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"jason castro" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"What the real world is, like, Go ahead and do it. But the problem is is when they get slapped in the face and let's just say in the travel ball world you face some kid throwing 73 11 you level and you know it is throwing the ball of the nasty hook and impression. Kids back inside. You gotta show him what that 73 is gonna look like. Right. That's how you prepare the child for the road. So that's been my philosophy. Um, I would say that, you know, sure. I imagine some other parents Um, educators or somebody else might argue with the way I've gone about doing it, but so maybe wrong again. Well, let me ask you this because my my oldest is this first season to play your pitch. Would have been last year. But obviously that didn't happen because well, pandemic on. I would like for him to learn that not every pitch is going to come from the machine or it's going to be grooved. It's not gonna be comfortable, so I'm I'm in agreement with your methods. Here's the problem. I can't hump it up there to 73 anymore. So can I bring my kid up to you? And then you can throw baseballs at him because I physically incapable of doing it and also It absolves me of any. Let's just say no Blood's on my hands so I could come back to my wife and say I didn't do it. Eric Burns did it. Talk to him. Yeah. Got gun, right? I could do that for you. But the problem is just when it comes to baseballs, and you know, throwing him to the DPD, kids everything. So we just got back from attorney in San Diego and we stay. Detroit lost his house. And it doesn't matter if you get this six set up for the cage and everything. And all throw tennis balls all day to the kids, right Like I mean, I'm talking. We call it TV, Cheddar cheese and again, you know, I think I've told you guys that story, but that's how I learned how to play the game of baseball. And then you know, the my neighbor would come over and he would throw the ball. He's the best picture of little baby 12 balls hard you can use like five years older than me. No chance, and eventually a certain tension up to it. So you know, I For whatever reason, I thought I'm like, You know what? It works for me? I'm I will try. My kids are doing it. Of course, much of swings and misses and Whatever else and then eventually search talents him off. And pretty soon you know, he was swearing him up now, every now and again, though, and and just even happened when he was, say five years old. We really started doing this. Of the ball's going to get away from me and it may or may not, You know, square him up in in the dome. So it's a tennis ball, though, so it's not that I don't think you know it's heavy enough to do any permanent damage out. You could do the tennis balls for an extended period of time. And still you know what I'm doing? I'm literally I've offered to throw tennis balls, too. Big leaguers, Brandon Belt and Jason Castor was actually the one I offered it to. Jason Castro, East Big Guy lives up by Ah Caetano and I told them belts in the in the same area and they're not obvious. These guys aren't aren't there full time. So I'm like, Yo, man during quarantine. I'm like I'm going out to throw to my kids. So if you want to get belt and whatever else that, like, let's do this, and I'm not kidding. When I say that it would. It would serve them well, like I would have no problem. Getting 46 ft. Away from him and throwing the ball is as hard as I can. And it basically simulating, you know, I mean, if you look at the actual times and everything, you know 90 MPH fast ball so that that that that all said, you know, with with With the part of balls. It could begin to get a little dangerous, and that's where I smoked my kid the other day, and I'm a little more hesitant to throw the hard balls when I'm throwing hard to other kids. Now, if it's my own kid day, that's right. The blood of the on my hands. But you know, I'm a again a little a little slow to to say yes with the hardball Cheddar cheese as opposed to the tennis ball. Cheddar cheese have to slip you 100. Then we can negotiate from there. Done a guy I got your odd e mean I can still I can still throw 90. I'm just 10 ft away. So you know you just you just keep moving. Closer simulation, right? Exactly. You know what? Something funny. I Look, I'm not. I'm just going to say this because it just happened. S o. Last. That was right when I smoke, my kid that was right before San Diego and he's nine and we're going out. We went played this year 11 you tournament in San Diego. And you know it. Yeah, he did. He did. He did find it all weekend, The voice battle the battle their tails off. This and that. I mean, it was. I can't believe that the games that we got into it was just like, almost like you can't. You can't make this stuff up like that, You know to two games in a row was You know, basically had to load the bases runaround. Serve winning run. You know, our pets player on the mound, you know, strikes the kid out all the drama in the world you could possibly think of every single one. The games we just played and what I told the boys I'm like, I'm like, Look, you know when you go through this stuff You know what this is doing? It's Harding. Them. It is it is. You know, the one kid Jackson climber, by the way, is there named the freaking studs from Fresno and Jax? Was on the mound. Two games in a row where we had to load the bases up, right runner on third, which is the winning run, and then bring the I'd like you to do the five infielders bring him in. Take the two outfielders basically pulled pulled them all the way in and you got eight guys staring at us a hitter like it's intimidating, and there was no other kids. That I would rather have on the mound and that I've ever coached. Then this kid Jack and and he went out there and absolutely ball of almost got out of it both times. Both times he was on the wrong end. Obviously, as a kid like this emotional to these kids, man, right, I get it. There's a lot going on. And you know, as you're developing, 12 year old and then you know, here we are. You know, Coach I put him into this situation. Because the one team was already got the third and so you walk into you put him in this really, really tough situation. What to come out of that, either. Which way? It doesn't matter, Man. Win or lose what we got. There was an experience that I just met with him for the rest of his life was like The more you go in there don't pressure packed sort of situations. And once again, the technology's going across all of life. But you, especially a baseball like that's how you get prepared to come up with the Chidi antic moments with 50,000 people in the stands of millions of watch on TV, new experience them. And so there's no. You know, it's a I've seen all sorts of kind of travel things. Now it's your teams and blow out other teams all the time. And, you know, it seems that get blown out all the time and what you want to do whatever you could do in anything. Try toe. Try to put your kid or ourselves even In competitive situations where those air the experiences that will stick with these kids. Wherever we go. We want tournaments without even like, you know, literally rolling there with a cup of coffee and a cigarette. You know, Like, like a case there is no water maker. Yeah, exactly. 21 Way. One of the Arizona like that. It And typically, it doesn't happen this way. But we did way had we had a freaking squad, but it was it was. It was easy. The boys think anything out of it. Nothing. And then yet we don't We go to something like this this weekend and, ironically We all four games were decided in the last game. One. The one that ended up in our favor that we won was against this team from Arizona. The Summerton met that ended up winning the entire tournament and we were the only team. To act out of 10 teams to beat the summer two Met in the top of that we beat their kids. They call him Loco. Who throws 73 MPH with a nasty hook. So what was the one team that we happen to get the victory against and then we had some battles with these other teams that we just came out on the wrong end? But again, I would rather take.

