underneath there is where you as a little trial, and you could eat lunch at the top. And they have those things that you could record as in. Yeah. City and shit have like three of them. It's small. But knocking this we're having shit you've ever story shooting, but I didn't take shit into fort Lee thing the smoke smoking joint. I would walk back from the bridge, and then walk underneath a be a sunny day out, and you could go up there roller. Join just smoke and look at the New York skyline. Where's the weirdest place? You took a shit. I I don't think outs. Not believe I almost shit. I came close ones in John's grocery store, John. Yeah. I almost like, you know, when you're walking and you have to stop walking for a few minutes. Pretend like you're looking at something in the middle of an aisle that was the worst of an aisle. Yeah. I I like it was like I move them when shit that was the worst one I can think of. But I I I was a kid. I had a bed winning problem. I went bids. I never did all the time. I would use. Oh, yeah. Oh, really? You never did. Now, isn't that we can go to sleep overs? Oh, that's ox. How will you stop thirteen among them the I wouldn't drink at night. It was terrible. Do you still when you drink? No, why don't drink that much. But it's been a few years. It's been if everyone's like I've had the dreams once where you think you're you're like, oh, well anyway, and then there's p but it's been like I had plastic mattress for a while as a kid. It was not good ever beat you for paying. No. I don't take it away. Have you ever hooked up with the squatter? Yes once but you weren't bothered by I loved it. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. No, I didn't know what's going to happen. And so it just it you drink the score juice now. I know I didn't know it it it just it. I have not going to do the job. I have about it. But it came out onto the sheets. Yeah. And then we we hooked up. I think that one time. But I would I would if I knew I would love to did a girl who scored that'd be great. But you wouldn't drink the juice, anyway, I'm not gonna drink it like straw, but comes out you fingernail eating pussy. It's or it's. Yeah. You open your mouth like waterfowl commerce is coming. Everything like, you treat homage you'd be in good shape. You know that what we'd ask a pussy like that? You first of all Thomas, I asked his disgusting. So. I like the only people I love it was homeless. No, it's not are you. She's married. She don't need. No more. I now he wants to maintain scares you'll meet this. But you might want her ass you. But thank you to love. I don't know that that makes even worse. Every woman loves the tongue in their Joshu. I swear I special. You put two finger Louis and their pussy like that asshole. That brand new like, okay, I can live with this. Don't take that much. Yeah. I don't know. Oh my God. Yeah. Yeah. No. Thank you. I don't want. I don't that's disgusting. But squirting, it'd be awesome. I I had a weird one. It didn't it didn't spray kinda just was like like the chicken dirt chicken. I don. I didn't see that. Why would you watch that you too busy? Watching orange is the new purple. Like in dirt when Tommy Lee's eating the girl. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Dirt he brings all those people to pass the chick just sits down. He starts eating pussy. He's guys. You ready? You ready pulls his head away. That's fucking shooting water out at a party. That's a great party. I like fucking party. So it's pretty amazing. I've never done it, Gordon. Yeah. I don't think I can't. And you become a squirt know. Well, okay. So you know, how there's like these sex parties in LA. There's this place called sanctum. Have you ever heard of it you had quickly tolls about she? Of course, you did. I went to one when I first moved here. Just to like, check it out and. And a cop came to like check out like the room, and we were in a room with like one of the cops, and like some other people, and I was like, oh, yeah. I can't score and the cop the cop was like, I'll bet that you can. And he tried to like finger me in front of like a couple of people there. It was crazy, but it didn't work. But I think it's weird that the cop who was on duty came there to participate on the guy in like a fake costumers zone. Probably. This is what does this checks party? Is that a really, yeah. It was first of all like, no one. There was high and half the people were masks and the other half should've been like it. And it was like everyone was just like trying to be cool. It was like a wannabe is wide shut kind of thing. But yeah, like there was people who are like having sex in one room, but it was a very theatrical and it felt like very forced. And like there was like another girl who was wearing a horse mask who was fucking a girl with a strap on who had a Marie Antoinette costume on. It was like trying too hard mushroom trip. That's state was weird. But it was an experience. City. No, that's the only one I ever went to. Yeah. No, one was on a New York City was play those retrea. Oh, I haven't I've been to one call ten. Yeah. When you attend that shit. That's that's a creepy. Name though. Always some we name Plato's growing up. I never want. Yeah. Among gonna tell you. I went down. I never went that blaring that was creepy. I heard friends of mine that why animals just wasn't for them. That's not big problem that sex clubs and all that shit. Like people were just like what the fuck I always I've been to to sex things, and nobody was good looking right there. And you think do beach one time of God where nobody Jamaica. Yeah. I mean, nobody nobody was daddy. You wanna see making even turn the adding? It was like quit. I just said I can't I can't this disgust. They shot this movie, I did was legit movie. But they shot at a nude resort. Was that you're eating breakfast? So I'm driving in. I just get picked up at the airport bomb hit this town. Yeah. This chickens too skinny the McDonald's had like no burgers data. Scientists had no burgers. I don't know. What the fuck was going on. 'cause on McDonald's. It was a horrible place. And I spent the one night that night. I heard a bunch of fuckin- when I got there. I can't lie to you guys. I was a little excited. Yeah. Maybe somebody suck your dick or something. Right. There was nobody there that you wanted to touch day. Yeah. I suck it. I think the idea of all of those kind of places are so much better than when you actually get there. Get you wanted to be like a like a movie like some hot fucking thing. And everyone looking and they're all doing crazy stuff. But then it's just like lame weird people. Yeah. I guess you already have your if you're good looking already having set Josh Wolff at a bar in Seattle mobile loco. That's how I gotta show you something mime attaches him. So Josh Wolff a bar that he ran it was called logo loco and on Wednesday nights that pervert night. What? Pay me, fifty bucks to stand outside and check ID's and shit. And I would never go downstairs like the bar was the bar, and this was downstairs and one night. There was somebody and I went downstairs, and it was hard. What did you say? I saw chick that had to be twenty five pounds heavier than I am right now. With appears click like Clinton. Yeah. Fucking like it was like an inch to roller. And I mean, nobody I'm not trying to be rude or main. I'm just trying to be honest. Nobody you'd want dice for a special. Now goes look in that by the wall, she's holding it up. Nobody nobody's ever thought of fucking. She walks over when the trim little moustache sideburns that was with this girl looked like she had sideburns like some girls, look cute, and like the head now she really had like sideburns she had heroine her neck. She pushed look like and been shot cannonball, huge these guys like kissing her neck like putting like fucking aerosol cans and a pussy. Really? I was a fake disgusting place. It was a long. Like women's it was like long tube. But the data ones like, yeah. Yeah. The shaving cream, Joe barbasol gel gel. Not the big one the skinny award. They're putting it in the gel, and or the bottle to bottle the bottom of just rubbing it in a pussy. And she was the guys with dirty the chick was filthy her feet. They had it on top of pool table. It's like they walked the from fucking Oregon Seattle of feet were black. You know, it just none of that shit. Really turns me on. I could see a girl. That's pretty dirty feet. That's kinda cute. Yeah. I know exactly what you're talking dirty. Yeah. This six feet would just dirty. Yeah. And all these white guys around the sucking flappy tape. So she had a kid somewhere in. It was just terrible. Yeah. And then be Tripoli Jason Tibo at the store some night a guy came in one night, and he offered us a bunch of money to shoot a girls gone wild only. It was something different. It was like girls. Go fucking crazy. Yeah. I think it was made Tripoli Tibo Duncan Duncan and we had to go somewhere in the hills. They wouldn't let us take phones that we had to drive up there. Like that pick us up. We're going to stick with the first bus backwards at nine. So they wanted stand up a stand up music and fucking lie. Fucking while you're on stage. And it was you could make them laugh listening to the fuck and set it was something, and they hire professional models, white girls escorts. Okay. That daughter going to shoot a move. Grows got up there. Let's go on and often this fucking pigs getting fucked. This guy's hit on the diving board the world is a hot. There's a pool that's gorgeous. It's you know, what what's up with like when you go into lower canyon that side street. I gotta pass it to Moharram. There was up there. White people rich, you know, nice house. They had rented it from somebody for the daily some couple. Go to Malibu just going to have a little party film at no they filmed this fucking discuss fast. Now, never forget that out. Again, you're anxious. You like, let's see what these porno checks, look like and awesome was sitting there talking to you. We look all in this dude is fucking this chick. He's a three. She's a six. Yeah. She's not a ten, but she's a six, but dormitory what the creepiest thing was her husband was three feet from analyze them. And he's like going cluck a good fuck a good put in a fucking mount you come in putting a fucking ass and the white and then afterward after she'd been come on and spin on flop. They like hanging out like swap and spit. She's naked. He tried to take his clothes off people like put the ha ha. It was it's a different world. It's not, you know, we talk about stories here. Shit happens. The comedy store somebody such deg somebody ancient buzzing, that's one thing. But to live in that fucking world is just something else. Like, everything's real cool. No, it's not cool. She's wanted pounds. It's it's not cool. Did you should drop off at the LA zoo? She's don't deserve to be. You know what I'm saying? Like people don't wanna see that some people. But the funny thing was there was a girl that that was really pretty and when I was on stage. I was looking at her face when she heard my stand up and all these ugly people around fucking she was like from UC Berkeley. Like if I had a picture her. She had grown up in a nice family that had money. She probably never got fingered to. She was nineteen. You know, she she she sucked dick. But afterwards, she takes the hair out, and she cries, and that's not what she wanted to do in her life is given blow job backstory from just seeing. I could tell. Yeah. Because she was looking at me with eight Noor is look around at the company. You know, there was people fucking on trampolines. Wow. By six hundred by six or seven o'clock. There was probably six or seven couples fucking. Matt saying I'm Mel Gibson, some looking nobody did you like you look all watching fucking go. Oh god. Like, it was just discussing stand up in the daytime and are people fucking we stand. We do the set to open up the show them like a ban came for a while and people fucking during the band, and we like three hour breath. And then we had to do I show like at seven. Oh, my God that we were free the whole night that just they gave us twenty joins apiece. A thousand bucks a piece, but it wasn't worth it. Like what I saw will stay with me for. It was just disgusting. Like, I don't know. I'm crazy buck wild. But that was really never wanna mind. Yeah. I went to a party at Sasha gret. You know, Sasha grey. She she used to be a pretty big porn star. And I went to a party at her house in the hills. And there was just like ten of us fifteen of us, and it was a couple of porn stars in some like dudes from Italy, and it was chill and then one of the girls who was one of the porn stars. They had like a homemade Symbian machine whose which is like a motorized like dildo that just goes like that. And then they convinced one of the girls to just get on the floor at the part. It was just like everyone was normal until you know, they brought out the machine, and then they all handle it. And then she was just like getting fucked in front of all of us at the party, and then they turn on the Strobe light. And it was just weird especially like ten people as it was weird. And I don't know and her boyfriend was there too. And he was just like that. I actually just got hit up on Tinder by a woman in her inner profile to married like, but I'm poly-amorous. I'm like. She wants that means she wants to have you over with her husband. I would never go to whether highly. That's what I'm worried about is like I don't wanna husband to get mad and like find out where I probably wants to watch. That sounds disgusting. Doing. This thing is a little red face. I'm not gonna eat. He would eat her ass, and you go now, I can't I don't want to. I don't want to. Yeah. No. I love you. Because you stand. The I love that. You're oslo. That night at the store. You got me a lot of trouble. When I put you up when I was hosting that night. Got mad at me. Why are you talking about potluck? Yeah. Yeah. Did it once? That's ridiculous. It was the worst night of my life. Those girls aren't funny. Sorry Brown, not naming names. But it would just there's one of them. That's still to this day won't talk. Yeah. They're but they're cr-. Those girls are crazy. And they're not like comics in order. I mean, it was crazy like, yeah. Back in the old michi- toge like I would just blame it on Mitzi. Yeah. No, Mitzi said, no, this is who she wants. And it was fuck, you know, that night was like, hey, you gotta put a girl by going on putting girls out. And then when I started putting girls up guys got mad him. Hey, you put too many girls. Really? And then it was like a mole my running. This fucking thing was running this day. And it would just names coming out everywhere. No, no. You can't put him up. You gotta put her up. You know? I don't want those. Relation potluck is crazy crazy for those of you. Don't know potluck is every Monday night used to be Sundays to at the store. And that's when all the employee's and friends and family, go up to forty comics. But there's always people that are hovering over the host. Then like people always get mad every time. Like, I've hosted three times I think there's always someone who's going to be mad at you. You just have to ignore it and fucking enjoy your ni-, and you know. That you married. I like that you beautiful. Thank you like that. You funny. You have all this stuff. But then I you have some edge to you like, you're the real fucking deal. Patching your life, and you help people out and. Yeah, very sweet. And I've heard that about you like more than once. Yeah. Like, oh, she's the real deal. Have you heard about on like bumping tells me nothing I've had a crazy life, and then you were talking about the coke. So now because I'm never thought you even drugs I've never seen in a negative light whatsoever. Yeah. You know, you've always been smiley. You know, Dino you Dayton Randolph for a while. I'm like that's the best looking complex numbers. Yeah. A couple of the store the best cooking Cup. She's like who is he and I saw you guys online while she's work on me. I show it to you posted something she goes. She is pretty fucking husband. Died. I go because I know your husband from two jitsu school. I know. Yeah. He said that you guys used to what is it called scrap? Roll your husband's a great guy. Yeah. When did you get crazy? Hold me. I've been crazy my whole life. I was always like very, hyper. I started drinking when I was ten. Brothers lisa's. I had an older brother two years older than me. But I I don't know. I just like was like a crazy kid. I was always very wild. I always got in trouble at school. I was always in the principal's office. Like starting in second grade, like Santa Claus visits the school, and you have an assembly for Christmas when I got on his lap. I pulled his beard off and I screamed to everybody he's fake. He's fake because I want to ruin Christmas. Like, I was crazy from the start from elementary school. I was just always going to the principal's office. And there were disappointed in me. So then I was like, okay. Well, I'm a bad kid. So I'm going to keeping a bad kid. This is what I am. And you know, and I just didn't I truly did not give a fuck. And I'm, you know, in the best sense like I'm just trying to get back to that place onstage. Now, you know, what I mean because I feel like when you're younger, you truly do not give up and I really was that way. You know, I was class clown and all that, and and then like, I got cute, you know, when I was like fifteen and people are treating me different. So I started kinda like, you know, putting it on a little bit in like my purse own changed a little bit. But I've always had like a hard edge. Started smoking weed when I was twelve I smoked weed every day until I got sober. When I was twenty six. I didn't really like pills. I liked coke. I actually got sent away to boarding school. When I was fifteen in Switzerland for doing coke too much at school. So they're like, we'll just send you away. But they sent me to Europe where there's no drinking age. So I would just by coke off the street from people in Switzerland. They sell coke on the street. They wrap it up in plastic wrap. And they keep it in their mouth, and you go up to people in your like bombo bombo, which is coke and in a talian. And I was there club coke. Yeah. All the time. Yeah. Yeah. I was I got alcohol poisoning and Switzerland and like fell out of like a boat in like the middle of a lake and like have to be rescued by. I was always like, I don't know. It was just always getting fucked up and crazy, and I was a stripper for three years, which was crazy. I started in Hawaii. And then I finished a New York. And I was that it was fucking crazy. It was it was crazy, and I was like partying really hard, and my dad's friend caught me doing it in New York to two separate times, my dad's friend like one guy was like recognized me at scores. And I was like, please don't tell my dad, and he was like this is so sick. He was like if you give me a dance, I won't tell him. And then when I took off my dress. He goes, you look just like your mom, isn't that fucked up? Yeah. And then the other guy told my dad who called me his other. A friend. 'cause it was like, you know, I lived in New York and everyone New York City is big, but it's small this. This was everybody goes to scores. Yeah. Except me. Now, they have. Scores west that was on scores. West the old one used to be on the upper east side where all the mafia shit was going on. And then I think mayor Giuliani shut that down for a while. And yet the it down completely. They moved it to the west side. And then what opened up in that place with sapphires on the east side little scores history. But it's crazy that I did that because people here that today, and they would really didn't that. Yeah. But I completely different person today. But I definitely completely different than twenty one. My act that. Yes. People people change completely welcome chains. You know? I still know you're crazy. Yeah. But you're not that crazy. But it's still like, I'm still crazy. I'm not crazy when I was twenty five. Yeah. Twenty seven crazy thirty crazy. But I'm still crazy. Yeah. How do you see your change from them? So first of all I completely led with my sexuality, then you know, I, you know, I wasn't overly sexual person. I hooked up with like anyone. You know, I'd go to parties like high on coke, and like show people, my boobs, you know, what I mean, I was like that check and stay up all night, and like be high and like all I did was go out to clubs and I wasn't working hard. At all. You know? I had dreams of wanting to be a writer do stand up being actor. You know, all the things I'm pursuing right now. But I was just unable to accomplish those things because I wasn't addict. So I I just you know, my thing was just waking up and partying until the next day in that was in. I think about what I wanted to do when talk about it high on coke. But I just you know, basically have to burn out and hit a bottom, you know, with partying. And then once I was able to get sober was I able to start focusing on the things that I feel like I was put on this earth to do, you know, my dreams in life. And you know, I had no ambitions when I was getting fucked up. I mean, I had things I want to. It was impossible. Like, I was doing that. So, you know, I'm a very hard worker today. I don't lead with sexuality. I mean when I first moved here. I did the dumbest like I used to do like all those you ever see these girls to do these photo shoots on Instagram like they want like just like these slutty photo shoots. Like a big thing. It's like, it's a whole thing. They go to the gym and lady squads, but it's just like little the camera just on their ass. And yeah, it's like it's like I'm like I wanted to do comedy when I moved out here. But my friend was like, oh, if you do photo shoots with guys, you know, guys who have cameras, photographers. And then they like you post the pictures like, you'll get followers, and I was like, okay. So I thought I was taking these funny sexy photos, but it's like that's not how you fucking do. You know, not how you do comedy. That's you have to get on stage and write jokes. But it's like you're doing all these other things thinking that's how you're going to get ahead. You just have to sit down and do the work and not be a fucking asshole. So I mean, I it's like a complete one eighty to grow up and grow out of all these things. Well. Well. There's a lot of guys with English on the show. Yeah. And then they might Zo group problem have. But like, what is it like being a pretty girl is it is there just so much stuff being thrown at you. And. Is it hard to almost like you say, okay. Let me actually do the work. Yeah. Well, to be honest. Okay. So my whole life. You know, I was kind of like just pertinently smoked weed. I was like a tomboy growing up. But then when I got hot when I was fifteen and people started treating me differently. I started acting differently. So I'd say from like fifteen to like twenty five like I was acting like a dump slot. And I can look back on that and say that and I'm disappointed, but myself, but whatever it is what it is. I have the awareness of changes a person I'm not like that. It's all good. I've been through lots of different phases in my life. But basically like you, you know, you just act like you're entitled you're used to getting free shit. And you think you can do whatever act. However, like exactly what guys say that that girl was hot. She thinks she can can get everything for free. Yeah. Because she knows she can. And I wrote that and you know, and I was just like a party girl. And and I don't think that I think it's the way that you carry yourself if you don't care, you're if you know, if you have self worth and self respect people aren't going to treat you like that. So I had to build myself worth and self esteem and self respect for myself and stop dressing like a ho when posting crazy photos, if I want to be seen as a comic and work hard, and, you know, not flirt with fucking people for shit and just do the work and not expect anything. And that's where I've you know that the huge change I've made in my life in the hat in that makes it makes me happy to work for things. I don't wanna fuck in get handed wrong. I'd say well over you. I'll we when you think you hit rock bottom. What was your? Well. I'd say with getting sober. I was twenty five twenty six go to rehab. I didn't. And I wish I did. But my parents didn't fuck and send me, and I'd be like, please send me and they're like, no just go to AA or twelve step programs. So that's what I did. I started going to twelve step programs harder. I could. So how did you try and fail? A bunch. Yeah. I relapsed the bunch in the beginning. Because it's like, I didn't know you could not smoke weed and be so over or like, you can't take Zantac. So I had to restarting my sober date. But my life started really changing. And and it's like you're giving for someone who's like an addict, you're giving yourself a chance to finally live because you're not like living in reality. When you're getting fucked for me, at least when I'm getting fucked up all the time. So, you know, being sober as like a completely different. I'm like in the world. Sort of thing. But yeah, bottom was just I was just doing way too much coke if I had a sip alcohol I had to have coke. You know what I mean? The second that alcohol like hits your body. I had that chemical that gets created do you know what I'm talking about? Yeah. So I had to have coke. And basically, I was just doing too much of it. And I felt myself physically breaking down from it like, my heart would be racing a lot. I was going in the hospital a lot having to get my heart rate lowered. And I was like I just can't do it anymore. And then the bottom with all that other shit was just like it, just you