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"jason jack" Discussed on KFC Radio

"And they're like yeah okay. I ever jokes jokes. And i remember the hardest. Overlap this guy. This guy. Jason jack jack and and he came in he came into lunch and he was like an just ripped all over and he had small exit. Someone goes Some goes him and how come how come your your legs aren't as big as your top. And he goes. I don't know i dunno. I dunno and some chili discard jalili. Goes maybe you should start putting the needle in your ass i. I've always said that my my friends. I think i think if you're a funny person. Chances are you're crew of friends are funny and i was just of the one that started to put it on the internet and start at the state into a microphone but a lot of my lingo and jokes and personality is all like an amalgam of all those guys. It's like we're gonna album of the crime happens to work in media. I've just a combination of my friend. Yeah you guys should be getting a cut of this year. Not gonna take my buddy eddie. Fernandez is the single funniest individual that you've ever been that anyone's ever been around. Everyone knows it. But the thing about eddie was you could do something to eddie and then any would take it to the tenth degree and make it. We used to do this thing. And eddie would do this thing to each other that we will pretend to roof each other's drinks just just it was. I don't know it was like we go. Hey can we get some water. And they put him down and he go. Thanks and i would look away. And he pretended roofing my drink and the waitress go. You just ask. And i remember one night. Eddie did it to anthony clark and go. We only did it right. We're talking and eddie looks at me winks. Any pretends to rookie anthony. Clark clark was the comic from boston. Common rupiahs drink and for me. And i'm like oh i pretend to anthony strength and many distracting him pretending until they roofing empty art and does he do anything. It's joke and he loved it and he started routine people girl the to the The the inside jokes had with this guy. Eddie fernandez were all inside jokes anytime. Any tear chairs were set up in any assemblies. Ever are joke was to walk through the center of them. Yell for this guy and go ahead and knock as many chairs downs. I took in the nfc championship game. Jameis winston played in. And and was there my buddy miles. And they're the funniest puck humans and secure and i ate edibles and watch them like do these guys are there like and and by the way you know the part where we buy tongue and don't say the unsavory thing they don't do that at all and you can't cancel me. I sell medical device. So let me ask you this because i. I think you're on a little bit of a tight schedule here today. You mentioned how things are going so well for you and tom and they really are. I like you guys are in like such a prime position right now. What is your personal or two bears goal like. What do you think 'cause. I think like the sky is the fucking limit for you..

eddie Jason jack jack jalili anthony clark Clark clark Fernandez Eddie fernandez anthony Jameis winston Eddie boston nfc tom
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"That weekend. I'm not sleeping the entire time. You're gonna you're gonna treat this like vegas now. Your weekends are going to be vegas. Yeah no the budget is vegas. The budget is a weekend in vegas. Because i had been waiting my entire life for this moment you know. All the malaysian made up names. I've been sending money to over the last twenty years dan a lot a lot of them. Don't even sound like names are just sounds to me. A couple of examples intimate some of the malaysian accounts. That the you having gambling sudanese just like a bunch of names that are pulled from different cultures. That don't make any sense together. I sent money to a markey's bone wants the middle name was put country of origin. Whereas more keys bone. Did you did you actually look it up because you made your company the company. The company was in malaysia. Though there was a member of the company was not in malaysia. That's just where sending my money to dad. Okay i'm sorry. The company was somewhere else somewhere else was well. I'm not gonna give away. Whereas betting. But i read an article the owner one so so this is going to be cleaned. A copy of my. Id one someone's sola my identity. And do that way. I can get withdrawal. I was really out on the nba. But this is great. Because i actually get to have some money back because it's so difficult when you do this in the streets. It's not so hard sending the money. Although sending it to marquees bone one time was a little difficult. It's ten times harder getting your money out through illegal means and i am happy that we actually get some modicum of regulation and the ability to perhaps not that. It's going to happen withdraw some money. It's huge. I find hitting bets to be the hardest part about withdrawing money that is they have to climb. You're there. oh my god getting nailed the fourteen. Par you're almost there. You're avoiding the monday night game. Because you're like. I'm so close to withdrawing and then you then you find out. There's only one day a year. You can withdraw money penalty for are you at all concerned because one of the deterrence although given the zeal that you have for gambling. I don't know that this