Jason Castro Eric Burns Jason Castor Jack San Diego 46 ft Brandon Belt 90 MPH 10 teams 10 ft Two games 90 five infielders 100 12 balls 50,000 people eight guys two games Jax Jackson
Astros batter A's 9-2 to complete four-game sweep

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Astros batter A's 9-2 to complete four-game sweep

"The the Astros Astros dominated dominated the the athletic athletic sweeping sweeping the the four four game game series series and and winning winning the the finality finality nine nine to to two two Houston Houston outscored outscored Oakland Oakland thirty thirty five five to to nine nine in in the the series series Jason Jason Castro Castro Kyle Kyle Tucker Tucker and and Chas Chas McCormick McCormick all all homered homered and and the the Astros Astros are are off off to to their their best best start start since since two two thousand thousand one one Yuli Yuli Gurriel Gurriel added added three three hits hits and and two two RBIs RBIs McCormick McCormick says says they they played played really really well well all all weekend weekend honestly honestly we we discretion discretion from from page page one one to to the the last last page page of of the the whole whole series series but but I I mean mean we're we're we're we're a a great great team team you you know know defense defense offense offense we're we're all all just just click click in in for for these these four four games games D. D. as as a a starter starter phone phone for for for for the the third third time time in in Oakland Oakland history history and and the the minus minus twenty twenty six six run run differential differential is is the the worst worst since since nineteen nineteen fifty fifty when when the the team team was was in in Philadelphia Philadelphia Riley Riley on on Oakland Oakland