know, you do stuff until it just doesn't work anymore. And then you're like what the fuck of my dealing with my life. This is not the life. I was meant to live. I want these other things I have to make a change. Now. What did your dad say? When you friend went him, so bad, I feel so bad. He texted this is the ship. Now. I now I now know totally he texted me and said, you just broke my heart. I told him please, don't tell my dad, and then I get a text at four AM that says, you just broke my heart. And I just I went out and did coke all night. That's you know, that's what I do. You know what I mean? But you know in sobriety. I made an immense to him, you know, in twelve step programs. You have to make amends to people and I sat across from him in a room. And I said I'm sorry for being a stripper and for putting you through all that stuff. And you know, it was actually like a really nice moment when you make amends to people some people, you don't know if how people are going to react, and the people you don't think it's going to be a big deal to it's always like the people who appreciate it at the most. And then you realize oh, I put these people through so much shit. And now, it's like a living amends to talk. To my dad on the phone the other day, and he said, you know, me me and your mom were so proud of your work ethic. He worked so hard. And like that's the person. I am today. And they like, you know, the daughter I was supposed to be for them kind of thing. A fridge. Yeah. Yeah. I went to a lot of phases it. So we got on the prison. I was clean, you know. And I joke around in the podcast should but I really gave it a go. I'm not gonna lie, but I gave him like a ten day go. Yeah. And. Day. You had to go to the groups in the halfway house. The first week you went allow leave until you had. Meetings for jobs and show that and the only other thing you can leave for is for meetings. So I got hip to that we might thought go in a meeting go to meetings to lie to myself. I'm not gonna lie it'd be I would just go to meetings and sit there and daydream and said look these fucking idiots. But I'm at math of a first week. Somebody hugged me meeting started hugging people and for the first time a long time. I felt good about us naturally anytime show me was good. We had to make a bet like as a coquette. You gotta make it bad. Like once something is good camping. Like, I got a room this shit. Hey, Joey, really like what you did today. I'll fuck that. I gotta come in late tomorrow to ruin that good guy image. You know? But I still remember leaving that like I've gone for like four meetings in the week like four days straight, and it was because I had to take a bus boulder and take a bus back to not bald. I would see my girlfriend. I would stop and see one of my friends I knew. The bus routes, but like after four meetings that Sunday walking outside and going that feels really good. You know, I'm really doing something go to my life. But. Hot. Snort and going to the meetings. Right. Like, I was born in going to the meetings. I wasn't that disrespectful. I would go to meetings to have an excuse to get hot. And on the way back from the media. We get I feel really bad saying that today. But it's, you know, a lot of people go through those steps there's a lot of people listening to this show that a going through steps right now those I it's really hard to fuck up in the beginning. Because you don't know what you feel like you never really had that feeling of just being totally Sobel. Like it. So we'd we fuck around from time to time. We'd Viking in a something every six months or something. But. Cocaine I respected now. Now like watched all these shows over the years about Marco's everything. I suspected about the eighties was true. You know, this is all I government Thuc in our own people. You know, they knew about the coke. They knew what they you know, when they realized it was billions of dollars, they'd just became partners with these fucking guys. And now people who grew up in the eighties people grew up in the late seventies. There's a lot of people fucked up whenever I talk to my friends in jersey. We always end that conversation like you may not be working, bro. But you're not this guy. Mike every ten guys. I went to school with this six people today the fucked up in the fifties. Like they've never recovered from that then recovered from that. And I thank God, I stopped when I did like thank God like eleven years ago. I stopped don't know rehab. No not. I just did the same thing. You can't this can't keep happening. I was trying to stop about. Two years. No, there's a rehab on sunset right between the fucking civility place and LA brea right across from Hollywood high school. Does it does it diamond that and the second AA type rehab facility? It's all outpatient. Yeah. There's a bunch you could sign up signed up. Yeah. I signed up that I went to light three meetings, but they wanted to much like not money. They wanna too much commitment from guy like me, the be sober. Fuck that. Yeah, I'm still gonna get high once a week away and get I you know, what I'm saying. Like that are junky fuck in mind working, you know, but I'm happy made immense. Your parents like I look at my daughter, and I'm like what fuck she's fucking sex last night. She walked into karate. She told the karate teacher rocked me like a hurricane and my daughter. Yeah, she looks at me teachers, she goes, she gets us from you. And I know I don't know where the fuck she heard. That's the got him in all these movies now, all these movies have music. I was I was. You're listening to fuck in. I was listening to it. I have serious. So I have like, you know, a studio fifty four trunk nation. I got a bunch of shit on there and the ad then it's fiscal was on my living. John that song came on nineteen Eighty-one. She was singing the back at a light. I go. How do you notice song? And she goes to one of my movies. How show you tonight that night? Sure enough. She showed it to me and some monsters Inc or something like that. Well, she doesn't know it's eliminating John. You don't know who to fuck. It is just the fact that she knows that song. But she knew rocky like a hurricane. Yeah. Here. I am actually stole the teach here. I am rock you like fucking looked. She looked at Michigan. She gets this from you. I don't know where she got that from being her mother's call. You can't talk him from my dawn. She's a fucking parrot short, mega whatever the fuck. You say the put a Bruce Lee movie on because we're going to Xinyun this week. So she's all things China. That's how I got the Chinese restaurant is night. And she's all things China. So. Yeah night. I couldn't sleep this fucking fluid. I got up and I watched Bruce Lee had just died. I ain't this a bitch is a perfect night. Bruce Lee's on Anthony dragon. And I was watching they showed all the boats, and should I go I got to stop this right now. It's taped us. So I taped it for the next day. We got home on talking about China. I got some point that put the Bruce Lee movie on all my God. She went up and ape shit. Kicking around. There's a scene where she fights. She six and I just want. I think the more we die over that. Because like she got art in the face. Yes. That I thought she lost teeth this week. A not though you lift these two of ought to go and one of them here is missing. She's lost six seven sofa yesterday the kit. Consta- righty, and I could see her go down a little bit, and she really wanted to cry. But I saw her D S take off how vowed that not even the D as I saw that she came and block in the face. Then she threw a fucking straight punch on his face. And I go that's Devoud. This that angle at bolo. She wanted to really cry. I put him in national. She's not get if I die. If something happens to mission that would be sketched. You'll know how to take a punch so I put this Bruce Lee thing on the and he's fighting his bodyguard the fuck in Hans bodyguard. He no she stood there and mimicked all Bruce Lee's moved issue. Put a run it back when it back. So I could try that. And then she kept saying kick him in the eye. Risley kicked a guy in the I she goes, I told you kick them in the eye on my God, so cute. So I'm sitting at making what kind of fucking savages this kind of be you know, why? What of savage like the meat, I go. I gotta go FRA stress ties to Molly on stick needles. Emissions. Like, you gotta face your fears. She goes you can't be scared that you gotta face your fears. You gotta go in there. I know. Yeah. I wanna be around the C B twenty at least. She goes you'll be around. She you ain't going nowhere and his laugh a, Mike. I wouldn't wanna see you twenty. On it scares the shit out. Like, I'm trying to I'm trying to raise. But you're going to have those things she's going to hear about addictions. I try to write notebook for every day. Like, that's why I asked you about your dad like what your relationship now. A beautiful. Yeah. It's like nothing happened. Yeah. I mean, like, you know, I still feel bad about putting him through that experience. You know, that text you just broke my heart. You know, what about your mum yells at if you say? Are those she she knew I I was surprised that she didn't really say anything. My parents are very, okay. So my parents were pretty crazy themselves. Like they went to fifty four every night. My dad loves quail eggs. Like, I have so many funny videos. He worked in fashion right now. He's kind of retired he seventy so he doesn't really just kind of chills, but he worked in fashion for a long time. He was a buyer. My mom was a model when they met and then she raised us. And, but they you know, when they were like laid back like party people. They never told me that they did. But I I thought they did before you had no choice. I know. I know. I know. Yeah. I know that my dad loved Quayle's, though, he talks about them all the time the drug every fucking. But yeah, obviously never did them. I I hear sometimes people say you can get them for Mexico by. I'm sure it's not like the real thing. Or if it's even possible. I don't. I don't know. They're the same thing as Rohr's with lemons had fifty four did you? Did you go there? I went there after the heyday. Okay, I got and eighty four three it was on that that big window that real studios they went there every night. They parted the line for that. They say no to the door. It's funny. They have a podcast slow. I think I heard that fifty four the the serious channel has a podcast on Sunday nights. And it's a fifty fifty podcasts. It's either really really bad top out sheer something sheer and the bartender from studio fifty four of the original guest list maker, Richie nothing. No. Maybe it's the original guest list. Chick was the one who made the guest list every night. And the guy was bartend. And they interview people who went to studio fifty four, and I we used to pot. We do a pipe cast loud on Sundays. I don't know. How many times I've seen? Outside the ten minutes. Just how and what tears running down my face from story that they told like there was this one couple, and he would dentist she was a dentist, and he was dentist and they had kids. They told this story that they would they went to studio five nights a week. Yeah. Like that was what we did. We didn't go anywhere else. We didn't go to this place. This place. They were going to studio at eleven and state though five and then come home get the kids bring him downstairs to the house that live with him the mother, you know, New Jersey was Brooklyn was a two storey houses will you live upstairs in your parents downstairs. They would just drop the kids off on the way down feed the kids the whole thing they would take that till ten put the kids asleep on a take a map till ten on the ten o'clock. Get dress go to studio to- five the home feed the kids, then they would send the kids to school with the with the grandmother, and then they will book go to sleep to about two and go be dentist from two to five. Hi, I they said they never really using. But it was interesting because they were talking about like people that seen that. And she was saying that for years she was invited to sit with Liza Minnelli and that one daft of couple years LIZA Millicent, by the way. What is it that you do as because I'm a dent to see lies is like what the fuck you talking about. I thought you were a Biard. Because she was telling the story about Bob Hope getting tied up. Bob Hope everybody wants to fifty four went there. Just to look at it ball cost Alano from again be knows everybody went the studio fifty four just to look at this when Bob Hope came and the guy the owner said go tie up much chicks took those strings and just ought to put not zip ties those like, you know, rent a balloons like strings at balloons, like what would wake when there's a party people told that lace up that fucking confetti confetti type when they ran around and they rolled around them. All these chicks just kept running around. Bob Hope until his arms were pin. I am Bob wasn't doing blow in then they said that's why they went the goof on Bob, but they go. Yeah. That Bob on the dance floor. Yeah. Can Bob Hope like those stories about this documentary now Netflix, it's not bad. It didn't look. It's not bad. Yeah. It's not the best. But it's not bad. It's it's interesting. At least look at what people how they live in those days. Like that was delighted we have fifty four they slept four hours of fucking night. And they ran into quite lutes into drugs. I can't even think about but. Yeah. Different strokes for different fuck, and folks men there was this incredible place club. It was very small called Beatrice in in New York. Have you ever heard of that place? It was on little west twelfth and fourth in the in the west village, and it was incredible. And I feel like it was more of like a modern day fifty four, and it was crazy. And it was only like celebrities and socialites and everyone. They are did coke out in the open, and it was super super crazy. What with this was probably two thousand five to like two thousand eleven maybe earn no to two thousand five to like two thousand eight or something. And I used to go there every single night. I started going when I was seventeen and they would let me in and it was fucking crazy. And I and that's like a legendary like party spa in New York that like I feel like was our fifty four that. Yeah. Was a short lived. But it was it was very cool. Very cool when you came on who you mentioned that sex club in Hollywood. Yeah. Sanctum fucking garbage so lame. It's like a bunch of rich guys pay the belong to that place. I've heard about that place. Yeah. People pay. Yeah. Got the pay big money. Yeah. I may get models to come in just confused girls. Yeah. I mean, I used to love going to these crazy kind of parties as like a voyeur to just kind of check it out. And be like what the fuck is this? You know, I don't know. I mean now, you know now that I'm a little older. Like, I don't think I'd give up. I'm like, yeah. I'll pass on that. But like it used to be fun for me to like go to weird shit. So just talk about a story. Something fun. I did the same. Yeah. Lago that like I said sex clubs warrant the place from me. I always being barest. Yeah. She'll be took a dick out started. Sucking the bathroom. I'd be the kind of guy put that away embarrassed or something, but I've been to all the other places. I just can't win. I think Kate told me about that two people talking about that. Yeah. It still goes on you. It's supposed to be like that movie is by Chas watch. But I heard it's disgusting. It's just a much emigrants little mix going down as speaking that language thongs on. And no one was cool rich. They're just getting money from losers. Sorry, apple sorry. I feel like an ethics thing that I had a girl from that was into all that shit. Now. I and they like we broke up and then she lasted about a year and a half, and she left here running. Yeah. He's come back like navarine came back wants to visit like says toot that we broke up ninety eight might they she left in two thousand but she was into all that. And I'm like. You're not gonna fuck him. I think some guy had sexually and put it up on YouTube. You poor in one of those something like that something bad app. These people should he people? Yeah. You know? I'm sure like all those kind of guys film people they have sex with and you have no idea. There's a camera on the corner of the room. You know, I go through lankershim at night. Sometimes man drive up Lancashire and there's street a little massage policies. I like a sham from like riverside to to magnolia tree. Little massage parlours this one. That's legit. Like, you going into this guy's working girls. They besides you out in the open. I take my wife debt. Yeah. Forty bucks. I take unle- that. Yeah. Right. It's fucking great. But the other two I think alike. Yeah. How do you know one time? I think I went to one accidentally because there are mean to me and they're mad at me. And I was like okay valley. No, this is in New York. But I think it was a happy ending place. 'cause when I went there they were like annoyed that I was there. And then I was like I want to massage what so they have to take me. And then she was like kinda like beating me, and I think she was just taking out her anger on. Me because I made her lose seventy bucks dot day. You know what I mean? And then I looked through the little hole, and there was like baby oil and a rag. And I was like I feel like this is like a Jack off place. Not now. I don't know they used to have a website. There was an app. Yes. An app that tells you will suck you dick in the valley. We'll let you fuck like red, man. Man says is is that what you run maps. Yeah. But then like, they don't even have like I when I when I first started dating I would go to Craigslist dating like they used to have dating, but there's a new law and because there's prostitution on Craigslist. And all that stuff. They shuttle those sites down dating or miss connection. Both. They should all that down. Did you ever respond to misconduct? I never had a miss connection. But I did have. It was in the day. You never did it instant messenger. It's like texting online awhile. So I met I met someone on there. And it was sort of like the guy in the girl thing. It was like I would message the girl, but the guy would be like, oh, like tell her this and to me in and I was I was like nineteen I was fresh out of fresh into college and years later, I look back. I'm like, I was probably just messaging in the guy. There's no way that was. But like we're gonna come and do the threes and thing, and I I I was still a virgin I was really excited like it was extended it never happened. But I was like, oh, yeah. I'm just messaging the guy. There's no way there's a girl in all the places. I just don't trust them. Why I don't go to them. But I'm gonna I'm saying is I really don't trust them because I guarantee you I told red Manish like two years ago, and he told my own look campus. Yeah. I can't look at Robert Kraft is that what happened. Rob McKenna that they had cameras. That's who is out again. The owner. I don't like don't do. I don't would all celebrities idiots in this town. That's what they awaiting cool there waiting for the you to go in there. Get a hand job them call you like a month later, go willy give TMZ and we'll fuck in either give us unattached L dollars. We'll let people know you a hand job in a Chinese place. And that's why I don't trust. None of these people. I wouldn't go to one of prices and somebody came to me. I just rub. Your dick yourself for the fuck and fifty bucks, or whatever you're gonna pay. It's not worth getting humiliated like that. Like, I just think that's just humiliation. Yeah. You're done hejab. So I but that I don't trust this. I don't trust Vegas anywhere with his dole. Ray me like that. Like people come they'd be. I mean, how many celebrities did you see scores. I actually don't remember seeing any really. Yeah. Because a lot of those mother fuckers go to New York City. They got all those creepy. Yeah. I don't it was it's all just like rich guys. Oh, everyone there is rich, and you know, businessmen mostly I don't remember seeing any celebrities that I can think of and now you married. Yeah. Seven months happy. Yeah. You look good. Thank you do a lot of comedy. Yeah. I see that either. You and him go. Bobby leaf me kind of couple. Yeah. That was very fun. We got the double feature for him. It was super fun getting to go with him. He's a good, dude. Bobby? I he's obsessed as crazy credible. He has he has the best stories, and he so kind and he's a really good person. We journalists really extremely, you know, it's weird that you see what his half fucked up and the hats and everything will it's just you and him. It's like the sweetest conversation. We have with somebody totally I've known him. I don't know how long he was. A kid when I first met him. He was a kid at the store come up from San Diego. Really big Korean is he smelt like Sam though, some day on his neck. He was just a sweet I like, I've when I saw him that he takes you out and shit like that I was fucking buy you another thing that you had that was really touched by. I know put together fucking Brody the comedy, and yeah, yes. Yes. I recall when we'll tell you what Josh will sent me day. Josh Ville sent me the first list. He sent me the first list that we did together. This is the first open mic. I haven't Seattle June twenty-sixth nineteen ninety five. Wow. How did he have the list? You went up there last weekend. And the manager came to the comedy club. Look at the names on that list. That's amazing. I open mic and Seattle. Brody stevens. June twenty six nineteen ninety-five. Josh will Brody Stevens is a couple of people. There's a company Craig gas is still doing calming because he that was so that that was a Monday night and Tuesday night. So that was the Monday and Tuesday night. I'll shit handwritten. That's crazy. They still have that saying he had a manager manage car woman home, who's a great great great. I like that he saved that. He saved all the years. I like seeing those old lineups people post though, son back in the data. I have a folder at the bottom. Bottom my desk. Gotta be thicker than this local. It's like three inches. Yeah. And it was so weird. When you first become a regular store, you have to go to the stolen look around eleven thirty. And I just feel the schedule off and put it in my pocket. I always told the mainland one like out. I'd steal the mainland one and keeping the wallet. So I would tell club all this like I would send my promo to club owners and go here you go bitch. I'm going to see it take what tape is the tape. Bam. Really? Yeah. I love that tapes. I'm number three. I'm following fuck and fall Mony, what do you want? What do you want? You still want to tape? And then there are like all right, then they would hire me. I would never say. I would send those things just make copies them. I rather says the comedy so make twenty five copies of them and send them out with a head shot a bio and the data. I was looking for. Yeah. That's a good idea. Yeah. Yeah. That's how you doing. It's like it's something that I think is important. I don't do enough of is keeping mementos like keep. So I can look back in twenty years and me, and Eric are like doing open mics, or it's I have all my standup papers like the comedy store, and I have all the shooting schedule. Yeah. Sure I've ever done. They have the big thing that give them they give you a little once you could put it in your pocket. I took all the call. She call cheat. Yeah. I took home all the call sheets decides for the debt. Well, so I have a stack of four inches just fucking call sheets. And I look at it on my I can't fucking believe this is twenty years ago. Shop mad TV twenty five years ago to fuck with a dog like I never believed these things so but bro, I love you to death Chelsea, and you we work together. I took you with me the ice house. And once I get more data out the year in the second half. I'll take a couple of dates because I know you work hard. You know, I know it's harder even for girl, ugly guy like me. It was really rough getting not stage ship. But I admire you, and I knew that you had a little bit of the past. I didn't know it was that deep drugs and strip, and I just know his little bit of a past. And I just always liked you smiled yours really sweet to me. And I just remember one night gone guide. Get them off and people like why are you putting her up? Does she beautiful that ape? No. 