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"jason spects emory" Discussed on 31 Thoughts: The Podcast

"Shows tonight was the Dallas was here. Jason spects Emory were great friends. The motion moment for Spitzer who had Reimer is part of his wedding party. Remember Gretna left as well. We pass along our condolences again to the family and friends. Ray the razor Emory. I'm very happy to the team recognized them. I think that he needed to be recognized. I'm happy they waited for me to be there. It was a difficult couple of days around it. There's a lot of situations around the the days that made it a little bit difficult for me to see the tribute was hard for me at the time. But I think it's all part of the the grieving process to and I think it's helped. But I'll always remember Asia when I put my gear on I you know, it makes me think of him. And you know, the crazy spy gets, and he's a special guy that will never be forgotten by by me and a lot of people. So it was very classy organization outstanding a little bit of bio information on me, Jason my first ring. That's right. But it does relate to Jason. I don't think even knows December twenty ninth two thousand and seven my first ringside assignment for hockey night in Canada in Ottawa your senators facing off against the Washington Capitals. My first walk off interviews Jason spots. I can remember saying next to him. I said do you like doing these? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I don't mind some years later. I'm gonna ask you the same question on Mike this time. Do you like doing walk-offs? Yeah. All right. If you're playing good. They're all right. Six. Got two goals. They're giving you a towel talking about good the teams playing they're great. They can be difficult think they can definitely be difficult. But you do get the walk probably unique because you get a little bit raw motion. And you get the huffing and puffing after shift sometimes, and you get they can be kind of the reason I asked to get I find a challenging to athletes what they've just done because a lot of ways the game plays you, and you just it's like this zen like moment when you're out there on the ice, and it's hard to right away. Hey, Jason what just happened? Oh, I don't really know. I was just playing define those where you're never going to get much from guy during a game. I think you're still focused on the game. Usually the like the most introspective pieces you get are going to be on off days or days. When do you have time to sit and think and talk, and when you're at the rink here really focused, sometimes, you know, you just want to get through the interviewing get to get to the dressing room to get get the deal say something in the room or get to the next look. Yeah. How many tells the up to now probably quite a few? I got a good stash of my in my house in Toronto. And I got a few in Dallas and their keepers for sure. But I I was fortunate to be a lot I played in Ottawa still before you came today at a film session with your new coach, Jim Montgomery, and you said he's pretty good like his film is film. Sessions are good. Yeah. He's holding your attention. Like, he's there's no preferential treatment any been our author..

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