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"jason shaka" Discussed on Strange Brew Podcast!

"A play to play. I've played friar thirteenth. I'm new blogs. Who'd like we were super chill. Where play like he was helped me like fucking attack. Jason shaka's frappuccino game is pretty fun. And and then. I was like i was like. Oh i'm fucking canadian. He's like oh you away. Boy i was like why the way saturday's again as what you sound like a black guy so i was like i guess it's like i am flock to notice blood. They have really deep voices are really high voice. Jamaican ones got really. I'll do a high voice black lag. Gladly brad you might you you. And then you've got people from toronto for the americans that don't know those fem cigarette found on like white guys talking about sting. So let's go back. So there's no real standard dose. It is thought that many convicts or given a dose of sodium thorough panel whatever is far too low often. The highest administrative is two times more lethal than for a small animal. So sometimes the stuff they make to kind of puts you unconscious doesn't always work and they don't really give you enough so this might paralyze but it leaves you semi conscious. And then the two ingredients slowly suffocate. Them stop their heart. The process were extremely painful. Eyewitnesses report have concluded that an incident in which inmates grown rod is even attempt to sit up during a procedure so own trying to get he tried to get. Oh you're not jones screw next one. Which you mentioned cruise suffocation. alex action occasion with as joe gruesome occasion. No i don't believe you right now. I'm dead serious crucifixion. As laura's execution methods go crucifixions were probably use most likely on just a bunch of jewish people that were disrespectful. But it's probably one of the most high profile and it is definitely no barrel flaps over here because he's like probably. They were being respectful lease at duffy way to dark comedy. Podcast many of us ten writing of it as a most purely symbolic but the reality is that it was unbelievably brutal method of torture and execution. Everyone is probably heard of the stupa jew. Jesus i'm just joking. I said probably has strong. Evelyn probably it's a joke people. It is a joke. Everyone probably has a strong mental image of crucifixion. But the actual cause of death is less well-known because everyone's like mike rimma as this cross above her bed and has got this white guy on. He's got a crown of thorns. I was always my favorite though. Just sorry to yeah. I know you're going to go off on a tangent about it though. But i'm not i'm not. I always love the fact that jesus white and it's not like there's literally this is working as he's not no fucking way were you the first fucking. You're you're living in the states like one of the british empire and you're like i'm going to venture over to israel as a baby and you're like i'm going to go inside this woman trying to pretend to be born. I've said this a thousand times and there also white joseph was also white. And i'm like what the fuck is happening know. The bible says his feet were the color of brass as fucking arabic. That's what you think it's fucking no. They thought brass was caught in back. Then just some tiktok bitch she. She was black but she. They put a picture of what they think. There's a famous gypsum bitch cleopatra. So but the picture of her up and then the black girl was like no. You're wrong it's actually what she looks like and she posted a picture of a black egyptian. And this fucking guy butts anyways tiktok stitch stuff in and you can come in and there's a white guy that literally is like he's a scholar is like actually you're wrong you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. He's like. They came from scandinavian countries. Actually from places like but there is also you got middle eastern. He's pretty much. Saying the whole video is about him scandinavians white but there is people that came in there. Were all different colors but the majority of people were arabic people like it is not claiming that this woman was claiming that black people gypsies were black. That's not true arabic. They were arabic. That's fucking but yeah no she saying we've grown is the she's saying she's saying like black black black cow. Alan just thakin job. You're right everyone calmed down. Everybody's screaming at your tv. Stop thinking about the the review. You're gonna break. Because i don't give a fuck fuck off the guy that's why they got me on here so you can't call them racist so i'm sorry i didn't mean this. There's an accident. put his hands on one. Those those sticking nails through a person's hands leaving them on a remote. Hilltop will probably not do them much good. It is thought that the actual cause of death for most crucified people was actually suffocation which is weird so initially like the plastic bags over the face. No this is. This is not die. Baby died just like nineteen ninety nine manhunt. I initially when the person is nailed to a cross off all the kids that don't know what man hunt is. I don't think it was early to a game that was ban actually in canada. And now you can buy the playstation network and this is the game where they banned it because the guy was a convict that escaped and killed all of the bad guys food so bird but he did with bags and share. And i love her. That'd be that'd be giving a children's gamers manhunt. You tied and one version was.

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