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Sung Kang

"From the Elliot Time Studios. This is daisy Nina. Each week on this podcast we talked to one an American celebrity about the joys the complications and everything else that comes along with being Asian American. I'm frank show and I'm Jay this week on episode. Eleven of our podcast. We're joined by the actor Sung King to talk about the highs and the lows. He's navigated during his Hollywood journey. Even after landing conic role and the fast and furious franchise. Maybe I'm not good enough. Maybe I'm too Asian tall or too short to dart all of it. So then that the stunt your growth because then you go into an addition. You're scared you're nervous because this is all you got at. The time of this recording son was to make a splashy return and the big screen. Actions Equals fast nine. Well that was before it's released Bush. Twenty twenty one due to Kobe teams okay. So let's get started. Asian enough is presented by little America now streaming exclusively on Apple. 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Don't wait to get your free guide and schedule your free product tour at net sweet dot com slash. Enough that's net sweet dot com slash enough net. Sweet business grows here own sung king you know him as the street racers. Hans Solo. I love that Han Solo in the fast and furious movies. And you can argue that. Seng's portrayal of Han the impossibly cool mentor of Tokyo drift. A member of the core fast and furious family made the franchise the most surprising and successful blockbuster series in Hollywood history. I would definitely make the argument so we are very lucky to have the chance to speak with Song. Today on Asian enough. Thank you for being here with us forever me we want to start off by addressing the big news. Which is you are coming back to the fast and furious franchise for the upcoming fast and furious. Nine which is huge for those of us who obsessively watched these movies because we know than Han. Your character has been gone for a couple of movies and in fact has one of the most tremendous most unpredictable. Arc's I feel like in movie history in that you know Tokyo drift. Which was the third movie in. The fast and furious franchise is the one that you originated this character. And we'd love to hear from you. What has your relationship with Han. Been like over these years. It's a love hate relationship. The hate is a strong word for it. I think it's maybe love and difficult is what it is because I'll never dismiss what the fast and furious and with the Han characters done for my career and my family and opened the Hollywood doors the first time I you know Justin and I worked on festive fears like we would just literally walk around the production office and then go into his office and start like laughing. Because can all these chairs the free snapple into the free water right those little things that we really appreciate it. Because when we're shooting tomorrow we had nothing we had a fold out table with five sticks of. Wrigley's spearmint gum spread out and a box of cold intimate donuts breakfast. That was our craft service and better luck tomorrow. Of course was the two thousand two indie film about over achieving Asian American teens who flipped the Model Minority Myth on its head when they start doing crimes so better luck. Tomorrow was Justin. Lin's first solo feature recode to feature call shopping things with Quinton leave and there were still students at Ucla. And then I heard that this young filmmaker out of UCLA was making an Asian American film. But I had already worked on a couple of Asian of American films that never finished and it was kind of a fiasco and felt like yeah. It's great to be part of this movement but we're not going to be able to compete with because you can't even finish the movie and when I came back to La. I was so disenchanted anytime I heard about another Asian American filmmaker instantly said this is probably not a good idea. That was already probably a few like maybe five six years in right. I mean I've been already a journeyman into business. You know and the auditions that I would get are the roles that would be a waiter or Yakuza and I felt like maybe the timing was rights. And this idea of being an actor in Hollywood is not GonNa Happen. Right and then I got a couple of phone calls from some aspiring producer. Asian American producers. And they said Hey. There's this guy named Justin Lin. He's a ucla and he's doing this. Asian American film. You should take a look at the script and you should like audition for it now and then two more friends call and say hey. You should really take a look at the script so Justin I actually met at. Danny's on Wilshire and western Koreatown. We met to talk about the script right and talk about the role and stuff like that and at that time. I think Hon- was written as a Filipino character. That drove a hundred civic here like a shaved head. Wow he was really perpetuating kind of like this. You know southern Kelly J. JD M. car culture kind of thug. And I'm from Georgia so I don't identify with I'm into muscle and you know my role models were like James Dean. Paul Newman John Wayne. If you will right and so this thing did not resonate so when I sat down with just and I said Hey I can I addition for Ben. The main character for best. I better tomorrow and just in being the the the patient older brother if you will and he would make a great poker player because slow played it and he's like why not. Let's see so. I went at like three times to read for Ban and knowing the whole time. I'm way too old looking. I don't fit the VIBE and I said to myself if this dude cast me it's movies gonNA suck and compromise vision. So after the third edition called me and said. Hey Man it's not gonNa work out but I would still love free to play on. I was like this is a guy that I would go to paddle with one last shot. Because if it doesn't work out I probably have to go and find a real job and it was so challenging because we had the whole budget in place but then the investors had asked Justin to change all the rules to Caucasian and Justin being. Who is now not GONNA do it? And he started putting the equipment on his credit card but as soon as the credit card companies. No you're maxing it out. They basically linked to the other companies. And then they'll hold your credit card so we're screwed and then I had worked at this restaurant in Beverley hills this cream barbecue place called Hula okay. That is no longer and we shot for a day and then justice said the money's not coming in so we probably have to shut this down and I went to work and I was so depressed right and I'm a server. They're left of a smile. I was so bummed and this is where I feel like everything happens for a reason. Like I don't necessarily subscribe to all these myths and stuff as some Guardian Angel but if if there is such thing that night she showed up and by that you mean John Wong and her husband. Jeffrey go founders of the Cherry Sky Films Production Company. They had been coming into the restaurant for a couple years and there was the first time they saw me not smiling and that kind of goofing off and she said what's wrong way so sadness explain the situation and she said can. I take a look at the script as I have in my car. She goes Why don't you in the director come by the office? Like the talk we went in there spoke for about an hour and then she wrote us a fifty thousand dollar check. Wow there's something like so mythic about this whole story but isn't that the keep a fifty thousand not enough to finish this movie right and so then we're stock and just kind of freaking out and the only person he knows that really has money. Is this guy named Mc Hammer right and how does he know MC Hammer so justin used to work at the Japanese? American museum is to be editor for the downtown Japanese-american Museum and so he was in plans of shooting tomorrow. And at that time the cannon xl one three chip consumer camera was coming out. And if you guys are aware if your techies like big deal so that was the first option of going digital post to film and suggests that went down. I think there was a convention down there to look at the new cameras coming out and Hera was there so hammer's standing next to a kid. You know anything about this camera. And he kind of helps them out and he goes. So what do you WanNa do this well? One day I hope to be a director. They Kinda you know. Talk a little bit and hammered being who is gave him his phone number and said hey you ever need anything. Give call so fast forward. The money's not happening just freaking out the credit cards frozen. I think he had the the phone number like pin to his wall. For you know for Sake right is that what the hell he calls. Hammer Hammer picks up. What's up is okay. Do you remember me Zig. Know what do you want? Here's the situation he goes. Hey it's not hammer time anymore. I can't just be funding these things. But here's ten grand. Do what you gotta do but you know I don't I don't need it back but here it is so if you go and watch. Tokyo drift anytime. There's a Tokyo City. Scene is hammer time. It is literally okay. I think that's literally in the opening sequence of Tokyo drift. When Lucas blacks character is the montage of him walking through the city. You see him like go down. Subway ads writing the escalator. Down the subway there's an MC hammer posted on beautiful beautiful wow shot up to MC hammer him to thank the fast and furious universe might not exist. That's right and for the film fans out there. He plays Roy Thunder the agent for the colored and finishing the game. The follow up film that we did after Tokyo drift. We literally shot the film after we did talk. So Justin could use a lot of the stage props saving money. Finishing the game of course is like a riff on after Bruce. Lee's death how many people scrambled till like capitalize into to carry on his legacy and so many different ways so okay that that kind of explains the origins of Han because your character and better luck tomorrow was also named Tonj in so. There's this really fun tongue in cheek bridge between select. Mara which he did with Justin and Jason Tobin another member of the fast and furious universe and took drift but as the French has got bigger and bigger and bigger. Han was like just a part of the family. Which is beautiful this huge multicultural. Multibillion dollar franchise you've got crazier and crazier action it. It it evolved into something so much more than you know. Just two hander. Very Brohi muscular to hinder that the first movie was and then six happened in which we said goodbye to seven and eight happened in further developments involving the introduction of Jason Stephens character as a character named Shaw who is then explained retroactively as person responsible for Hans stuff happened which kind of led in turn to something that nobody could have expected. Which is the Hashtag justice for Han Movement of fans who were kind of upset with how Hans Legacy was treated and I wonder if you can speak to what that was like for you that part of your relationship with this character or like I was saying earlier you know the love difficult relationship with the Han characters that the love part is that it did give such great opportunity and and perspective and open window into really what this business is the Hollywood business but then the difficult part is that GonNa look? We live in America. It comes down to data numbers right. I thought that after film like this maybe there would be more opportunities opening up Tokyo after Tokyo. Because you know obviously premier there's interviews. You see your picture online and stuff like that people are asking for Pictures. You Go from obscurity to all of a sudden the guy you know Asian Guy. They don't know your name but Jackie Chan but your guide and people start connecting with you. So you know. That's the difficult thing with fame. Is that all of a sudden. You know your normal life is not normal in this idea of fame or celebrity starts to feed expectations and then builds an ego right and ego is hard to define but it's deadly especially. I think as an artist and as a man that's growing into looking for his identity or purpose and then when the industry doesn't really support that it feels like. Oh this was all like illusion you know is like well. What's this and I thought we were actually doing something I thought at the end of it it was supposed to leads the more opportunity and I did not feel it on a personal level and so then you start blaming yourself and that's where I think a lot of artists are so insecure and I see the first one to admit that's probably why become actor but it starts the manifest and you go. Maybe I'm not good enough. Maybe I'm too Asian or I'm too tall too short Dr. Not all of it sedan. That starts to stunt your growth because then go into dish in. You're scared nervous. Because this is all you got. It's that one line and some episodic and you know you don't want to have ten jobs right and like. I was still working at a restaurant when I did Tokyo drift. So that's the reality now like you're in a fast and furious movie and all of a sudden you live in fast and furiously after the premier it's it's Cinderella. It turns back into a Pumpkin. And your back and all of a sudden. You really look like that guy from Tokyo. Not sure if right and that's tortured by your own success and so you go. Well how do I do this? Like how do I exist in this world without my ego coming in and going wait? I think I'm a slavery but it's actually a waiter. The opportunities were not there and all of your appetite gets bigger because I thought the world was accepted me but just because the audience or the fans except you does not mean to business exception. Because it's about money it's it's the old system can't take your personal. They're used to the way they do things. And you're not friends. It's a business your product crazy. Rich Asians wouldn't come on for like a dozen year year. Yeah you know I. I realized we'd better like tumor. That journey was like a lot of Asian American kids. College students and high school kids finally had something decalogue anecdote. That's me one of those characters they could identify with. Or ASPIRE. Or they just see their face nickel. That's me and after took your drift those like. Oh there's great possibility here to be a leading man to other opportunity and the problem was that I think the audience is like we just didn't have writers and other directors out there and you have to have studio executives and executives and you have to have other genres. You can't just have one film. You have to have crazy revisions then. You GotTa have searching. You've got to have them all. You have to young filmmakers like just gone coming in you know and redefining what? Asian American cinema is right so everybody needs to get together but when you're hungry you're starving and you're fighting for scraps to help each other. It's very hard like almost like like a Lobsterman. Talia crabs the fight over each other crabs in a barrel exactly. But it's so good that the you know that it's the industry not moving fast enough that it wasn't your work you know. That wasn't good enough of those kids growing up in Tennessee actually you know. Han People that I imagine my self are look in the mirror and try to like basically like when I was trying to date girls and stuff like that I was like. I'm going to be cool like this guy. You know like there needed to be this kind of template and there was something about Han where he's this as an American guy who was like so cool and dating the eventual wonder woman rubbing elbows vin diesel and Paul Walker. It just seemed like he was almost designed to beat back. These stereotypes that were applied to Asian American men. Was that intentional. Where like were you in just in like after Lee these stereotypes about Asian American masculinity and trying to dismantle them and mean. How could you not be aware where to Asian American men that are growing up in America? I mean we're born in the seventies so you know. Imagine