will be a deterrent for you but you have to get a hotel room because this is about an hour from your home and it requires a bit of a hike for you to get there. This is chris. Cody's neighbor chris. Cody was betting the australian ponies and going to the coconut creek poker shows which are level of sadness that i can't explain to you without bringing in the depths of hell. I play blackjack there is. It's super sad. It's just It's not good. And chris cody like that and now he is very near vegas his backyard. Chris cody who can fancy himself a poker player what what's got an eleven thirty. Am wednesday. invite for hardrock with chris. Ones that is not craps and not sports books. That was right after tahoe. Though you know you go to a few days you have a you have a good session. You come back. I gotta go back on. The bugs are coming back. I'm worried about chris though. I think i think my favorites are legitimate. He doesn't he's got some compulsion control issues. That's a little shot at his body isn't it. It's a shot that is compulsion control issues which really cheap body wait a minute. Is that a body thing. That i've seen him play poker. Dana highlight on the nights. We weren't going. I don't know we've done this before chris. Show me your belly button. this big. Dan might get a room. I now i'm gonna call for another downgrade. Let me get one of the rooms in your room. Yeah downgrade from my broom closet. Elise jess any meeting room that you have at the old property that's still standing up. They don't want to say there for that week. And let me get one of those. And i'll just be in dan's orbit that was showroom. Oh this is going to be great outside the weekend before that. I know i'm quote unquote performing. I have that. Oh yeah that roast with jason jack signing poor timing by a week before. Yeah yeah it's gonna be a soft opening. No we we wager on the roast like how many how many hippo jokes fat jokes like over unders on that. If cody's indeed rose ingham it's to change the line. Are you nervous about that at all. He hasn't gotten back to me. Greg cody hasn't gone back to me on whether he wants to be negotiators out but even before that. I don't know what i should do with that. I asked you guys. There was a tepid interest in here. I've only got a table for ten. Do i need to get a larger table just for you. I thought when you said soft opening your refers something in my midsection. I was getting there but i got interrupted. And so that's why. I came in hot with ten tables. Just for damn joke. Ron mcgill is one of the roasters. So that promises. Some hippo jokes correct but you've just made me sad now. I'm there the weekend before. Everyone's going to be that bad. Timing traffic over on four point. Five jokes is going to be there locking that. Unfortunately it's minus one twenty seven. It's going to be an interesting gambling time around here. This is going to be a fun time. They'll have different. Is this universe going to look when you when you go back through the history of south florida and you go back with joe robbie funded his own stadium and it crushed his family financially. You should never do that to everything that's happened since we're wayne. High zanga tried to build the sports town. That was going to feel like vegas and disney. He was trying to build this thing thirty years ago that the hard rock is becoming and will become more because all of these extensions that have grown recently at the hard rock are by procter. They know this day is coming where they get the real gambling. It's not just in the shadows and some of the the card game. I'm gonna miss in the shadows though. Aren't you like. I'm gonna miss the old school way can make right. So i'll let the new way get here before you already pivot to the heartache of missing the old way about meeting your bookie in an alley okay as you yes as you have on both of our behalves for many years rush there is something about about down. There is something about it. I'm not going to disagree. But what's this going to look like a few years from now. How sprawling is it going to be over there. How much man. The miami herald building. Where i grew up what was happening there in the fight for the real estate on that stugotz that real estate where the herald building is is worth so much money. And i believe it was a chinese gentleman or conglomerate that just bought a patch of land. They're very expensive. Land with the idea of the casinos are coming soon. Casinos will be here and wanted to change downtown miami into a casino empire. I could only base base. This off of what. Atlantic city is turned into its help revitalize atlantic city in a big way just because they have sports books inside the hotels inside the casinos and then they pop up was so dan you get to see him at dolphin stadium. You're going to see him at all the venues down here in south florida eventually where you could just walk through the corridor. Place a bet on any game you want in game future game. It doesn't matter but in terms of the casino those sports books being up. We'll draw so many people like my to a casino in which they normally wouldn't go probably just a play blackjack so now you're going to get people inside the building and they're going to sit there all day and watch sports. It's gonna be fun. It's going to be exciting. I've never really liked sitting that sportsbook all day..