Mccormick Mccormick Astros Astros Oakland Jason Jason Castro Castro Kyle Kyle Tucker Tucker Chas Chas Astros Yuli Yuli Gurriel Gurriel Houston D. D. Philadelphia Riley Riley
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"This is a guy that we lost Kirby Yates at the beginning of year. And that was a struggle the bullpen struggled along with that injury wage and he was a component that just added to it. It's a really good mix. They have drew pomerantz in front of him. They also have Emilio Pagan. They have some other options that are out of the bullpen has been probably right at because of the trading deadline. I think AJ preller and his staff went out there in fortified it I think Rosenthal is dead. The reason why you know Mark you were in baseball for such a long time and you stay in the game number one cuz you can play or you have a role in your role is to come off the bench and hit but bigger picture off you're a good guy and you fit into various teams good teams bad teams in different teams. And when you make a lot of Trades, sometimes that can work. Sometimes it can't and your team went for broke is it worked out to where those guys meshed with the guys that were already there? Yeah. I already told you about Rosenthal on the reason why that's worked cuz he's just, you know fit in he's a pro. I think he found it by being in st. Louis and quite frankly knowing that you had to go out there and and and just mesh take the ball when you have to and compete with everyone's going to say Mike Clevenger, even though that injury factors in front of it, but Mike Clevenger was one of those ads that everyone got excited about because they needed to fortify their their rotation. And but I'll tell you this Danny and this is the shock of the whole year. They went out and acquired two catchers Austin Nola and Jason Castro and you know how that that is very difficult to do get up to speed know what your pitching staff does especially with the extended rosters. You have so many pictures to worry about and Austin Nola has been the primary guy named Jason Castro who came over from the Angels is another guy. That's a backup. That's left-handed bat. But both of them are are Pros Pros they came in and did a fabulous job catching number one and then started offensively contributing as well. So that whole position got changed and changed for the better and that's kind of a shocking aspect because at the trading deadline, you don't expect them to revamp the whole catching staff and that's what they did and it's worked in terms of not having fans at the Ballpark. That's one thing but it looks like because the team has been from the outside looking end game. Haven't had a chance to see the east or West we're dealing with the central but it just looks like the city of San Diego has embraced this team. I mean the fans are just so excited about the Pod. Is that the right way to look at it? Yeah, and you know what? I think Saint Louis fans understand that they're they have that certain expectation, right and it should be because it's a it's a pure baseball town. It's been fourteen years Danny that the Padres have not been in the playoffs and it really hasn't been closed in years past. So these fans are crazed about it. I think they're looking for that month that reason to just get away from the everyday life at times and the Padres have done that they're excited. I go back to Fernando tatis jr..

Rosenthal Kirby Yates Danny Mike Clevenger Padres Austin Nola Jason Castro Angels Fernando tatis jr Emilio Pagan baseball AJ preller st. Louis Mark Saint Louis San Diego West
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"Is going to leg it out to second base is. Blackman plays the ball back in second double of the night for Jason Castro. You talked about it before? Kidding is contagious. When a bunch of guys were hitting. It just seems like everybody is doing it. And when you have a bunch of guys not hitting It's the same result and we're seeing between these two teams. The difference is an offensive confidence right now. So the home run in the double surrendered to start the seventh Seal 12 5 Padres lead and here's jerks and pro far switch hitter stays batting Left handed. One for three tonight with Castro its second pitch in for a strike. Has interesting Jack in that Dodger steer Siri's You got the feeling after that first game, you know, maybe The Iraqis would continue to scuffle in L A, but they were able to turn things around it. It paid off with a couple of wins. You could see the confidence grow through those final two games. Balls and a strike to pro far A pitch from Santos in the dirt one and one. Then you get the kind of performance that day Nelson lament turned in last night, and it can make you start to search again as the hitter and we've seen Maura that Rocky's have seven hits tonight, but So far, swings and lines it over shortstop up the middle, and that's going to go all the way to the wall in left center.

Jason Castro Blackman Padres Santos Maura Nelson Jack Rocky
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"Some spectacular big fly thank you Stuart eight runs in that third inning home runs right Jason Castro and then the Matthysse and pinch runner goes over to first base Joe we Kerr let them thanks is finished for the day a good day for Matthysse would you have spectacular home run you're a young guy trying to make a name for yourself that's a good day Luiz ring the phone takes ball one from wolf it comes and that's way outside of time to another account so Pablo Sandoval the giants clubhouse before the game he was so excited to have been able to play already he said you know I'm three months ahead of schedule use the to another page high and tight global food feels great to be working hard and we were talking about his badge he was trucking distance of that company representatives and what not there's a time out taken out by the catcher Brantley goes out for a a moment to chat with wolf was having a hard time find the strike zone now.

Jason Castro Joe Kerr Matthysse Luiz Brantley wolf Stuart Pablo Sandoval
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"Their stuff in the spring is a swinging strike and it's one one it's possible because Trevor gots one of those guys it does throw a lot of strikes only watch seventeen guys last year fifty two and two thirds innings but he said when he did walk guys watchers seem to be on four pitches he loses release point for a batter is swinging a big bouncer to the right side of that skips right through the infield right where nobody was basic coming around over the third is the fast moving good when the truck comes into the cut off man Sanchez the shortstop from the crime scene on the edges of runners at first and third it's just bad luck this is the groundball not hit all that hard but on this fast cactus league infield sped through on the sun shiny day so now here comes for the ages and I have to double check yeah this is still Jason Castro who had a long home run a three run Homer in the third inning to make it a five nothing game he's got two men on again here H. and that is in for a called strike with a curveball if you go the ninety four ninety five he does have a very good curveballs there's a slider as well in a changeup but he seems to go to that curveball more often to left handers the slider to righties now the page and that curveball bins in their for a called strike to that's and not that many late inning relievers have a great curveball like god does nearly throw hard maybe they throw a slider with that splitter or whatever bring him back to that big curveball now the page that's a fastball to strike about looking at the high strike there from the plate umpire Jordan Baker who is after all he's six feet.