the experiences that we had. So you don't have to think about it you know it's like the idea of diversity is not trying to make it diverse. Just got people in there. That understand would've feels to be a minority if you don't have any minority. I don't blame a guy from Tennessee. Who's never had one. Asian American friend not understanding me for those people to write an Asian American Story About Asian. Very difficult. You need a perspective. That is subjective right and just and just by default you know he always struggled being the the little Asian guy that wears glasses you know. And he his whole life. We're fighting these stereotypes me growing up in Georgia. Every day was the fight to have a voice. Because I wasn't even creon in Georgia. I was Chinese. Because they know the difference right. So our whole existence or whole idea of becoming storytellers or wanting to participate in Hollywood is to just allow us to have a voice to be three dimensional. This is actually the first time I'm in a room with two Asian Americans who grew up in the south. I'm curious to know where your experiences might like. What was it like you were in Georgia Tennessee? In Georgia Tennessee What was it like growing up in Georgia for you? I mean in my high school there was maybe like one Chinese kid. You know another Chinese kid who wasn't friends with then there were the Koreans who are all like pretty cool like they all had the earrings you know they dress. I could've you know but they all kind of hung out with each other and so they didn't hang out with us. You know And so I'm just kind of curious. What was it like growing up in Georgia for you? The beauty of I'm going to start with the good okay. The good is that when you are now Aligarh and you're the only one it teaches you. Survival instincts that. I thank when I meet people that grew up in the majority environments. They have a comfort level. That's why the swagger that Han had I had to go. And hang out with Koreatown Korean guys because every different swagger than I because I came from a place of completing security no voice no swagger though girls ever going to touch me only time any girl ever talk to me was to ask for Algebra geometry helping their homework and I suck worst at math related so and they also like a common conversation was like would they ever date an Asian guy right right and so often answer was no. You'd be having this conversation. You know in front of you and be like sitting right here you know but. I don't know if that ever happened to you but well. They never talked to him. It was like you a leopard. You don't get to participate in the things like Prom and those basic like your Learner's permit sixteen you go on a date. All that stuff that was it was like watching a movie when my friends got to do that or they get to a party. It's like me from afar looking at it wrong. No no I think I went to homecoming thing with a friend of mine. Does the most nerve wracking thing. Because Daichi of dating talking to the opposite sex was was impossible. I was not allowed to participate in it so I thought there was something wrong with me. Am I utterly personality? Also when they say Asian Americans are introverted. That has a lot to do with it. Because I'm the most outgoing funny. I love to make people laugh. I love to laugh. I'm curious about everybody's life and you know when we have a chance man. We have a radar that a lot of La dudes don't have is like when I walk into a room. I know when I'm not wanted. Yeah right you don't you could do with people could be smiling at me and I know it's just the way the world works you know it's like come on you know reporting. I've reported in Orange County where it's just like a lot of white people have to put on. You Know My folks Tennessee accent. And then I'll go to the San Gabriel valley in a reporter on Long asian-americans and it'll be a much better feeling. You know but at the same time I feel like growing up in the south means that like you know when I hear about racism and stuff. It doesn't hurt me as much because it's all kind of bounced off of me. Since I was real young since like first through seventh grade I got in fights every year because people would call me. Chink and I would fight them. I didn't win the fights but I started them and You know coming to California you know coming to UCLA. Sometimes it was just like a complete trip to look up in a room and realized that everyone is Asian American I'm just curious you. You did the same thing too right you. You move to a bar Sto when you were. How old were you was just going into my sophomore year. I think yeah and bar so I don't know too much about it but I just know that there's not too much to know about barstools. There was never Asian commute. I think there was a couple of other Asian families there. Chinese family But I actually love living in bar. Sto Barstool was my first introduction. California Culture Bar Stas Big Hispanic community there the first time I've met people from Mexico like I thought so exotic you know they'll go. Where are you from Mexico Mexico? Wow visit a Hick I we call it quits. The DILLARD's boy. Do you go to the bathroom than this ad is for you. It's hard to believe that when we use the toilet in this country most of us wipe instead of wash. That's crazy. 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Tv PLUS FOR FREE GET APPLE TV plus stream all of little America today What brought your family to Georgia and then to bar Sto Because my stepfather was in the military without my stuff. I don't think I could of navigated or been able to last. Hollywood is African American guy from Paris Texas. And he's my dad. He's the man that raised me. We come from a big huge family of African American civil rights participants. My Dad March with King. My Grandfather Papa was like the first African American police officer in Paris Texas One of my aunties is arguably like the first black nurse in Nevada. He grew up in Paris. Texas where you know when he would share stories and his cousins shares family reunions they. They'll with racism on a different level and growing up in Georgia. I remember there were certain things that would happen at school and I would come home and I would go down. We'VE GOT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL. And you gotTa help me. You GotTa complain and he would say well. This is your introduction to the real world. He goes son. I'M NOT GONNA be able to share with you. What a black man is going to have to deal with America? But if you're asking to have the same type of credit if that's what you're going for you're never gonNA get it. You have to be the first one there last one to leave and still might get any accolades and you have to do it. For the Ri- reason yesterday for yourself and winning at the end of the day. Even if you get no credit you get no love. There's no popularity you know you did in the people that will now. So this is your first lesson. Can't get mad. I was going to school and complaining and yelling then then we become what they want. He silently just keep going and in Hollywood. I would always have to remind myself Yo. It's all about rejection. If I give up now they win right and I think that's where just in the lie we have. This kind of like sports mentality is that you beat us. That fuels us like okay. I'll show you. I think that's the only thing that kept us going because if it was for fame money we probably would quit. We want to quit long time ago. Right having that perspective of the African American experience that my dad would go through their kids that would throw rocks at him and his cousin walking industry and they threw rocks back and his grandfather. I it was a police officer in the town and Big Daddy came to pick up. The Kid said never do that again. Because this time you will get lynched right so if you know me getting in a fight with some raise this bullies you know. I'm not getting lynched. I'm just getting beat up. But at that time he we get lynched so he goes you live in a different time but use it as fuel right so I so identify with that. 'cause I received the same message from my Taiwanese immigrant parents you know but but in a totally different form you know and that whole mentality of like. I'll show you like I love that. I I think like when I first started writing about Asian American stuff and twenty twelve. You know. There wasn't a huge audience for it. People didn't really consider it serious journalism and I was like you know over the last couple of years. You know like every article you know every every everything you do is like an argument. You know you're trying to win that argument with your haters actually. Yeah what made you move to Los Angeles? 'cause I want to be an actor there? I wanted to be an actor so at the time the only person I saw on screen that I said that I would love to have that type of career or actor named Jason Scott Lee and he was in the move called map of the human heart and I was working as a furniture mover and San Francisco during like the summer once and one of my coworkers said. Hey there's this Asian American actor playing at the Kabuki and San Francisco he goes. Let's go and watch it. You WanNa be an actor. I mean we should go and I was like ads. He's GonNa do Kung Fu and I don't WanNa do that and we're watching it. It was really wonderful beautiful art house film and he has a romantic interest. That is I think she was a French actress right and I was like it's possible. I went back to and Hon Jason Scott Lee down. I hunted him down going. I need to know how he got here. Who did he study with was his process? Because like who were my mentors we all need our Jordan. We all need our Kobi's and if we don't see our face up there right like what. What's what's the path right. Like Jackie Chan Jet Li. They're amazing at what they do right there icons but I don't share any of their experience. Their natives there stars in their own country. So who's my big brother? So I said I'M GONNA make Jason Scali my big brother so I was doing extra job. I found in the back of a Korean newspaper. It was Thank COM SECURITY FOR. Korea was like a home security system and Colombo faulk. He was the star so because he was the star. I was like I'll be an extra right. I just wanted to be around an actor and so I was like backgrounds like in this this commercially for Korea and the line producer was a korean-american got a group. Santa Monica the surfer dude. He was like a raw. You WanNa be an actor. As a again he goes. Hey this actor named Jason Scott Lee. I found his teacher. I'm GonNa go meet them tomorrow. And so I said you gotTa take me with you so we went and met. This guy named Sarah Mayo. Who also was the teacher for Dustin the win another Asian America from Jump Street Right Andrews has got right so I'm going to this. Is The guy this guy that is method acting all like actors studio based raise like he has taught like the other two? Asian American male actors that I look up to. This is my guy right so from that day on. I've been studying with sow. He's like he's my grew. You know what was the secret to why he. He worked with so many Asian American actors. I have no idea where he can. We rewind back in Georgia even before Bar Sto. When did you know you want it to act? Was Your family into would you watch movies and TV together. The movie part of it. The the romance films came from my stepfather we. We're so different. And he is so old. Squeeze the military guys so you know. We woke up at the crack of dawn. We didn't connect and he loves football and I love swimming and weird like wrestling and it's you know it needs to be baseball or football right the thing that we could connect with was going to the movies and he would take us to drive throughs and I have a great story. This is how this how crazy our family was. Is that some my dad being a true American love the whole process of going to a theater. Right you go. You'll get the popcorn. You get the coke and Pepsi. You get milk duds joy the whole process. My mother being Korean is the cheapest human being in the whole world. Milt got so we have street going to the movies together and so my little sister mom wanted to tag along. So we're like there's a double header the Mad Max doubleheader at the local drive in and so my mother goes they charged for the adults. Not per car and the kids are free she goes. I'M GONNA hide into trump. There's this this is Korean. Fake mink blanket like tiger patterns on. She put that in the trunk and she put chocolate milk in a trash bag. Because that's like in case somebody WANNA chocolate milk because we did have containers And Down Korean. Mink blanket the story about this. She brushed Shasta Right. Warm bottle of Shasta like Diet CESCO Coca Cola products. Oh Man Yeah and she made popcorn home and she. We're not buying anything and my dad was so pissed off. Because he had to pull over the side of the road she gets into trunk and we go into the drive in and he goes. Come on kids and so we go in. By all the popcorn he left my mom in the trunk for fifteen minutes. Well just as we wrap up you have fascinating coming up. But you have so many other things going on as well and we'd love to hear about the new projects you're working on things you're launching in sort of where you're at now in terms of of embracing the voice and the platform that you have a. I have some projects a couple other film and TV projects coming out. I also have a website. It was my first attempt at a podcast with you. It's called songs garage. It's an opportunity for me to give back within the car community. I've met some amazing amazing people and songs. Garage is a place where we hopefully we have a connection through a love affair with a car but at the end of it. Hopefully we help each other to be better. People in life and my end goal in life is to leave this earth just as a good person that said that's my contribution. I feel like I'm so blessed with the opportunity that I have now that I I want to pay for it. So I created this sunk scratch to allow people to come and share their stories to real conversations. It's not this a look at me and let me talk about glamorous my life is is really put a spotlight on the the heroes in life that will never get a stage right and you know. I'm not interested in the rich guy in the famous guy during the Lambo. I want. Somebody who you know is a good father a good brother just a good friend just a good person and those simple heroes are the people that inspired me. And that's what I want to share so yeah and we don't have much time left and so I really want to get this. We're I want to paint the picture a little bit. Like we're sitting in the studio with the on memorial here wreath by some white flowers that Jan has created. I've left an offering of a kid cats and sun cakes at the but I need to go into this. I got to I know. She keeps refusing and she. She's so humble but I have to say John that if it wasn't for you rights and you doing these things and campaigning. For the justice for I don't think you would ever cut to the studios head. They wouldn't have been aware of it. I don't think they would have felt like. Does it merit something to invest in two? And I think you've really put the wind behind sale for this movement so if anybody deserves credit it's you so. I know you shaking your head but this proves it because you didn't make does yesterday. This is years old. Well that's very sweet. I'm just glad that you're back. I'm glad that you have heard you know over the years. Many fans like so many fans on social media in real life telling you that it means something to you what happens to this characters legacy because you made it important to them and I think it is meaningful that universal listened to those fans and listened to the reaction to these creative decisions that are made in a huge huge huge blockbuster machine this one character and what happened to this one character meant so much to so many people. We everyone's talking about what we have in the studio with us is my homemade. Hunn memorial that I made for. What if my fast and furious barbecues and furious barbecues matter that co hosted