vegas chris malaysia chris cody Chris cody Cody dan Elise jess markey jason jack rose ingham Greg cody Ron mcgill nba joe robbie High zanga Dana cody Dan south florida
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"Me a lot of faith you know. The other day might fire was cancelled. So i ran to the data with the family than i wanted to get a meal. We harry b- crawshaw being the you know a lot of sports from the social media. Choose i think it was a very good night against the opponent. Repeating myself back to our shot was great great night. Yeah i mean 'cause you're such a nice guy like you're you're considered one of the guys in the sport but when you cut that prome on the crowd man i loved it like boomy boomy. It was great like what compelled you to do that. Can you walk us through that moment because it seemed like it seemed like you're gonna take the high road and just say look. I'm sorry i. I try to finish these fights and then boom you go. He'll and becomes heal burns like. Why did you decide to do that. Caught i cut myself. Say sorry a lot in anything that i do. I do how my kids you saw. She needs something bad around A lot before levy. I don't you know. I'm leaving for this week for Watch defies mama. I i don't at each do something bad fight back. You know relaxed Have a lot of energy so that was. i figured. The female will bridges so much in the end of the call. Myself and say sorry. Eight associate commerce Already i'm not not a lot of guys i felt good. You know gives a very a guy. I respect you longtime Knowledgeable enough you guys on a small action but you'll comey into action against these bag bowl. Go forward to gaze toward sewing for the best. You see what's going to happen is so when it comes myself Awad boo. i don't get. I like the eighty so that was kind of very natural. A lot of the story heading into this fight was some of the work done in the gyms with some of the specialists that you each brought in steam was working with guys like ryan hall. You will work with raymond daniels. They became such a big story. Because it's obviously such agreed to have. But you made it a point. Several times to give credit to jason jackson the ass kicking machine. Who's been on a tear over at ballot or he could be the next guy to fight. Yaroslav amazon for their welterweight title house specifically was he so impactful to you ahead of this fight. Mary mary the i had three guys helping me so much. Lean raymond daniels jason jack. My full camp Those three guys every day twice a day for sharing all my team asking May few halls was one of the guys that he has a very crazy down an an end little autographs shoe but jason jackson was such a big on the espn as best taking down defense on may period period. I can point a lotta or like that. But i take a lot of guys our jeanne most of the guy. I scored they now most. He's the owner tweeting. I if i do get it. They don't feel holiday bowl right. Back up jason ryder injections collide taller anti. He got even more more. I called the other range. Our reach more reach. More is maintained. Wonder why it it was so hard in doubt doors Better leave us allowed to be the health because of that. Don davis face to fest. A whole are keeping down. would i level. You're gonna be the next about champ for sure. Because when a Student stephen strong but nothing grows a tricky janci. You you sort of touched on this earlier but it was brought up at the media and you talked about it then too but i actually went into this whole being one of the people who thought like all the pressure is on wonderboy like the story was about him and could he get back to a title. Shod it's all on the line for him and for you. Yeah there's obviously some pressure you want to get back to the belt. But i felt like in a weird way. Were kind of playing with house money. A little bit heading into like a win would be big a loss albeit would have been pretty crappy for you. I didn't think it would be as catastrophic for you as it would be for wonderboy and you kinda disagree with that sentiment. You talked about how nervous you are before the fight. Why is that why did you. Where did this extra pressure come from. Came from kim jomie because I always believe it could be the champion. Could become a champion. I think you winston fire are older constant myself.