Trevor Sanchez Jason Castro Jordan Baker
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"Why not? The aforementioned Jason Castro's only at three percent Christian. Vasquez is at thirty four percent is in Vasquez, doing what, what we can reasonably expect out of out of Posey to eighty seven seven and twenty two homers and runs. He's just like Posey. Worries matching his runs in homers, except his are better. I mean now in fairness, people have moved on from Posey's at sixty six percent in in those rows ball leagues. And let me see where he is in. Any SPN leaks them pulled up seventy two. So, you know people are moving away. But that's still both of those are still too high. I think it's got to be sub sixty right now. I'd rather have Vasquez. I'd rather have Narvaez he's not as widely available. So that one's a little bit more of a pipe dream. I think I'd rather ride out the McCann hotness. I'll tell you what, here's one Jonathan Lukoil sitting seventeenth. He's got he's got a seven twenty six percent roster rate. Let me see what he's been up to lately, because I remember he was killing it for a while. And I was like, oh now you decide to turn it on. I carried your carcass for years. Okay. He's coming back to earth, quite a bit. He's got a to thirty two average. He was he was totally good average for a minute. As recently as may eighth. He was help as recently as may twenty fourth. He was at two seventy three. So that's his high watermark over the last over the last few weeks. But since then it's got all my God. Absolutely dreadful one eighteen cents. Then that's really because I was gonna say I was surprised to see who that low. He had to have been in a colossal slump, and he is so okay, maybe you hold Posey over him. But there's other guys out there. I just don't think you need to blindly hold Posey because of the name value. That's all I'm saying. And for the record he is twenty third on the play Rainer here..

Posey Vasquez Jason Castro Jonathan Lukoil Narvaez McCann Rainer seven twenty six percent thirty four percent sixty six percent three percent
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"jason castro" Discussed on KOMO

"A workout program going into his fourth year. He's also learned the tricks that trade in the trenches for the big fellas. Small things and being able to move away for the rigors of football makes you have to guess what a real work. Thanks guys. Going. It's nice three-game series with the two American League leaders we knew there would be plenty of souvenirs of home runs. Evident Carnasciali would deliver the first ball into the stance. And I between the Mariners and the twins. And it was a gem. There is a top of the third goodbye. Baseball three Ron shot. The Mariners were on the board. First twins would answer in the fourth, they cut to lead the one just a two run Homer by Jonathan shoop. And then get this next. Batter up. Jason Castro says goodbye baseball to that. When leaves the art back to back jacks for the twins were all knotted at three apiece. Kyle Seager gave the Mariners the lead with an RBI single. And with a passed ball, then say would tie things up in the eight and then Marlin binzel would come up clutch for Minnesota RBI single through the right side. And former mariner Nelson Cruz comes into score, what ends up being the game winning Ron six five the final at target field. Lots of scoring the women's World Cup today. Lots of celebrating too, for the red white and blue Seattle rainstorm. Megan repeat, no port of the scorn, bras, the US women put on against Thailand today, but the player doing the most damage was Alex Morgan, who would find the back of the net five times in this one USA with thirteen noth-. They win for those who said, stop piling on we'll goal differential does count in woke up play the raptors missed their chance to kale, the defending champions last night in game five the NBA finals, but the loss isn't the only thing making headlines today. It was the early exit of Kevin Durant..

Mariners Ron shot baseball Kyle Seager Kevin Durant Jonathan shoop Marlin binzel USA Seattle American League Jason Castro Alex Morgan football Carnasciali Nelson Cruz NBA raptors Minnesota Megan
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"Just here's a phone number. So get a pen pencil write it down three one three five seven seven two seven four nine or w athletics dot com of day. There we go. So we recommend it, Jeff Jones and Wayne State. They put together great cat. Jason Castro batting first pitch cut her off the plate away at that make me put this away where I can find it. Heavy tied to your wrist. Thank you. Oh, macro. The search for while here today, and we never did turn up every piece of paper. Fastball. Wow. Well below the strike zone terrific. Call instead of ball to strike one Castro can't quite believe it. He knows what the strike zone is today. Yes, that's your for the twins. He steps out. Now. He steps back in the one, one. Fast ball away cut. Fastballs eighty five eighty seven is normal foreseen fastball. Ninety ninety one generally. Yep. Left side of the infield shift to the right a little bit the outfield shifts the other way on this left. He's having a great year. The two one swinging tap fouls since that all star year in two thousand thirteen the bad has not been very productive for Jason Castro was kind of funny, that JD Martinez looked at his swing. He made in Houston said, okay. You've made some changes. I wanna know what changes you made. JD goes in this direction, which is up in Jayson Castro went in the other way, and the, the twin signed him, knowing that he, he was a defense. I catch, right? The two swinging foul, but that, that will be the lasting contribution of Jayson Castro to the game of baseball. We'll question turning around the career of JD Martinez, one of the most dramatic ways we have ever seen for the.