by filmmaker friend of Mine Ben David Griffin see? This memorial was made By hand by myself and my friend a net. There's so many people in my life who loved these movies and Love Han in when it came to our third annual fast and furious barbecue. The second one was called too fast barbecue what other name could possibly have. And the third annual one was called fast and furious barbecue. Drift man was. Also there was a stub head. It was the solo memorial barbecue because it mattered to us. What this franchise was saying about this character that we loved. I am so sure that it sounded very crazy to you. I think people really taking it. This series I mean. It wasn't crazy because the reason I at first it was uncomfortable was because all of a sudden puts hope in your head right you gotta remember. The state of mind is like nothing about the fans and stuff it's like I need to survive right so yeah workwise. Because you're you know you're out there you're hustling you're dishing. There's no work right so when you see something like this. It's just a reminder of of the irony of life right it's like Oh this character so popular meant so much to you. You actually doing this whole thing. But who's GonNA listen you know? I'm like God thank you so much. But they'll probably fall on their fears and that's where you never know life and then all of a sudden you wake up and you get a phone calls like a the fans want you back in like what is that what somebody said I'll thoughts. Yeah I mean when I got the call from Justin. And he's like a they want on back. This justice for hunting is happening. It was only him. That could actually make your work. It's that time in our program where we asked for guests to share a bed Asian confession which is anytime that's made you feel like you've been a bad so some what is one of yours Asian American I felt bad that when Asian crazy came out I was hesitant you know and now I feel I thank you crazy rotations. Thank you feel like is like Justin Chon again for doing the work? You do to give me hope again. It's a confession and also a big. Thank you for these guys. That makes a lot of sense to me. Because you know even though we have this new generation and not just new filmmakers but we have this wave of filmmakers that we can point to who are bringing. Asian American stories and voices to Hollywood like Justin. Sean who made the film Gook Purple Purple More recently. Jon M Chu. Who's doing huge things? Not even within the crazy you know but he did step up to the movie that I love I so like he and he's doing in the heights next. There's a lot of people that we can point to now that we're not prominently visible back when you're in this in this time post. Tokyo drift when you're seeing like so many doors close to you And that's something that's really wild to me 'cause like I get. Why CRAZY RICH? Asians might have triggered something into any which is to say. Do I dare hope that this changes things go right this is built-up cynicism of watching Asian Americans in Hollywood for a kid right. But you know this thing to you makes me aware. I'm thinking like we do have to give credit to infrastructure that was set up before crazy rotations because for I think directors like John Chew and just in Land Justin Chon to exist. We needed also supporting our community. And that's where film festivals like the former VP. Visual Communications Film Festival San Diego. The the not I think they changed their name and San Francisco's probably the San Francisco International Film Festival now. All those film festivals there was one in Philadelphia. The New York Asian American Film Festival all over the country. You know even though maybe only a few hundred people show up you know it started compounding right and without those film festivals the short films and the badge films that we made had no chance of ever being seen. And that's where you have to fall on your face. We have to allow US. Allow our community to make mistakes. And that's where you grow right and these film festivals gave. I know I'll speak for myself a tremendous salt because I would go to these things and I would see people with the similar gene similar faces right and it gave me a sense of community so we have to give credit to those people and all the people that founded those film festivals and the La Asian Pacific Film Festival. That are still to this day. Put on by people who were allowed to the borders back then supporters from the movement ever since then like David Davis Rockdale. Who Literally told me he was like at Sundance for better luck tomorrow. A huge part of a team that would literally go to the one grocery store in town priority. Looking for any blink. Vhs TAPES THEY COULD. You put a screeners on to give to press. Read the word sort. I mean people have done the work of like creating community and now I think we're just reading the warlords these past few years and now there's an audio incident From our own community for Asian American things and and that's like a pretty wonderful feeling. Yeah it's the first time I ever felt like we truly part of the Color Palette before we're secondary color right in the business of Hollywood. Now you cannot ignore I. I'm sorry to put us under the yellow color but you need that in their rainbow and it's part of the part of business why they don't second it anymore. Do you have a bad Asian confession that you want to share with us? Call US at two one three nine eight six five six five two. That's two and three nine eight six five six five two. Maybe we'll even play it on the show. Okay that's IT FOR EPISODE. Eleven of our podcast. Thank you so much for listening. Asian enough is hosted by me. Frank shown and by genuine motto. Our senior producer is Rena. Palta our executive producer is abby. Swanson our engineers Mike Heflin original music was composed by Andrew Eappen and as always this. Podcast is dedicated to the memory of lineup. Anwar and come back next week when we'll be talking to director. Jon M Chu. I was too scared to tackle my own idea of identity because I didn't know the answers. If you like as in enough subscribe and leave us a five star review on apple special. Thanks to Julia. Turner Geoff Berkshire Read Johnston Shelby Grad and clinch shop. We hope you're enjoying this. Podcast created by the journalist the LA Times right now access to fax has never been more important in the times in the business of reporting them so stay connected and subscribe because year subscription supports the production of podcasts like this one and our award winning journalism visit La Times dot com slash support. Eliot Times to subscribe and remember anytime you watch a fast and furious movie remember the rap icon whose early support of an indie filmmaker in its own way helps make all those flying cars chronological detours and Hashtag family. Shenanigans possible is hammer time.

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JAN 346: Dune Trailer  Mulan (2020) on Disney+ Review (09/13/20)

The Jock and Nerd Podcast

1:49:17 hr | 2 months ago

JAN 346: Dune Trailer Mulan (2020) on Disney+ Review (09/13/20)

"This week on the. podcast Warner Brothers releases the first trailer for their space epic Dune. The Oscars announce new inclusion requirements for best picture nominees eight ten, its box office isn't exactly spreading confidence in Hollywood plus our review of the live action Milan on Disney plus and a whole bunch more all in this edition of the nerd weekly for Thursday September tenth twenty twenty this is. And you're listening to the. Hang on I gotTA here. says. The JOCK and NERD podcast non for their series of Gay Erotica found on Amazon. Now. That then. I fucked that up I guess. Not. except. Oh. Yeah. Hello Listener. What's happening and welcome to the jock entered podcast where we deliver comic book and Superhero TV and movie news reviews and whatever we choose. Heard. My name is Ron my name's Anthony. He's Jock. He's the NERD and joining us as the official NERD. PODCAST WOP WHO She's just stands for wet as puppet. His name is rock ploy. What's up you? What as? You're going in different directions with that. WOP stand for our without papers? that. slayer slur. For. Yes You Guys I. Don't unlike my last name Bambino yet this make make fun of it. Immigrant I'm talking I totally forgot that why was a sliver Italians because it's just so popularized now for the other acronym, I thought that was W P thought it was spelt is but they both say that that both I think. It's called. On for for what the Cardi B. created is that what that is is that where I came from I just saw that somewhere I'm like, oh what s puppet somebody actually I don't know where that's from I stole that joke for our listener John Campbell he posted that in the facebook group Nell Anthony Wears that from. Kirkby and Megan the stallion song called. What S Pussy Oh see I Felt he should take that song about it. Yes. Can you give us the gist of the content is in Rain I guess. Rains. About. Puppets, should it also be in the rain either it's For. them you will degrade right rugs. Wealth or anything like Gremlins yes. You don't want to get them wet volt supply Yeah. Well, so I don't know what I'm talking about I just wanted to say wet as puppet thanks were the clarification. Now I actually have a question about this. Okay. Now. You could say wet as pussy which. Which I guess you're talking about your pussy being what? You're talking about your wet Aspen has. Your. The connection from the ass to the Pussy you. Know it's like. If you don't have a pussy, your asses, your pussy. You have your ass. It depends where you put hyphen. I. Get your bottom. Wallet sometime is there a hyphen between the word acid? Go. Yeah. I don't know what they call them like. EARNHARDTFORD said the Florida question right in listeners show. And they said it. It's. The Gay. People that are in the corner saying. Don't ask you I'm watching the homosexuals. Yes it's for research. A listen. All I know is going to be a grammar not seeing it depends where you put the hyphen in those three words. That's figure figured. Okay. So it's wet hyphen as. Hyphen would come between the sexy. Yes. The second failure. have either of you seen the music video. I haven't. Seen. One Cardi B. Video seen them all. I mean unless it's pretty trippy but does she have a new ass? I've seen the. Same maybe it's new. Video you've seen prior I don't know. The they produce dance to it to. That a lot of people recreate it's called the wet ass puppet. All right. Enough about Cardi B.'s as we got some stuff to talk about. Here, the years. On? The. Fact that you so quickly That shows you know what s posting. Put blast. Is the. Only. Using. We. Think. There's like an old song that they riff. Are they sample? There were the guys. There's this whole. There's these holes in this house. There's some holes in this house, and then they're just wrapping over now these saying like. Something something my wet ass pussy. something. Somewhere. Wet Ass Pussy and they're just. It's one of those wholesome songs that's out there or jets wholesome. Sesame. Street. Empowerment. About that and it's fine. We haven't had a Dick Song Awan jets what Dickie the box, but that was a joke long well, Mickey Avalon's my Dick is probably the. Example of that one entity modig. Detachable. One King missile is the only Dick Song that I can think i. Need to be more Dick skit on that Cardi B. Yeah. Yes. She's getting on the Dick. Van He's already be. Card T-. yes. The alphabet cards just bring them all out. This is not a show about comic books or moving that. Common. Pop Culture. Hit Wet ass puppet. Well. Look I'm still. Just watches your fault is all. Your. Because you don't know what you're talking about what you bring things up like you do. Go. Great. Okay Was Interesting. Well, let's start to the learned and I'm sure some other people learned also you can be in these pop culture conversations they have during your zoom meetings, people cuts it's twenty twenty. Well, look what happened this week there's stuff that happened that we could talk about there's a trailer for a new exciting science fiction movie a movie that. Apparently coming out later this year on reward. So I, of course, I'm talking about Denny. Do highly anticipated. Put Out its first three minute long trailer with. V expected to come out December eighteenth twenty twenty rugs is the big your big guy you've talked about doing a lot and I'll everything has stolen from it's influenced everything right? Let's get your initial thoughts about this fucking trailer roofs well, you wet as possible. I think overall, there was a sense of grainger in a sense of epic nist to the trailer Once again, it's got that Carter Syndrome. Since it inspired so many things everything's gotten. It's do before this thing but this would have been inspired by John Carter also in that line yet, of course Jon Carter is the first you'll know so. But yes, just so basically, we've seen this stuff in star wars received this stuff and other things you know tattoo weaned bubble blah. So it seems familiar even in John Carter it's a desert planet so. These things don't seem as fresh as they should. Because we've seen them so many times. So originality in all that stuff it's hard to do with Dune because it's got so many people ripping it off all the time that it kind of takes away from it so. It's got a it's got like a major uphill battle to get people interested and I feel like some people who know Dune in know what it is and you have a big appreciation for it probably were hyped. In I think other people were underwhelmed I. So what about you? As a dude fan? Would you give this lobby jobs or wilder I wished was more okay I wish it was a little bit more disease having for me I wish it was more diverse of a cast. Okay. That's number one number two I I but that doesn't really bother me bother me I just was like it'd be nice. nothing is I wish more diversity of color. Because I feel like it's kind of drab like everything's either white or gray lab or desert colored. Yeah and I'm like you need we need caller. Now we fucking bump this up. We need to like 'cause there's already like the David Lynch version that's kind of drab you need to like let's put it on another level let's. Add. Some detail in like richness to it, and it feels like a doesn't feel that's there. But that's just a cosmetic thing. And then the last thing I didn't like was the pink Floyd Song seen I kinda liked the. You would. Mick but I felt like. I. Would love to hear like just heard the score well, hand Zimmer score he used it combined it with the pink. Floyd's. During. Their yeah. Overall. It does hit all the right notes. In a lot of ways. So I I'm. I'm faithful that this movie is going to be good but the thing is it's only going to be the first half of Dune. Yes. This'll be two movies. It's the first half of the first book which was written originally in nineteen sixty five by Frank Herbert Anthony I don't know shit about doing how about you. Yeah I don't know Dune from prunes. Dixon including I've explained to you. June is right mostly from you telling us it's space coke I mean. You've probably mentioned it. That's the point when I've tuned out in the show. texting so. Anthony, what'd you think of this trailer? I was really impressed This is. Another movie not another, there's not very many so far that I think is a shoe in to do something at the Oscars ex year I also think it's just it looks. Like an epic crazy I was. Really you know I I don't know anything about Dune. So the whole premise even watching the trailer, I was still bit confused on what was going on, but just the visuals, the amount of grandeur how epic looks looks the fact that it's Even though based on a book to me new Fi you also have the fact that there's always crazy actors in. The. CAST. Let you go. Is Stacked, fun fact they have. Batista and Jason. MOMOA. Both spat set to play drag. So that'll be interesting if they ever fight each other. Yeah. and. Then you throw in the fact that I haven't seen a ton of this guy's movies director. Denis. Villeneuve. I've seen one of his movies was arrival. fucking. Amazing. Yeah. So and