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"jason schreier tire" Discussed on Kotaku Splitscreen

"Who is Ray? What is her relationship with the force? How will the story of a new generation of Star Wars Heroes conclude and just as importantly what is pacing? What our character ARCS? What is a coherent story? Were ready to at least try to answer all these questions on Kotoka split-screen put screen special spoiler cast for Star Wars episode nine the rise of Skywalker. My name is Kirk Hamilton. And of course I am joined by my split screen. Co hosts Jason Schreier Tire. Hello Jason Hello and Mattie Myers Helou Mattie hey also here you sure are all three of us have seen the rise of Skywalker and I have a feeling that all three of us have a lot of thoughts on it So we're here. And we're going to do a spoiler cast for everybody because I feel like our listeners. Probably also have. They can't wait to hear from everyone's Diana hear more opinions about this movie. Actually that's true so before we get into. We're GONNA do a whole recovering talk to the whole thing. I want to hear from each of you. Just sort of a quick nutshell at what you made the movie Mattie. Why don't you go first? What did you think of episode nine okay? My Bird's eye view of this movie is that it. It is an extremely online movie in the sense that it feels like a reaction to not only the last Jedi but specifically all of the Internet Internet reactions and discourse about the last Jedi. I and if you didn't know about those conversations you would probably have a pretty different reaction action in this movie. You might even feel better about it. You might be a little confused about what I see as some plot points that are introduced and not resolved in the film. It moves really quickly. We can talk about that later. But what's really surprising to me about. This movie was how online at felt when it came to reacting to fans and trying to give fans what they say they wanted and at least for me. It wasn't really what I wanted but that was really strange to see. It was very twenty. Nineteen in that way and take a very the online movie. Jason's Dryer Nutshell Impressions. What did you think of Rizal Skywalker? I think the results Guy Walker is the video game of Star Wars movies. And I'm not saying that just in the sense that it was all a bunch of fetch quests but also in the sense that it clearly had such a disrupted like mess of production that the story wound up making no sense and you can look at it and see how the pieces a plot threads that were once there and once removed for some reason or another because they had so many any production troubles and in that sense. It's just like a video game. It's like the destiny vanilla destiny of movies. Yeah that's interesting. I've share that impression in somewhat. I was really frustrated by this movie. I thought it was a huge mess and you know walked out of the theater thinking like wow. That was not good which I think my two big takeaways are one. It was actually kinda surprising to feel that way about a major tent pole movie only because I feel like recently big tentpole movies have generally ben at least good and not like actively bad. So it's kind of a surprising and actually frankly a little bit exciting feeling. This thing sucks and even though I mean movies could bring and game of thrones just like I mean we've been through this with like a major thing but it's still was it was interesting how bad it was and then Jason like you said. Yeah Yeah I think that it's left me. And a lot of people just guessing a lot at the way that it was made and then all of these production questions which I find unsatisfying. A lot of ways only because because it's like hard to answer those questions. And so then I. It's because it's such an unsatisfying movie. I think I found it very unsatisfying. I find myself asking all these questions about how it was made. And how what happened to the script and what was all the stuff I chased them you and I were talking earlier in texture. I think and I was likening. It to the feeling feeling you get from games where it feels like it was rebooted a whole bunch of times and they technically were making it for seven years but then the actually through the whole thing together the last minute and they kind of had that feeling so do a deep dive into this movie's production. Look people will say something that I recommend does that everybody go out and like if you look on read it and there's a hole sauers leaks. Read it if you can find. There's a one person who posted like full-on description end of act one of this movie About three months ago. And it's really interesting because it's accurate and most of the stuff that's in there actually did happen. But then they're giant chunks. Things were clearly cut Out from the script one of them being That Landau tells the the party the heroes that he has a daughter who was kidnapped by the first order. And that's clearly suppose to Janna which will get into a little later but they're also just like chunks of the movie that were clearly cut out and help provide some insight if not entirely like plot resolution. Lucien they do help provide some insight into just how troubled this movie's actual creation was right so before we get into the plot. I guess it's worth going through a few of the just like really big picture known production things about this movie because they are kind of interesting and worth keeping in mind obviously like a lot of movies like this have this sort of stuff. A lot of plot like Scripture rates and changing of directors and stuff. But this movie was seemed like it definitely had some issues the whole time so this was originally going to be directed by Colin trevorrow. WHO's like the Jurassic World Guy? The idea I think was that there would be a different director on all these movies. Like this wasn't J.J. Abrams trilogy or anything he was just the guy brought into kind of reset things but then he itself by the way. It's kind of a dumb idea to not have a single like guiding vision and plan out the whole Chadian advance. It's kind of an interesting marvel contrast right like it's very it feels Dell's very different. And in retrospect I mean it worked in some ways like having Ryan Johnson off police to make his own movie Kinda worked out at least in the short term. Okay so yeah yeah so so. Trevor was supposed to direct us. Then he left in two thousand seventeen he had written a script with a guy named Derek Connolly. He still gets. They both still gotTa Story Credit on this movie. He leaves in two thousand seventeen. He's replaced by J.J. Abrams it seems like they're kind of bringing in the guy they know to. Maybe hopefully salvage things. There had been talk about like Ryan. Johnson may be doing like a story treatment. I think her script for this when he was writing the last Jedi. I then said he wasn't doing that. This was going to come out in May of this year and then it was delayed which was unusual and also the other major major thing to keep in. Mind when we're talking about this is Carrie Fisher died in two thousand sixteen and she was like you know. I think this move was always going to send her around her. And that's definitely me at least to me. Feels like it was just such a hit to the movie that they didn't know what to do with it and that kind of a lot of the problems with this movie. Yeah I feel like. That's it's the most high-profile problem with the movie like that differentiates it from your other. Typical production woes is just to have such a major character and the actress playing being them. Die Before you can even really start is that I don't know how you don't. We just saw that. You don't well so counterpoint cat and I feel like so if you look at the Sopranos the Sopranos at the end of season two they set up these plotlines involving Tony Soprano's mother and she was is like the the whole the plan for season three was going to be like this tension between issue going to turn him and going to become a rat isn't enough to deal with his own mother possibly like like snitching on the FBI. I and then the actress who played mother died in between seasons two and three and so what they did was. They just changed all of what they were planning for season. Three it just at the risk of losing those dangling plot threads which they did they killed her off at the beginning of season three. They did do some weird. CGI stuff that was like totally totally totally awful. But they didn't try to go ahead and like make it work even with the doctor which is like what you can't do. Because that's what I thought they were going to do in this movie career right all of that. Kill her at the very beginning. Don't don't God because.

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