Jason Castro Jayson Castro JD Martinez Jeff Jones baseball Wayne State Houston
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"jason castro" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

"And you could say that about a number of their pitchers and part of their bullpen, and so on the so that's all really good the things that are kind of like mind blowing are the catchers, they're catchers. So one thing is that they're catchers, have I mentioned, I tweeted this the other day. But no team other than other than the brewers in right field. No team in baseball had gotten more home runs out of any position than the twins catchers. And it's you know, it's Jason Castro and Mitch Garber Williams asked to do so like that. That was not supposed to happen at all. And it probably won't continue to maybe it will Castro in and Garber really have been just hitting the ball super super super hard realistically, and then you've got catchers of a one sixty three plus has a group right now. Yeah. That's like a Mike Piazza season. So yeah, and then you've got Longo is might be the favourite for the AOL MVP right now in as much as there is one at the end of may. He's more or less tied with trout for the lead. The league lead in war and plunk owes young and has been good in the past and didn't come out of nowhere by any means. But, you know, come on, that this is not it, this is not what you expected. Maybe this is real in the same way that other players have gotten extremely good as their careers developed. But this was totally unexpected. And if you were planning this season, this would not have been what you would have expected to carry the twins. Martine Peres, of course is. And, and then they're closer is wildly wildly wildly outperforming his fifth, which is if you're going to outperform, your fifth, it'd be great to have your closer to it that, that works really well for like lever situations. But maybe a thing that you're not sure can keep up. But then otherwise, you know, odor easies gonna gonna regress but, like everything else, kind of looks like okay like oh, yeah. This is this is the good Jonathan scope. We didn't know if they get the good, one of the bad one, they got the good one. This is the good, max Kepler. We didn't know and they got the good one, and there's a lot here that kind of makes sense it's sort of hard to figure out, what has changed besides everybody playing a lot better. So if you start thinking about well, what makes the twins different than everybody else other than scoring more runs? One thing is that they have the highest fly ball rate in baseball as hitters. But then if you look at the teams just behind them they're all bad teams. So. That's part of why this is working. But that's no promise of it working. They have the they have the highest swing rate at pitches inside the strike zone, but they're sort of more average on pitches outside the strike zone, which is perfect like that seems real seems like a real indication of success like being aggressive at strikes and having some control of the strike zone at pitches, that aren't is a really good model for scoring runs. They're throwing a lot more strikes this year as pitchers like a ton more than they did last year..

Mitch Garber Williams Jason Castro baseball Longo Mike Piazza brewers Martine Peres plunk MVP AOL
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"jason castro" Discussed on Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

"They also would have the option of flipping him in the trademark it kinda like doing what the Yankees did with the role chaplain. Exactly where you flip them in the trademark, and you get a couple of prospects. And then you go after her main free agency I was looking at this yesterday. If you compare the first seven starts of is in two thousand fifteen when that was the aerobically prime Bumgarner, they're almost identical to what he's done in. His first seven starts this year. Forty three thirds innings his ex pip almost identical three point five ninety two thousand fifteen three point six three and two thousand nineteen. I think he's got a lot of mileage left in that tank Karl, no doubt, no doubt. And I think, you know, look your premise of being in a different city in on a team that scoring runs where there is a little fire. I mean that wheelhouse. I'm not denying that or suggesting. Yeah, he wouldn't be able to thrive in that. The the dude is as big a competitor is I've seriously as I think we can say we've covered over the course of our careers when it comes to big games postseason head down. What's my job? I'm going to go. Do it. And if I have to slay a dragon, I'm going to slay a dragon. You know, you can you can throw me right into game of thrones. Like we did four and he's not guy. There's not a lot not a lot of complaining. So yeah, I get the idea of different environment heat, and he would bring a ton of electricity. But again, he he is so symbolic and Representative of that that city like could you see Bruce bocce managing somewhere else or or has is he a giant, and we're kind of done here. Yeah. Buster Posey's same way. Right. I it would it would hurt him a little bit. It'd be it'd be like seeing Cal ripkin move to another team during his Backley. And so I yeah. And it might be as they say that they just flipped them in trade. And then bring it back in about Bumgarner and sign him after the season. Alright. A few more quick ones before you go. I felt like that the series the twins had against the Astros. That was a statement series to me Mark are tweeted at us will you please check. My math the twins. Magic number is one hundred and thirty one I didn't take the time to do that Karl, but I will buy into the idea that this week felt like an important series for that team. Well, isn't it funny? That all you know, I wouldn't say all of a sudden, but we've kind of been in love with Jose burritos we were with in Puerto Rico. We we kind of knew what he was capable of. And we see it come through against the Houston Astros Jonathan scope and Jason Castro both are kind of cast off from their organizations and now and now are contributing in a big way. And here we are having this conversation about a team who was picked to be competitive. But. Certainly not get off to the start. They've gotten off to taking free or four from the Astros on their way to New York with another manager who has very little if any experience as a manager..