apparently, this is a passion project for this guy. So I'm I'm really in on it. The only thing I would say that I didn't or I'm a little hesitant on is you'd mentioned this is the first of a two part movie and when you're adapting book into two parts, sometimes it can be a little little. IFFY. You can get a little especially a book that's not meant to be adapted that way. Of a bogus making think one. Yeah I really enjoyed this trailer. I was very impressed. This fucking. Like you said, it looks sick. It looks epic and I just kept thinking about rug saying how everything is stolen from this and you clearly you see star wars star Trek Mad Max a little game of thrones. Know there's a monster movie element, Awesome sci-fi element but the it looks like a shot. Beautifully, it is very dark and drab and washed out. But I guess that's the look he's going for This movie has been made a couple of times in nine, hundred, eighty, four David Lynch does a infamous version that was both the critical and commercial flav failure floppy Joshua Hillier. Movie to watch Yeah. Apparently, it's really bad and then in two thousand, the SCIFI channel did a mini series. He's actually very I heard. Yes. I got better reviews its low budget I mean the the the the budget is is terrible. You see yeah this book there's so much money on a screen and rugs. That's why it looks epic kind of why I like the Pink Floyd Pick because their music is always seemed kind of. These invitation lips where he's like all that you see everything you do everything under the Sun. What did she say and then there's the woman saying it's just like this if ferial space like epic rock. Jam. Floyd's music's always felt that way for me like you do. It's just outta reach I. I felt that I didn't work for me. I thought it was like Oh they're dizziness song. Really that. I didn't like it. I like the socks I like Pink Floyd. But I just don't think he'd love working I like when people use. Floyd. Okay. So directed by Dan even live here's the cast. Zendaya. Rebecca you store her that's not the lead This is just the cast imdb timid shallow. May I guess is the lead? That's the kid you Zendaya. Rebecca Ferguson who I love Jason Momoa, Josh Brolin, Dave Batista? Oscar Isaac Stellan Skarsgard Javier Bardem David. Small Chicken. And other people, Sharon Duncan, brewster what a crazy cast. Right, that is that is an epic. Love game of thrones. Yes. It's going these actors are going to be doing game of thrones type shit a suits. Cool. They're wearing because it's the same fucking Shit. So it's fucking stormtroopers. There's a bunch of stormtroopers. The only thing is I think. In My judgment of these movie and having seen arrival. I think if people are expecting like a lot of action, I have no idea what I'm talking about by the way. So I can be completely wrong but people are expecting this huge sci fi action flick I think there's going to be a lot of talk. Talk is not going to be a lot act it's going to be. About really yeah there you go. That's the VIBE I got is there's there's going to be a lot of character stuffing it as game of thrones in space. So Villa's what it is also done blade runner twenty, forty nine, and then before rock car. An enemy is a movie I watched. What you're just talking about anthony he is very slow. Burn Paste O.`Neil Maker. So enemy. If you watch arrival. sci-fi action. Flick. Enemies even slower headstarts Jake Jilin Hall and he like he it's so weird he's like a writer and he notices this this actor. That looks just like him. That's his d'appel getting her, and he goes to find him I. don't even know what the movie's about it ended. It was very strange very weird movie, but it was atmospheric just like all this stuff is very atmospheric mood heavy and Bathed in light and washed out, and so I think this looks sick now, which is a good released December eighteenth and. We'll see. What this thing to win this a Lotta money on the screen here did you hear the? The twitter The controversy that's Alexi Alexander who directed about punish worth on. Yeah. She's it was like well, look she was trying to make the the the thing that Dune is based off of Middle Eastern culture end there should be Middle Eastern casts Oh my God. This is a fucking movie in. Space Right So I did the perfect tweet. Yeah and I said I completely agree it'd be nice. If you would've cast, it's alliens. To play the punisher in any Italian what you did. Use Englishman. What does he? Has Nothing. You can say to that because she fucking didn't do it. Isn't it? True? It's crazy. Notice rugs isn't it true that she mentioned the Crusades but isn't they called Jihad in the book? Yeah. They. They use a lot of middle, eastern Arab. Because I think. Not. To get into doing too much. But I, think that you know the Muslim religion or whatever. Is Prominent in. is part of people's lives. You don't have to be Arabic to be Muslim right? Right. You could just be the religion it takes over the over. All of the people that spread out into space just becomes part of the language has nothing to do with. You know. You can have Christians of every. Read right now. The so that that that she was trying to make that connection now that it. Uses the culture that they should be represented which I agree with it. But not as she's been really draconian about it. Is Pretty Dumb. Speak in a diversity. There's no, it's not in the notes maybe it is them taking look right now. Let's just get to that point because we're already relevant. Yes. The Oscars bounced a bunch of diversity and. Bring it up what do you know about this? So in twenty, twenty four, they've set up a bunch of initiatives for diversity. And, if you do not meet these initiatives, you won't be nominated for best picture. You can't be you can be nominated for everything else can be nominated for best picture S, and there was a lot of uproar around this because you know you're influencing hiding people cast these things. But if you look at the actual stipulations, it's not as strict as you would think, no, it's generally there's A. Link in the show notes from Ryan. Yeah well, read basically because it's kind of repeats, but there's a theme of what they want these movies. Yeah. You have to meet a couple of standards right? I. Think it's four different standards. Saturday will real quick at least one act. Are you willing to meet one of these three thirty s at least one actor has one actor from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group must be cast in a significant role. Or The story must center on Women. LGBTQ people. Racial. Ethnic group or the disabled or at least thirty percent of the cast must be actors from at least two of these four underrepresented categories most most movies can hit that third one. The standards are interesting because they are broken down to onscreen representation themes and narratives. You know as far as the Storyline Subject Matter Ensemble cast. But then they also go behind the project for creative leadership and project team. You can also they're encouraging including under underused people, news groups like women, racial groups that'll be GT Q. and creative leadership department heads. So there's there's a whole bunch of that standard be, and then there's a third standard industry access and opportunities that they wanNA offer paid apprenticeship and internship opportunities all people, but they don't have to do all of these right now they don't have to. Have One, of these. You know on the one hand. This is a good start on the other hand. Why aren't they doing this already without having to like make it a thing. Like you know officially, I don't know I just think if it's a good movie, it's a good movie but I don't know I. Don't think this is. GonNa. Make movies any better than it nominated for the Oscars could be more similar. So let's see what happens but I think There was as I mentioned. There's a lot of uproar with if you look at some of these standards, for instance, crew composition, right at least thirty percent of the film crew is from one of the following underrepresented groups women, Racial Ethnic Group lgbtq people with cognitive or physical disabilities. Someone. Did the research and looked up that the population of the United States. Alone is seventy five percent of these people, El Al Women Racial LGBT. asking. Studios to US seventy five percent of people to fill thirty percent. It's actually not that hard or like other key roles is one of them were at least six crew men or other team roles are intimacy excuse me and technical positions including production assistants are from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group. So like makeup artist or Designer or something like that. Usually those are already women so like. Those things. So it's actually not as strenuous. As people think and the reason why they're doing it I guess is. A lot of Hollywood is just white and male and straight so they're trying to. Do. It's they're doing something, but it's really not as. Strenuous Straw Man I. Think they're already I I don't agree. I don't agree I. Don't think that Hollywood is I. Think when you get to the studio upper level, it's more white male well but I think as you get down into the crews and everything like that. It's pretty widespread out like assistance all these people they're all of all different kinds of where I think so. That's the point that I was saying that like the already had these it's kind of like A. There's doing it kind of slut save face Kinda have good pr, but this has already been done. Yeah I mean, I, think it's just Weird that who's going to oversee all this in how it? What if you have a great movie in it doesn't get considered because you met maybe let's you you. You missed something or whatever, or something just doesn't quite. Measure up like I don't know that's weird. What's out what I like about this as you just mentioned like the upper level executives are mostly white and male. This thing covers has standards across the board from the talent to production to in-house senior executives. Also, there's a criteria that and I think that's great. It opens up doors for a lot of people who aren't tough for them to monitor. 'cause you will I, mean. You could just say. Hey your whole cast is white and your your crew is white and the executor white, and then they could just come back and lying go. Yeah. They're all bisexual. Questioning. I guess he got. Checked. Yeah, it's to be hard to move. This? Isn't until twenty, twenty, two, twenty, four. Basically don't want anyone did not have enough leeway to pull off things like this until then Oscar White. Maybe. Much Gay Porn. That means that I can be good. This could be on a movie set. You're always good. The matter what you do. Though that was a great way to bring that up Anthony I. believe this discussion will come up again in the movie we are reviewing this week. Let's move on listener. Let us know what you think about all this craziness join our facebook group. It's called the jock and nation. You can chop it up with our listeners with ourselves. You could also just email us show at jogging or dot com if you don't have the facebook welcome to the group this week Christopher psyched. I remember that old people still want kids Sykes. Do people still say psych and pulled that like the old when you were kids is that like a pool their hand and they're gonNA shake your. Site, put it through their hair the TV show site. What do you do? Do you put it through the top of your head and DESCR scratch your I scratched my balls actually goes. Right into. Offering Ed. Really get. Out So far. Crazy. Why does this keep happening this episode? anyways. It's been a rough. It's twenty twenty. This is we need to let loose a little bit. Hell as on fire. Yes. The whole west coast of the United States. We have a lot of listeners all the from Oregon Washington California I know this please I. Hope you guys are safe. I've seen thanks for posting the photos. We'll say borrow and Christopher of like Red Skies Out West it's fucking wild I've never seen anything like that. But everyone say safe that's you will get better. Let's check I. Don't know we'll look it but I don't know what it's twenty twenty never mind who knows anymore let's move on to move box office move movie news we have some box office numbers tenant it's been out for like two weeks now we have. Opening weekend numbers but this now brings up a lot of questions for how things should proceed. This is a big experiment. Everybody's watching the industry watchers are well, they're watching this over here mostly. So according to box office Mojo. It ten, it says tenant opening weekend made twenty million dollars. That's not good in America. Yes domestic. All all worldwide sitting at one hundred and fifty, two million but it's hold on I found this article that says it may not be twenty million dollars movie duck There's indie wire this company has done the math. It turns out that number and that's the way. Warner? Brothers also included the Thursday opening three days of early preview screenings an additional nine days in Canada and Labor Day, both there, and in the US. Multiple sources telling the site that tenant grows two point six, million, Canada around two point five, million Labor Day a good five million from those sneak peeks that takes opening weekend down today actually only made ten million dollars. Okay I mean. That's because we know why that is I think if this is an comes out with a normal time and it kills. I mean, this is a two hundred, million dollar movie. This movie easily would've made eighty to one, hundred, million dollars you see it I have not. Waiting on negative waiting the results I guess I'll just reveal it waiting the results of my covid test before I go see this movie. Oh he attic coverdells I'm going to have a Kobe tests not because I have covert because I went traveled and I'm trying to be responsible. You. motherfucker brody even. You're you're someone I want he was in place wasn't a place Catechin. Same Mike Mood Asian fucking Sniffen spice. But it's a lot like do. So look, here's the deal on some industry people saying ten inch opening weekend was meant to find. Now what happens the business film industry remains divided over the question of whether or not tenants ticket sales justify releasing more big budgeted films before the coronavirus ends or vaccine becomes available but we all knew this we all knew that you can't open a film during corona you just don't do it especially. When the theater's weren't even aren't open nothing like nothing was really like get the green light to open up and there was shit happening all over the fucking country where people are getting infected. So so this is kind of Shitty for. Though because I feel like they were thinking. It's GONNA come out. This is the movie like no one said it's going to get everybody back in then everyone will start releasing their movies. Now it turns out. The next article is that there's a rumor that wonder woman eighty four and black widow could face further delays because they do not like what they saw with ten. So let's say like a million people went to the movies. That's a lot more than I thought would. Yeah. A lot more than I thought would go to the movies. A million people went to actual and movies I would say. As rug way already said though. We kind of knew this would happen like people. It's a pandemic that but you know people are a little weary and the movie theaters were like twenty five percent capacity s reducing city. They need to be pop in for like these things that make money. So I just didn't. I'm glad like in part of me is Goliath that like there's the movie theatre business had an opportunity to maybe do something and Nolan in stuck his neck out there but. At the end of the day I don't think this movie's is GonNa make any money so I don't understand I don't understand the strategy I. IT looked like a bad idea from the star. Did. Nolan. And he's at Warner Brothers. Why don't you? Just WanNa like the only thing I can think of is going. Walk out of the good of our hearts will lose one, hundred, million dollars. I don't feel like that's the case. But yeah, I feel