raymond daniels harry b crawshaw jason jackson comey Yaroslav amazon jason jack ryan hall jason ryder Mary mary Don davis espn stephen kim jomie winston
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"Pan. Lemon now you will nine meister semaine neela johanna bug hong see. He knows that illegal. A your own among young learner. Liuhua kaelin martin a who. Noggin yakking on gannon problem. Managing under amboina narrow andrea mostly only on animalistic goto Nafigulah to john bell among slurping and see slow signer wednesday march twenty four ninety nine for nineteen pm. Be no hourlong. Nickel beside you are known. Mount announce zealand jazz sung lewdness. Boma bicycle wrong resistencia. Baba's simple nanna. He got now our dial denin that you're listening my day aero byron wedding now known in russian and long lama anthony nico women guy dial titan melilla console got hindi neela gog. What's gone hung. Sadler marina lung nagging him now unhappiness. Palam baron darrow. Neha only lining lap huma about the sinha boorda desire by ozone along. Tappin union tina toho in house oppo matanzas band nagel unsan phone. So i won't went on matt and that don byron geico to that the depend this happening along and you spell out center by kahlani line on my papa boylan but hit up on month our napa google and all gung seneca ronin epi. Yeah who signed magnum matthias knowing denominated by up berlin episode soon- sooner nagging berlin. And i understand it. It'll phones. don't buy it along. The mando sang lugar. Ditto patterson mala biog- nancy. My muscles. Sunday will come and jump me. Barrel belong pounder malas militiamen opponet been hit by is. You've been in malabar. Enema mogollon yeah at lyneham my and at highly emotional gita not the wine among some groupon owner miami about eastern Fashions mckay that only land collection mama and now hundred insulin donate them up. Rita born komala milot that nicotine anybody boogeyman in regardless of our members. Who send you along with all indian and luckily la delilah some guiding better and we can anywhere muscle sunday. I'm legrand nasa lunar impact on my in. Dc motoring need that none own four feet. Long santoni nunan capacity something nagging begin automatic. A cop out the deeper merimee among member nitto that essentially got looney last. Or they're on your knowing. Lamelo ganesha book by shannon long donates. Zim bannon cordeiro new apple continental hitler denouncing ban on the party already built on any any less lobito time on the hop and gangsta pilot pilot and band. Aetna mom means young somebody in a beginning to in a while in eaten the galley tons inbound catholic after louis louisiana lung phenolic. You apple nalen anassa handy landmark papa galen nickel battle night hit up long. You buy that side by side. Just galling lana hometown. Powell i just hobbies as a man was he nico spittle by in is i'm yes that bose biljana friday much twenty six hundred ninety nine six thirty. Am the lesson nikos hospital. But they see my muscle center now. Hilo fifty two pm. Santa magan dang laghi nico condemn. But i'm gonna on my buddy. Adam them go long lumina mahoning savona ligon albus see naby nasty my muscles astronomical metals aero he nico madame dimona by without knowing what nine nine hundred demand. I don't may not along. The aso must bind gun on season. Banda piran babba. Alum can see in a good national asking your level manning and nanako an umbrella this must. We'll sudden hindi lucia. I know for three pm angle. Enough jesse my muscle send equal alumna. Gano indigo alumna. Will bombay can beat him again. Damn damn good ito. Warning fight boasts pm. Not mugabe ninety. Jason jack ma bagga seen in scanning i also moslem by what anonymity mood hindi goram combat. I'm balance alexandra. Won't nap benson computer to your miami. Mama's will sending japanese recording mcbeal league. You ma. paul. Noonan sagging miami boomer cy young and you're gonna mappi now. Why would i get that number. You libro notebook phone eliminate that he bonner sei-yung can i neela sabina saana barrow economic but depended h. p. nap on union my muscles and daddy citing ilunga reader's digest. Lonzo abound. santa. Insular six thirty pm marina spider. I'm bill mobile arrow. What happened. In la la lampoon amino been al-sabah stimulating by mcginn by nine eleven pm. What's happening my went to hawaii. Jason sonner in chesa apple snuck blog. Jack and boy will. What's not in the hat and tanya science describing may need now you got. That was go into sahan young. Aladdin army pengpu gabala had been alaska. Shannon be firm ago shannon propel nebraska slept the whole pass innis abby nico pamela lemon be beginning. Pella unframed on slamming and locking lamborghini. Lead noon electoral at night power. Neagle i mean pop down by by nine.