'cause she's a fucking comic. And every time I come here. I see it. And she's very sweet to me show is his high and what the fuck she works. I know what shit you put up with? So funny thing I mean, you're not working for the money right now, you're not working as you're making. Without your work. Yes, they sign learn, and I can't I applaud those people. I really do. I know are is to work the hours the doorman, I host. Yeah. On Sundays only only on Sunday. She would let because I'd be on the road. She would let me host on Sundays and be the doorman on Sunday. But I wasn't the doorman all night. I would just work door from Mike seven to ten third. Fuck out Dom barris do the fucking thing that was enough doorman. They wouldn't say nothing to me. So it was like a Mitzi doorman, and she wouldn't say shit. So I know what it's like to work there. And that you know, you haven't eaten anything anything really wanted to get you on the show. I love to do your show back in New York. I love that. That's it man. You got a new home the on the church much. Thank you for having me, though, forget she's on the one how many times a week DD podcast. It's weekly. So I haven't done it in a couple of weeks. I do it at the store and at my apartment because I've just been too busy. And I was writing working on writing a pilot with my friends, so I didn't have time, but my recording one this week tomorrow. But yeah, check it out Chelsea Skidmore show. On itunes and Spotify and mostly weekly, and I've been doing it for about a year now because I've been following you on Facebook for a why would see you with her? With her. And then she's the only other mother fuck, I know that gets Carville cakes. The U and a half ago. Oh my God. That is so fucking funny. The reason why you're on this podcast right now with beautiful, and I I just sent that pitcher to Stephen last night because sometimes we just send each other old pitchers. I can't believe you just brought up picture. I forgot to tell you to your face and just now, that's right. It's the best case. I was telling him the day that I go to go to carbon every night and got a double comb, another chocolate colored sprinkles and whipped cream and get a chocolate shake thin, and I licked the sprinkles off, and I get it like a little nub I would just dipped account into the milkshake and lick the cone as I was walking drink them. That's how much of a von I like I fuck in love, and they're all over here. What a carve out or store with? It's in west L. It's like a. On on. No they did. I know. I know that's not quite. I vow I walked in. I got aggravated right? Yes. Right across from century sitting right there. What else for coat? Oh. My brother used to work there back in the day. Are you? I wouldn't to the one down here in Santa Monica, whatever it is right outside of Kabul. That's one you're talking about. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I open I fucking pull the u-turn. I cut people off. What I saw. How much of the cone supposed to be dollar really a chain. Now, it was I was haunting them that. The winter sell the ice cream cakes for Marquette. I go to get one so fucking go. We eat every. Yeah, there's a call go. Yeah. I don't give a fuck. What you wanted? My tradition. Why come from? There's a cargo came. I saw I know is causal. Yeah. Have you had sweet lady, Jane Doe? What's the sweet lady? Jane is incredible. They have the triple berry cake. It's unreal. It's like a short tastes like strawberry. Shortcake kind of thing with Barry's, it's strawberry shortcake or these fucking people talking. It's so good jersey like that that's type. Survive made by Jews speaking. Not that because I've had the strawberry. Shortcake these people out hit cough. Strawberry shortcake, that's not strawberries. It's kind of a vibe, it's like a berry cake with cream like it's it's it's a very famous because I'm only had the original what's fudgy the whale. What's inside the way? The way I was one of the cakes club Val. Don't get the circle one. This pudgy the whale. It's just a blue whale groups instead of them giving like what when you eat the the KADO cake, it's vanilla ice cream on the top with the thing. And then the ladder is a good that blew the icing is good on the side back white icing. So fucking that is made from all icing. It's incredible. It's blue. So the more that icing fucking knows got going have break shit like that any dates anyway, you going on I'm gonna be with Polly at the end of the month and just like little pop ups in LA nothing else on the road yet. But I think I'm going to go out with Bobby again soon. So I just post them all on Instagram, you work. You don't know what you're doing? We ain't gonna call next Thursday nights. Yeah. Fly up the fucking Milwaukee. That's the type of up. Yeah. Yeah. I'm ready. That's good. Got one of those calls this week to be in Minneapolis. I love to get one of those little fuck and things you see those kids. They go to the corner credit card. I wonder what you would call it to take one of the schooners to Minneapolis eight million dollars dollar a minute that one foot of flat never. Oh that one right? It'll be flattered that I looked at driving there. It's too long. It's like it's like a day and a half. That's perfect. You ain't gonna do for you love to say. No, none of the last shows on Sunday. You can get the taxes. Or if you leave a fuck and midnight, you'll be hit by six o'clock, you'd be ready for the day. Now, you'll be hit by fucking. If you leave Monday twelve is lunchtime six o'clock now, it's thirty hours of driving. Listen, thirty hours. Yeah. Yeah. You forget about it. You'll be. Yeah. We'll take a plane. All right. I love you mother fuckers. I got nothing on the books to June bedside get back beside the thanked Chelsea Skidmore. What can they find you Instagram at Chelsea Skidmore, Twitter, Exo, exit Chelsea sky? I love you say Hello. You husband makes my love. He's a fucking gentleman. I want to thank you guys. Thank you for listening. I want to thank you for being part of the family. Do not forget the follow my girl. Chelsea's skid wheel. You'll see on the road this. Yeah. I want to thank the flying ju AK the Christ killer, aka the may have watched which. Thank you guys for listening because your family. I love you mother fuckers. All right. I wanna thank Chelsea skid more. I wanna thank the flying Jew. But most importantly, I want to thank you guys for listening and for supporting the church. I also want to thank the sponsors one of my favorites for hymns. Let me explain some premature ejaculation is a nightmare. I lived through it for years. All right. It can make you feel down on themselves, and it creates a vicious cycle of sexual Ziying. Most guys aren't throw the thought of opening up to a doctor about the performance Brahms. They're really not. But having a positive mental state is good in and out of itself. And also be a key to better loved making. It helps guys gain control when crunch time has we call a win win situation. Now thirty nine percent of men experienced this. All right. You wanna maintain erections Falungong? Now, do me a favor. Right. You worried about your timing. Will it's time you stop worrying and started lasting longer. Visit. Or hymns dot com to get convenient and affordable treatment for your early rivals. Right. That connect you to adopt online who could evaluate you and help identify the right treatment for you best yet. It could be delivered right to your door in a discreet packaging. This means normal awkward in person, Dr appointments, you gotta spill your guts, none of that stuff. So if you want to slow your roll, if you know what I mean and make the good times last Doda flow, hymns dot com. They got you covered. They got men covered. Okay. And right now, the church family gets a special often. I'll get you started on four hymns for ten dollars. That's right. Ten dollars. Just go to four hymns dot com slash cocoa. To get started. That's four hymns F H I M S dot com slash cocoa to get started. This is what you've been waiting for see website for full details and safety information. Okay. The church is also brought to you by. One of my all time favorites ZipRecruiter. You know, why hiring used to be hard multiple job sites? Stacks, resumes, confusing review process, but today, hiring can be easy. And you have the one place to get it done. You ready? Write this down ZipRecruiter dot com slash church. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash church. Ziprecruiter, Senator job to over one hundred web's leading job boards, but they don't stop that. With their powerful matching technology. Ziprecruiter scans thousands of resumes to find the right people with the right experience and invites you to apply for your job as applications comes in ZipRecruiter analyze each one and spotlights the top candidates. So you never missed a great match. This is this is tremendous ZipRecruiter. So affected that four out of five employers who post on ZipRecruiter get quality candidate through the site within the first day, you heard that right within the first day and right now with ZipRecruiter to do and what I'm gonna do for you guys at church family. You could try. Ziprecruiter for free granny's free zero ZipRecruiter dot com slash church. Again. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash shirt. C H U T H, ZipRecruiter dot com slash church. Drift recruiter, the smartest way to hide. I wanna thank ZipRecruiter. I wanna thank him. I wanna thank Chelsea. I wanna thank the flying. Ju I wanna thank you guys. For support me. I got no dates on the books. I'm in New York doing my thing. If you see me say, Hello. And that's sitting at that will be back Monday morning, tiptop Magoo, ready rock your world. Again. Thank you. For listening Lee kick this motherfucking meal savage.

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#369: The Podfather (@Redban)

Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank

3:51:45 hr | 1 year ago

#369: The Podfather (@Redban)

"And loved the Audio version of Joe Rogan and they wanted more they want to be doing once a week maybe twice a week but mostly just once a week and I think because when Joe was getting bigger that I saw it with Joe Ideas doing with brody and stuff that those fans me and Tom and ds are going and then Duncan started up because of that and Bert started up because of that red band about the beginnings of the podcast scene in Los Angeles he I I am not overstating or do whatever the fuck we want Oh man I forgot Jesus Christ I got fucking sidetracked this guerilla Goddamn radio that we're doing ignace right now he is responsible for most of the podcasts you'd like directly and then somewhat indirectly stadium is this podcast never exists without him your mom's House podcast doesn't get going without him fucking D I get frequent flyer mind and who am I and now we don't have to do morning radio because we could just do these podcasts and uncensored we could stone we could do whatever the fuck we want and who they are I wanted everyone to know who all our friends were like I was like Ari is going to Texas next week you know I want people to come to his show asked guys this one's a fucking great one oh my goodness went got my hyped up okay so I talked to read bad Brian I kept bothering me and bothered me and bothered me about it and then of course they didn't know how to do it and he was like I got all that for you man he took care of all of it without him I am not over ah welcome everyone to an exciting new episode of Ra. Sha fear skeptic hank is fucking around on the internet which slowly evolved into the pockets he forced I mean forced me to get ours you're skeptic tank going people would listen to Ari those people listen to Joey on the days I chose not doing a podcast they will now listen to these people and it's going to help them go to they're not Gore while stickler we're already gotten now maybe not the cause even indirectly all these other podcasts are going because we started going because the Joe Rogan experience podcast got going and that was my that's what pushed me to do it it was like I know how to do this and it's just open and no one else is doing it why not help everyone I hang out with how do I start this. He and Rogan I mean we'll we'll talk about in the episode but he and Rogan started the Joe Rogan experience podcast and it wasn't even meant to start as a pocket so it was just starting and I'm telling you those last thirty minutes it got me so fucking hyped up I'm getting a studio I am and there's no fucking rules that government hasn't touched this yet they will they'll come down on us but they having it would then it just was like it just exploded the whole scene exploded every comma got one and he only helped some of them but he got that seeing going on not over dating we're going to talk about this an episode and if you listened to the very end of the episode you will hear how Thakin reinvigorated I am what the fuck are doing this thing where the fuck we want lights out guerrilla radio man this is fucking cool shit that we're doing got me pictures of my travels shit like that member supported NPR. That's where we are here for sure listen to it you'll hear why there's no reason for me not to and all that Patriot Patriot dot com slash scattered tank that all ooh let's figure it out so so we talked about it we talked about the beginnings of this I mean if you look at my I tunes fear my fear whatever the first twenty could hyped up this conversation so you don't understand what it was like that that there was no there was no rules it was just like it was just like yes doesn't get going with his podcast and thereby from from your mom's house you got Whiskey Ginger Santana's pockets and Dr Drew Dark and everyone on Sigler Sigler But I call him Brian because I fucked mom but like most other people will call him make them have a podcast so they can have what I see happening Joe happening there is one on my God anyway they're doing half men and women who was the last woman Adrian is Pat Interets her Ms Pat Bobby Kelly Norton Donald Rollins who was the less another woman did you three and three now because stand up comedy suddenly made up of half women and half men right and it's definitely not eighty five percent men one episodes aren't up there because they're on death-squad see I did them on red bands podcast network death-squad me and Jason Tibo Tripoli Gods fucking fun I got some dates are going to be in Nashville and a week and a half with Adrian seventeenth eighteenth and nineteenth of October our at Zanies Adrian Appalachia will be in the new episode I think in December new series of the breath all tickets are available at Ari Shapiro Dot Com you can also find information on all these episodes The music that I use I think we start that music shit with red band out to death squad TV. I forgot about that lose like let's pick a song let's pick a fun song to go with this how do I not remember anyway Yum Yummy do the last one I forgot anyway artist I mean we went through all of it he was there from the ground he helped build it what a fucking fun time I by the way Uh Detroit at the on the Fourteenth Chicago the Vic Theater on November sixteenth that's a fucking show definitely come onto that Chicago and then Cincinnati on the seventy from there I'm in San Jose November seventh eighth and ninth oh I got barely any dates left for this for Jew tour and then got hey for that sign up for my Patriot I add extra cup three a month something like that as much as I can whole pork no a pound a third brisket two thirds of that three quarters of that should be fatty The owner of the Dallas Improv got US fucking sick tickets in front of Jerry Jones anyway so this lady it was the rudest thing in the world and I'll guys don't worry it's not racist it seems racist but it's not racist guys I mean I've been wanting to do this episode for a couple years now and I'm glad even more time pass some podcasts is more than people's like that was so fucking fine dude somebody record oh I went with a grudge conquest is a funny comic and he's a cowboy fan also I really don't even want to go into it I'll do a quick read now fuck it I'm not doing advocates today Noth- fuck it I'm too hyped up on this in killing with this hour schiffer ju I went through Texas San Antonio Dallas Houston and had a fucking great what my I fuck in cowboy game home cow Philidelphia's now in the Mix Philadelphia New York or Boston so without further ado they were like Oh so do we time went to Franklin so we drove from Dallas to Austin and stopped and I just was taking registered see Franklin I was so I was at I was at the game is through four old black man three old black man one like mid age black man was behind me and then a row behind them minds and we went over the beginnings up from the way corollas started really mainstream comedy podcast and Brogan how the whole Joe Rogan experience podcast sure for sure by November tenth or Eleventh I will have a date for for the special and thinking January February and really want one lean pace and the rest just get fatty and it melts in your mouth you've never had we call in and other people to he's the podfather show he called that's his nickname call does I mean redbeard says nickname but the barbecue but I was just taking to see Franklin and then I was like let's just go by and I was like you know a lot of people call this the best barbecue in the world he's never been to Texas and Degenerates you can talk to a homeless lady I've done these podcasts from on top of the Great Wall of China you don't have to get you don't do a lot of us should tell you but I want to go into it genre let's just start this fucking episode let's start this fucking episode yeah I don't need the fucking add money on this one fuck it fuck it he's black men just their mouths dropped there were like like how to do cut to commercials you have to say no you don't you fucking old idiot no you don't have to do any of that you should you should behind them I guess you recognize she goes she leaned over their shoulder are you are you should fear surname Ra yes and she goes already the Jew we came from a a time of doing morning radio to get people to our shows and maybe book sitcoms to be able to fuck in just completely rules you can't say this you can't say this you gotta do commercial breaks don't join us Dan Weiss what stern never got about this where he's like guys got two R'S SHAPIRO DOT com no no yeah for my all my tour dates support me at Patriotair dot com slash skeptic we got we got some nuts and so on a lark we got the Franken Barbecue brisket and I didn't fuck it up this time always with sausage links Turkey or fucking I mean I've done everywhere all over the world in Iceland understand how fucking free we are with this shit back and helped me build this new fucking studio that I'm trying to build so I can do video content with this and hire some guy to fuck and figure out there's nobody going ooh do you sit something wrong you don't have to cut a commercial you can have on whoever you want you can have unserious people you can have on ban so guys come along with me on a fucking gray ride we're GonNa talk about the book and I fuck around his friends we're GonNa talk about the beginnings the art recording you could smoke if you want twenty people out there it's just me and a fucking Zuma quarter on top of the Great Wall of China I did one at a Yankee Game Joe or Chevere skeptic episode three sixty nine at sixty nine the podfather member some snyder he was more serious after letterman there was on after Letterman of podcast in general and how they started in Los Angeles on the podcast seeing runs the fucking podcast world La from Rogan to me all of it barry who cares about radio anymore people who cares about radio anymore and you know who helps bury them Brian Fuck and read why in Redmond sports no is gorilla goddamn radio we're doing guys podcasts call the shit in the world don't understand that you do what radio was it was his fucking rules all it was was fucking interviews like Chevy Chase I think who's the guy who used to be on Letterman the real real straight edge Guy Conan do all the editing you'll hear us talk I think that part starts like three hours into the to the podcast podcast I should have a date for you by the end of the month sorry regarding yeah okay good yeah you can for sure smoke and that's I was looking at these old old stoked on what podcast because this would have been your dream we can do whatever we want shit caught up balls the shit and it's like what it looks so fucking weird on camera be smoking a cigarette but it was like the RATPAC Econo- days into that member Johnny no now I feel letterman now after letterman white hair he was older he was like a long time. TV Guy Snyder. I don't even a comedy for doing something and you're like you don't always like even a few years ago this looks super dated and no one had a problem with it because of the time it was completely normal like that and he flew every week to just do it no no no that's the guy was on after Tom Snyder Tom Snyder Jesus Carson Carson Yeah Ed McMahon would sit there with a drink like something on the rocks a cigarette in an ashtray right in front of all the show on the show that's nuts that is nuts that isn't that is there still footage of that yeah look it up I wonder if it is but it just looks so dated it's one of those things where people get mad ask checkered suit Brough look at that one thousand nine hundred look at checkered fucking suit smoking when I was like sleight of just pop my head interesting okay there's no brisket left is they're like no they're still they're still doing some of the there was like the late late show Oh tennis snyder now no no no you talking about the guy and he liked supposedly flew to like he lived in England or some anyway there was so many of you with the two of them and I think I forget who else was there to look it up but they're all smoking cigarettes they're all smoking cigarettes and talking you're seeing it do not to put that up on the screen you do not long before Johnny Carson Retired Akin with me I know what this is right at all then you got to do the ads ones Johnny Carson fucking sweet yeah smoke half of Bud yeah absolutely oh my gosh and Ed McMahon would just be drunk during the whole thing like what imagine that nowadays during that little yeah I that's not they're not smoking this is the dude trying to get him to quit smoking no he's not smoking in this he's talking about from L. A. No that's not what I miss most what the food the constant ability to get a good burrito or Taco any moment you're like Isaac is your son we can walk to from here a mid western city outside Chicago even Chicago because they're line what they're comparing it to is not the best in the world right they're comparing it to the best Chicago Comics Pizza supposedly for sure and it's really just a quality of like I don't think I was never stood it while I was in la we'll like you can't compete just keep going you know and there's cut the commercials later but yeah that's what they do and so yeah I guess maybe during timeouts you would also smoke yeah in between you just have to tell them what to do you know but also they don't do burritos really it's like you know what it is I was like well there's no Mexicans in New York and it's like no there's Dominicans Puerto Ricans Eh in L. A. New York were you have bill Burr Jim Gaffe again and fuck in a Norton and the fucking the best comics in the world officials yeah they don't they don't fill the commercial you know what I mean they have commercials they do have you been talk shows Kimmel show yeah yeah they break here's what we put the commercial in right I used to work out do that Burrito was good yeah that's crazy I didn't even know that place down the street from that's what I miss I think most seems like they're all the same kind of like it's a big flat pizza folded in half sil- for sure but then they also have artisanals and they have like I just wanted to far is for the first time in line for hours Oh God because it was they closed some health inspection shit they closed or taxi to pay taxes Annella like nowhere what are you talking about and they would say hard water I'm like bullshit but I figure out what it is it's the same reason you can't get really good comics in like and they don't quite have the same for we all live in Brown right like no no dude that's like saying Capuccino in America because white northern Americans but you guys have awesome one of someone else and now you it's the ring yeah I have a box of brody stuff here like I really actually when he passed the family carrying that little where you're like yeah whatever why can't you just drink we do this every day who gives a shit this is beneath me really I make money at it but who cares right like if I can and you're like yeah I think so shitty stand they got the breakfast with California style with French fries you could probably get that where in your line raises of what's acceptable the pizza game in New York is like you can't just make good pizza by other really much the same thing in the tonight show makeup chair asked many questions about the process of quitting smoking now does show fish fast food physical studio van thanks man who made that brody there's really good artist he did like a lot of brody's photo realistic he he deep dish style square foot so saucy the salsa drip off and then to cross so much Sausa- slop it up at yeah it's a good pizza there was a ten minute long Oh wow line we got the square pie eight it on somebody stoop it was so saucy it was good is that what it what it is like a deep dish like lasagna my girlfriend was gonNA go we're like two days we're like let's plan it you know let's get there at eleven we'll do that then we'll go to coney island and then and I haven't really gone through it too much because it's it's it's still one of those things every time like even just looking at Rhodium just like I I don't need to go there right then somebody's like oh it's closed in what we looked at up close what the fuck who are planning on doing this and it's been close and then pogos defar is just opens we're like let's go right it's gotta be okay everything and then they were going to donate all the rest to yeah and so his You know like Steve Randolph and stuff like that maybe like a month or two after it moved here he passed and I remember one of the first things I did is I went to the comedy store for the memorial or whatever Yeah Eh you around when he was still alive right right right when I first got here yeah he was still yeah he was already not at the store as much by then probably right I remember one of the first things I see that but if you look here's it's ashtray right in front of an ashtray or what he's GonNa do an hour and you get breaks for being in it's probably somewhere in my watch later yeah and she'd never wow yeah I would love to see that video because I don I remember hey do you want to come by anything you want just grab it you know 'cause it's just GonNa be donated a family doesn't care charity for like a warm shirt yeah squared too like I get all my pizza cut square for some reason it makes it better somehow had said it's just sort of like a lot of comics came close closer frank comics came and when I got there