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"jason tibo teves" Discussed on Inappropriate Earl

"I think it was being serious. Oh, okay. How about that? Gary Goodridge man. That's always a weird moment. I feel like my old show. I definitely like. I had stuff like that where the interview was so so good. And then just something happened like so good and intelligent and funny, and they're being vulnerable, and then you say something in the yet, will you know you can't have like fag. It's on the street and you're like, what? And you have to like, nod and write down the number for where you're going to like a race it for you, don't. I don't believe. I only had to do with like two or three times. I think like one guy just went on this tangent about like how like he's like a daughter and she's out of line just like talking about like fucking beat the shit out of her. And I was just like, I don't think he was like a poet, very progressive show. It was like comics, joking around, you know what I mean? He was just like if she likes steps out of line and I'm like. Uh-huh. Oh, five guests say the n. word hard e. r. roof and two of them were black, so they get the pass. So we start, we're still at three, three white guys and all them after the podcast was, hey, you're going to delete that out, right? I'm like, Nope. Hell, man, you said it. You deal with feel like anyone who has the confidence to drop the harder version. It's kind of like, you know, that stained incorrect. Well, I mean, I can't. I mean it was he just trying to impress you in the dog and then was like that out of there. I think we had a nice in one situation. We had a nice run of conversation about, I think, gross battle or something. And he just, you know, because back in the early days of roast battle, they had a rule where if it was to white comics battling like, say it was you and me battling each one of us could say the n. word. Really. Actually, really funny hard. And there was one. I don't think he would re. I don't think he would mind me telling this, but Jason Tibo. Oh, yeah. Legend of punch. Drunk sports, plug other people's podcasts. I'm gonna be really out of the before you said his name was Jason Tibo Teves is the best. He's a great comic and fellow Emma may fan. He's actually one of the people that Lois has bitten grant. He's been in two groups of five, the five, and we're dropping and the five people that your dog bit. Well, he didn't say in word on this podcast. Surprisingly, he has not been on this podcast shit. Oh, yeah. I haven't means him online too, but he did a roast. You know, it's weird like someone like that you'd think would have been one of my first casts? Yeah, just because we're good friends, but I just figure she like just keep putting the. I have a couple of good friends like that that I'm like. I don't think ever. We're just next time I see you do, but I like someone like him. He's got his own podcast. He probably doesn't want to do a lot of other people's palms, but he was battling Matt nosed very funny, comedy, short comic. He's just a comic comic, but and his closing joke was, well, we all know Matt's dad left them beat and his mom fucks Jesus Christ. And I've been to kiss concerts. I've been. Super bowls. I was at the UFC where..

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