Rita Jason sonner john bell nine eleven pm hawaii Ditto patterson alexandra Sunday wednesday march twenty four ni six thirty pm nalen anassa paul Jason jack neela lucia fifty two pm komala milot russian friday neela sabina
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"Because we only got some that were addicted to that was hard to give up. You know, we're gonna check in with our bro Sound Dutch from Long Beach South. What is the hardest thing? You to give up marijuana way I'm giving it up. But the thing is, Listen. I know some of we don't have the urge to make no music. But when I'm home, give me that created to creativity, You know, but my mom, she want me to quit for better because they say quit. We could win the lottery money. Thank you. I think you must be high right now. Let's set a one hit five to our 159. What is the hardest thing to give up? And I'll say cheating on your wife? Because no, we already did that Say Oh. Ah, it is that what is the hardest thing to give up on Ella's number one for hip hop? How one of six legged girls e needed. Listen, Bobby, go back to my question. Swearing. That was bad cop in good block across the country to show and I've been e Got me a minute. I did it to Jimmy. I'm still with my Oh, you asking for pictures, But what's your next trying to figure was dilemma. Take a look. A couple million my players. I'm invested in Britain in the state. I just won't get my mama. Honey, let me open my mouth. Bless you were talking about putting some money. Let's go. As soon as I found that I flipped that I'm a little bit different again didn't know step on it trying to find out what baby and all of them it's gonna deal from me. This was getting free should be throwing that she's good at it. Turn around. Make a look at how she like, huh? I needed wisdom by bears. Don't come back with my wife. This weapon That was bad cop in the game. Got bladder across the country after the show, and I've been e Got me immediately. I did into Jimmy. I'm still with my last time. I'm gonna know the doctor when you go sweep the floor. Don't you never asked me anything. But would they be rapping about with the scary but see each zone? If you like it, I love it. No big no one said he'd get money already. Must they just cut you a check for men? I'm going Back to Cali like big go back back to go get a badge is a small They don't need to come work in my album. I'm trying to go find out the price on the boat. Okay, like making the status together with that she's driving the booth. They're making be born with something about while Robert's phone you go. OK, OK, I needed some by basically replacing it with my questions wherever that was bad cop in Her across the country. I've been so when I've been e got me admitted. I did it gently. I'm still with my hot I needed. Listen. Political, you bastard. Wait with my mom wants to swerve. And that was bad cop in blood across the country have been showing I e got me. Maybe I did it, Jimmy. I'm still with my are you asking for peace is what's your name? I'm trying to figure with denim and take a couple of million more power to you. Music first Miss. Power 106 number one for hip hop. This was blowing up on social is called Busted by Erica Banks. But stop looking like it. Drop it way going up like the stock it outside this at the level of chocolate going watching taking profit best getting bigger. My best side of packets. She keep your weather my bust down a locket Natural. Don't come in with gave me your phone at the hotel. She know my body. She don't need the intel We owe Jason Jack, When I know what I am. She did it. No way that you can't see. Oh Presario hero. She got a big row. She do that She do not say so, from the back out of grabbing their ankles and don't know might give a bengal I'm gonna go out with a bang. Go. Me and my brothers Reminder. Bang, bro. You're welcome. And you're gonna spit on the dishes like While he should be while in it's out of body, she gonna write it like cabin sake. She said she was dead. After sake. She left the lobby parking Like any goddess. She said she don't give me the and the badges to right. It should be said already single my hair from when she looking wacky, I might have to bust it. Just look at that body like that. But SATs, but but but but but don't look down. But what about the all meat? Damn! Damn my puppet! I'm hot, cryptic bands. Look, he was stand from upstairs. So I took him to the spot where I wanna be sedated. Get hate dancing, getting chance to make a little stop dating back inside your wife. Out west, but but.

Robert Jason Jack Jimmy Cali Long Beach South Ella Busted five 159 Britain Bobby six legged intel one Erica Banks first each zone Dutch A couple million million
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"The stamp on the ball to the right kind of bomb boy? 2015 10 5 touchdown turned my day. Leonard for that takes it to the house and the box lead 27 to 9 homes takes the staff. It looks to his left looking left under pressure. He is going to see 0 21 yard line, Jason Jack Barrett, like Burger Shack, Barrett on one side, the year Paul on the other and the box get to the home. Well, there you go. That is compliments of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Radio network Jean Decker off on the call. And it was all Tampa Bay 31 to 9 as they slap around the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl 55. I wonder what the bet was. On the chief's not scoring a touchdown in the game. You know what? I don't know what the bet was, but I would have taken it and boy did I get taken? It was taken to the cleaners yesterday. My goodness, man. I was not expecting that. You know, Jo Jo, there was there. There were two things that we talked about. And, um And I think both of those things that we talked about came to play in the game. First of all, and I do believe that Andy Reid son, who is on the coaching staff. Uh, affected the way that that game. Ended and and how it was played because there was there were more mistakes being made by the Kansas City Chiefs and confusion and