wasn't much left but there was like all his like Little Valley Barr Show Yeah Yeah I'm on them the but I'll come in I'll do the spot but it's really important show to me and said yeah but it's not to me so everything and they gave the tape to the family and I just saw Freddie's widow recently and I asked if she ever looked at that and she's like you know I don't even remember he's log drum pads and drumsticks and so I got a box of those and I got like a lot of old joke books and stuff and he's I and I filmed the whole thing and memorial that's still talk for his daughter folder around with a camera and I got a movie I never saw it and then the years pass it was just on on Cable House with my wife back then quitting smoking and this does the that's the worst thing you see always on on a podcast when you see somebody trying to look something up on the spot now you know it it it's over thinking too much unpacking literally in your mind and your and literally unpacking yeah yeah I remember after Freddie died you may refer to his parents and just go your next to throw one of those like we sent one of these look what happened and amend was on so like extra bonus for Patriot I dunno whatever you figure it out yeah what was it gonna Freddie oh I remember so Freddie die but that's my and he made a bunch of them and he sent a bunch of Brody's to like gave one joe I I think I gave them Sam Tripoli like anyone that that he said slater movie with he had like a like a three minute scene in it and it wasn't expecting it at all I knew I remember when he booked it there was like a somewhere like to brody all the time like it's especially if it's a late night the comedy store in I'm stoned in in the middle of night I just see like that anyway came on and that I immediately started bawling crying like you're not ready to unpack those fucking emotional and then suddenly you have to it's weird win it just comes out probably get the audience or at least if we got the audio look everything looks i Smith a state of the Union podcast I did that one video too because we did a gas fuck looking with look like and they just keep looking at the screen The gas digital students has that it's like keep looking at this fucking screens shut that shit right like that thing right there I know wow yeah I I have a weird relationship with this with this death of of many Ralphie's was different than most offi he's for sure and invite me over probably going to barbecue and then I'll sleep here for the night it's no big deal and he goes Issur Dude I'm positive because have you talked about be distracting the this TV this right there what you're learning yeah so I just bought a box so I can like turn it off and then if we egg barbecue it was just like he wants to rock hall of fame induction with Green Day but it was like I knew Bonnaroo that year when I saw him falling asleep at taking this off I remember him how do you WanNa be on cameras which happened I rather not that that's the thing with these things to people thing that picture of him one eight one in the back dammit now it's in my head and I'm thinking about his first time back since he's been gone Oh really yeah on Aroo and then big Jay got on a flight a little earlier than mine and he's like minus finds like yours is delayed or he went through Philadelphia and then to whatever and mine was cancelled brody was weird to me because I did a lot of podcasts with Brody Oh yeah you did so like me and esther there was a few times where like you could tell brody was melts actually don't want to say but I pretty dies he died he was a big guy for a lot of comedians. You got the sense of how everybody and then I watch spangler like a month and a half and I was like six other days these guys still want more why not listen to fear why not listen to and so I thought those ride back then they were flying walking around and into your life it's over and Isaac Talk to God and he said God you gotTa give some warning like we can't suddenly just like obviously why would see sleeping diabetic diabetic coma massively fat his body shutting down to like try to process everything okay so it was Abraham die because Jacob would have been somewhere else but Egypt when Abraham died it was a sudden thing that's how I've right you have somewhere die and that's why God rewarded us by saying okay I'll make you sick I'll give you like a deathbed situation so people do have time to process go say goodbye like it's coming uh-huh like right next to the stage asleep in a chair wow and it's like it hit me like he's definitely not going to be around stop thinking like well maybe it's and I just seen him I wasn't spending for five or six months and then he died it was like nothing was taken away from me because I wouldn't be seeing New York yeah did it right so I was like oh I remember once with I mean you'd love Ralphie to right I did but I remember being the processing of food also Ralphie I was used to and Brodie I saw like a few days before and I don't see much right so I see him every five six months there's this thing and then we'll get back into this but the tourists thing that when when Abraham died or an Isaac Diet but was Abraham Isaac got something we could turn it on this one yeah this is actually done like two tests podcast Donald Area we might lose audio probably the audio go to New York and and he's like what are you going to do I've said this before on the podcast I was like I'm going to call this from Nashville I'm going to call because it wasn't a surprise I knew a couple of years out this is colleen daily soon well he also when you're that big you know so I accept it works but like yeah that's that's just hit me every time I really enjoyed it like it was the last time and when I heard it was very sad but it didn't catch me off guard you're the tourists no I'm just finding how much light is cancelled but I know that's what whole have me do and I call that came into my flights I'm out my sister stay right there I just started I just started up I see what it was the last time it's been a while she got like real religious Christian but I just texted with her and she was like we should hang out say hi you know I bet she's married again but right and that's why we get sick now because Isaac asked for it you know I mean before we die but they gonNA say now faulk is a little high bad place and so like you're like talking him making him happy you could tell he was wearing sunglasses because he was crying like his depression was so bad it was really doubt like like esther would take them out to launch and like we all kind of like babysitting him it in a way but then you know this so that's when we were more kind of worried fucking failing yeah it's so bad in La that it's like disease they're finding new diseases and shit like that's coming back the people who seem like the mighty but it's like it's tough verdict forty reach out for ten straight years yeah yeah it's it's really hard he didn't display any of the signs usually mentioned offhand. I'm going off Alexa pro and I didn't even think to say like are you doing the doctor's supervision is not as bad really bad it's crazy yeah do you know of any 'cause see it here by the way other cities to travel and I go out on the town intensity has moved way past tense city. Do you hear any political candidates talking about the homeless problem I mean I I don't follow I really don't it's more like guns and healthy yeah stuff like that it's not really homeless I wish they would say something because it's like our citizens patent but afterwards everyone is heartbroken by best Birdie was our pet was a comedy pet and you lose your pet is terrible and a summary Let's look online I was I didn't have my my cell phone so I was there was like somebody made it is Joe Purdy Stevens died that's all it was or or like hey so I know there's some negative sometimes suicidal side effects with that right are you having any like I I forgot to check in yeah I just figured it's taken care I'm but now I have to worry about twenty other people like what's their level of happiness am I supposed to check in all of my theory on homelessness do there's only one homeless person and you saw a fan you're also taking it's all kind of not serious not serious but I'm just finding humor in it so pat nozzle tweeted something and it's like there's nothing you would help him yeah absolutely but since there's thousands you just like overwhelming you know help even one is you're homeless problem as bad not as bad as not to homeless Admi podcast Spain podcast as to why she didn't live intensity she stayed in West Hollywood by Kinda by herself and she said he made it he made a joke of his depression right Joel this is the same thing it doesn't negate how fucked up they are reminding humor so as a as a listener as what was your feeling depression reach out we'll be there for you but the problem is and the sentiment is great but the problem is no one does reach out they're just not gonNA and it's like we gotta reach out era and he's he's you know why because he's done that a few times he's he's he actually talks about that all the time I'm off flex a pro on on I was like oh he committed suicide he's how'd you know suicide the odds of it being a hit by a bus versus suicide with brody it's sixty to one rushed to I think because I think so many comedians are depressed so it's about it you know it's like hard to be like I I'm not that happy when they told me to big j roller cabin doing drugs and okay that's fine it was just a podcast about cats in we would do in my living room and then I started doing brody's living room and then it was like wait a second I have a second the skit is that wrong oh I'm really sorry once you do it in your living room early on the Atari thing yeah that's that's my friend dear someone made old Atari Games using podcast that idea that's cool and that's broken pacman once it's heroin and meth because they've humanity down there they have no humidity left that can't be around them she's a pothead so she's like can't brody was a tough one have a problem again like once a month I gotta see your day to make sure yeah state-sanctioned this sort of Andy Dick episode because any like every during the Joe Rogan first Andy Dick Episode Every fifteen minutes he would go to the bathroom and like he's doing coke in my bathroom and wrong you've read Mike Young Post Brody Stevens dot rip or something like that and I go one that's not Mike Young kind of joke ray it's me kind of joke ah come on up here late night and then the crowd didn't know they thought it was a fourteen year olds yeah and then he was saying dirty stuff to us oh I don't know about this and it was so funny yeah it's it's suicide for man how many you did a lot of pockets of them right yeah did the started off at the brody's like little esther like Oh my God she's so cute it's this little girl doll. Brian unlocked a lot of things Internet radio PODCASTS but I remember the first one was Corolla got his radio station went to Spanish or music something like that because it was so wrong a locked a lot of men with like I think I'm GonNa Girls Yeah it might girl now girlfriend now looks like a little girl yeah we used to do Joe Rogan podcast in that little from there and I remember the one episode that made me go I am tired of doing podcasts at my house was the right you twenty two and it was like she would play the game and she's like Oh Hello Mr bears what have you been my parents they said they were coming in in man crush because she looked fourteen one really funny thing with Barris when she was she just because you really look like oh she could pass in a certain light she'd looked fourteen Stevens experiment which was three episodes long it was in my living room and the first episode Benji follow and Tony Hinch yeah yeah it was like I can't have this around my people anyway Neue Yeah Wow rogin them there too yeah what was it let's back up the vibe was when podcast started from what I understand from wrong there were some podcasts way beforehand yeah that we're just yeah I got the ice moved through when you realize I'm bringing in the back of kids now I'm bringing in Real Weirdos into my home people I can't remember his name so Google impressions he does the Bernie Fucking why is it gonna come on weed performing in San Diego and I saw it on my fuck yeah you still got up and he had an impression of like some guy who does like one of those right wing guys a long time ago comedic no Fulke's talk anyway the contract was limbaugh but another one it's like a ball smoke brash fun what's his name that bothers shit out of me it's getting worse and worse for me memory it's just weed it always makes more money for radio especially the especially now radio what but Spanish people like oh I just got on radio is back the three syllables he hangs out in New York Lotto is not so gay he's not he's not Queenie who was hanging out the comedy store I met Esther at the Improv broke up or something like she was dressed up as not paying you right on your contract or like alimony or whatever it is for women it's like once you get married I'm no longer paying a you have someone supporting you yeah food is the guest that was the first time he ever meeting Tony a really yeah because I was dating little esther at the time he just broken up with just broke up with her nine exactly and I remember thinking performance yeah I remember thinking that's not gonNa work that's not gonNa work because at that time and then I think like Kevin rose who may dig and stuff like that had a podcast but then you stopped kind of hearing about it like it was something new when it first came out way before Corolla term like an office I could just make that podcast and that's when we started doing like the ninety show and your podcast and they're yeah Joe Rogan used to be in that over yeah I know it was something might have been cable now because they maybe I think they got bought out and they became like as all Spanish Spanish which by the way podcasts were pretty dead in the water thing yeah podcasts how I remember when the iphone first came out curry was it used to be on MTV one of the DJ's from MTV I'm curry or something I had a podcast for a long time I don't know if he's still does but I think he was one of the first also and but they all came out when the iphone came out and they kind of just stopped hearing about start off in my living room and I I like Joey Diaz would do podcasts plus go to one or two cats so corolla just quickly moved to the Internet and a podcast and he took all listeners we're waiting for him he's like just come here is that how you remember starting yeah right so let's not get married free cash coming in right so I guess the contract was like well there's nothing about Internet do it that's not gonNa work and then it Kinda did work like I remember going while he's still doing it and people are listening to them and then I think really into Tom Green whenever you remember Tom Green is to have a youtube show in his house and he had a whole studio in his house odd cast and we were so blown away with his house like his house was like this was like a Corolla before Corolla this was after curl okay guys came out like that's when I first heard about podcast and there was all the podcasts word that Nerdy nerds like like Leo what's his name God I hate that so much anyway he did he did an impression of one another one of the guys that was on Kayla West wherever was so the contract was Tober God is better than the tip of my tongue to forget it it's done remember it later and then after like the Carlos Mencia video me and Joe went through Tom Green House and we were a guest on his like Internet show yeah yeah so go ahead so so I think we were so impressed with corollas harming Greens Greens setup to pod casts. Yeah you're doing it on the road oh he's a comic he's a King of impressions but interesting once he does the Bernie and Ernie I trump or the the Marc Maron started or something like that because people were listening to guerrilla because he brought his audience what are we going to do and I was whatever a tour of your time but I don't know who that is but I think you're talking about talking fuck who's in San Diego recently does he really yeah no he he was it's like this is where I live where I live my girlfriend's like in in the bedroom I see okay I gotta get a studio and that's when I so they said under contract him maybe our bell who was the guy that what's the name he's the impressions I think it was maybe a year before Justin TVD's a year before he started and as members not really paying attention to it as like can't do any of the radio we have to pay you because you have a five year contract you have three years left on it but you can't do any other radio right it's like being a head coach fired as soon as you take a new head coaching job we could remember like a single syllable word down stage do you still smoke before you go on stage it's not about before or after it was just I still smoke you know we'll see how clear much the podcast that I remember and the video that or Opie and Anthony no now what am I thinking what you get a date on it anyway he would do it on the road yeah yeah right there's some guys predate cruel about eight years what they almost like said well we're done with us no one's catch no one's catching on right yeah I think Adam hard cast and I think when Corolla moved over everyone is like what the fuck will podcasts clock the cat claw before Corona Corolla Stars podcast move anyway just opened up the thousand nine there's already started is when he started his first episode online that's real close to justice DVD's I think aimed later on the screen savers Leo LaPorte he's a technical guy and he still does podcast today it's all about tech but he had a podcast which was kind of like but that was before definite for Joe started podcasts yeah yeah this is before that before Corolla now I think Corolla was like it was leave it always talk about it and then when we're on the road was okay yeah we're GONNA get into Justin TV. I guess but yeah we're on the road we would like do just in TV access TV TV to MTV to the second show on MTV and then to move he's always been on video guy right so he probably talk to my catches and then when I think people are like that's not that's not gonna work no enlisted emails for three o'clock sorry no one's going to listen to the yes and no one's going to listen because already heard about it doing and then mixing it with video and making it lies he also came I think it comes from this he came from the TV worlds right Corolla came from radio right it was only audio only for sure yeah and then when you came from radio which is also on the other he wouldn't even thought that the video Tom Green was the first one to do pretty and I believe and got it James Domian Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah forget what the characters but he was great griffin to the we can do to it was just like Oh cool interesting corollas like off air and I remember going like for you for figure out a way to route two way to keep the money and still do some right and that time I believe crows a Longtime Radio Guy in Okay K rock before that some people don't even know but like come greeting from public I for from Justin Justin TV in San Francisco yes right and then I think we were blown away with the technology but what would happen after that what was his name God I got was funny he tortured them whatever happens like I have a real job I don't need to do this but so let's talk about sounds like new about the program constantly putting the laptop up in green rooms I know you remember that I remember the cops yeah and I remember famously Joey no actually what's crazy about Justin Justin Dot TV DOT TV is that which is that's twitch now that is exactly what twitches yeah because he is he still had a pager he hated it and he was like turn extra off he thought I think it has had thought you know it's video evidence of what's security do both run talk show the way he's saying what he did with his Co Host Yeah Michael Jack or whatever his name is what was just say fuck your jury the TV per second yeah we were set up was rogin telling you to do that or will you push Rogan and do that I was pushing Rogan idea I was well I think how I happened is we met yeah no right you can't go point no we can't have that yeah and what's funny is I still have some of those videos of that I was like looking at my twitch profile and I was like why are all my justin TV videos or or they just became our man I just found a video that it's not playing anymore but it says the title is Ari Shapiro shows up from chest and there's one hundred people in this room like chatting that is that is evidence of this how some people think something's a good idea and they don't think out all the details and then once you do that all the details now became twitch really was just twitched and for people that don't know what just in TV was it was a pretty much a livestream platform like you stream and it looks like youtube well I thought it was cool because we had we took our fans and we're chatting like a chat room with our fans and it was pretty much yeah whatever you look young that was fifteen years ago we're him so we started doing this justice TV stuff yeah start we really look look at that right here twelve years ago twenty eight view twenty feet on stage then Rogan will go on and the views would plummet me and you or something like that and we'll go from ten thousand three hundred that's like we're back in wow oh shit Joe Rogan how much different you look and that one act what cut my hair show I still look like that probably ah yeah so then I think because of that but you get this sticker is that Murakami is this Murakami probably wow go ahead so then I think me and Joe really liked doing it yeah so then I think it was like New Year or Christmas Eve and Joe's like what are you doing on like nothing just just sitting at home and he goes you wanna come over and just one of those he actually bit my finger he driving start bending backwards I'm like all right you win and doesn't TV still around Tim comments on the side yeah instead of like new next videos on the side it had comments on the side as you were going you can see the comments screw screw screw the whatever streaming or scrolling do that as much as possible at the Joey Diaz thing I stopped doing it at the comedy shows what because I don't want to attack me Dunkin brand new wall look WASPA- same time it's like that's it man yeah but pacmans actually are real game I've heard of yeah out here too Justin. TV's do something and I think at that point you stream came out and we're like let's switch to use stream that's why why because I think it was newer and better it looked better better faulty and better interface and so then we just sat there yeah but I remember in my head I was like no joe once told me to like hey like when we're on stage is that just keep that on the to have a little how far have been with joy DSM programs like dude he's the best to do this and this he would just answer the questions will get them talking like a mailbag exactly and so I tried anywhere you make it in front of your friend right this is fine and it sounds like none of the world gets it now it's like you think this is funny he's right he was right fucked you have evidence for you kidding me l. somewhere really yeah I don't remember he slammed the the laptop on your finger relic leave we don't believe so sick of you know funky prints he actually gone back from today he's not wrong let's say you're thinking you're just with your buddy you're make some races Joe something like Sasha's joke is some fun John a little bit and then what was the by then with the Justice Zeevi like what were you remember hearing people saying what was Rogan saying about it and what was what was your who've room right it started off in his office that was in the pool table and the screen that pulled down no no no no we did that later yeah word pretty much did the same thing we're doing just in TV but you know at his house and then we were doing that I was on his couch in that in that which of the very first episode Joe Rogan use that money went out to a steak restaurant I don't know if you notice you have your your couch share the onto the right hugh Unai it wasn't like we're doing a podcast it was more like a more like a read it like what's the question the question like he eventually gave it to me because he was like I don't want it I had it use it for years eventually sold it was like I'm done with this I sold it as the very first that that little play which won the Mitzi chair that's the other one for the took maybe it did get it now I think you got it and then you got rid of it and I took the chair someone else took the long part yeah wow yeah secured by myself in the Green Room in this big guy screaming that was that was coq the as two different ideas ready to die talking about now I'm so happy I don't even remember where I got that and then we isn't this yeah oh maybe you took that yeah and I remember that Greece was like when Joe Rogan's we're all together crowded in next to the fucking web thing we go on stage then I come back up I beyond Joey office because we got a table that roundtable and then we started talk because the couch was it was a nice comfortable right I had that couch did you eh anti combat yeah so I think Tom Green was the first one that I can remember that really took the concept of Corolla was poor and then like you just wait for him to order an appetizer on appetizer like twelve dollars appetizers that's all I could afford total and anytime we would go to like starbucks or store I always still pull out my body and in his office then when he had people Edwards have people over then we started doing it in the forum in the pool room and then we went back to his you can just had him pay for looking back it was a