Astros Yankees Bumgarner Karl Buster Posey Representative Jason Castro Backley Jonathan scope Puerto Rico Bruce New York Jose Mark
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"jason castro" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Looking in the corners nearside circle seen pass for Nathan. Mackinnon MacKinnon, Nick. Knight bite for moment. Scott reaching back now. Mckinnon back to the point. Jim Gerard has to kick it free. The car is there. Colorado, man, he has been great this post-season. That's all they needed in this game to sports ninety two five eight mckinney's six of the postseason Bill group. Our thirty two stops in his first career playoff shutout Avs blank sharks. Three to nothing to tie their Western Conference semi two games apiece. Mckinnon has at least a point eight straight games. It's the longest streak by Avs player in the postseasons. Peter Forsberg had a point in eight straight back in two thousand two game. Five Saturday in San Jose. Also, H L the Golden Knights have promoted killer criminal GM and kept George Mckee as their president of McPhee. I should say as president of hockey operations hall of Famer and former Red Wings. Great red Kelly has passed away the age of ninety one he spent nearly thirteen seasons with Detroit helping the wings win four championships back baseball where raise get a split with the royals. The right had ready to go. Pitch swing high five all right field. Back onto so solar attract to the wall. Brandin low seventh home run of the season lift went over the wall. And right into the Royal bullpen of seconds after he was just named American League rookie of the month. Here he is now in may. And he could be the hero today as that letting up this month either getting off to a good start six twenty WD a allows two run home run. With two outs in the ninth. The big blow in Tampa's three two one win over Kansas City, and and softly. Rennick coming on still coming on kit. There. No chance to throw out Buxton tagging stores easily with the six run so again swinging early and having results in DD has Treasure Island baseball network. The former Astro Jason Castro Homer drove into four to help the AL central leaders improve to a league best nineteen and ten Jose barrios. What is four straight going seven in the twins eight to win over the Astros senio one del Monaco swinging along on right center field on the back to track. All. Seth Wayne socks weighing the fireworks..

Mckinnon Mackinnon MacKinnon Kelly American League president Peter Forsberg Avs Red Wings Jose barrios Jim Gerard Nathan San Jose Scott Treasure Island Jason Castro Homer Seth Wayne mckinney Colorado Astros
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"Is Jose burritos on his fifth game of the season Jason Castro. His third home run in the victory. Tampa Bay after getting swept yesterday in Kansas City scores twice the nine to beat the royals by a score of three to one Brandon low with his seventh home run of the season in that one for the raise in the National League today, San Diego crushed Atlanta. Eleven to two getting home runs from Ian, Kinser and will Myers his sixth of the season. Also today was Noah Syndergaard does dominating the reds, both on the mound and at the plate as the Mets blanked the reds one nothing. Syndergaard goes the distance on a four hitter strikes out ten walks one. And also hits a second home run of the season, Colorado defeated. Milwaukee levin. Two six as John gray. One is third and the cardinals and nationals are being delayed in Washington, Danny ages recovering for suffering, a mild, heart attack and Milwaukee Tuesday. The sixty year old Celtics president is expected to return to Boston and make a full recovery. Sixers raptor shaping up to be an intense series. It's even after two games, and it resumes tonight in Philadelphia bear games in the Stanley Cup playoffs as the Bruins try to even things up with the blue jackets game four in Columbus. Which is one the last two and the avalanche host the sharks. Also looking to play to a draw after four games number Ackerman able writer here listener right of the new sixty three Pacific will talk playoffs with of the show NBA TV's Jared Greenberg. Next. I'd like to introduce. So then Colorado, it's your live and local sports talk show..