Lack of flexibility than I've seen, and I said that on Tuesday or Wednesday at the referees could play a bigger role in this game. Uh then I wanted them to and that did happen as well with all that being said. Todd boils and his defensive philosophy. This game was a masterpiece. It was a masterpiece of epic proportions because what they ended up doing Was, uh, end up playing man underneath with sum's with some zone concepts behind them. Never having won safety. Hi. And, um, you know, and then they even threw a couple Of Nice plays at the Cannes City defense. What corner blitzes to start off the game just to try toe. Get Patrick Mahomes off of his game and It was this a beautiful game plan by the Temple Bay Buccaneers both offensively and defensively, that though that was a clean game by them, but I do believe that they were helped by some some some timely calls. I will say this on By the way, the spread was 14 to 1. That the chief Stone score a touchdown in the game, which just seems It just seems wacky to me, no matter how you look at it, But you know, Tom Brady gets himself the M V p. But I agree with you, Alfred. I think Todd balls. I think he should have been the MVP of the game because what they did on defense. Patrick Mahomes was running for his life. He had to scramble out of the pockets. 29 times. Let me say it again. 29 times. That is an NFL record, by the way, and he I think he completed one pass, um, when he was under duress. And that is just not the recipe for them to win. I also think that maybe we underplayed Because of the fact that he is a quarterback that could scramble and he did break off a run one of the first place of the game. What within that first within that 1st 14. He did break off a run play. I think he ran it for, like nine yards, which, by the way, that was a bet. How many yards patch more homes would have, and I think he only needed to get nine and he did that on the first time he ran the ball. Like I think that we may have underplayed. The loss of those guys on that offensive line for the Kansas City Chiefs, Because my goodness, I I do understand. The Tampa Bay's defense was top ranked But they ran through them like a hot knife through butter. It was like there was there was shock. Barrett had himself one hell of a game. See, I don't I don't look at it that way. I don't look at it that way. Because You know when you have five hour protection, Okay. What usually happens is that there is a quick and hot read that is usually there and available for you. And it it just wasn't there yesterday. You know, I'm saying like I did the tackles hold up. Mm hmm. It's good as any tackles in the NFL and that kind of situation you know when the quarterback is not getting rid of the ball on time. Um, it's an issue. But Patrick, my home made so many plays, man. I mean, I swim back and watch the game again. Dodo in the first quarter. Patrick Mahomes, you know they send the double corners the double corners on the blitz. Patrick Mahomes alluded the corner steps up in the pocket throws a dime down the field. Some 40 yards 45 yards. It's hell right in the face, man. Had some dead in the face, man and he dropped the ball. Travis Kelsey. On the all important third Down 11. Patrick Mahomes moves to the right and steps up in the pocket and hits him right in the face mask. It was. It was incredible. It was like Receivers just refused to help him yesterday. It was it was it was crazy. I'm not. I don't think I've ever seen that receiving group played that poorly. We always talk about the quarterback plan poorly. But those receivers really let down their quarterback, and he gave everything he had. I mean, that's the kind of guy you want to have as your quarterback for the next 20 years. He almost completed a couple of passes where he was Basically let like about six inches from hitting the ground, and he chucks it side arm, And that was one of those that its fiery kill in the face mask. It's like you've got to be kidding me while he is falling down he had. He was a heady enough player in that game yesterday that he was getting rid of the ball instead of taking because there are a couple times, Alfred. He was 20 yards back from the line of scrimmage because of the way that he was trying to slip the guys that were in pursuit. Right and and and once again, a lot of credit goes to top boils because I think what he did was confused. Had Patrick Mahomes on his first read, so Usually that ball with the Kansas City Chiefs is out of patch Mahomes hands very, very quickly. But what happened there in that game? It wasn't It wasn't saying the ball did not come out quickly because the reeds weren't clean. You know? Nobody played them, man. I mean, they did play them man to man, but they played them. The Bucks played the Kansas City Chiefs Man. The man would just two guys, though the linebackers Devante David, and uh and white. Um We're playing man to man. White was man to man on clients at one hell air the entire game. And, uh and you have that matchup was You know that that match up was a win for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I mean, that's a win. I'm like, man that this is this is nuts, and everybody else is playing. You know, some zone concepts and it was just it was a beautiful game plan. I've never seen anybody use it against the Kansas City Chiefs, and it'll probably be duplicated going forward. You know, we saw a screenplay early in the game and and white was right there on the screen play because he was a man to man coverage, so great game plan Great game playing by Uh, Bruce Arian staff and by the way, that's the entire staff that was here in Arizona. The only difference is Tom Brady. Mm hmm. All right. All right. More on Super Bowl. 55. Brady gets ring number 77 Does that make him the greatest? Team sport athlete of all time. That is, our poll question will come back with that. It's big Alan Jo Jo, This is K Away the voice of Colorado. Every 15 minutes here, John Watson, a couple of problems on the South side, right down the best friend. Sports Traffic Center, Broadway's.

Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Tom Brady Jason Jack Barrett NFL Todd balls Alfred Jo Jo Receivers Alan Jo Jo Leonard Burger Shack Temple Bay Buccaneers Jean Decker Cannes toe MVP
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"WABC now Steve Bannon around the world you don't want to frighten the American public France and South Korea have all signals about your vision plan which you need to prepare for and assume wrongly warning Americans to avoid all non essential travel to China this is going to be a real serious problem the U. S. Singapore Cambodia Vietnam the list goes on officials are investigating more than a hundred possible cases in the U. S. has contracted the virus epidemic is a demon we cannot let the steam and hydrogen bus driver contracted the virus from the virus has killed more than one hundred people there and infected more than forty five hundred we have to prepare for the worst always because if you don't in the worst happens more room and here's your host Stephen K. Bannon seventy seven WABC in New York City New York this is warm pandemic it's the New York City special report it is Wednesday the eighteenth of March the year of our lord twenty twenty and we are live from the war room Jason Miller my side kick your wing man the head of strategic communications for the trump twenty sixteen campaign and the transition and Jack Maxine who runs the mechanics in the engine room of the war room every day I want to work with thank seventy seven W. ABC for the opportunity to every day talk to the people in New York City the not just the greatest city the most important city in the United States of America but the greatest city and most important city in the world since seventeen sixty two yesterday for two hundred fifty eight years Saint paddy's day has been com has been honored and been commemorated with either gathering or pray except the two fifty eight years yesterday no pre Francis Francis tavern down a pearl and Broad Street word general Washington at the end of the revolution said farewell to his staff his officers closed Saint paddy's day closed just announced we came on air New York Stock Exchange the floor trading near stock exchange will be closed starting I think twenty three March you'll get a full electronic trading life is changing America and we're here to report every day we started war room pandemic back in January the reason was there was something coming out of Wuhan China and it will be profits that was extraordinary that we understood was going to be a world historic event that was a pandemic it was a it was a virus but also layered on top of that we knew was going to drive the global economic crisis both in the perturbations it was going to put into the economy in the airline industry in the hotel industry in the in the cruise industry everything to deal with everyday life but also more importantly the structural the structural aspects of the supply chain not just supply chain for the medical devices and the mask in them the call quit mid but structural issues dealing with globalization of the supply chain of shipping all the manufacturing jobs basically from the industrial democracies particularly nice states to China on top of that we should have this is not handled properly this could actually metastasized another contagion can spread and that can change with the financial crisis financial crisis that made two thousand a dwarf two thousand eight and that's where we are today the convergence of all three of those are centered around New York City why because New York City represents the basically rail head of the global capital markets and today we had another massive selloff in the equity markets we are back at some point today I think we're exactly back to roughly where president trump took the oath of office for three years a value increases been wiped out essentially nine and half for tempering in dollars the global equity markets every all the equity markets around the globe press the private equity market I can be available twenty five trillion dollars in value wiped out we have not seen this type of destruction and goodies since the last week of October of nineteen twenty nine triggered the Great Depression and we know what happened with the Great Depression the rise of the rise of Adolf Hitler and eventually the second World War so that's where we are today the credit markets there is a massive problem globally with liquidity and you see the credit markets start to crumble or oils in a free fall because every demand is going to go to zero we are going to go through and work all these problems through what we can't tell people this would present from sense nothing is inevitable through human action and human agency we can get through this president xi in our opening we always play the BBC report or present she China said this virus is a demon and we cannot allow this demon to height well we have to find out the demon in the virus will said find out the demon contagion is not present in the world financial markets now I want to start today we'll start with the one of the most important guys in the hedge fund business the reason we're doing this this is a guy that investing companies employees people they play a lot of people he has basically roughly at eight a half ten billion dollar hedge fund but more important he's known is investing is a smart investor investor the price changing companies in he was put on CNBC today Jason Jack when the president was given the press conference when the one present actually finishes announcements he started taking questions in CNBC made a decision it was more important to get this guy on because at that time the markets were little in a free fall the president there's a lesson here when you're they're talking about bold action good things happen when you're there talking about small ball or you can get off the subject in a back and forth with investors right now people are back