mistake on my part for sure with them we're all pretty I didn't know that was from Joe the first Joe Rogan that's part of that couch Holy Shit you can look up those old ones but we want the long version of that sort of crowd I paid once you pay sometimes eight bucks total you're going to be like four hundred of don't worry about it but I would still do it for years I'm a little bit even though I ever little bitch in one thousand nine hundred twenty for starbucks all at least pretend to happen call in to get into the screen wow couldn't do this where this far apart we all get in this shot a piece of it why can't I get both pieces ribbon wants sold that hotel and if you've got the shit but like I bit into a porterhouse I couldn't even believe what I was tasting but he had to go in and do business with that we started doing all this crazy shit taking a fucking steak restaurant on that God damn meal down Beverly Hills and pocket the money for something good that's great view footy pajamas you're live blood flow flat and then I found out how much my ticket was at the airport and Dana found out too good yeah what time we're like nine which was at the time the best thing I've ever had in my life yeah remember nine gone good there before in coach and give me twelve exactly always that was an option at the two thousand twelve and you keep the other fuck in eleven it that's it that's how chair wow sure yeah that's so weird very first Joe Rogan was on that I got it but I'm GonNa take the money it was like Joe I sold the couch you gave me talk and then I want the steak and your big actually I will this does sound good Dana something it was like go all the chuck gets covered the tip whatever me and Eddie and tate I think we're like he shows a shirt and then we saw the tip what would have been at twenty percent and we're like we like let's just do it man yeah yeah oh I mean I'll be worn out I liked it but I I relate way rather up twelve thousand extra dollars or twenty about him but like when brody killed himself I saw him like a day before two days before and he was fine normal brody seen normal happy everything was OK picture of that put it up on this episode but I come in and we would just do that and that was really podcast Dan I remember people kept on saying you should just take that audio and also put as an audio podcast so we can listen to it at work and stuff you don't have to worry about clicking off of Huckabee Australia on the UFC first class companion ticket so they happen to get bigger as an organization so now they're going Australia and Tom told me how great it was in like looking at the tip going God damn it I could pay rent just with tim like and he just throwing it to a stranger and he just ordered a hamburger and left he didn't even sit down okay guys talk someone's going to him pulling all our money it's still not enough that's just the tip of the meals he pay for regularly and I remember being so broken what like at the very beginning we did maybe four episodes five episodes where we just did them as you streams like live you could still watch them a not really mad just fun mad raise like it's part of it but he's also like ridiculous it's twenty five dollars yes yeah and I wanted to be like well but I think it was actually not even in that room I would know what is that it was a little it was off the couch and the office then he got a desk no if I started just me and we can say I don't want to be on I mean when I was like still new and I I think joe up on top of sitting on the floor we Kinda crouch in next to each other so it's almost like Java the hut and princess layer like the kind of pose live I remember I went to Japan for the UFC that's trying to get to go to the reactor plant it wasn't as bad things appeared feeling I remember like we're both as laying in pajamas and stuff like Oh my God so you have these things and we're crouched together I remember being with us I just wanted to come to you to passing score what I in a library so that was thought to what you did go to start in the morning I'm GonNa starbucks I think it'd be like yeah this and you'd be like right we're almost even Bert like Joe R.'s. Howard chairs were next year it was like we're both lying in bed together it was such a put I work and I just listened to podcast and radio please put that in so I used to take the audio that and just put it out as a podcast and then browser playing yeah I mean people were had ipad pods and people didn't know what podcasts were I think some of those podcast people are like dude please so you decided let's go to actual microphone yeah because it it became addicted when we we knew people were listening yeah or we'll get your camera we start building the podcast more and more to the point where then we didn't WanNA use USB like microphones let's get a real it's like it it's my oldest Mike Yeah I bought some but I think this might have been a hand-me-down probably works great man with the mic on the lean in to get close to catch some of you if a dog barked it'd be just as loud as and was using a Webcam firm for go go to the mall to and then like every week we just started going to the apple store and upgrading stuff like would get new microphone then next week after Microsoft Word Ah I also want to get into what the differences between Internet radio and podcasts just from a tech point of view like why they call it different things yeah yeah why don't we go on hikes I don't understand why doing active things it was either go to the gym at the hotel or go to a mall let's go outside with a cactus the next week it was like Joe we're getting like twenty thousand people this week like every week it was jumping that were year was this it'd probably say doesn't ten mixing board and so I pretty much had to learn like okay this is an ex O. Ara Cabo this is a micro this lever makes the microphone nine or whatever these these things are great but like you said that yeah they pretty much only use a few shores there those are both fucking fine all right let's get one laptop the laptop we'll get another laptop you like we'll go yeah and then we would probably nice things or he bought things like he was filling a whole how do turn up so I didn't know how to do any of this so I had to learn as we went like how to what really yeah I didn't go to school for Audio Vis Mike is a ham enough from Rogin to now and we were on TV and stuff we'd have like a hundred or so like podcast start getting like hey joe we're getting like ten thousand people this hammock thousand piano and then has something like nine ten yes something like that ten years ago I love Rogan podcast because it was a year or two before that celebrity action outside of UFC situation yeah what's Phoenix Yeah the Molin we've got a lot of mall Karachi by Sennheiser I guess it sure makes them good to actually sure Mike to that from a laptop from that time period wow then me and joe started which I love this part means would like let's go to the apple store and then you have fun that was I'm the same way Shaw for sure and he's still like that like like I just got the new note you know and then I was okay then two days later I'm like did you get the iphone of course I did you know like like he's still by so-called got taken in the back yeah to get it was the first time I saw up Quebec up originally surround hired Brian Red band a self taught video at an employer at Gateway Gateway Hilarious Dick Rather after some time on didn't say wait two thousand seven vulgarity saint podcast originates two thousand for instance with nine December twenty fourth yep New Year's Eve December two thousand nine when you very first one yep there yesterday the packers wait automate see such a fine them because I only goes back two hundred sometimes yeah Joe Rogan episode one date yet something like that three when it's not really the podcast but he's they're just saying when I was doing those joe show videos and stuff probably recorded everything no that's just means the original ideas like no no I was sitting on the floor next to his couch for a couple of thousand people only converted fans people don't understand that so you can't access it later you still no Internet radio show what you're thinking out was like real player and you'd go to a website and press play and it just how it was before so it's okay to fail going really dirty I could fail it was bad a book or might not book me again or might have to showcase again in six months but that's the end of it okay if my mom's here I'm not GonNa make that joke one hundred percent and so if you take this private conversation you and I have about pissing my own face and then play it for feel a little pinch that's the problem is the beginner comedian when their job really from year to year eight or nine or ten is to just try shit and see what sticks and years later you can listen to me like we I sit down on a podcast I said this on a park and it doesn't make sense now if you said you said that Jauregui's pocket and that's the biggest pockets in the world like you know so high level people are immune to it too big that can recover you know Kevin Hart continued making number one movies every week it's the mid level guy who were if you're going to one liners like that's great now you gotta try some stories go their comfort zone try doing racial stuff try doing clean stuff try doing lots of stuff and royal no big deal if you fail with racial material seven or eight years from now or a year from now or two months from now whatever your career might be over so what you're telling a bunch of young comics is if comedy central which has always been good about standing by people in in these things way better than snl show they are how many central for whatever reason change around her yeah yeah I hate to I guess things like this has to happen so that there is guys it's like dark humorless not even racism misogynist like dirty jokes dirty joke about a pissing him face pretty much just streaming a podcast exact on NPR right now you couldn't go back later I WANNA listen to episode right now if if it's on it's on right right I don't even find out where the line is so you have to walk so far back of the line that they're not developing into full-fledged yet real comics you'll never get a bill burr a wakeup call to go I guess I have to censor the problem though real problem to me is not I think it's interesting that stanhope can still be stanhope though he's beyond has nothing on campus yeah yeah they'll come to us we're guests would go a what cast and that's what's crazy listening to podcasts because I think a lot of people thought that so they said Shit that they didn't really think our friend was doing it wasn't like I was trying to tell the world about a thing they don't understand the difference yeah and you know what happened to shame Gillis and stuff like that and there's another it's way better than me he just shows how positive character it is through is like dumb dumb Greek character with the technical let's go back to the year per second an Internet radio show and podcast Internet radio show it's just a streaming podcast to Jaanus why we should pause on these six that is the benefit of just doing audio I can just press pause oh you'll never gonNA stand hope that way you'll never get chapelle that way of someone who's mastered the line you won't get that because what world can tell anybody to try to find your line by the way in Chicago on November sixteen th at the VIC theatre come out and it's part of a Detroit Chicago and Cincinnati a weekend Thursday Saturday Sunday you see it or not yeah all right well then locked it out if I find it I'll put on the website or dot com and that failures what I had to put up with and now if you succeed you're fine if you get crazy laugh if you fail with traffic ah this is supposed to be everywhere this here in and fans of me here you're taking out of its ideal place right because taking your podcast for a second explains Apu to Tim deal explains they would never ban a boo from the simpsons like style you know like Simpson's anywhere killed them off yeah because like what he wants to do like yeah we are getting involved in these enrages and they said South Park your off okay we'll just right yeah south parks and other thing they could do they want there but that's not really podcast right now armegeddon time out the videos so it's an Indian character and it's just played forced something and he was divorced probably a that they got a from or the general typical pretty who went on Mark Mirren's podcast you WanNa marriage podcast and said this lie and it was like no marines podcast wasn't Barron's podcast it was just some garage thing and I understand you put it in those contexts I don't know how bad for being mad voicing this with the White House I don't know man because we didn't have anybody check at the fuck out because we have six people doing all the voices that's why get out we're doing stuff get out because you're on things what do you remember the thing and the honest was playing this old Greek characters so this this this man can you play it right Janas explains up who Tim Dylan Oh that's great the the best was Plays a character and Tim Dillon trying to explain to him the you are and I think if everybody if you just leaned into if you just ignored it does I'm sure is is bullshit he shouldn't be awful that'd be the end of it at worst so all of this now I don't believe them I don't believe their level of anger do you don't you feel sometimes those people if I showed you that video two weeks earlier and I go look at what's Shane said you would see at the back seller table or in the back bar the commerce door and if you they're just doing what they're doing and we watch it that's what I always say to like blame the audience yeah if the audience doesn't laugh at something that means it's passed I've seen gay jokes from L. A. Parked spent time going Osha where we have to take you know the retarded character off can't come retarded anymore you know they're not doing that all the way to be offended and that's it and that's it and it's like sometimes with these people I want to be like I don't believe you I know that's GonNa make you even matter right but I don't really believe you so like with Shane if I showed you if you one of those comedians fuck this they were right to fire him Indian guy from what is it short circuit by a white something for us was his name yeah that was the most racist hair of all time and anything so then joe started a podcast what was the vibe like when it started when you start putting it out what was the reaction people saying actually goes but that seems like a very good character business okay and he's he's a bad father no actually father B twelve kids and all the aw he's great Jewish children the white hair he's he's a child abuser but there's no the brown characters wonderful so he's a business owner and he's a wonderful father the people you would look at it and you wouldn't laugh that's not the type of humor here until you terrible and then you give it back to me the phone you wouldn't go now people got to know about this and the only jokes movie the only joke at all on short circuit the fact that he's Indian is one joke later from Detroit that's the only reason bob but you can't make the fact that he's gay cannot be a joke and that was the entire joke when I started you know everyone would laugh and if you do that now people like wouldn't laugh because it's just not funny right you know these things it's old stereotypes don't hold true anymore so the audience sensors the COMEDIANS and if we don't get last four or five times in a row we're not we're just going to talk to each other like we're going to have Ari and John Heffernan and we were doing more like wonderful father's way character is one of the worst fathers of all time showcase his son this up lumet he choked your son do I remember having to tell people early on getting guests like what what I'm like it's an Internet radio show okay do that that's how little podcast matter I don't know I know listening to the criticism going yeah we didn't mean it that way and South Park wanted you know the best was the t to hand she's Christ interviewing and talking to each other and it was new issue talking and it was more comedy focused it was more yeah about Harvey Weinstein sure you're not mad about this you're not as as mad about APU as you are about Harvey Weinstein Yeah Bill Cosby there's I think we started off who guests all this again it started more off like answering questions that it was the audience was involved was let's smoke a bunch of we'd have fun and just talk about Shish in the shed and and yeah and I think obliterated for no reason as I've gotten older I compare it to drinking where in college you drink to get obliterated right and now you get a little buzz exactly do enjoy your friendships mom kept Bryan what the fuck is wrong with you why don't you play that for her yeah she's not supposed to hear that and of course he's going to get offended I already added I wouldn't have said Simon comedy go from acceptable to the punch line is you are gay to no no you can make fun of Gay Person We're doing something ridiculous but specific guy named generally Indian voice and that's the reason why they're they're saying they're mostly because of the voice right I think most is a way for the people who wanna be offended are looking for yeah I think I think it was very much different podcast than what it is now now it's a pretty deep conversation that's right yeah and then it became boring I think like we've answered every single question became the same questions after a while and then it became more Josie what is like bad these guys who just retired Yeah Oh yeah oh my God that's another example of how there's blow up balloons the volcanoes in those refill over over here this is before the podcast started in sometimes during it and I don't think we were a little worried about the and you can tell the crowds mother oh I need a better example right yeah it ain't blink anyway sorry let's get back to park sticks we catch on and figure out how to do it fine if you don't in a bombs that wasn't good I gotta do that better and you've got to learn how to do it better curse too much and I got I got a curse less but now also lies but it it goes it goes so this is about character to like I mean I guess so a lot of people are saying that it goes so he's he's he has no job or there's no he's doing business zeitgeist changed you understand afraid to say out loud on a recorded thing that we got high we don't know how the future is GonNa play out yeah I gotta find out but anyway I'll say it and then we'll watch it together play it but I was I gotta spaceship walked around a little bit it was there's talking about so that's his name and whatever Internet radio so when and one of them was coming out of a spaceship and I realized the world has been blown up then it just fallen and every episode started off with smoking as much we'd as positive as possible as possible we smoke those days really every intro and then as I'm looking around like they blew it up and then I found a ball and it's like the whole premise yes with a little bit of weed in it and I ah wow this is so cool dude I wanNA smell your pussy damn we gotta show that like I was like the whole world's been blown up I've found old suitcase you're gonNA have to fast forward over the intro the teaser okay there's the pat how long do these interest take like a couple of days a couple of days what we did is we got the best fucking lighting guys the guests DP's the best so back on land now and I have to smoke a blunt is a Jeff Tomsic stuff we actually show him he's a crazy director it's for when I discovered the world has been destroyed I died a different one in every in every it was the alien one so I think season three camera guys and we just called favors and these guys Thomas worked with our commercials and on slid money too and then we're like guys let's do something fucking cool we're not oh boy either fail out or we'll just edit it doesn't make any sense yeah I remember somebody doing a joke about Blake they kept calling punk rock band you got let's is three liberal I had smoked this ball I'm going to do every episode or and we're like we don't have the money for that Tomsic was I can make it happen I can make it happen I can do this you WanNa fuck it season three it'd be it wouldn't be Karma let's say it was fuck we were Eddie fear we had the other way where oh it's all fine does you can show you sell smoking weed back then we thought you'd get arrested there is video if I were sick dude got she doesn't even look like hair and makeup I've been in the desert and the spaceship for years look at how the debriefing real hard and hold it to get the shot down and eventually guys listen if you want this to look right I have some weed in my trailer talk made it on the year before this it was the year before the season season three okay yes the season this is not the one but fuck fuck this a second note this is digital way up there you go let's see that fast forward test season to maybe what was that season three three the season to just go to the playlist just go one to one and I smoked spice and it just doc I just smoked some weed you know and I smoked as fake spice we'd they actually had you smoked spice it wasn't spiced and that smoke this fake stuff that makes it look like like joined I kept trying to breathe it in and out to get the smoke going and it was just really difficult you might breathing down our backs which just a crazy ship two or three days and we just rushed rush rush rush his idea was instead of doing a crazy new intro every year the guy that was great I eat all that Shit Oh baby you like brody their time some crazy stuff the side I'll show you go to the sides such awful awful audio go go time as I had to edit those this fake weed in here I had to do what am I not happening could you call one of those up for the what am I goddamn website I can't believe it flock it wasn't disaster fucking thought he do you remember that ear this whole fucking fake year cruel way way down Oh my God carrot top I should have hosted all these dammit has made me mad stop all this the coolest show in fucking stand up comedy history and they weren't just like you go this is not happening playlist this is just this is not happening playlist and you'll be there oh this is all be pausing stuff so I just twas it's different ones we shot it over to hold on so I come back to America what was the theme come back to the world was blown up home there's the Mohawk Ari the many Oris I caught I already have the ball in this one oh I have that same bomb it from you give it back now this but it's that season look at these openings were so and there's four to that nope the season though no not the season this is when I die every season it was the alien Caesar there's like this it makes it look nope nope nope it makes it look like a Oh okay oh list do you remember actually down there in order this is still digital seasons this was supposed to be season two I don't know why this coming yeah they're not all like that though they're not but we're talking about Rogan I because he's he'll be the jump off point and then we'll get into specific different podcast different styles and all the cereals that are going on now they should just keep going home much yeah friendships have like I don't know what a mistake to even get into like who's your top because super fucking fucking politics got bureaucracy all right now not brooks fuck fuck this can make but you have to fucking do it this way you know this is the digital season too early damn do does not happen yeah this is the season after season is this three this is I think all of them all the ways he died the ad so that was season three to was the one with the aliens shoot the Shit and then I remember people like coming out to the shows a little bit and like saying I saw that thing now I lost my train of thought of what we're getting high on Justin TV talk hi we got and the idea that did you yeah that's that's upward oh my gosh scroll down after this fucking fake gallery of smoking on the air so haunt us think we talked about it maybe you don't say what we did and so they didn't know where that's all right and I were there I think that's how people found out about it and then go dude I did Joe Rogan podcast I did it I got like twenty followers dude on my space right back to the controllers and you'd be playing somebody like what what Georgia this game is now motherfucker here about to get lit up so we get high and we I didn't realize timothy what side effects you don't think about it's like oh it'd be cool it'd show my best friends who they are and what about number five what about number nine and you remember the super angry there's hacks we should fear playlist is not happening playlist or Shapiro does not regardless I told you this is not having playlist this rugged amy was stories festival vessel or Nope it's after damaged on this on on that just sorta that Joe Rogan thing was really funny like they're listening here there some fans are listening yeah and then anyway and then went to justify and I was on a stoop texting start an iphone then I didn't know about it right right BEC- yeah I think he did it and he just did it but I don't think it was like a big thing like that he didn't really announce it and people looked just like right now ron yeah early days of twitter two or facebook post yeah what was that my space no mice how did you feel then putting them together I thought it was fun at the beginning it was fun because we are learning how to do it's going to put it on anywhere turn this off to this office gotta no I don't WanNa look at this but happening I they still making I should've gone stunned yeah could've gone on for ten years could go on for ten years base was yeah right now or top eight eight top four top it helps so many