like they're smarter than that. Yet you had to have known that this was not going to do y what goods. In the middle of a pandemic so that ten million also is without two of the major movie markets open. That is Los Angeles and New York still closed. One of those open I don't know nobody. And by the PT. Tie. In those things open. More than one purse. First of all of my movie, friends are like, no I'm the I've only had one movie friend that said they would go see tenant. everybody's out and another thing is that the buzzing great either. What he's going to have to fuck and see these people were coming out of the going. All Right I. Don't. I. Don't get it. It's. All right is. By the time, this does come out and let's say New York or La. I know plenty plenty of people that have figured out ways to watch this movie other ways than. Movies hairs, a couple of things that are hurting this movie. There's another article on by on Forbes by Scott Madison Steve His takes ten at me and doing more harm than good to movie theaters. So it is seventy five percent on rotten tomatoes seven point oh two out of ten. On average reiter. So you WanNa Layman's review. Okay So I went where when I was in Vegas. I was about to walk into a pool in the promoter comes up to us and goes. Have you guys seen tenant? Yeah, we go. No, we haven't seen. He's like don't watch it. It's so fucking confusing. He's halfway through the media didn't know what the Hell I was even watching. So that's my second point. Released a movie that you have to watch multiple times. That is so convoluted and confusing requires multiple views. You've already asked your your audience to risk going one time. They're not fucking going back to figure out what this movie is. All I know is that it's a feast of practical effects in that is the biggest kind of draw a line and go see it and the intrigue of trying to figure out the fuck is going on it's too frustrating for most. Also I, heard that just like dark knight rises and Baynes audio I heard that the largely audio is really hard to hear. Oh, it's hard to discern. It's so challenging whether he he buried it on purpose I don't know why or he needs his ears checked and he thinks that's fine. Lot of people reporting they couldn't fucking Shit Oh that will. Now Super Confusing movie. You can't hear what they're saying. I don't know this. This experiment was a good idea. So here's the fallout. Right? We said this movie came out. The studios are watching wondering eighty, four they they think about delaying it now pushing back black widow Sony just announced today they will be releasing any major movies eaters until the corona viruses gone or the pandemic. Is. Over or there's a vaccine Oh shit that means you're more BS your venom. Let there be carnage. Any big Sony movie they're like we won't make the mistake of putting very expensive two, hundred, billion dollar movie out of the market unless we're sure that theaters are open and operating at significant capacity. So it seems like a lot of people think this tenant. was kind of a big fucking to seem to me like Nolan or whoever warner brothers. Was a super pigheaded about this. That's a big fucking break. Hubris Bris yes it's it seems headed and arrogant and just like to be the Nolan is one of those guys in terms of fandom that can draw a crowd but just almost impossible to do this I don't think there was any and only there was any movie that would have come out where people would. Just come out in droves and packed theaters. Even if they did pack the theaters again mentioned the theaters were at lower capacities. Now, not even a rug boy, the motion picture. Ventures five if it's suddenly showed up roadway the motion picture. That picture actually were Iran shows Pinas. What's that private parts? That's the Howard Stern movie? No Student Film Studio Film about the. Last Day or whatever it was called. On a Bill Owens Big Nah, come to watch that. I sure well look whether I'm curious about this movie I want to. Still, want to see it but we'll see penis or attended. The thing is ten minutes. This is fucked over movie theaters. If this thing doesn't have legs and make money and it causes other theaters to not put out movies now these movie theaters are in trouble they reopened for no reason. Nothing. I would say, yes, that's a way. Look at. They did fuck up movie theaters but theaters in didn't have shit going on either so they. Movies still show those old ones again I guess I could show the old ones. Your. Success while look if you're going out to the movie theaters listener, you need a mask I know where you can get an awesome one, its NRT public march shop, her dot com slash up by a chocolate mask, and while you're there, get yourself a t shirt and then maybe a Mug at Tumbler and there's a whole bunch of cool stuff there. JOCK NER DOT com slash shop. Dirty talked about the Oscars a two final quick TV updates. Here the walking dead guys remember that show. Watch that show watching it season ten. Season Nine didn't finish this thought to finish I forget what season but it was essentially this point the show that was never gonNA end where you. Have confirmed its ending after season eleven. Actually Eleven. Of the walking. That crazy. What hasn't been news. Yeah. Yeah. Easily I guess, right No. When was the first season of walking dead? It was. Asking me? For. was going to say. started. Ten they also revealed that they are working on a spin off. That is going to focus on Daryl and Carol, and it should be called. Tara. Carol. T hilarious Daryl and Carol fight. The dead. and. Then there's another they're going to do ed in policy aimed spin off where they will be able to bring back like dead characters and just tell a one off story. So the final season will run for twenty four episodes. No premiere date has been announced I. Twelve episodes will air next year and then final twelve concluding in twenty, twenty two. and. They're finally airing their let their last episode of last season because they couldn't fishing. Yeah. So walking dead still alive dead after eleven seasons and the men delorean on Disney positive They're they're date has come out. It will be out October thirtieth. On Disney, plus. Jon Favreau is going to direct the premiere. It will be eight episodes. Rick Family Yima also come back to direct call. Weather's going to direct an episode and Robert Rodriguez will be directing an episode. This season in February says that episode lengths will be a little more even this year unlike last season where it was like this was twenty eight minutes, it's forty six minutes. Okay sure. Cumulus Yasha be an hour law I mean I released four, hundred forty to fifty minutes just keep fucking keep a kind of the same length you don't have to be exactly. It's just it was a little weird when there was really short episodes. I, go to just watch. Cited for the mandatory Disney plus needs new shit. They'll be people forget. I'm starting to carry starting to care. They were on the cover of entertainment weekly. There's the baby and the mandatory in well Khurana was getting a lot of heat for his post that she made Khurana what yeah. What what happened? What happened? She just posted like open up the stores and stuff it's ridiculous and then everybody just started jumping on. A Nandi. Out. My guess my guess is that like she's no longer on the show otherwise, you wouldn't be saying show I she's on the show second season. I don't know maybe she died she knows or maybe there's no other season. Donna she's like. Why would you put that out there? If you know the Disney's got puckered asshole like. Really says. Zito doesn't Post Shit because we need him because he's he's in everything. And he's a big part of Man delorean. Boys mother fuckers everywhere breaking bad. He's in better call Saul Giancarlo ESPOSITO's in he. He's in Spike Lee movies. He's fucking fantastic. You guys. It's that time of the episode again. Got We got shot out fame tastic awesome sponsor. The good folks over at manscaping are providing support for the chocolate or podcast. And they have sent really fun. You copy for us to share with you. 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And with that, we're just gonNA take a little break here. Let's their place promos and comeback and review. Moulana and other stuff right after this. Pussy. Check out what's been going on with the pop culture. COSMO. Show and the ACC multi-diverse that is by far my favorite because it's also character-driven stakes are high and there's much more of mystery and intrigue to a game like Wolfenstein which you're saying or one of the most important video games of the past ten years catch our shows on radio worldwide seven days a week or anytime on pod being spotify apple podcasts were on over thirty more podcast outlets. Hi everybody I'm RJ Metzger and I'm Rachel Metzger and we're the skeptical skeptics each week we talk about all the crazy things in the world ranging from the paranormal to bigfoot to ufo's, and we look at it from the perspective of the believer. In between come, check us out on the MSE podcast network or go to skeptical skeptics, Dot Com and follow us at skips get on twitter facebook and instagram. I'd. Listen, if you enjoy the show, there's something you should do head on over to jogging near dot com slash petri on and join our fan club card. It's a great way to show your love to support the show and you get bonus content. Everyone gets an exclusive RSS feed that has lots of bonus audio in their the shows come out early this week part three rugs of our rug boy in the Nerd five-part Patriot only series anymore so far it's five parts. This week's episode is titled Shortest Longest. Because we play you the shortest song in the longest saw oo. Put a lot of thought into that one eighty curated put a lot of thought into the theme of this one. It just kind of wrote itself, but there's that and movie reviews Corona Binge reports even you got anything coming up. maybe maybe some stuff I'll I'll say this. Depending on if we review the show I, might have a shoe show to to review Gotcha Patriot. Once it gets cold outside I will be back into consuming media on the TV. So I will have things talk about out on the TV back. All right that's good. Jock dot com slash PIA this week's a little rough for me, but I will hopefully be back on the train you did put up I put up your war games and American assassin stay gold. There's tons of stuff just sign up. Not. Something I'm watching something. All right time for the review, we are doing the premier access Disney plus release of the live action Mu Lan. By Disney, here are your spoilers. In. Of course, this movie is the live action adaptation of Disney's one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, eight animated movie called on which itself is based on the Chinese folklore call the ballot of Milan, just like everything Disney has put out do you think people are onto the fact that Disney is not original stories by Disney? Are People still don't know they just take public domain and others grim? Snow White Cinderella everything they write any of that. They just they just put their spin on it and They make dollars. Yeah. It's a pretty good scheme you've got. The. So this originally was a had the release date of November second twenty eighteen. I think that was right and they had lots of delays. March. Twenty seven two, thousand, twenty then it was rescheduled to July. then. It was rescheduled to August. DNA was pulled off the release schedule and just little over a month ago they had announced that they are releasing this on Disney plus September fourth funnily enough before everything shutdown, it did get to premiere in Hollywood on March ninth. It had a big red carpet premiere like right before all the shit hit the fan. So rotten tomatoes Moulin is sitting at seventy five percent tomato meter six, point eight, six out of ten. Average. Ratings and this is where it gets weird. If you WANNA talk about box office numbers, this is a two hundred, million dollar movie. It's how much the budget is. Two hundred million dollars internationally it's already made about six million dollars. Because it was released internationally, it has not come out in China yet I believe it's coming out there in a few days as we record but. I don't know if Disney's ever going to reveal the actual numbers versus. The well, they're saying, they may say something in November their earnings reports. But they're not gonNA come out and say we made this much money variety estimated Milan would need to be rented by about eight point, four million subscribers. That's about thirteen point eight percent in order to break even business insider reports. After the film's opening weekend, it had reportedly been viewed by one point, one, two, million households which would result in about thirty three and a half million dollars for Disney. So compare that to ten it's ten million plus this is money they get to keep. All of would have to share with a movie theaters or distributors. Now. Weather Disney is pleased with what's going on so far. I don't know I. saw one thing that said that they were not pleased and then I saw another thing that's an executive said we are very pleased. What I do know is that right before it was released, they made a deal for the movie to be released also on Amazon Fire TV so it's not just Disney plus and I think this is probably going to be expanded more. They're going to release it to these other streaming services. If the details are good. Right, you would think, yeah, what it did result in sixty eight percent spike in Disney plus APP download. So I definitely think it got them subscribers. I. Don't know it's hard to know. It's hard to know how much money this thing made this the movie directive. Real. Quick. It would. If it did really really well would have put out a press release sure right away they would have been like we have made our money back. This is a huge hit again, a similar to tenant. The seems to be like a middling mixed kind of financial reception anyway and kind of critically. Buried something. That's really Horton No. Is that the information got out that they were going to release it December Oh yes. On on Disney does yes and I think that that hurt the sales. Alas right. Before it came out the pre sales weren't good and now if you wait till December, if you're subscribe to Disney plus you'll get to watch this movie. It's over people who did it pave thirty bucks? All decided to just wait. Wait it out. It's going to be hearing a hop skip and a jump. For this because I wanted them to see do good. So they put up like what I like this I don't know if it's working. We will see but it is at three months is not a long time wrong about the. Predicted that there's GonNa make shitloads yeah. I thought that was really well. But there's a lot of factors. There was some kind of a political bullshit. This movie. Yeah. There's all kinds of stuff that kind of lead into the. Production from the minute they decided to announce they were making this movie criticism controversy and scrutiny has followed every this movie. Every step of the way I will get into that. I have a little bit list, but this movie directed by a female director Niki, Caro now, the budget of two hundred, million dollars. This is the most expensive film ever made by a female director. written by. Rick Jaffa. Amanda. Silver Elizabeth Martin. Lawrence. And starring the fun names everyone comes for right. On a playing, Milan. Liu. So, right. Yeah, I go there to give. You. Have a coupon for ten dollars off. A lot is that a real name? Yes, she's so apparently they picked her like the remember international casting call they looked at thousands of Asian actresses and picked her Dadi Yen playing commander tongues in this. League on Jet Lee playing the Emperor Jason Scott Lee playing Borey Khan the big bed your sewn and Z. Ma. Rosalyn Child Pay pitching I just love these names. Jonah. Tang. Ron Juan. Janu. Chattan Tang. Jimmy Wong Abba. Cameo. By ming-na when at the very end the original voice of Mulan. There's nice little touch their. Anthony. This I've watched. The animated movie after I watched this 'cause