Noah Syndergaard Colorado reds Jose burritos Milwaukee levin Jason Castro Tampa Bay Milwaukee Jared Greenberg John gray Sixers cardinals Kansas City sharks Mets National League Celtics Kinser Brandon
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"Nice quick one in queens, two hours and ten minutes where the Mets blanked the reds one to nothing, and it was the Noah Syndergaard show a complete game four hitter. He also homered for the second time this year. So he did on the mound and at the plate top of the eighth right now. It's the Padres with an eleven to two lead over the Braves and also right now bottom of third Milwaukee Brewers trying to come back after spotting the rocky seven it is now seven to three again in the bottom of the third top of the fifth in Minnesota the twins lead the Astros vice score of seven to one. Alex bregman has six home run of the season for Houston. Jason Castro his third for the Astros. For the twins Tampa Bay and Kansas City are scoreless in the top half of the second any age is recovering after suffering a mild heart attack in Milwaukee on Tuesday, the sixty year old Celtics president is expected to return to Boston soon and make a full recovery. I'm rich Ackerman DA here. Tomorrow morning NBA insider, Chris Mannix on the playoffs the DA show, not eastern six Pacific. Nuggets blazers king three Friday at eight on Xtra sports thirteen hundred. That farmers insurance. We know every windshield collision has unique sound beetle. Boop drone.

Astros Milwaukee Brewers Alex bregman Jason Castro Mets Noah Syndergaard Padres Milwaukee Tampa Bay Chris Mannix queens Braves NBA Nuggets Minnesota Houston Celtics Kansas City Boston president
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"Here are your host Austin Hartsfield, and Dave quit cow scheme. Start with a catching situation. You have probably the best defensive catcher in baseball. You fi- Joe Mauer is gone for now. Forever L as I don't know. Why said lucky died or something? But Joe Bauer had he's gonna be in the organization. So he's kind of you know, numbers numbers hang forever of intially. But Jason Castro has been this team scheduled for a while coming up the Tournus. So what is what is the situation? Looking like you said it's as defense first and foremost than and I mean when Derek fell the Thad LeVine came in to take over the organization after Terry Ryan was let go there I signing. It was an early signing. Maybe even by thanksgiving was Jason Castro a couple years ago, a three year twenty four million dollar deal with that. It was all about his metrics is pitched framing the stories of his leadership and things like that. A pretty good first year with the twins both defensively. He actually put up numbers that were as best offensive numbers in like four years. So I mean, he he's got the ability to be a pretty solid player. I mean to me it's all about the defense. What you get with with the bat from him as just a bonus. And you know, he missed pretty much all of last year. He only played eighteen nineteen games. And as much as the numbers may not show it in terms of offense, or whatever I think his absence really affected the pitching staff to some degree. But again, we'll find out more this year should be healthy behind him. We're talking about Mitch Garber guy the tag concussion problems. What what is it look like with garbage Garba going to be a catcher this year? Are they gonna try to move around or is the health issues? Just no problem at this point because he has healthy right now, he is healthy right now he was able to return last year in September from the concussion and get some at bats. He's had a full healthy off-season. So as of right now as we head into pitchers and catchers reporting later this week, he's healthy. He's ready to go. And if Seoul he's he's going to be the backup and probably play quite a bit. Because with him. You do get the offense. You do have a guy that hits for can't hit for average. Does take good bats. And does have some power. And I think he does have the versatility play a little bit of first base. He played, you know, a few hands full of our handfuls, you guys left to tell me. What is correct but in left field the year before, but you know, really, he's he's a catcher slash DAT slash third-string. First basement. So, you know, he's he's pretty solid. But I know the twins fan base is most excited about lotto or to Williams asked to deal who, you know, came up last year a couple of times he played all over the diamond including left field center field third. Base second base. And then a little bit of catching at the end. His inability to take a walk or strikeout is really pretty amazing and he hit three fifty five with some power in a short small sample into last year. So twins fans. Love him. He does have versatility could be an opening day guy. Probably more of a guy. That's their third catcher who will be in Rochester as and be able to call up as needed one of my favorite articles, actually that I've read in a very long time was actually on twins daily, obviously inside the Iran. Nick, Nelson had an article called is Mitch Garber style. Koetter I didn't realize all the hell that he'd been through behind the play..