within like two or three episodes where like Oh shit people are listening to this like crazy we should start up microphone because before it was just a laptop artery even knew about it was probably joe going hey you know I did this thing it's a podcast or video thing at my house love to have you on and then I don't think and I just moved to New York and I remember her with a friend walking by from after a show I've been to a show or something it might have been a cabin or something and the top thirty two like that like you could make glitter and music play when I love those hacks like like the NBA. Jim Big head todd and Michael Jordan what was the rest of the comedy scene saying that I like year of Rocca before any of us was only Corolla Maher Mar beat Rogan to it right I believe so by a little bit sweater early twitter whatever we're looking I remember hearing that I remember hearing later justice dodged a ZIP talked about cutting she's a cutter and then what people saying what we're comedian signing around the congress what were you here I think at first they didn't know about because you know I think all we did was kind of Rogan was then yeah in terms listeners not as cool I'm not the only option he was the only one of four options but hearing her say that nothing I'm listening going did pockets what I'm talking about how seeing lose was like this crazy like full circle of the UFC like I said my first UFC was his first fight and just see this guy who never lost my entire time once you can't bring it back how are they going to bring it back you could call it a network show that's what I call in our story so but what do you do you know are only job right side thing right and I think we talked about it much comedy real I think the only time people art browser something can awful somebody fuck your girlfriend yeah I got all these followers out of it was crazy I've never seen so many followers that was me who was at a four percent of what Rogan was even yeah I'll probably now if I can just see the listens and the tweets pouring in and it made people feel like wow people actually listening sweet and then I was a real real we did like Oh yeah okay but but just so you know by the like all right let's go to the next thing you gotta say this I'm like you guys get podcast but I was pretty much ever that one yeah the white I was really good too sorry Anderson Silva losing and how much it meant to me how much I saw matt forgot about that unreleased but yeah I did go to like you who's coming today I'm like Oh cool Dunkin's coming like Oh cool talking to becoming oh great right and to fix it to make it better to change it and like I would always practice with how it looked like it used to be three windows and then it used to be no windows and then it used do it and I think that was the fun why and I think I think me and Joe it became our new hobby where we're like we could do now up yeah I can't I can't even think of like advice that I gave him because I think I think all the advice yeah I remember like I would have a counter at always give up I would always say it was ten minutes longer than it really was going to get him going because I knew up still what was the worst advice you gave Rogan on how to do these pockets because we're all guessing and he was like what do you think what do you think he was open to suggestions took fifty nine minutes or less and you'll get like I'm telling you you will lose people yeah regularly people love it when they see an hour twenty like what the flaming lips first time I saw them likey what I love the flaming lips from onstage me and Jeff Ross onstage Wasserman and the the bipolar suffice it might help Spark Yours Masud Helen you you have to keep that under an hour way less people listen if it says three digits as opposed are you on this week now let's talk about big big foot and aliens again for me it was like what was the worst advice joe starting to us also there is merit there's Corolla but our podcast world really started when with Rogan right you know thank you gotTa keep it tight well also you know I did it every week and every week it was like kind of like all right now we yeah what else how about we do that but instead of that just try that out together you know so it wasn't more like I was giving advisors more like we are both figuring out yeah you know because I can't the Dow and bigfoot and permits stuff was like the worst it was interesting for the people who would never was you managed to say like let's get some of these other guys who were on there all the time and let's get them going park yeah I think that's the biggest thing where songs he got benched at the guy ran out there and whispered to Wayne Coyne this way I remember you know pop memory grain of salt and then whispered to him and he goes I get it will pay the is that I gave him I think we both came to a conclusion together like like he'll be like what if we did this but that that data and he's like your point eleven people go to sleep and pay heavy fines to go over eleven for the headline band and with some exceptions of lightning to start late we'll go the longer the festival papers we finally got to a point where we I figured it out like okay so what we do we have three Webcams we have this particular mixer L. over four minutes music festivals if you put a lot of the the non camping festivals you've got an eleven o'clock is usually because the city can hear you can do this but ah whatever that was I can't even remember that was oh you stream yeah streaming Ria hours and so we would have to stop at three hours it people who super had heard it was so boring Diaz got mad at Ralphie once when RAV is like the Pyramids deals shut I think the long thing I probably also said something like that was three and a half hours long the audio only goes to three hours are cut out and then restart yeah I remember that ah I fully admit I was way wrong on that but I was like what about you what are you reading I probably had said that same exact that you know you're not getting the black keys for ten minutes you know they pay for this like we'll twelve but I remember in oceanographer Montreal got have twenty thousand followers on twitter and tons of people are listening I WanNa do this for Ari I wanted to do this for Joey I want to do this you and Joey Diaz I think we're on the road with Joe and I remember thinking wow I love this podcast has gotten so big the old microphones that Jodi more didn't like him for whatever reason yeah like like the ones that were holding right now I could just take these to my house because he's these particular Mike's these particular by those and set up a new place set up in third place is worth plays and I remember it was when we it was me stop once I got into the game gears of girls here's here's a war and then and then call duty the old one because they are a wrap it up in one minute and it's like one minute twenty those were interesting days and then were you did Sam Tripoli and I wanna I wanNA make my own studio at my house because Joe has his studio his office I can make a studio in my office and I could use tegas one I was like I'm not writing jokes right doing anything my life he he had it the worst freight I can just re download an APP yeah yeah if you went that far with his addiction you don't think I'll just go to like yeah but don't you play solitaire on that have them and I can make my own student so I slowly made my own studio or my setup and then that's when you know me joe you're like I did podcasts Joey goes right now we were before Callan in five minute podcast one minute seven-minute APPs somebody to six minutes now the we did our Asia fierce skeptic also did the one minute the one minute podcasts we talked about this in what's so funny so it's it's an old envy right type maybe it was the one after enemy but you know he hasn't used it for fine dot done is like okay quit warning me now with the three hours remind me like you gotta Lie Yeah and then I go on Ebay and it was like thirty bucks I'm like all right you don't have to do it now I'll buy layer similar time and I just happened to turn it on and it turned on and it had like ten per there are a few pockets going wasn't just drove in Maryland Corolla to me were the first wave the other podcast came and died were pre wave arcade was fucking great Karma gave again was the best that was a great game one after another we just play God damn to see how much naughty show Duncan the and so that second wave podcasts there were already some go and it was like starting to be thinking I remember I didn't want to do in your brain of what are valuable pictures changed right I don't even say better or worse but changed yet you know ah I haven't played zooming awhile yeah on the flip on the L. N. B. E. added NBA. I still have mine somewhere can I have it if I do think sent left I'm like fuck is how this would work today so I'm like I wonder if I can get the pictures off this probably the switching to four G. only yeah I think that's that I think those old phones you can't yeah I found Brody's or got have brody's old flip really and a long time and I look at it and I'm like well I don't have a power adapter for this you know but I would love to buy one and you know see what's on this phone what are the biggest problems with podcast today for sure for sure right like Hey Brian I'm going to start a podcast any tips and I'm like what is about hey ask and those account is pre wave you know they there was before the rush at all so then Rogue Corolla and an merit shit whatever you talk about the ones where he battle each other worms where you're like yeah you have missile launchers launching his fucking breaking up yeah it's called worms that's called worms I still play that data pam kept coming out and he was like stop stop waving a hand up fucking stagehand wave them away he kept them I think it was like ten fifty four ten fifty five today was just a one minute podcast we'll fuck do it real quick whip it out and then we'll go play video games to Armageddon was the funnest game I've ever played my liar make me so I can look at them and then I'm like going online like who has bluetooth and then I found that program that you can do and the time on the second down it was like eight eight owning radio or have you heard this interview or whatever and it's like that's fun yeah these different yeah actually my buddy and my the guy who created not happening with me directly my special and this next one your secret partner my secret partner yeah those ones are keeping the girl that's wait before Corolla and stuff they will one of if not the first pocket maybe the I still in existence so yeah I remember thinking ready like you were like are you should do one and I remember thinking go ready like I should but I don't want to be there was already a few people it started now it's something different and so that's what it was different topic this topic is obviously podcasts you know with the podfather the same thing of just comedian shooting the Shit which doing wrong with that it just seemed like so like it's been done really add so Joe Rogan's podcast overnight help do everything that he's always wanted what do you mean like like joe hired me to make videos pretty much early version of the Brian make me viral but you know make me like advertise my name uh-huh bleed name please producer he said I was like yeah I'm looking for a topic but I just don't like yeah but I even being podcast where it's like an interview thing because I'm like I can't say this story of so many times I've said this so many times and then so when the podcast started getting a little traction it was like he was far flowers because he it was helping his shows people he knows he saw an immediate response to tickets being sold his shows people knowing who he was in the comedy road new fans social media pages like it's facebook and my space pages and his website I mean his website once and then and ever else and instead of having a fifteen minute spot he would sit there for like the whole show more hears about this guy's house chronicle and it's almost this is the only time I've probably ever talked about this thing Rachel doors all things just broke let's talk about that for a little bit you know like morning I ju store your mom's house like that I call them morning zoo podcasts legion of skanks where it's not an interview we're taking callers going to hang out with some comics and interview and like it's been a million of those yeah unless you get bigger it won't get big yeah and it's also not interesting it is interesting this is like your version of of humor right with you know an alz comic opponent Charleena's shooting the shit with France is going to look a lot different than my shits with the same guest there were first second meese agora a the very end of that first wave Pete Holmes Freddie yes go buy a new or just costing himself money can't you just take those apps on your phone or Mike Dunkin broke his world of warcraft stuff just got new ones okay that's three and every time he would do that the the radio people would always say the same thing you are the best guess not pitchers on his dog on there like nothing great but we're that particular so you could have pitched the show them to your friends now pictures like how many likes will this get the idea being them enertainment and building on his comedy fans and more so than like is fear factor fans right and nothing to do with fear factor's has nothing to do with the was getting bigger that I saw you're doing it with Joey Dee is doing with brody and stuff that those fans loved the audio version so then it was like you kept bothering me and bothered me about shows like yeah yeah okay I think I got one I knew it was going to help you you were right why did you know that because just like before it was just like all your fear factor you're only coming the show for because a fear factor but now this is taking his fans and so those are the Joe Shows Joe shows those were the Mencia video dementia videos those were like making his posters they were like making him take all the one with the worm but with one with the worm and you could transport warm into other places when you got your first massive worms worms you it was like I know how to do this and it's just open and no one else is doing it why not help everyone I hang out with make make them have a podcast so they can comedians and I think what we always wanted money radio I only want to keep joke company because I felt bad like doing all this work which waking up early for ends were like I was like Ari is going to Texas next week you know I want people to come to his show and we don't have to do morning radio let's talk morning radio because I think that's what drove 'cause podcast to me into serial now and stuff like that like really interesting new ideas but I think the way it started for a lot of us with the on Alice with you just like we're not allowed in but then every once in a while like opening anthony or or just different ones joey on the days Joe's not doing a podcast they will now listen to these people and it's going to help them go to know who they are I wanted everyone to know who all are percent less seven percent left and then I finally got all the photos from it and it died it's like right when it was done got ertl unfortunately from an old own right it's a half of them are shit and have them are like just like pitchers baseball's and things that he sees nothing like cool like there's like maybe one east guys still want more why not listen to severe why not listen to and so I thought those people would listen to are those people a few like headline gigs of my own I also do generally is only with Joe though but it was like morning radio it's fun take callers whatever yeah who would love to hear this and there's no way that ever hear it other than you saying again right now yeah now they just go listen to my view and I think because when Joe and so it was like this podcast was like we can actually do the radio without having to worry about cursing and without having to worry what time we do it theme or something to do when he goes watch do like the way we storytelling shows where you just do different topic with each guest's I'm like Oh yeah that could work and that's the only reason I do that was no more am stuff and every time we'd do a radio I remember I maybe ten times I would say this to Joe after one of those things like you got to get but it sucks because the time cursing six am yeah you really have to wake up you're getting picked up at six seven it's like I got in the night before yeah back then it was like hey there's no way our listeners can hear that right I heard you say this thing on opening anthony wants like four years ago can you say here to Indianapolis listeners right you know ah of Joe Rogan and they wanted more they want we were only doing once a week maybe twice a week but mostly just once a week and I was like there's six other days we know they did something they move the needle and tickets to get the word out there but like it's very annoying for two reasons it was fun Daly was fun radio shows are just podcast isn't that isn't that crazy yeah because it's they don't have to pay all these employees to make it they'll just pay for it already podcast I remember thinking I don't want it to be that again so I kind of toiled over a little bit and you are you ready with your idea yet and you're like I'm like no not yet and then Eric Abrams because we could just do these podcasts and uncensored we could stone we could do whatever the fuck we want and that was my that's what pushed me worked afterwards but there was no business to it right it was just hanging out hanging and going well we could just press play smoke it is reported yeah so now it's almost like if somebody you could tell the interview question from another interview just play that interview you know the answer all you're trying to do is get me to talk whatever time I gotta show that night or before eleven pm even go to bed remember just goes and afternoon can't we just do do one in the after all do it yeah yeah and it was just this almost like the way that uber started because cabs refused to change it should be up alone right you know when you're getting the show for both of us you're getting an audience for both of us like I'll come generally I remember sitting outside those places like San Francisco what else do we play video games eat do the podcast play more video games eat more smoke the whole time and it was just part of the hang out yeah it was I mean I'm sure you had and podcast radio radio refused to change is still play by the FCC rules they did all this stuff time-wise morning drive and it's like we want to do it but you gotta meet US halfway we ever had the most interesting guests like crazy thoughts stuff he'd read about not so much the same AIDS wasn't real all that stuff right I still he's one of the few that I still do all wake up and do that one yeah but it was just like to keep company and we're like man ended a few on let's talk about those first podcasts did not have almost all out of your out of Your House studio which was fun because when I did it there but like the time was like we always joke about like how you doing the standard joke was it's very early early I'm sure they heard that from every comedian every week yeah wouldn't and then you came along and said well we're just GONNA do it yeah and racism that have signed all of us yeah and now radio plays podcasts most US zoom zoom zoom my mind Zuma Zoo Zuma Zuma Zuma's great It was a fun tangled don't don't Pretty Lockhart what's good and then Jesus and then I think I moved out of the studio but then I was doing I was I forget what else the guy from Denver the car guy they wanted to get a Mike Texas guy remember the Texas Guy Dudley yeah he was wasn't allowed even though two channels adage so before the red zone all that shit and so you'd have to watch the Red Sox game the worst and you're doing all this work to help me get talking pack show your job was to go visit to take too but he was like no you don't have to come to up cats yeah both had that in common I think he started doing with Felicia that's right that utterly beauty and beast or something like that okay so I gotta get back into this but radio 'cause I think it's really star Star podcast too so you're like all right let's yeah and then co headlining I want to say it was Sam Tripoli Ninety show was the one that really started like doing one offs I was doing death-squad ones like UFC drunk cast where we just all came to my house and play you know drank and I think actually it was brody and then I think maybe Joey podcasts podcasts podcasts to do podcasts he just wanted do all this shit no rules yeah who were the pack as you head that what order they start who wrote as I was I yeah people I got the Ice House studio and that's when I started doing ice house chronicles and that was you spend on that with what is happening to Joe Happen to him do you what's the counter out right now we are about our thirty it started off like a thousand dollars a month and then I had it the insurance which was like two hundred dollars a month because thousand a month was already too much and get an so I turn the volume down on TV and put the radio on top TV I listen to these cool guys talk like themselves and there was like that's the way more fun and so it's almost gave all banana bread the banana bread was killing everybody out of bread Yoshi yeah and I had to eight a bunch of it and I was like controlling everything factor it was finding an another thing was is every time we would go to a different city we do morning radio and he usually brought me in you and like and you can have the fucking broadcast going or you can listen redskin radio where Sunny Johnson and his players connell getting loopy drunk the problem was is the studio price was not all of the price like so I had I think that was hey I got in my bedroom now because he had porn stars aren't stars and then I did one with when Tibo radio show dude you got you already did it and he had one that he brought us from Sacramento to La. Yeah and you're like he doesn't original ideas I was at the at the Improv once and I was thinking of how am I gonNa get a studio out of my house and if you were at the melrose empathy Hollywood improv there tonight after it come across the street so we can do a podcast across the street and that was my idea of being connected or close to comedy clubs so that you could just like that yeah companion piece it's like this is a more fun version of what I have to hear of corporate TV. Yeah and I remember one episode in particular the the table and we just shot to shit smoke weed in the actual table right yeah I put stickers all over it now but back then I'm accuracy document number I'm going to say was it very cheap reasonably priced you mean how expensive how much was the studio eh even then joined is still a little too I don't know scared or he said he wants to be like I can't hang up I can't roll my own here no one watched me me and Felicia will do it right Knbr just broadcast on place like twitch and on plays like Joe Rogan does it now you know he does like the fight companion watch US walks whatever and and then I think how magical goes hey Brian I think I was talking to Al about it I remember them talking to you about it and then I think he's like you could just rent this place in the do every Friday were that I remember talking here's then I think it was Tom Sarah your mom or your mom's house it was always your mom's house yeah okay it was your mom's house then I think it was that girl called Tiba in the Heeb whatever it was called the really yeah they had one they did one Freddie Eventually Freddy Lockhart what's good but I I think I did like you're tweeting out his workout jokes it's true that was when he was ridiculed across the board and people are like no he's working out you shouldn't take that having a good time and they're talking like homers though I'm like we need a better guy than that we need instead of trying to like broadcast into the national might be a nationally broadcast game if you're on TV I sedan I started the Ice House chronicles which was me and Joe at first one night and then we're just you know I'll I booked a show is like Joe and store I wonder how much it is because that'd be cool to have a podcast studio there so when people are at the Improv be like hey you know Ari can I follow this house done they're actually looking to leave now so it's not even a fair thing but also what about the guy who's on to after you then it's an honor if everybody's on fifteen day and that was your turn after this big name after you know Chapelle just fifteen now your turn after an hour it's a far different environment that's not the camera is that for the UFC thing and then I had to just go to my bedroom lay down thirty minutes in the middle of it was like one shot for like I was thinking should call in when you know you're gonNa bump because what's the difference and I'm like the differences I might be at a party can call no honor following a a big name guy just following you or me right at the delayed and it's like and then he also that and about t j Miller Dane Cook viewed how yeah when it happened one of the only time I've ever seen a comedy community back Dane Cook Right the building right across the street and it's white and in just look like that is so cool that's for rent right across the street trump to be honest the only bumps Eylau in my head justifiably are guys who never go up and who are driving by the store or the seller the standard like you know what yeah I forgot about that too and I think one time I ever got through to one of these headlines about bumping and he was like I remember the two points he made were when I was starting to gain talking I was starting it was an honor to go out of after after a big name guy to try to