I, couldn't really remember and I wanted to compare it. It's it's it's kind of a lot different but a lot the same. Plot of this Mulan while Moulin I'm Wa-. Moolah. So, this is in what? Imperial China I don't know what to imperial China whether you're that was yeah and the Chinese are getting invaded by this guy named Borey Khan. And a bunch of these are people from the north. and. All of China is declared to have their families send. Their male one male representative to be in the army to fight back against these people Moulin is kind of a Tomboy and she deceives her father. Nazis her father but goes against her father's wishes and deceives the entire Army and joins the army as disguises of male when she's obviously a female and it is about her in a Chinese, in a world where she is not supposed to be. In she is probably the most bad ass character within that world. So bought her kicking ass taking names. So the basic same plot from the animated movie a few little subtle changes What did you think? Let's start you amy I'm more Asian than you but you are more hourly appearing Asian than me so I think. It's only be fair. The you start sure you're opening thoughts. Thank thanks for the. Weird we were talking about this. I was like. Everybody looks more aged than me. Technically I'm Asian. Thanks for putting down asianised. Oh hid opening thoughts. So I'll start off by saying I kind of have I feel like I'm unique in that. Obviously I'm Asian but and I've seen a lot of the Disney Renaissance Movies Milan was past the point I started caring about. Like. This. I've never actually seen the original loan. Okay. Yeah. So I had nothing to compare this to i. was kind of a Guinea pig in that I wasn't biased towards the original I was seeing this I know what the story is but was seeing this to see this I didn't know what would any I didn't have any point of comparison. So. Obviously saw the movie. Right away when I, these types of movies I, default to just a six hundred ten. Like it's it's good but then I thought about it more and I'm just like. There's a lot of like the story is is is a solid story It's kind of a an inspirational tale about a woman in all -mongst a very male dominated society saying no in fighting for what's right and doing heroic things. So on on the surface, it's a good story but overall I just the movie to be kind of planned. Oh, there's some interesting parts here and there there's some. Okay like action and different like Nice colors, colors, schemes but then there's some like really bad green screen The dialogue is this really Shitty. At. Times. The. The way it moves from the pacing is a little weird. So overall I just like. I haven't seen a lot of the Disney remakes the. The. Overarching theme a lot of Mr just flat and I felt like this was just flat like I watched the film and I mean I call pausing every twenty minutes to look at my phone or do something else it just. You know there's some decent stuff in here but overall I mean I think I think. The reason I brought up that a default to these being six out of ten I think in. I'm reconsidering that is I think we should expect more from big budget movies like this. And with a cast like this and the amount of money and the amount of power behind this to get something that this kind of just this flat is. Kind. Of, disappointing. Interesting rugs. What are your thoughts? Okay. So I saw Mulan when it came out I thought it was very good though I never watched it again. Yeah. Yeah. That was very, well done. Actually beautifully animated you know lines drawn animation. Classic. Yeah it's great music is Great Eddie Murphy's in it is great. So It's a different thing. It's a cartoon comes even do more. We can the comedy do more with the dead. But the thing is even the comedy of the cartoon. Some of the moments were handed handled better. Yeah. All right. So Multiple. People have pointed this out, but I also feel like the transition from Milan to becoming. A warrior becoming a bad ass. It does I mean, let me just put this out there and say, okay. This movie is captain. Marvel. A little bit? Yes. Absolutely. All right. So it's Captain Marvel. It's not really Moo- long because Milan is about a girl who trains yes and proves that she could be as good as the boys and eventually like wins over everybody in this movie is. Like Captain Marvel somebody who who has immense power that's doesn't recognize her own power and then she just has to say I am carol she's also she's also ray from star. Wars see already has the fourth right there. I say the words Mary Sue from Ray, but she's like exactly in the movie she trains she does get a little help from Moo Shu at times what she doesn't have this cheap power that they have her in this movie it's difference it just takes a little bit of dimension out of the the heroes. Any No And the thing is, okay. We could say that Shit and be like your fucking whatever. There's already a movie of Alon showed you better. Shows you it's better. So it's like we know that that's better because we've seen it. So it's not like just saying, Oh, well, you know whatever there is precedent for it. So that's why a lot of people pointed it out. So they're so and the and also there's this moments that don't feel as like epic as like when in the cartoon on cuts her hair and it's like out big outputs on our father's armor up and the father runs out and he's in the rain and after her not to go here, it's just like she picks up a sword and then she's in the armor. And it's edited. So the editing in this movie the. Cut A lot of stuff out in this. Hour's long this fucking moved. There's things that like just happen and there's no context for it. So she goes down they don't show up putting the arm ranch got the arm on, and then the parents wake up she's gone and then there's that other scene where she's in the battlefield. And she all of a sudden is behind the mountain shooting people with Arrows. You don't know how she got there she just. Here's the flank move rugs she flanked them, but it was just up there. Yeah. There's a lot of weird editing of things in I think it was beautifully. Shot Cinematography was really epic grand in us and everything was like beautifully arranged in designed by feel like it wherever edited this movie chop the Shit Outta me apply. So way it really put a damper on the so. You have a I. Don't get the bad guy in this film oricon. No not be not on the did the witch the witch is kind of she goes back and forth. Yeah. There's a wish addition. So yes, she that's another thing that's not in the original Milan was that was the hawk, but the Hawk never turned into a witch so This. Lady is trying to convince her to join her darth vader. Yeah. Yeah. We can be ruled the world together. She has the same powers has the same power women above Blah. She's like we don't have to be borne cons pets so we can take over. Yes. So it was just a weird bad guy. Yeah, and it was just like a weird thing like she was. Trying she why she she was she not aware of this person against and she all purchase. Now we could team up I just didn't get it just didn't make enough sense I like on though he is bad ask Dude Jason Scali Guy Lee he was fine. I thought he was. Just one real quick thing before I forget. Because Roy mentioned it. The Captain Marvel Pearson's actually spot on for me in a different way. Yeah. In that this is another movie from Disney Marvel I, Guess Disney overall arching Disney where you have you know it's supposed to be this grand thing. You have a female in a lead role like this is a big movie for women's empowerment almost money behind it up and it's just such a flat movie. It's such a cap tomorrow and this one both your it feels like you're checking the box on all the things that should make this an epic right coming out party for for women empowerment, and then you come out of it and you go. Am I going to think about this tap? Knows nothing you think about The actresses forgettable I think she did a great job I really love Lou. I'm in the middle on her yeah I. was I feel like she's like a Brie Larsen she's just as she she looks the part and everything. Yeah but I don't really. have emotional moments. They're not resonate ages. Martial arts. So my opening thoughts actually I thought it was okay. I I enjoyed it a little bit better than okay. I did really I enjoyed the scenery I enjoyed the the period piece I thought the action was was was quality. I this to two hundred, million dollars. Seen Yeah movies with not even a quarter of the budget that come out of China. Do the same shit. We shot a lot of this on location in China, get into that. That's the problem and in New Zealand, but the money went to the sets I guess in costumes and I mean some of the big action scenes reminded me of like a braveheart. There's so many extras out there they're mix it up it's chaotic. That's the thing is it's a bloodless action. Yes. They're constantly putting away. Alvin motherfuckers. Twice, yes she kill people. Yeah. I mean the the action at times I, was like Oh. This is this is. You, know more than I would expect for Disney in terms of large scale war. Then another time honestly I I felt like that I mean the scene with her in the mountain or the end in the snow. I've felt like that. Terrible. By the snow looked fake. Element I thought they looked awful kinda like this whole scene rugs I'm watching it now, but they do set it up. This is kind of one of my favorite parts of the movie and it's interesting that this happened in the animated movie differently. But you see here running by grabbing helmets and then you see the helmet setup on the mountains and she starts taking them out. But I do love those fireballs that they're launching at the the army when they're all in the protective mode and she's like I'm GonNa Bring this fucking mountain down on them, get them to turn it around like this Kinda bad as. For me I mean for me, the best parts of this movie are her. Trying to hide the lie within the yeah. The the barracks I don't know what other term use. Yeah where she's. Doing her best to sleep, take your duty and all the characters I I like the interplay of the characters thinking she's a man and talking to her about who they're gonNA get set up with her she's bringing up all the qualities she want the in a woman be want in a woman because the she has all those qualities. So I felt like all that kind of work but The. Fuck. In the CI or whatever I thought was a huge mistake i. Smooth like the jump kick Speier move that she does. HAVE TO BE I. Don't know I don't know. Samantha. Trading and they have a witch. So this this. People running sideways off the wall. Our scaling that was. was just a thrown in th it's like, yeah, I need this. Because no one else had it except for her I think what the thing is is like Danica or not done yet Donnie editors saying that everyone has. Cheese the one of the only people that knows how to access it I. Feel like look why you look at this movie and you remove the songs and you remove Moosh shoe and the whole thing with the ancestors there's like a big hole that needs to be held back in and they wanted to create a serious. EPIC POEM and they wanted to base it off of the ballot of Mulago that was a little different than what Disney they wanNA create a different film. Yeah. Because all the all the criticism of these disease movies is they're remaking the same exact film no heart they succeeded. Shot for shot remake it has some of the big moments the enemy that had, but it is old news exceeded in. Movie making it. It's own. Taking something old and kind of making it new. I feel like they did a good job with with. Are you going to remember probably not? I feel girls will love I feel like they'll remember. This is the this is the way you have to look at it is that these little girls that are going to see they have watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon there haven't watched hero. They have watched all of these Hong Kong films that are this the same pound for pound. It's PG thirty nine also, which is the first live action PG thirteen movies they're going to be dazzled by this because they haven't seen anything like it. Yeah. It's bloodless not to have to worry about Gullikson and that turns that usually turns younger kids off. So it's perfectly what they were doing. So I think in that way. It might be a win but I feel like it may be too boring for kids in a way. No I don't think the movies enough. Fun. There's there's there's. A lot of ways it's it's it's kind of missing ironically songs in a dragon, the Disney magic et made those Disney cartoons so wonderful. Interesting that they're like they they didn't nail that to I. Mean They have the they do have the reflection song, which actually was also one of the best parts of the. Christina re. Sing the song, and if you listen to those two songs, you can hear her voice matured allow side note. Oh but so they have the song like playing to just the instrumentals of it. So that's nice but it's just missing is just missing like that. Again, that magic that fire that that possess to make this movie fun like there's it's almost too serious. I'm wondering how much how many which is the weird thing to say about a Chinese war? Well, yeah, it's epoch. Chinese. War fantasy movie by wondering how many is decisions were made because they were maybe catering too much toward the Chinese market witness and you have like these legends of Chinese cinema and the. Jet Lean. The Guy that play Bruce leaned s I mean. All sorts of different actors and actresses and it's just. Flat. One quick thing. Sorry. The think. It crossed my mind and I don't know how feasible this was and I understand probably why they didn't do it but I was like You're making this movie your filming in China Mulanje you cast it an all Chinese cast. Why not just go the full way and put the movie and Mandarin Cantonese speaking. Avid Asian person directed. Yeah. That was so okay. Hold that. Yes that's also a problem. Look Overall I. Think the screenplay is probably the weakest bit of this thing like this for. Our okay the visuals are set is stunning cinematography. Stunning. But the screenplays, the worst I do love their influence of Hong Kong. Action Movies you see the will see Little Bollywood influence you know and it's all very clean and polished and dignified. Here's a couple of differences between the movie which bring out some more interesting things and the animated feature and a couple of Easter eggs. The most interesting thing the very beginning of the movie when they show you the Disney Castle, the Disney logo comes up I don't know if you notice that opening castle is from Disney Lang Shanghai. Oh here this is a been there. Well, yes nobody would know what that would look like. This is kind of. This is a huge deal because Bob Eiger one of his biggest things he accomplished was getting Disney into China, getting up theme park in China and the movie starts out kind of catering. If you are in China watching this movie, you got to be shipped Disney that's the castle from Disneyland Shanghai. So right away it's letting you were we're kind of catering to the Saudis we noticed I've mentioned there's no songs but some of the dialogue. Some of the songs that were in the animated movie did you guys catch any of that? I, remember when we're talking about girls said when a girl who cooks and then whatever one guy goes lawmakers man out of you yet for that. That's all. MOTU replaced with a nameless Phoenix. What did you guys think about this I thought it was kind of strange. Marshall did something different in the Phoenix? He's Lucia was guiding her in a different kind of Bush was sent by pray to the ancestors. The ancestors picked to go keep an eye on her and he kind of helped her a little bit certain. But this Phoenix was this show up and I guess it was guiding. It's like. A waypoint. Checkpoint Oh safe point I can save here. The Phoenix Anthony comments on the Phoenix that make do anything for you. Know I mean I really I. Guess. This. Next one is interesting. You already mentioned rugs Mulan doesn't cut her hair in the animated movie. It's a huge moment of empowerment and and she's made the