Jason Castro Mitch Garber Joe Mauer Joe Bauer Terry Ryan baseball Austin Hartsfield Tournus Seoul Thad LeVine Williams Dave Iran Derek Rochester Nick Nelson twenty four million dollar four years
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"Here's the season ending injury. Didn't he did he rip ACL or something? Let me look. Yes. Surgery to pair torn meniscus in right knee. So that's not ACL. But that's a severe injury that. That's basically a lost season for Jason Castro last year. But they're bringing him back. He will be the starter. That one should probably be a little bit of a fifty five forty five though as well. Right. Because of what Garver was able to do I don't know Garvers profile behind the dish. If anyone knows that off hand, and they could tweet me at spore to let me know if he's somebody's the bat. I guy can he handle his own back there because I know Castro has a good reputation behind the dish is so then I'll keep him into into some playing time. Garver could also snake some time at first base though and sap some of CJ Krones playing time although cronies coming off a great season. So unless he flops. It won't be too much. But anyway. I think Castro. Super deeply, right? All these guys. I don't think I need the caveat that we're talking deep league here except for maybe one of the remaining guys a little bit of a shallow or league consideration. But they're all deeply, okay, but Castro, you know, he's been a solid like ninety ninety three WRC plus the last two seasons that he played. He was dreadful last year in his small sample before the injury. Double digit Homer guy. Eighteen fourteen eleven eleven ten the batting. Average can be pretty brutal though, it's been in those in those double digit homers seasons. It was two seventy six that was the all-star season with the Astros. But then to twenty two to eleven to ten and then pop back up to two forty two in two thousand seventeen. So yeah, I I would prefer Garver as well. Even as a backup. I prefer him to Castro. Okay. The next duo here. You know, I was ready. I was ready to dive back in on one of my favorite picks from last year, Austin, barns. But the trade of of Russell Martin curbs that so Martin is going for eighty three Barnes is going way ahead at three fifty five. Neither is particularly appealing to the fantasy community right now. Barnes flopped, though.

Jason Castro Garver CJ Krones Barnes Russell Martin Astros Austin
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"Condolences to mariners fans who didn't need more bad news they were already long shots mean they've had a good record thus fire but of played pretty much like a five hundred team and kinda needed everything to go right to hang in the races and i know they're barely out of both races right now but losing canot makes it difficult for them to stay in this is still possible but it was unlikely before it's more unlikely now and if they did somehow manage to make the playoffs connote would not be able to play so not that the mariners needed any more bad news or things going against them after the decades long streak of not making the playoffs but they have one more thing stacked against them sorry mariner spins gordon becca metaphor twelve obt and aaa so maybe this is the year thirty one years old respect us to bring them all in sure all right let's move on his brett lawrie still in baseball bull we could talk i've wondered about that actually yeah okay so i have something that's kind of exciting it's also got a bad side to it but i think it's exciting i think you'll be excited maybe thought about this maybe you haven't jayson castro has undergone niece urge that's bad that's bad for jason castro's bet to the twins supposed to be afforded sixweek procedure but this morning it is a season ender he hadn't been meniscus damage jason castro's gone so the twins starting catcher now will be mitch garber twins back now we'll be bobby wilson hanging out and aaa williams s to do and yes there now as i presume the third string catcher with the twins the only guy standing in his way for majorly job bobby wilson.

mariners brett lawrie jason castro bobby wilson jayson castro mitch garber thirty one years sixweek
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"Too low thirties you know think that's what he was being drafted as he's now four for forty eight inning oh eighty three with that first homer is back to old punishable face logan morrison or or is he going to is he going to have a run i mean i think he's going to have a run he's not gonna hit under one hundred and what about the power i think i i think power is going to be there i think i just i think the average is going to be just atrocious and we're talking about like maybe worse than this last two years maybe more like to twenty six so chris carter up hand chris carter he i mean he's he's swinging outside his own more swing strike rates up it's not going to be a pretty profile but i think he's a guy who will still hit another twenty five home runs and in probably more as long as the twins don't start sitting them the question becomes how long will the twins put up with us they've got other they've got other you know black holes offensively included you know specially byron buxton right now in that lineup can they afford to keep running out there so i think the power's gonna come back is this guy bilo on no i don't i don't think i would it's it's interesting you say that about bucks because with him out they can almost afford it more because then everyone but jason castro and logan morrison is is average or well well above even ryan lemaire the replacement right now for byron buxton's hitting out of his shoes so if you look up and down the lineup on on baseball reference of the regulars you just see castro in lome but at buxton there then you got three dead weights and you're right.

logan morrison byron buxton ryan lemaire lome chris carter jason castro baseball two years