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"jason markham" Discussed on Cincy Jungle

"It feels like it's been a long time since i've taken the error since we've taken the air it's been less than a week but we've we kinda switched up. The water cooler chat either. Going live on mondays. Going live on tuesdays. I've kind of decided for the purposes of what's going on in the early parts of summer Sometimes the tuesday switch up is a good thing because the bengals ended up practicing on tuesdays in there are some more sights and sounds to talk about so every once in a while. We'll go back and forth on monday and tuesday during the summer and then probably as we get into the regular season. We'll be doing the water cooler chats a bit more. Maybe maybe more mondays just because the nfl schedule and games being played majority of them on sunday. But anyway i ramble. It's good to see everybody sort of in a seen lows in the live chats. Whether you're joining us. I appreciate you. Joining us. live whether it's on our youtube channel whether it's on one of to twitter platforms since he jungles or the orange black insiders and then of course on cincy jungles facebook page. Thanks for tuning in. Live in catching this show. We've got a lot to share a lot to talk about and You know the bengals had had practice again tuesday and there's some good updates there so we'll be sure to share those with you but hopefully while had a good weekend a good monday and we will get to bengals news. We're going to get to. Afc north news and then some headlines around the nfl as we usually do on the water cooler chat before we do want to remind everybody if you have not yet. Please subscribe to our youtube channel. The orange black insider Go ahead and light that since jungle. Facebook page keep it descends jungle dot com and then of course subscribe to the audio podcast channel since jungle. on your favorite audio streamer. Whether that's google podcasts You know apple iheartradio all that stuff we are. We are on all of them stitcher. Spotify go check that out get our show. Orange is the new black by eysenck zim and then matt mimic doing not only his chalk talk episodes but mimics minute is now a another podcast that he added to the slate and other great show so check that out. Subscribe to those. You know when we go live so you can join us live and or when new material is available as always so we are going to start with on just general news and we're gonna get into some some. Ot in practice updates here and then we're going to kind of keep it rolling. So let's get going good seeing everybody here seeing some familiar names a couple of new names to saying hello. Hello everybody good to see all of you. Joining us live here however. You may be doing that on this tuesday. Let's go with this one. This is on since he juggled dot com. There is an update on gino. Atkins a guy who has yet to find a home a new home after the bengals released him and this is on cincy. Jungle dot com by jason markham. Of course he had the The surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff and in this is of course via ian rapoport of nfl network the The cowboys team physician is Let's see a doctor. Dan cooper performed the surgery on atkins. It's not a dallas visit or anything like that so it it's not. There's not a lot of interest yet on gino atkins but it's it is interesting that a cowboys doctor did the procedure. And this is it from a few days ago here but he is thirty three years old these you know he may still have quite a bit left in the tank. We don't know yet but it appears that he is re having. He's kind of waiting here for another opportunity. And if you remember a couple of weeks ago maybe maybe is more like a month or so ago. there was an update. That was put out there. That zac taylor in the bengals haven't really and even gino atkins himself haven't really closed the door completely on a reunion there. So that may be in the cards for gino atkins for the bengals. We don't know for sure but he's supposed to be cleared for From the torn rotator cuff by july first. According to a source here with ian rapoport so gino atkins recovering from that torn rotator cuff and Was performed by a in had a checkup with a cowboys. They're so pretty interesting. Kinda turn of events with that but we have to see a wait and see if do you know atkins in the bengals if a reunion is in the works there we don't know for sure but stranger things have happened. At any rate he is still lingering out there and looking for the next opportunity as his career winds down hopefully hall of fame when we know how that goes with cincinnati bengals players in the hall of fame. But i digress. Ps will be talking a little bit more just a little headline on pro football hall of fame and bengals players in just a minute. Let's talk some joe burrow pro football focus. Pf predicts joe burrow will set bengals passing record. What passing record is that Well you gotta read the article and you gotta read it on cincy jungle dot com or the you can just look at the tweet tweeter. These are the offense projections by. Pf fantasy the passing yards Over forty five hundred forty. Five thirty eight would set the franchise mark For for single season passing yards by quite a bit So yeah you see here. Andy dalton is actually the career the single season holder with forty two ninety three besting carson palmer's forty two oh six and then carson palmer also had two other four thousand yard seasons as well with the bengals there but i know that's a good trivia question a lot of people would probably assume it was boomer or can anderson or may or may be carson palmer. That has the single season passing record for passing yards record for the bengals but no no. It's andy dalton but these are the projections by fantasy here. You see the forty five thirty eight passing yards for joe burrow which would be the record setter over thousand yards close to eleven hundred for joe makes an on the ground over a thousand. For jomar chase t higgins having the most yards receiving yards of the great trio that the bengals will be sporting. Between jomar as t higgins and tyler. Boyd and tyler boyd yet again oh-so-close to another one thousand yard season always hovering around that one thousand yard market would seen and this would be very. I would assume this would lead to a good number of wins if this comes about and hopefully it's garbage time type of Type of statistics but this this would lead to some good. I would assume some successful games for the cincinnati bengals if things played out that way. So i just a little fun one a fun projection by. Pf let's talk some more. Jim are chase and bengals wide receivers. And of course joe burrow we still joe burrow joe burrow and jomar chases connection is re forming at bengals. Ota's in this is a is an article from my colleague and co-host john barren put up on cincy jungle. And you can see here. This is via jeff. Hobson bengals dot com. We can look at each other in already. Know what we're.

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