decision she puts on her father's armor and cuts her hair to be a boy I. Kinda like this compromise I'll tell you why this one said she puts it in a Bun, but it get that moment where she lets her hair down and the flowing hair when she comes back into battles fought. Armor. Bad. She's fucking. She's got the force. She's Ray from Star Wars Captain Marvel. I've when she would I don't. They didn't know that she cut her hair but the whole time I'm watching this film I'm going. How. Does anyone know this is the That's I. Did like that moment where she enters the tent and it's all the dudes and they're having do talk and you're like Holy Fuck. Ever, house you gotta deal with for me. That's the most interesting part. As fish water, this is the thing that I wished it at least in the in the least that she would have done is just put some bass in her voice to try to but. But then but I don't know how they didn't register at all like she was like she was trying to pretend to be dude. So in the animated movie the she has a sight to see why I'm watching ought to Milan? She has a MU voiced by Eddie Murphy dragons psychic but there's also a lucky cricket given to her by her aunt that follows her throughout the whole movie. So she's got to two sidekicks. In this one cricket is that dude his name is cricket the Guy Goes by Davis cricket my mom says, I'm very lucky. That's the nod to cricket from the movie. Every cast member is actually Asian in this movie unlike the animated we'll on where they weren't This one has a sister in the animated movie. She had a dog pet dog that she called little brother and then we also already mentioned instead of training to be a bad ass she already has fucking power. So she's already Abacha's. The Hawk is in the animated movie, but it's like her a the bad guys is, and it never turns into a witch but it. It obviously telling them where everybody is and then yeah. Now Cameo. She was the original law they should giving her a bigger. Yes. He just comes to I. Think she was shooting. Legends of shield. Agencies Agent Pledges Shield agents of shield at the time, and that's all she had time to do. Now I mentioned the criticism and controversy does follow this movie twenty eighteen. You Re shares an image supporting the Hong Kong police during the protests in Hong Kong. That was not good. For the so wait a minute for la Pong Kong police or the protest she was supporting the police as they brutally cracked down on the protesters. Yes well. If, the if she wants to do well in China, shushing made a good move. Okay. So that may have been a good move in the long run she had to go. They took her out of d twenty twenty-three and kind of made her silent for a while after that a lot of a lot of us like a motive. Support. The Hong Kong, but anyone that is in business with China does not say anything? Yes. Yes. So it's a tricky line Disney has to has to play here with you. They want their stuff they're interesting. It's very interesting rugs. You're right. They received some criticism for hiring a white director for the film. she's female she's white it's not Asian they had looked at some Asian directors. It just didn't work out on February of this year film producer Jason. t read that Milan's love interest captain. Lee. Shang was dropped in response to the me too movement Oh. That's another interesting change. They do hint that a little thing with that one guy with. She's from in the chain. Launch want you. Know love interest I would have preferred. They had love I would have preferred. They would've went further with them to being love interest because that that would have been actually for me. Again have not seen the first one that would have been kind of a beautiful story this guy, these two dudes like bond and then he realized that he realizes that this is a woman and he even more infatuated with her. Just how talented she is and how different she is any girl that he would have been so kind kinda waiting for that to happen because they were kind of setting that up and it just never happens. I was like fuck but this is why. I'm they shake hands at the end. Their Bros. I don't know what what they're. and then finally, the biggest criticism that just came out after the movie came out is in the credits. Think they location like I said in China and in New Zealand. But they think the province of Jin Yang and China where they film engine Yang. There are interment camps containing to a million ethically Turkic citizens there the Whitacre's the our Muslim minorities that have been disappeared and hustled into in camps in China has not done a good job at providing. Any kind of civil rights or they're trying to get rid of them basically. So they there's been boycotting Lun Hashtag started trending when this movie came out. because of are pretty dumb move, they could have avoided that didn't need to go in that province of someone in their homework and looked up what the fuck is going on. You couldn't pick another fucking place to film me movie in that wouldn't have been a hard switch. So but this is like. This is so much. Criticism controversies fault this movie it's crazy. Yet. It's all right movie in A. Gang look wanted to. Let's rate it, but brank it. However, we haven't I have I've seen only a few these live action I haven't seen any. So you haven't seen any at all. I have rugs have you seen any the beast? Okay. So Cinderella Aladdin, Aladdin's I saw a little bit of a Latin. We'd Lion King Jungle Book Dumbo. I saw a little bit of Dumbo don't watch all of it. So if out of the her jungle book is the best one. Yeah. Don't know. Okay. So here let me since not I've only seen I've seen Aladdin I really liked the Latin actually. Fun I'd like to spin they took on it. And I've seen and there's also on Disney plus they had that What's that one with the two dogs lady and a tramp live? Cute. Those all right. but just. For Shits and Giggles, I have variety has ranked. All the Disney live action. Let me give you their top ten number ten. They have dumbo its Tim Burton. Nobody liked this movie apparently. So that's the worst number nine is the lion king actually Oh shit surprised number eight is Allison Wonderland. Number seven, they have the lady and the tramp from Disney poss- number six, one, hundred and one dollars nations from Nineteen ninety-six. Number five beauty and the beast in two thousand seventeen number four, the jungle book from two thousand sixteen number three Aladdin from two, thousand, eighteen, number two, Cinderella from twenty fifteen, an number one, they have Muan. As the number one Disney live action adaptation she likes to Rela. Better. Cinderella is Kenneth. Branagh. Is really good. I heard that's one of the best. But out of like the ones tough list little ones I saw like, Aladdin. I would put move on up there. Somewhere I haven't seen the other ones Agencia Lan last in the beast beauty enemies azan. But Cinderella was good. Cinderella's like one of the better ones in jungle book is one of the better ones so. Yeah but they think Milan's the best give me a number. What would you rate this movie then rugs? Rank what do you mean? Wait give me a number. Give me a number for like on a scale of one to ten right it. Yeah. Forget the ranking we haven't seen enough movies. You can't do that I'm going to say look, it's not a terrible movie. it. It should have been a lot better the two hundred dollar two, hundred, million dollar budget. Yes. So I'm going to say a six point five. It's a it's a better than average is a little bit. Better six is a little bit better than better than average. So. Fair Enough Anthony. Go five point five snap. Shit completely average. There was some moments where I was feeling little bits of the Magic Yup and give them the extra. Point Five, just because of that, and the fact that I like the song reflection and they didn't Redo the song within different person. I will give it. I'M GONNA give it a seven. It was enjoyable I like certain parts of it but it is it is forgettable and. I think it's. Shit like Captain Marvel was flat this is. Less cap tomorrow how notices half seven at that time I find even given a seven I would probably rethink that. This was, have you thought about watching it again? No I don't WanNA. Watch. Tried to lots of together I couldn't make it through. For what it's worth. Do It on Letterbox, which is my Go-to for snooty film critics. Or snooty film fans. They have it as two point six out of five stars snap. A five. That's like one of these things where. I think because it's cove it in have nothing else to watch that I found it. Like Fun to what I I was interested in watching I'd enjoy watching it. But. If I had other stuff to watch I probably be like now Austin. So I think a good of kind of refreshing the sort, the material and putting something a little bit you while paying I mean I just will be exhibited wish that we would have gotten a star out of this that was going to be like you know that you're like Oh my God who is this like? Wow, like if. I was impressed by. I don't. I don't know. What our? New. physicality she's physical at I thought the fighting was good and she's she's studying I mean after I watch Godzilla. I was like that chick can act but banger. So I didn't have I, didn't have that. Her acting was good but it wasn't like Oh. This is how my God this is like a star like a fricken I'm on you to see or an everything a machine nice to like. Pleasant. Yeah she's cute. She's fine. I'm just yeah. She leap off the screen. Honestly, even like mean Donnie yen was was solid but even like the way they had jet Li acting heels and even leaping off the screen. Yeah I mean he's the because he's the emperor he doesn't really. understated. In that role Yup Yup Yup I don't know I. was kind of disappointed by the whole thing she to the chasing of chickens in the beginning is also like the animated movies chases chickens. I like to do with the guy, the Z. Wa Ma what's his name was as a father? Well, yes, he's great. Use It. Whenever I see him I think of. Zima. With a little daughter that's seeing Mariah Carey in the back Zima was in a rival also. Yeah. Yeah. He's. He's been. Talking up arrival and I don't remember him and he was he's probably a the scientists, right? Yeah. No, he was a army general. He's been in a bunch. Oh He was twenty four to, Oh yeah. He was like, what are the Chinese season twenty four? He's been in a bunch of stuff. So he's great. He's always saw it. All right. Good stuff review. Let's do some news from the nation. Four News. Stinks. It's stinks. It stinks. We've got some comments from our last episode, what the Fuck happened retrospective. This email is like the is like you're doing the episode over Oh just not doing I wanNA have you re this anthony? Picks. It's basically he's just doing what we did. He. Reaches. The what he picked. Yeah. He hears his picks someone. Who can read the entire? You're right. You're right but I just think it's interesting what he paid compared to what we pick back listen to that. You can listen to all the what the fuck happened episodes of just visit our website jogging her dot com slash W. t.f happened, and for what it's worth `fiddlesticks. If we read this, this would take up ten minutes especially with Imran reading it I've just GonNa jump to the important parts but listeners stay tuned. Next week we will be doing the fifteenth edition of what the Fuck happened. Superman for quest for peace? So if you listen, we had a bunch of categories we gave out the Golden Ruggie, awards `fiddlesticks, says can't wait to hear your picks here are mind I made a bunch of graphics that were in your podcast APP that flipped real quick. So you could see while the higher was talking about worst villain he picked electro I. Think we picked electro your worst film cat woman. I think we picked APD right but that's also good worst actor team too high. Worst worst director Marc Webb. Pete off right. We give it to fuck French fucker peed off were script x men, origins Wolverine. That's that's a good pick. Worth Chemistry the whole cast a fantastic. Done. So we're superhero costume bad nipples. Yes. Special effects ceases the special effects are the least problematic parts of all five of the films good point weirdest acting choice. Johnny. Blaze indicate. Source Material. Offender. Four. Would we pick but can We said Cattleman. But it's good to hear his picks and I hope you enjoyed our picks got a couple of comments from David Zeka. He said, you gave he man way too much credit. It's barely a movie. It's like a high school foam project. You we give it a lot of credit. Some of your criticisms are expectation ratings and not movie ratings. Made I didn't see the movie well Anthony's not involved in. It means he was never there. Find David and your next emails boy does with them. He has another comment. He says the far analysis has failed to mention that the smell from afar they couple of atoms whereas the smallest virus is many tens of thousands of times larger than that. No, which is why it it won't get through through. The fart seeps through whereas these it's iris does and it's a bent molecule. The fart molecule animals explained it's bent. It hangs to the left just like me Oh who said blake brakes and said finished watching the first three episodes of the bullies and I can't get enough of the music selection they used for the show both in its first and second seasons umbrella academy watchmen, both did a fantastic job of pudding in music that kept you engaged what TV show episodes stuck with you because of the music that went with that specific episode, this could range from basic cable shows like house m D using. Babo Riley by the WHO or scrubs using how to save a life by the fray AMC venture to streaming service shows premium cable shows. Do you guys have any thoughts? The last episode Grano Sopranos did it well, with don't stop believing and also the opening theme Sopranos. I would listen to every time it got fucking hyped for the show right so good bye. was that a who are saying that a something? I don't remember woke up this morning anything else. Anthony you have just. got. A couple. E R.. I used to watch er for many years when Anthony Edwards died I forget what? Who did he play the ball guy he got cancer and died episode when he was dying, they played I'm somewhere over the rainbow by izzy come only on the UKULELE and offshoot. that. Just that that. Got Me. That got me sad. I'll never forget it. and. Then in scrubs, my favorite scrubs episode scrubs did a great is the line where Colin Hay from men at work. He's like a patient, but he's following jd around with his acoustic guitar playing overkill like throughout the whole episode. Just, giving them a live performance. That was great. Agreed, I am great. There's a lot of anything how my head I mean is a good question I remember without you from friends but I don't think that moved me. I just remember waking pad had some good ones the that's a good question. There's a lot I love blaming just watched. Okay I'll I'll I'll give you okay. Better call saw. I think the last season. saw gets a stranded in the desert. Yeah. With with a fucking I think a bunch of money. and. Can play a song from lobby syfy. What's that He's a he's a singer English dude in it's in the seventies and that's what the sample that they get My name is from EMINEM. Oh. Yeah is that's the song that's ample from and I just remembered that whole scene was pretty epic. Is it the route? Yes sir. Yes. As we yeah that dude that show Vince Gill knows how to use music David Chase on Sopranos thought the Umbrella Academy did it amazingly the second season? WHO's so yeah they had a good good song. So all right. Well, let's finish up with some. What are we watching? Can I get the boys episodes one through three out Can I get watch update rugs, watch it all. And we watch shit from. Brody even podcast. Other things but you know, I? Have a couple of things about the boys to let the listener. it's I. CAn't wait till. You Watch it. It's very good There is an after show on Amazon hosted by should tyler for every episode episode of the after show. So if you want more you can. Watch that initially this you