challenge yourself remember this one he's right track come on over come on over it's easy store does that now right and so then I found out that that place across the street was like three thousand dollars a month fuck that for fucking three hundred or five hundred yeah and it was so far away but you could smoke in it and it was an idea was that it was what I wanted what because all of us and shows like a practice and so we all kind of came in I think Christine puget ski was one of the first people there and Tom and we all sat around maybe we'll try to go on anyone else call when you know you're gonna come right but maybe kind there tell them I think I'm coming down like how are we like we're running an hour and a half behind coming in stay at your party instead of leaving a good time to come in to sit around for an hour nap and you see him as fish go take him coming in right yeah and then we start talking about bumping he came I spill half owned the latter he goes no way not at all I forgot about that you club figure that out but I think I might be coming in there's a chance I might not so you figure it out I wouldn't put my name on because I'm not a hundred percent or don't promote me anyway but why got it got through to one of those bumpers and there's like dozens of them maybe hundreds of bumpers and is almost I don't think I don't think it's right for any of them and I'll go hey this Brian he works with Joe and he wants to do this and that and he was the one that like work out for me he and the Ice House has like a place for rent it used to be a church and they moved out and it's just it's empty room now our help me like we went together to the owner one by one all of us would go to the other room crosstalk yeah guys don't talk over each other ready record wants them get up and go on stage and then go onstage come back when they're off bring up the next guy yeah come back and then say hey I just got off so at ten minutes you better head over yeah whoever's next yeah and we did that up you like I'll be in a little box into a big window we're always trying to test out the cameras the camera parts of it what was the worst of I one for myself you don't want to listen to watch redskins game sometimes in DC area that was did you can have anything on any football game on opposite the home team football game just call it you're not better than your colleagues just you just get a good spot you get the ten o'clock spot that's it yeah dot it's a workout city do your time work on something get out so if one Howie Mandel our Jim Carey's drive by the store and he goes fuck I haven't been there in two deck you know what I'm going to go on Ondon or Kayla and then we would have either a porn star or hot girl on comedy and it was just like me asking filthy own zone yeah with Brennan Walsh Lakey and all those guys did the podcast and couch which was like one offs with Oh yeah for business oh that's so cool pockets like what are you doing Tucson yeah business saw and let's be honest most of the time I'm on the plane if you just hear a person talking they were getting is too many faggots and too many you know constant and whatever so they were uncomfortable with it so we kind of rain it in all again I hate that Shit I don't think you should do that I agree so your mom's house Freddie me on show yeah that never really like took took off and then there was a starter cast podcasting which was John Heff Ron's John reaps remember before all this Shit Jogos you have to stop doing it trust me stop doing this podcast Mike what are your time out he's like just trust me don't and then I suggest Catta Preta podcast dead Kevin Pereira's podcast haven't Pereira G. for it one of the nerds Br brought in esther so what I system turned into show called dysentery which was my version of Howard stern which was usually have a co host like Sarah Wine Shank or Kim Nick random checks oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and then I took all but it's really people who are already hooking up with her but now they're not getting enough they wanted three percent rate there were getting it about fifteen percent rate now it's at a one percent rate so now if you drop a hard bag it on stage or questions and that was like the biggest podcast I was doing for awhile dysentery yeah and the thing was called dysentery sexual harassment of Brian Redman and eleven yeah Ish ish eleven twelve thirteen we no no no no I moved to New York six years ago to the thirteen get a crossover one with them yeah that's right on mine and they're half mine half there's something like that I forgot about that. Yeah we're all experimented with the form yeah are- last podcast standing podcasting podcasting knockoff last standing yeah we did it on the plane to Australia but I remember going like why don't you pull up on your podcast I'll put up on my podcast yeah just put up who cares more listening yeah then did podcast a hard end bomb or anything like that people because another missing it anyway and then there was Brian Cowen did Brian it was called the Brian kind of listened to him and I stopped literally monthly all the way to shake him out. Actually that's pretty crazy that you know but now I wanna do it again because I think it's pity in between it's tough is like I felt that we had to kind of whisper because I felt bad like we're talking on a cellphone level right and you know what you're doing that in a restaurant people if we look at my first podcast can you look it up actually it's on death-squad the first twenty two episodes people always ask me where the first twenty one episodes of your podcast it starts at twenty two and I'm like really was like there's no I did one with Rogan we did on a plane he's still does it on an iphone yeah he doesn't play once in a while he'll break out the iphone start new podcast I moved his podcast over so the first twenty one episodes are on death squad dot TV at what you just type in in in in the vibe of the swing pendulum yeah I think people are so put down like rain it in so much that I think audiences Suzanne two thousand ten two thousand ten because we started rugged two thousand nine Ish Rogan start to does not start within a year after a right about two thousand ten two thousand eleven something that the skeptic tank yeah I remember we're doing Canadian Brdo and Burns about drinking I one was two thousand eleven February twenty third two thousand eleven and it was also Levin with Stephen Zina's wife whose wife talk average young that's just eight years ago trace it looks exactly the same look different doc on the street sure yeah a restaurant stuff still talks you talk as loud level if I'm talking to the person next to me regularly hey so what are you doing in Tucson got some crazy stuff going on in that because there was no form because you could do really really whatever what kind of ship went down in those days on a podcast and this is what two thousand get comfortable I that t-shirt to I don't have the hair or the glasses with Mike Clark rainbow dude that's pretty weird just talking about them so you know I can't think clearly it's it's somewhere in Madison bottom bottom for sure that's your can't tell what the show does but I guarantee you I know I think it's the then they they haven't found at the best western and they haven't found that the fucking whatever I was on birt's tour bus he said it's not on their Club or club now to maybe it's in the Green Room but I'm pretty sure the best western are nothing in lost and found because they had this headphones in the pocket and so like I bet they were like these are valuable to take the whole thing like AARP air pods yeah I'm so distraught my favorite Hoodie for so long Tepe can make it again about hookers done in my life I work one of the best episodes of are done in my life I love it he he's the one amy on it and it was like China I'm not trying to attack you it's okay but your family owns a yacht I know you're thinking it wasn't the best yacht but none of our families introduced me to the the whole didn't that was a thing hookers and a hand job places and stuff like that and he had a spider man mask on paid a poker or those three Oh i get it some backwards order so then it's Joe Rogan that in his office holy Shit I didn't even know we did that yeah and then all these remember just martindale being a gay wad page two inch and we had a episode we actually did a Joe Rogan podcast was that on I wonder what the topic was that remember I don't know if you were completely married to their idea of topics Josh we got Tony in just because it was like come in with yeah I remember Benji was the I guess they had fight me on something was what's it like to be rid talking he's like we're not that rich he kept instead of Peter Parker Poker pork yeah and then it was beige follow and toto one was may young poor guy still locked up that was fighter Kirk Fox the the I I think this was just smoking weed and hanging out I still have that shirt peace through superior firepower shows and then Madman Z. His wow you had my girl yet my ex-girlfriend on a podcast that was her episode big Jesus remember that the plane still annoying part of your boyfriend girlfriend atop shut up yeah I hate that so yeah it's a little road the back of your pets yeah I gave up I have won t shirt I'm wearing their dude I have not turned over my I remember Canadian Fall in love with your cat his Avatar for like ten years and definitely introduced the idea to me it was like it shouldn't just go a blood alcohol level it should go by tolerance because they're like three beers and three beers same blood alcohol yeah they're like they're all Chicago guys and they're fine to drive on three beard I'm loopy that's kind of how I got a weird kind of all good truly artist didn't John I think last comic standing maybe any else Stewart Tita the team in the Hebrew right there wow I did one later with them about breaking up yeah not on the episode towards like Ari these are women's doing women's issues are fan base is not these people you have to remember that at all this was counting the hallet's with Kinane Mike Rosenstein and Mike Burns yeah and that's when they told me the first idea of you still have that Nasa Alpha don't you oh yeah Holy Shit talk to that guy wants this is how how people he homes Pete Holmes on faith member that was my first time knowing who Pete Holmes warm-ups Brody Stevens Don Barris look at that together talking about doing warm up stuff these are really theme based early right yeah you're totally right that it really is just like a different wage Milano who's that Freddy Lockhart half breed white understand what your fan base you remember and it wasn't like a wrong right it was just disagreement of form where I'm like I disagree I think we will cultivate a new fan base against on what I'm already putting out ask you puke irs of this vomit there's people who are like oh I forgot about my my girl got pregnant roommate that's right and knowing balls have little water modeled molecules in the sun and the heat expand so I once came out bowling open up my bag it was my favorite thing because I live next a bowling alley and then I think I had it in my I kept it in my trunk because I would just go to the bullying gas mileage blew the fuck up because he Laura Valdivia also got on the bus like ultimately do it I've never really done it like what of course you do you fighting me on this a little bit remember this episode was and I thought it was a really innocent nice guy just coming off religion he was just coming off religion back then it's GonNa want episodes yeah this is God damn I then we had sure infested that was talking about the very best yep because we all did it together lawyer yeah that's about you guys fighting I actually want to listen to that again kinda young he looks yeah dude I want to go and listen to that one again I'm going to have to go listen to that because that's nine at bowling there's no defense and say how ridiculous and then someone today's in this goes on Reddit they'll be like is that we should fear in the front row this picture I wish I remember this in July Zip up as he gave me a bowling ball and I love the name on it the very first time we talked about our fight yeah and that's a skip this one I don't even talk about that girl point star are hard fucking nuts but it's not a showy your place was that vibe of the live show condensed into this room about this size way smarter than this half the size of nicer couches and the Salvia episode we did because at that time Tibo yeah idea of maybe doing rotating co hosts also couldn't think I'm GonNa just host myself yeah but I was like no it's rotate get a different vibe of a second guy asks him questions with me tell me how to do it and then he did it all on you till somewhere and then and then all then we started having recorded yourself you're gonNA have people interested in this subject but I think there's people will be into like more people like oh come on it's drinking yeah exactly but you can't do prostitutes every time right right right not a good audio recorder yeah that's also got a little fighting too because I was like I think I can do these outside the studio and you're like her outside the studio you weren't wrong I would say no I think they were just Beta testing GMT before they really released emt out to the people who are like you know this is like all the different kinds us out I'll I'll show you how to do it and Blah Blah Blah so I got him Salvia went to his house we recorded onto cameras and he I'll Tommy Delimited salutes talk big buller fashionable and that picture goes up all the time I e you're sitting there every two years some guy in a bowling tournament put up a defense me Madonna twenty twenty hiccup by number seventeen had been on twice that's crazy once the guest wants to do you know what I wanted also I wanted to I had read this Great Joey Dea song took eighteen episodes to come twenty four on the itunes feed and road head this is not the one I'm thinking of the naughty show so that's the last one it's trillions getting laid on the road he was so good at it bring the doorbell the Mt Okay so then then then I started having Salvia parties where I just not parties but have like Salvia they would all come over to my I like that could have been just ruined it open maybe or something sees orange it was also one dirty drug made you really Casa just you're talking about the Holocaust this I believe this is one that you filmed on your phone you sent it to me or something like that or over audacity or sky we got high that night on Salvia to Tripoli ever do it I don't think my memory was just that other dude who's like a young comic colors that we got a lot and I always saw feet and like water buses you saw school buses right but that was the yellow rain jacket yeah and you're and you're totally right I was thinking more like here's off episode you're not you know why have enough episode like Yeah and then you did me I think so because I think what it was is that me and Tibo did it and we've all kind of doing it balloon of nitrous and immediately are sure Ming the deepest into your different road different worlds and then three months ago there obviously we're not remember that in terms of crazy moments so the Nari show strikes me as the one of the craziest moments we've ever had on their his live naughty show was my bowling ball was just in a million pieces wow that's so so bondo let's just grudges with acid the insides are worn out right and you'd go away loss of equilibrium for everybody you WanNa lie down or have the ability for us to slouch away who is talking about like disappear but right in your mind you're no longer here connection to reality right in the color yellow thing a lot of people get yeah that's right and then we're like hey we got some are you should try it are you try it you know and then it was like just like a last minute how they've done it before and like I remember falling apart fast like Oh there's too many people in this room why did we think this was going to work like we're all squished like an one is leading the person standup I remember everyone that's ever done Salvia year like you always need a babysitter don't let them stay I see I can't bring them to La and yet Sam Tripoli now this one is what my i WanNa talk about this is the last one twenty three yeah so it starts together are he's trying to stand up no one else's like babysitting you I guess like I was the only one that's like like Sam's right next to you just laughing his ass off excuse me yeah I get that teach me how to get on your like no just come in yeah but then I'm like I can't interview these Holocaust survivors I was nuts do drugs live off yeah I remember I there's a lot of things that you weren't supposed to do yeah Schilling Salvia and still legal in some states it is but mostly not it's not I remember hearing about it they're gonNa make this illegal they just don't know about it yet like that what goes weird things the Salvia you talked about it and you're right everyone had the same sort of details see when Salvi is one of those drugs you go away yeah yeah it's pretty you're not talking about not Carlos and Tibo with us you sit you have that one hears that wearing it my my My lawler mania shirt is allison member Alison Shula whose Elson she was a little Italian girl that I dated thanks guys and then I remember telling you to sit down or whatever you start getting deeper and deeper than I think he just wanted to run out of that room so okay so here's what I remember like deemed mushrooms acid you say now you DMC you're not there anymore it's like a mushroom whippet of mushrooms I always told people of mushroom so you're doing that's the one who went I wow I was trying to grab a positive real quick so here's some things ahead for a while she was a comic she lives in New York Oh and then I can't see anybody to actually goes down I reminded me the guy who who is like a comic from Phoenix a young comic but but it was big on twitter or something remember that Guy Fat Kid Oh said that he used to do Salvi ally and an you got into to head to sunny yet Tibo goes hey come to my house Jewish people should know at home I get the idea of controlling someone who's on psychedelic and making sure they have the right time but from the person who's on psychedelics point of view in reality right but there was also cameras it was hard to tell that video but there was also like cameras and computers all around you and I think it was more like switch over so yeah then we did it this so what do you remember from that day just the format of video shows like the couch Oh my God someone did it for who's that standing right there that's me no behind you house film and then I'd have like you would be deepened Salvia now would have fans blowing on you while you're fucked up and it feels like you're potty striped Shirley yeah who is that that's the guy I think because there's Tibo and Tripoli it's that's the fact who is who is would've been more than enough the first time but you couple that with the ninety percent of a hit I had just taken and I was fucking gones Oh yeah I was on yellow is a lot I think also had to do with like like like where you're at like if I did it right now orange may be be because there's orange all around yeah yeah so I remember that Roy go ahead so I remember you stood yeah and then I remember like Oh we gotta have him sit down the guy went I the kid remember being kind of Chubby I don't remember that was like he was like an intern or something new comic slash intern or kind of like maybe like end up there was like follow over you hit your head whether it's videos that people even jumping out of windows when they're in Salvi that famous video remember we're pushing to the thank you I do once before in your living room oh yeah yeah you did yeah now you want to make sure before okay are you don't you're going to crash into all this stuff all people all I remember is that kid doing it smoking it yeah and then coming out so as you're on Salvia fault I'm noticing a lot in me and a lot more other comics more Asian jokes are coming not even as a response just like it almost this whole thing reminded us like Oh yeah in your opinion and I was like we gotta GonNa Freak the fuck out already to sit down everything's okay yeah so I the same thing we started asking me questions I was still but I remember this to where I was like I took a big hit a pretty big hit water for like a couple of years or something and then when I opened up my eyes again that was like a I say I say usually six months to two years was how long I felt like I was down but not quite big enough and then everybody Tripoli everybody was like posts it took a real hit take a real hit and then I took a massive hit issues there it's Ari Carlos Carlos E. Hang see hang the aging guy hang legitimate friends down there I had like I had a job and I would go swim through like places and fish people yeah but ah the banks above the water level I was below the water level of his above it and I was like what is that dude and was Sam Tripoli because he was holding you and he was time and that became my new reality I slowly started to forget about human life forget about Earth about the podcast studio about what if Tripoli right next me forgetting about it so I remember getting this humongous hit and I went to a fish world that ever tell you that I was on the on the banks of a lake my childhood lake from when I was little and we had money my childhood Lake I saw this Dude Tom so that was my reality and then I came back you're looking at me and what I what I'm saying when I opened my eyes I saw Sam Tripoli and so I was in this underwater world I had a girlfriend or wife I forget what it was it didn't matter it's just like my girl my late for a long felt thirty just grows chests headaches dirty cigarettes are right feeling yeah man yellow band and you don't have noticed after all this SNL firing comedians for trying to be creative stuff let me use the guy's name is this an uh now that was a distant memory that might have even been real I'm just living under water what if you die all this is like we wake up and we're like holy Shit I was a fish to hold I told you was like right yeah you said it was like a school bus and then it was like was that your apartment the first one this felt like it was under water oh my God you can't do that on morning radio now you can't do that you can't even give people water now I think I only have a memory of a memory I don't really remember that time anymore no no no funny Oh my God oh like Palsy handed Oh my gosh yeah and then I slowly started come back and you like and then after like ten minutes minutes really when you look up again and it was okay what was it what did you see there but the reality is that guys not back yet yeah he's just he's just a wet go more like seahorses that's how we all were water was a reoccurring thing off all my shit I was like whoa going down waterslide near Puddle reinert drinking threateningly dies so many diving water and then someone else's liable yeah when you're doing these podcasts early for sure you're going to hurt yourself as you gave me water yeah and when you gave me water I drink Susan Ah we've been together for ten years eleven years she was great she was great she was really nice she looks like she lives in Ohio and ethic with you coming here just wasn't the right doing comedy much so it was like I was making after a couple of years you know I broke up my fiance I moved to Burbank why'd you better is to do it like it was like I spent my money buying all the stuff for the studio I or money and the took donations when you're like sit down and holding them they're being bound well yeah yeah yeah yeah and so the feeling is just sit down sit down and the board happened join this podcast thing it's like being a radio on radio show and stuff like that it's like our own show I was just doing it these are a good subject it seems like people are almost attacking agents talking because it's like remind us that's a good topic we've left them alone for too long John say because Joe Rogan was against marriage remember that was big hide your home marriage from jet for Awhile Z.. Cj GonNa like get the fuck off strapped to a Gurney yeah or something like that and then you like a thinner my time let me do you just have no no grass is that the same thing to talk about I was like wait who are these people oh wait an earthling wait what so where's the whole of the life Mike slowly starting to fade away fast ah like I couldn't I couldn't read it so I just spit it all out you're like act the water a friend and she was the person helped ship out the first shirts and I was talking to her and I forgot all about this like she when I first hired her as helped me out you lose people what what what would you get out of it it was a hobby it was like honestly when I first moved here I didn't really have much friends wasn't uh-huh what do people in addiction the bat and do so yeah to me it was more like I had some money optus new shirt off I need is just put in an envelope and then right the name out and Blah Blah in the first couple of weeks it was like twenty shirts twenty-five shirts and then it was twits of all time and I think I made like what the fuck am I signing up for here yeah yeah because she gave me an ultimatum like you have six months to ask me how time now but like married none of this would have yeah hey maybe today nobody comes over thank Carlos Is there oh your flashlight was this process over my head three thousand shirts one week and she's like my whole apartment was shirts and boxes and packages and we had to buy new printers because we can have her handwriting so you're asking these questions as he looks like he's back but he's not back and all these rubber ball still like what the fuck is this donations actually the main thing that did it was when I made the death squads shirt and like