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"jason perello" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

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"jason perello" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"That got into this because we knew out safai you know and yeah i started do martial lhasa. Eight years old. A lot of people started do martial-arts but we still out to fire. So we hold that dear to our heart you know to me and then once that starts to go once that starts to get chipped away one stop people to start to see all maybe not the best in the world. It's fucking incredibly hard to deal with. And it's a tough pill to swallow so yeah. I think that's exactly why we're starting to see him be quite so what's the word. I'm looking for nasty for. Want of a better word on social media. Yeah that's what i saw the one like. You said he answered. Somebody's tweet yesterday or the day before we talking about his money and has like that to me is the somebody was talking about loss. He he reacted with the money thing. And that's to me. The clearest evidence i've seen yet did get into them because when you're lu- when you're not the best fighter and your reaction to being called out is the best fighter you lost the fight or whatever. Your reaction has more money than you because you can't answer the other question. Which is the question about your ability. And i still think connor can come back. Will he ever be the best the world again. I don't know i can't speak to that. Listen listen when you won your chairmanship. Mike i remember talking to you before. And after that fight with rock hold you had every daughter in the world saying you'll never be a champion. You'll you've had the opportu- you're going to be there and then you went out and sock to work. So i'm negative center and say conor can't come back and prove it but this antics does this thing he's doing right now. It's just like i don't know. I really i really. I really hurting his calls more than he's helping his calls. I guess what i'm getting at. Yeah i mean you're asking these questions about mcgregor so you're not going to be careful because people just accusing being another. I'm a haitong not that i'm jealous. I'm very very happy. Micro basic draftsman. Never wanted to be another mom. As long as i've been alive. The reality is this doll. Jason perello my coach He's father was a motivational speaker. And jason always used to tell me this disa- phrase or speech that father would give unable. And i'm going to butcher this but it's something along these lines. He says everybody in live on everything in life getting a second of everyday life is something. Whatever i forget what that he's always on the top you will always be on the budget and the beauty of this knowledge. Is that when you're on the top. You will remain humble when you're on the ball trivial. Say confident that your time will come again by comrades time in the fucking sun simplest and now someone else. She's ted kennedy. Come back of course you can. Of course you can you know everyone can but but but we tend to get one. Prime could be talking about it recently. About tony ferguson. Was he tony for exerts. Saying you know he is on the decline now and sadly does appear to be that way you know told. His losing fights noun tremendous win streak generally has fires. You don't get multiple prides. Khanna came into this fucking incredible. Things can get back to that farm baby. Is it likely probably not. Because that's a knock-on conor dot is just what history shells you commend. You do great things you start to go into decline difficult it is what is i mean. That's not a knock on. Connor didn't credible things and i will say. I respect the fact that he wants to come back. And do the ice trying to be calm jumpy and again. Because he doesn't have to do that. God knows you've got tons of money. You could say on his one of his yacht so the rest of his days but he doesn't want to do that that you gotta respect the absolute last thing. We'll get out of here before we know the other side of this equation. He beat conor twice. Now he's in a situation real quick and we'll we'll go back on. This also gave you my opinion real quick. You give me your opinion position. Now charles oliveira or ideas that seems to be one of those two fights now argue. Go fight ideas. I know people are gonna freak out. When i say that but i think if i make your big chunk of money because it becomes champion. That probably goes away forever or at least you know most likely goes away forever. Because i doubt the going to give me a title shot. Go make your bank man. Go make your money charles. All will be there and he'll be there whoever's the champ you'll be there if i'm a golf i need to make your seven eight figure paycheck. What do you say. we're who should support next. I mean it all depends on the finances emporia. I would assume you the very well out of that loss ultimately. That's what we're here for. We're here to make money. You know we all prizefight as we do with the cash but we do for the legacy as well. Then there's no better legacy than becoming champion of the world and then defending the belt. You've got to defend the belt. You know that that's when you'll always be called champ. You win is great when you defend it to be actually cold champ for turn ity agile. Show going out there and find employ so sorry. Pardon me batty for me. That would be my first and foremost because you contact that away. That's the title that no-one can take and it will go down in history and then from that if he beats charles lavera which i would favor him to do so he's got nothing about big vice after that anyway. He's a big star now. We just knocked out connor twice the roar. Whatever you wanna call it So you know. He's he built a huge fan base off that dusty was already a big star anyway. We'll look diaz. You know what what i mean when he kinda mcgregor abatement. That second five days is now massive star. The only because conor mcgregor because they ideas is you know he's gangster attitude the rest of it and people admire his ass. Utah's a sport. The point of making his. If those employees is now massive story becomes the job. He's have nutley. Bob massey paydays anyway and you never know you never know i would favor dusty to be this but uconn ride nate this out of the situation and just say expanded that to begin and if he gets b of diaz will he ain't sniffen tower shaw anytime soon. It's going to go back on. You know he's got to go back on the junta gang. Start taking taking some names. No i completely disagree. I think he's gotta go off the lavera become the champion of the world and then probably defend about gates connor. You know you can find diaz whoever there's tons of challenges for the gold the gold is always gonna be the gold domain. He was setting himself year after year. If i was very humble and he said to me remember i was on a bus i was compensated. So mon- somewhere of me. I think he brazil and he was compensated Pumpkin he was cold ring. Someone and i saw him on the bus. Getting off at the hotel said to you know say unlucky man unlucky gas. Do good day book. It's just a babe and he said he said. Now i know my thank you give it up. Hope is if your career really really is by what managed to achieve the career is what gives me hope you know so that was beautiful of to say that but i understand what it means so i know personally what it means to hint to become the champ. You know that's what goes down in the history books. That's what people remember when way. Both dead embarrassing. You look back at the hall of fame and you look at the champions if he becomes the champ dustin pedroia his name will be there right whereas if you just make the money it bought necessarily be. That's true thus for you know whose name is in the hall of fame and who is a champion. That's michael let you go. You obviously always got a million things going on. Obviously your podcast guarantees. What else is going on you got. I know In october you got some also speaky gigs. Over in your over in england and i am like litter. I'm i talking to. I was talking to our mutual friend. And evans about this. I'm like i am so fascinated by these speaking gigs doing So what else you got going on. You always got a million things going on. Yeah yeah i mean. I just lost my youtube page just regionally bites spotless camera around there's just tons and tons of boxes because i bought a ton of stuff and produce could attend this way mature a proper studio but they'll still be there in those boxes to because i just got time to dedicate to doing it got a few movie things coming up. A documentary coming out based bank comes on october universal. We.

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