know the staggered release, they put three episodes and they're putting them out every Friday Apparently the show suffered a little review bombing on Amazon from fans who are upset that they couldn't binge the whole thing. These people have a lot of free time on their hands I. Don't know why you would do that. Just to be clear, the show runner Eric Kripke has come out and said, the decision to stagger episodes wasn't from Amazon wasn't from the producers the writers themselves wanted to do this, and his quote is exactly why I think this is better than just dropping everything. Once he says quote our feeling is that when at all eight at once it becomes a sugar rush of Binge people burn through it in a week or two. There's an intense amount of activity and then it sort of fades. There's so many great moments in season two, we want him give him time to marinate. And I love that because umbrella academy already buzzes like look on what kind of loser groups form where decide where? Her and decide collectively. Bomb something show coming out every week and. Meaningless thing. I'm a complete loser and I would not. Do. You have nothing better to do but then just be an asshole quizzes. She's nothing better to do. I would find something way more stupid to do that. Finger butthole. Productive enough and not even dumb enough. To. The waste. Fucking, idiots not. GonNa do anything. Get a life. Yeah have you ever think about doing that just? Vast. Lean twenty year old action figures and put it up. Your ass. It'll be a lot more. You will forget about whatever dumb shit you were going to do. That's a good tip. Number that's Roy. Definitely Guay approved remember I mentioned there was going to be they said there was going to be a short film that was going to fill in where butcher was between seasons that they were put out. Well, the short film is an exaggeration today they did debut their short film. Apparently. It's only on twitter at the boys account it's five minutes long and it's not a short film. It's one scene that they couldn't fit into any of the other nine fucking episodes. It's you can watch it. It's fine. There's some shots in there that you've already seen that were in the first three episodes, and then there's like one scene that. It's whatever I was kind of disappointed that. It's not A. It's literally just like well, I'll have the link in twitter. You can watch it I was watching it, and then like something happened in that ended and I was like. Sit The fuck is this. Was a little disparate anthony. What are you been watching? I kind somewhat inspired. By the fact that in the fest group shot to those guys, they kept talking about this and the fact that I was on a flight. And the fact that I like. The karate kid? And the fact that it's now a Netflix I have taken up Cobra Kai and. Into the first? season. and. I, fucking. Love it. It's funny I. CanNot believe that they've. Made this show and made it so perfect to the tone of what Right Karate kid was back in the day and been able to adapt that and make it into a Sitcom esque toughing with teenagers and I'm still enjoying it and they don't swear like it's very wholesome. It's very clean, but it's the characters are so good. The writing the tributes, the image, the original air. There's Dick Jokes and yeah, we'll see Joe, it's not exactly one hundred percent PC. Yeah. So but it's. Even I. Can't wait to finish it. Yeah. At this suddenly become. So buzzy now it's been out for a few years on netflix everybody's watching it. So when you finish it, you guys, we'll definitely review the first two seasons, the Cobra Kai. A Lotta Buzz I think we should talk about it. And I watched it. It's just a great example of how to continue and old Ip from the Eighties and honored attributed and make it good. I think that this is a blueprint for other people the follow. On maybe not as cheesy right I think the cheesiness works for this. I mean, look you got the convention it. Ralph Maggio. Yeah Just. Just just as guy this guy if. He can do anything. Let's go. Yes the. Fact they have him doing it again. Yes. He looks even worse than days out of shape. Eddie was Johnny still looks like you could fuck somebody else. Does look like a somewhat of a bad. They're all the but Let's let's. Say Some. Yeah I was just GonNa say are there any what's the first eighties thing that you think of that also should be adapted into a series and in this kind of? Thing I thought of. Although it might not work because the the main guy is not in the best shape I was like back to the future back. Mardi. MC flies family now and his have rick and morty. Yes. Extension. So let's would love to see Mardi mic flies kid in some something going on where they could tie back. Yeah. They can have the girl that was from. Howard the comeback or something she's hot now. There's a what else you could a TV show though as a TV Sitcom in the same tone. But like you know being the same actors when the new cast thing. I mean, I don't know that's the thing is Cobra Kai they were able to take the whole dynamic and flip it this show is definitely made me team Jani. Run the last starfighter the last dragon what's the last dragon? I don't remember that that's the Kung Fu one with with the guy or the MASTA show enough you know that one is my car. Oh No. I never saw ever seen the last. Dragon. Nineteen eighty. We got we got review that about what to call it that the breakfast, club? What are their kids ended up tension but that's just a one off thing like the genius. Oh. Monster Squad. The. Genius of this is they were able to it. So the credit kid movies left with a definitive like mythology and certain things set and then they just take it and turn it upside. Thousand? Why, would be perfect. I think that that's perfect. I think that they did the same of bill and Ted now and with. Mythology by the end was pretty screwed up it was. Just like the first two movies they're following willow, they WANNA make a willow do a willow TV show no please loss. Reviewed the lost boys they can work to pick up on. Boys, might work again. Yeah. I would love to see. Oh, I got one fucking never ending story. Going back. Into the world and the nothing betray you and all that shit the nothing. Has a maybe she has a kid. The Lost Boys, the breakfast club it's what this is although it's a different format of storytelling. This is what I hope the ghostbusters reboot slash yeah continue. Yes. Yes. Trouble in Little China the series. Good. Do that to do that. Karate and you could do the Gremlins TV show I think they were trying to do something. The GREMLIN. Eighties things that you could. Yes. Try To do this in the meantime blueprint. Cobra Kai a Netflix guys I watched that Charlie Kaufman movie I'm thinking of ending. Hairs the thing. We need to all, watch this movie and review it because I don't know what the fuck I just watched. We ended and I was like, what's wait? What what what did I watch? What happened rugs? The have you watched the I'm like my God Kinda like. Trying. I'm going to watch it but I'm very trepidation about okay. Wasting time. Shit, whatever we need to watch interviews I've heard multiple people say the exact same vein conversation though I need to talk to somebody about this fucking movie. I'll watch it. I read a little bit of things. Everyone. I say it's worth the watch, but you have to I got to watch it again I mean it's confidence I. Guess Rugs Did you catch raised by wolves on HBO Max Three Episodes? Skull three episodes and I'm all in. I, like it I like it. I like them all in because. All right like it's it's slow. It's slow. It's boring in a lot of ways, but it's also fucking. So ripe with fucking Cool Shit and I'm into it If you want I'll give you the elevator pitch if you're just watching it basically, it is A schism happens on earth where there is a very religious sect in a very atheist sacked out and the atheist are all about machines and androids and shit like that, and and the religious people are like Kinda like against that, and so they go to war in, they fuck up the earth and basically they have to go out to this other planet, which is Kepler Kepler be that's like an earth like planet and the base they're both racing to get there first and the androids get there first and they start raising humid start growing kids yet ahead emery kids on the planet. And they're like trying to raise them in the easiest way and all that other stuff like science. The only way you know religion doesn't matter does that and then the unions the the other the other tribe shows up and it's by them fighting over this planet but there's so many under that's just the whole simplified. So many layers to as intrigues about religion. It's about hiding. It's about. All, this is all about these hidden family relationships like the The lady who plays mother the android she so fucking creepy. So good. Yeah, that's a great performance, but I'm in really Scott who you know he's got a checkered a record Bolivia I love most of his things I- I know a lot of people Haiti shit but like I fucking still love a lot on the avenue, the androids when they get hurt and they bleed, they have white milky. What? Yes. I, have this theory that it's a back door like he can't legally do it. Right Elliott right. But I think he's just throwing that in there for everyone saying, okay. This is possibly happen to be a way. This is a way to describe how humans started to get out into. Off The earth. Yeah and he was he was really pressured after Prometheus to start including aliens think away sooner than he wanted to. In that he was supposed to make like a trilogy of movies. So. This might be his as you mentioned, this might be his I think he's working on another alien movie I thought I read that somewhere he's Laying but there's creatures in there. They're kind of cool. It's it's it's slow but in. A. Huge like they're human. Yes. There were like fucked up humans. Yeah I'm in I. Love The kids I love the relationship between the android as a mother father. It's very interesting. We'll see the supreme power. That comes out every Thursday. So the episode before yeah. Just lay waste to every n she's very violent. Rip People's faces. Yes this. File, the bullies which continues to be pilot finally rugs. You have played this marvel's avengers game. I. Give me earl instant early thoughts 'cause I'm still on the fence about. I don't know I don't. Let's let's say. This anymore. The campaign. Is Is Kinda. Cool. It's cinematic the campaign feel like you're watching like new marvel movie. Okay which is good with generic. Around Kamala Khan, who always the main character. Follower, you get to be a lot in the game, right? So that's fine. The graphics are. Okay. A pretty good in some places but I feel like a lot of the models look very generic. And like I feel like Kamala Khan face and then there's two other women they all. Kind, of like. It's Just. Do the different characters play differently enough. They mean look it's not. It's fun. It's so you can have some fun with it, but it also very repetitive. Doing the same punches, a cake. Swanton mashing guys, button mashing There's a little gets more depth as you go into the game and you get more moves that you can purchase your character. Like. A you rack up a it points than you can cash those in bef- up your character and you'll make sure moves and stuff. So it's kind of like destiny. So you play this is the part that I don't know if I'm into. So I know this is trying to do the loot and get stuff like destiny and I watched a bunch of gameplay videos. People played the I've watched them play the Beta, and then Watson play the game and what I'm not digging is every game play video half of the time they're in fucking menus powering a building this let's connect us. Let's get this. I'm like this I just WanNa play them fucking. Through this story I don't want to be slowed down half the time and not only that when you die, there's always like a a least a forty second loading screen Oh, Shit. So it's cruciate lawyer knowing long and if you die during the game, you just gotTa. Wait for the screen to load a lot of loading times. In slows down the momentum of the game a lot on ends rife with like a with. Bogs in glitches so Fox Curve. This this game isn't fully done yet. Rate Games. It'll be a great game in like a year when they figure everything out, I have a feeling that there's going to be a patch that they're going to have. It's GONNA solve a lot of this stuff down the line but right now it's not quite Now I'm playing on the PC. Oh okay. So I don't know if the playstations any better. But it's pretty bugging you get extra stuff on the playstation apparently, they don't get on the other get spiderman. But it's All right. See that's not I'm not that's sloppy Joe. Didn't play the CO op hear that that's the that's like with the selling point you get to play with your friends and you could do the Ironman. It'd be the hall you can be. Fun. So I think that might be Kinda Fun Anthony will you play call up with me in this game? I know you're not paying attention. That's. That's why here I don't even know what that means coop you cope with me. Play vendors gave together I. Don't I don't WanNA sell. Well, that's a problem. Then isn't it? It's not gonNA work. do you WANNA play eventually game I'm really I'm not that hot on it anymore was now Mike. I WANNA play wouldn't mind playing it. I don't I don't own a system so they don't want to be the game that would make me go on by a playstation worrisome. I feel Iran you'd be issue for Kamala. Khan. No I. Yeah. I know but it just I I'm not I. Just didn't enjoy what I was seeing. It looks like fun but then it looks like it's games done up little way never played again. Yeah I mean I'm should the plate and I played it for like maybe like five or six hour. All Right I. Get it. You know what I am enjoying I finally signed up for a PS now they're subscription service and it was there was a discount. It was only forty five dollars for a year and I can just download all these games just straight. Well, it's amazing. Oh, this is not new but the whole fact that I play a game I got bored with it. I. Just I'm GonNa Stream this all of the Batman. Games they're on. They're all of these. Awesome. fucking. It's it's amazing I. Love It. That's a lot of fun and yeah, was less. That's like four dollars a month. That's like three dollars fifty cents a month for all the games played completely worth it and there's a lot of games I got to catch up to before dropping sixty bucks for a new game. So you got nothing to do but be inside. Your House. Ball spray on that COP preserved by MANSCAPING Anthony Final Arts. What are you? What are you doing right now is vegas. Yes he went to make different. It's. It's. You can still get into some good stuff and have a good time but For the stuff, I like to do the partying. It's fun but would I would hold off on going back Yeah, not the not exactly the same. Did you get bang for your buck? If you gamble, you could probably get the bang for your buck if you try to do some other stuff. Probably not when asks when you gamble? Yes you can't drink when you gambling. You could drink of your time you can take off your mass or when you're if you have a drink or restaurant or you're out by the pool but if you're gambling and you're drinking, it'll if you're mass cigarettes either this drink. So you can. If you're holding a drink in your hand, you can pull out any realized drink second just use a strong. You do that under the Bass. Yeah. It's just different such as didn't everyone was good. Were there was anybody wearing plastic gloves, everything. All crazy people there's some people are in plastic gloves. which is kind of silly in my opinion. But I mean people everybody immediately start touching your phone contaminated haven't. That's all it's the clubs, but everybody's touching those machines. It's gotta be a little bit weird. Straight Leisure about a press the fucking jackpot button ago. Jackpot. All right. Rods, where can the listener find you online? You can find me online at really rug boy. So come by and say was not. That's right. 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