you it's so funny I hung out with this girl courtney the other day and she she was Texas DOC Ashville turn his car around and go on absolutely Mr Kerrey John next and then if I come in and I was like well let us know because we need to make the schedule yeah not just like sure wine by schiffer that and take these huge boxes to the post office and all that money was all building wasted Oh wait he's on your laying on on the right yeah I'm on them and you guys have put me on him he's like they're they're trying to calm you down because we thought time and I thought it was a huge boost but the control futile I am sucking my thumb that's right you were you're in here you're like it just goes on and who's right to hide it yeah he would have been attacked and I hit it from Joe also he didn't know until we already had broken so your engagement was one of the worst and squad got cameras and microphones and that's pretty much what paid forever so all that just went right to that yeah 'cause I didn't believe in sponsors back then I was like what because kind of like the whole idea of patriarch on and using Music Lisa metal downloads. Yeah yeah the VIBE was how did you get Wow what was the vibe in those early days it was fun I think Comics Sean's who are notoriously irresponsible to show up on time to like actually prepare something or to get a get and has a studio with Joe at the Ice House like Joe wasn't that big though yeah he was big celebrity even it wasn't now like and then after a while it became everyone wanted me to do their podcasts what do you do it like I must have had turned down one hundred people to do their tartus producer podcast in response like Dude I put one up it's crazy I'm getting so many tax messages I'm getting so many tweets getting so many people talking about like I think room to make your spot but to get out there it was an oil but it was worth it because we could be on a podcast yeah I mean pe- forty minutes do a spot drive back to the commerce or do a spot drive back to the Ice House to my second spot there drive back and hang out and it was getting your car and Kadena I'll do this show like Tom Girl doing a death-squad show and then wanting to do a podcast and I was like now it's like hey you wanna do a show at the ice house I could barely get door guys they don't have to get to open mic whatever for the rest of the week so it was like that was invaluable and then as I started getting spots of the store I would go back and forth by he asked publicist can you get me on this right but people wanted to come cool celebrity to kind of talk show host and you have guy yeah when the UFC wasn't nearly as big I remember when you guys had the idea for punch drunk as fuck that I'm no sports on this on that's right Oh my God I forgot about that hey there's no money attached to this podcast this is us just hanging out and recording you know it's not a business it's just US hanging the businesses my t shirt company right scalping I can't sell you these tickets for anything over face value but I can tell you this hat for two hundred eighty dollars free tickets exactly that on that methodology was Was the jam band the number one Jane Brent Fish Grateful Dead Oh I'm getting content for somebody I love every week like like if nine snails released a new album every week I would buy you got big on is trying to get you guys to do and what I was saying would happen was happening and it's like here's a good example for a year I was trying to tell Tony Hinchcliffe you have to do instagram you're crazy to put your daily Iran he never use it does take a photo of this to that and he was I do get five a week that was my line I was higher than most La comedy and I will get up to six seven eight but have to get five three and one four so excited to do a podcast that I mean like dead mouse came to Philly yeah like all these real celebrities go brian because it's fans wanting more contact like look every time you came to Ohio you probably say two hundred people at that time that wanted it they would buy tickets anytime you want what should I ask them how should I just go like we do and I was also booking the squad shows at that time and and people would like I'll come the doing video orange oh by that I think it's just it shows itself like you know it's there's a reason why this is working so well with Joe Bring audio equipment to the shows to record because they believed that helped him out that and gave the fans more content that would make their base love them more when they come others and once you start doing it you'll see why you'll see immediate response from fans and defend what do you think the response comes why what do you I mean like how did you get us to do anything that proof is in the pudding I think once I finally got to try it out on immediate I think everyone saw a meeting Matthews a few of the people I was like I couldn't really got the story once or twice a week I sang it was like three in one night yeah to three and rest of the New York Times like that style of comedy run from spot to spot and I would go out to Pasadena I lived two blocks from the comedy store driver passes the Brian like a not interested I'm not he calls do that no that's a lot more work the Ohio but they only got to see you once a year top you weren't on comedy central or if you were just a teeny bit yeah so I think this was like who maybe live twenty thirteen this could be at because way before Yup Yup yeah set to work on stuff that way the songs it's finished and it also kind of probably with comedy it probably show the monotony fast forward and play a little bit we're just GonNa play the song they can hear it right can you hear me okay so this is a band that that plays live this song for for years before it got big so when you hear that song you know what a great song it's like yeah they worked at out they played it live and so what they would do is going to be wrong exactly but I think they pretty much put on sale every one of their show so pearl jam a really neighbor Eddie we're excited to podcasts I think so too it was an exciting thing I remember preparing for like hours for stuff instead of on the way to an interview yeah I'd be like eight people special on the Patriot defender way from Nice was playing sob live and so they released sob you know sort of a Ch- and they do this pause so you can tell they're working out this pause for for sob pause and they did this long positively pretty much leave the stage sounds like it's over missy I'll scroll down with you the proof is in the pudding type thing like after one or two putting don't you a fight I think I think just showed itself like yeah what I was in one of those what does this all these holding timbre before that so good they knew how to fuck and play what a great I fucking launch song what I think that it is not it it's from a club nightclub and its way before they got big took this let's say thank you in the old bowing that was the end of the puck along saw right that's come out yeah cares about pocket fucking forget her name but I'll do the Ice House annex yet me in Korean to the dawn right but apply apply little play weightlifting night sweats look this up Nathaniel for the night so that's a very opposed that that Salvia video on on our Shapiro Dot com to or at least the Gothic Theater in Denver Colorado Oh awesome had like the fan club where they own a pearl jam live from Columbus Ohio the mall can we cheat and put up next to it or some okay Peter you can stop it why don't you bring that up going out and coming in I don't know about milk oh I know why because you can't show so that song him like working out in front of a live audience yeah great if I already saw now it's on the radio do their shows because they have all this content while wow it's interesting idea I wanted to do for San Francisco recorded release that you guys if I hear like Murphy's Ice Cream maybe twice three times listen to fifteen years open exactly that altered from this well I think it was definitely on the way to becoming that yeah it's just that that interlude thing that I wanted to mention I don't know Faulk God I love that Shit so much done and then just like Oh this was something that wasn't really being done that I knew of yeah like I think this was a things would again a bit it's like I've already heard it yeah even if it's a barely verse I try of the Bit it only put some eighty percents to one hundred percent it's almost there but I think what happened is the idea I had was to have a whole network right right right right I remember this and Nisa like I don't need to hear this joke again let's put it and as we don't care it's actually when you see a musician get really big you know Canana daily and then finally went to heat listen he started doing any immediately he got addicted to it and then he became an instagram freak where used every day and he was hipster shit wreck and stuff like that you know right and so they cultivated a theme and so like in fact I think Reba I remember hearing like idea that I had like my idea was so I have Ari should fear Sam Tripoli Brody Stevens Esther from your fan base that they gave it out to the fan club or they give it out seldom they would solar cell it but there was a lot of things like lean fish and grateful dead all new shit every episode like you weren't doing jokes you're doing all the work all crowd then we all saw that with Sikora and me and Diaz and everything else This could turn this could I don't know what Eh let me take the implicit jams differently every time that it was like all of them and grateful dead and fish and wean another so let you record they let you off was I wanNa do this at my house now like like and I want my Larry and they'd be interested in like a which order they play they play on the song they only play the song the hand was just cooled so I just like to answer honestly what happened that death-squad did not turn engineer artist what went down her in doing all these podcasts let's have them all under the death-squad name on the same feat so that lead into each other that didn't like can't exist here why don't you go to another network and so the idea it sounds like there was like one will feed into the next feud and the next forget what network that was on it was like it was on the wrong network so as a hit but it didn't lead in to the next thing because like the way friends and Seinfeld and E. R. and whatever's in between those casts I'll promote you on twitter we'll have a comedy show together and that's the same idea but I think what the the idea that turned everybody everybody continued it past forty fifty episodes we yeah we would all be like I think has it was like okay now people are only downloading like ours if he wants his own podcast feed all right especially if you how you see it now it's like Joe Rogan helps you Al Helps Burke ratio helps tusker out like I'll do your podcast you do my long pause leave and come back just the way Milton like that and just let them bring the back on he knows about this might be webster hall ars so now I have to find somebody to replace you and start over from scratch so I think as an example if everybody's stayed in Saha or kind of like CBS has shows that are more like for the Middle America Small Town Vibes and then like NBC had more like and then it was like you know Tom's girl like I want to do this at my house you know and I'm like which I totally get but then I was like okay so now you're not really on network anymore and it's a massive difference but like I said listen you heard almost this whole thing perfect example of any time I hear a whole note song I am turning that up and jamming to it I think it would become the nerd is calm I think I would've been blown up but the thing is is that will own worked as a network but as separate right the way it would have worked is having the having the probably the podcast hosted on the website instead of having like on itunes like you would go to this website for the Joe Rogan I didn't really figure that out and so it was too much of a conglomerate and I don't know if there's a way to be like separate channels under a same yeah I wonder if there's a way where gas Ari Shapiro podcast podcast on that website you can choose what shows you want to pick and that wasn't a work mostly will listen to it on itunes so that out of fear fans are only downloading his listening to Sam Aaa not listening to low astor and so then that whole idea kind of fell apart but once you're not gonNA die tomorrow turn it up never played played again right back again never done that for stand up now here we model wouldn't really work felt like starting off Joe's and like guessing how to do this try try something else wants an floor and somebody's feet let's figure out a table right it seems like with the Network Haitian of the twentieth is you're setting where I can only get a notification of the things I want and maybe a new thing right so tell me about new stuff and all the side of my own right and I it's tough because we were just guessing in those days and it was the studio thing with the idea like that's kind of the idea you know helping each other it was a question of like we're guessing how do we do this all network but we're not like so my problem with comedy central videos when there's not happening Oh Monday Monday you have fear Tuesday you'll have so just piggyback so if you liked brody you'll probably like Freddy Lockhart because we're offering tune into JESSICA DOT TV you'll get like channel you get them all yeah and I think that that same idea works today still is this is they're doing what I'm talking about going through paywall which I which I don't really believe a won't work yeah madge breaking new with the payroll and which I am totally supportive of ten seconds before every single podcast you promote the big ran with it you know it was only me and whoever I'm podcasting with figuring out I you know I didn't have staff ever you know was there was like why don't feed here because a lot of people only like campell and my stuff right and you're just feeding them what to shit that's bothering them I don't WanNa get another schedule I went on my own feed like and and so once that happened the whole idea that I thought was gonna work kind of Sir Yeah wouldn't have really yeah but like if you were but you went to the website if it wasn't in the podcast directory I guess you could still you I don't know how having a bunch of podcasts at all go from the same place that's just a different way to do it and I think when death-squad was deconstructing all this was happening people took little pieces of the making money and having fun and getting what we want from it but when it comes to big then it's you have a board yeah fuck yeah once a board some fun shit right now it's like Toms network is a on the nervous I'd nights version of your stuff is because it seems like a lot of interest thirty of seventy seventy seventy is what you end up getting yeah it's like what and you think you're doing all the work right here wolf is just straight the worst why it didn't become like a shit like I kind of didn't really want it to be like that you know because like I like the idea of like a pirate radio we're all kind of under under the radar but for some reason you're wolf straight thieves yeah I all they do is they don't respect the actual comedian at all they're just like we're we got his Camacho Improv no one asked me something it's going to sound a little tacky but it's not attacking insist there's just other ways to do instead of doing a paywall just have a sponsor like you always have fucking this shirt on comedy now is trying to do this thing where they're going watch Monday we can't so they take thirty percent of the money that comes in because the network then they take another thirty percent because it's their own advertising company right so they can what my heart and soul into is the brand the name brand of this wine and what happens is somebody else comes in that brand has a certain amount of value brick walls with leather everywhere you know or whatever it's this supposed to like our little tree house our little hang out you know and I think the idea of grapes and do all this and what have or you just get paid a bunch of money he's serious I make enough money I make plenty of money so it's not that changed my life but the problem is what I don't respect them at all they don't help you garbage but yeah this is more pirate I heard this theory on why selling your brand kills the brand right this guy day at Brook told me this sky owned winery and it was getting super popular just as dudes winery for decades now to get to ninety three I am the maker doing ninety three out of one hundred work using ninety three out of one hundred level ingredients doing stuff that pretty much yeah this brand for wine this guy said now someone else comes in owns it the buyers the people in the marketplace view it as a ninety three would we do it and I think just because you brought that up you would have interns yeah interns and staff it in a way could you hang on and I think another way reason you let's say it's valued at ninety three hundred okay so when anybody hears that brand name mosquitoes a good topic example of this mosquito used is it makes it that ninety three someone else comes in and it's like well we can sell this at a name of ninety three why don't we put in eighty two percent grabs and now you're still how doing what we already did I wonder what the overall comedy and podcasting be not just under this umbrella but like yeah just I'm shit with your friend yeah and it helped all my friends it really do this kind of hip fashion brand and then target bought them just go back I use that as an example but that can use bees it for this pirate radio kind of thing and a hobby a hobby it's a hobby it's me doing what I like hanging out with technology and comedy and smoking weed and chilling yeah I think I think it probably would have still become big but I wonder how big fast like it's young digital and not do it or not all on one channel but they're on one who's they go through a website so late in coming for extra stuff old footage yeah and what happened in the nervous kind of sucks because Chris Hardwick was the artist and now nerd is nothing to do with what it used to be but they probably have the same fans that go to it's overall man would have already been big but I wonder how would affect man how veterans like fuck in any new Mike Feeney's podcast Eh ten seconds and I'm done I'm GonNa WanNa hear about a dollar by hate it or I want to hear about this I hate it I love dollop actually I think it's great hell yeah I didn't even think of it that way see that's why the studio looks like a college apartment still it still looks like my old room it's not it's not like clip where they choose a new topic every week and cover American history thing now onto yours and then it starts that's exactly that way but also I could ignore that been like different yeah I wonder if some of us would never even done one right one or two of us would just never have done yeah some do it worse I think it was I wonder what it would be like now I don't think it'd be as well so the way dice explained about Mitzi in the store we're in the back wants to come in all the time other podcasts on video yeah so like a standard like Brenton mccomb just going ladies and gentlemen this including the go to the west coast I live on the West Coast and they'll admit it to yeah I remember going to New York and talking about desk on stuff doing it on a number and it's not that anymore and you see this when restaurants go down nine steakhouse part of the hard rock or the palms claim jumper claims up where it used to be better he was like no without Mitzi like if she said no to me like he goes like I still we have made it but I'm not sure I would have and I definitely made it with her so like I'm not sure I would have been like I could have been big but I tell you know that's like one of the things like the early days of podcast that that I always said Joe and people were coming after him will you sell and he goes no and they're like why we can increase your fucking whatever the amount of yard you have grown now I'm thinking I really this forever but what I know now the phone knew what when I was young blew up pretty fast I wanna right now like as a good example east coast cod on Super League super lately they're just getting going now I might have dug in now I'm just GonNa go online what if Joe Rogan every started podcast what if what opening anthony never got cancelled what if Adam yeah you know with fine it was really launched yeah yeah yeah yeah I wonder what it would have been different but man I don't know how many people tell you try telling you on skiing I you know to someone else's bringing sixty percent yeah so then you end up having National Lampoon's which was the best of the best selling little pieces now it's worth nothing and I think that's what got worse there's still making people seem like then everybody catches up it goes to eighty to ninety three anymore eighty two then sells it it was like I hate these episodes whenever it was a what if episode what if what what if what if aliens came and raped us you hit those and we just spend the first people that out there that remember then leading gangster gas but late came late to but you know it started when I moved won't have any money attached to it because if we got sued for using music or watching videos or doing drugs dry d like they never left without a girl that's the one yeah it makes none of us are doing it if Adam Corolla doesn't get the station bought up and he makes that decision to like still in I could still listen all day long but it is sad when you just like why is he talking about dances with the stars come on what are you doing man yeah that guy today you know let's sit on a city and fucking do crazy shit and go do you have to blame his wife or age or go internet on this with with lawyers have made a better contract what if Howard stern it's stopped being an old Jewish woman was that a kill Tony Yeah this all started and it was like we really needed somebody to fuck in police into it yeah you know I would have been lazy and just not went through it's like when you have a guy in charge this will be the vibe right and then you don't it's just like oh it's someone else's vibe and they're just in it for the they're not for the same reason you were on it yeah eventually I'm sure eventually but who knows maybe just got really into not hours arguing on something that we don't have an answer you can't come together I always called those f. episodes back in the early days ah I don't mind our paved the way for a lot of us say what he's doing now why are you doing this now while you act sure but they weren't going big so he started fears after they were third wave yeah you know what I mean when I said I'm second wave they were thorough way hard for those people to catch on a lot of he'll ask me how do you get your podcast and like no one had a podcast there is no podcast video it was still a serious right there I like let's go on Owen Hey yeah let's go on it says yeah when I think Anthony was big I mike starts seven years ago yeah that's the number one at the top of his category to get big on something else mall new ones like you know what I mean what does it do the overall brand to not talk cigar into doing or mia dry and possibly would have done on our own anyway but who knows how I wonder what it would the old man yeah sad it's a sad it's like seeing a hall of fame like whatever like Anderson Silva get knocked time trump the Dell it's stop his voice familiar with fucking reality contest shows that you're fucking shortening expected me to no fucking lame what if Bob Sagittarius dancing with the stars you were fucking out there out there I was like what's your money's coming into it podcasts are now radio stations again if you're not doing it in a if you have a staff you're halfway there where halfway to just a radio station yeah you know I mean that's pave the way for all this what else was like pave the way for what podcasts have become like I did it yeah I figured it out youtube is like a life calendar it's for everything except numbers like Oh you know how do I do this but a lot of having a site cut the guy coming to meet I mean I was very into all the tech guys just because that's how I learned what that Corolla thing for Charlot was a big one for me Tom Green I don't know remember we are still allowed to do whatever you want right so let's just do that for a while using that time to complain about complain yeah I don't usually do you get more corporate yeah as you get more of those serial podcast produced like this American life podcast where it's like we used to talk about time was how podcast changed things remember that was like a normal and I remember saying Oh let me guess talking about how awesome I love half these guys that you know they have a staff and have a nice big studio but it's not it's still you have rules I figured out how to start editing on my own on the on Youtube yeah when I was like my sound is coming out way too low I remember that one and then going like a few youtube outside accounts are even the we'll all listen to podcasts yeah yeah how much has changed everything that was like a hockey subject always tackle it really is amazing I noticed to wrap up a second but like we used to talk a lot about you know how everybody's talking about now in your setting the thing down so it automatically equalize to the highest level it brings everything down some you've got to do this thing with the AU peak limiter you gotta like convert it turn the where anytime I hang out with them like triple you're hearing news updates mixed with this and that and this but if I hang out with the Sandra Sandra it's just like yeah do shit websites like oh

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