and forth with reporters people doing here this is a time for big bold action you see this governor Cuomo the interchange of the present governor Cuomo or get all of that okay but I want to start with bill Ackman claration I thank governor Cuomo has done a superb job and I think the White House the president the vice president are finally doing taking a lot of the necessary steps but it's not enough and the reason why it's not enough is the only way what's going to happen if we continue the way we are operating until a vaccine is manufactured distributed and injected we will go through a depression era period in the country and millions of people will die around the globe management is a million Americans are gonna die okay well hold off there for a second now secretary Mnuchin gave a presentation up on the Senate to the republics and the guys yesterday if you doubt it talked about twenty percent unemployment okay all the all the efforts that they're putting on now for the economic to solve the economic crisis and and number one we have to report the vote through the relief package but the relief package is quite small right that that's the deal with food stamps and to deal with other issues about comp you know paid leave all that can be clear we're talking about a hundred billion dollar small hundred four billion dollars small hundred forbidding us from which in normal times is important here small it needed to be done had to be done quickly they got it done the bigger thing is the second part which is this massive cash infusion into the system a trillion dollars in is it going to be directly to people is correctly small companies in the reason is and this is why the tri state area New York so important most of the most of the country is built around the service economy and so much of a particular this trump revolution has been the small job creator the dry cleaner that has five people the restaurant that has twenty the delivery service that has fifteen to twenty those businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy today the part of the equation trying to solve for is happy to get cash this quickly as possible both to both individuals but also their small business owners that's our struggle with talking about doing it today or tomorrow the next day but Ackman Ackman is an investor who understands this he will point out two things number one on the virus itself unless you get have it start solving for this you're going to have a massive problem but you could go through a depression now on the show what we try to do is make sure that there's no panic the only thing you have to fear for yourself but you can have ill informed complacency ill informed complacency when a guy like Agnes oppression in the secretary of the treasury is giving a presentation to the Republican Senate that says that you can have twenty percent unemployment in that twenty percent unemployment is something is going to happen in a month not like the Great Depression remember in the last week of October in the stock market crash Roosevelt was not elected until nineteen thirty two he didn't in those days you didn't take that he didn't take office until I think March thirty three March thirty three that's what they had the bank company all that in that the unemployment then that's when I started to head to head up again I think over twenty five percent almost thirty percent here they're talking about in immediate implosion of the employment market immediate pleasure of aggregate demand right that's what goals drop in and so that's why I got like Ackman you have to pay attention because he's making decisions every day on capital allocation that support these companies let's go to his second to enough time in the seven o's got his second the hip yes so I called the CEOs of a number of our company okay and told them to put my concerns okay companies are more closest to and to not stop a buy back program the husband resources to call the pull down draw down the credit lines down because hell is coming okay and I I felt it was really never had this experience before my like the clothes I have a financial crisis and you know things are bad timing but this was a feeling like I've never had like there's a tsunami coming right the tsunami coming into view it in the air right the tide starts to roll out okay and on the beach people are playing and having fun like there's nothing going on and that is the feeling I've had for the last two months okay and my colleagues at work okay I thought it was a lunatic this is back when it was a guy that talks to people like governor Cuomo he's somebody that would talk to present a bomb he talked to the president I states he's considered a sophisticated investor and he's done in person scores can be considered one of the best of the hedge funds out there actually activist fund a change for this is the point about the on the beach that some smart people around him have just for the last month or two said Hey something is not right something's gone wrong we seen this patient we saw what happened in China the Chinese don't frighten easily the CCP when they lock down bay province which is the size of France with eighty million people in quarantine Wuhan which is forty percent bigger than New York city's first population goes and went door to door that's when you know you're dealing with a world historical event okay we're taking out or take a short break here hash tag war room pandemic it's the way you participate the show comments observations particularly now hello I'm talking over everybody wanna hear at all also most important one here all the news that you that you have a really Connor seventy seven W. ABC in New York City New York more room pandemic to New York City special report we're gonna return in just a minute with Jack Nancy J. similar Stephen K. Bannon have governor Cuomo of the interview he did this morning and the president all mixing when you WABC traffic in transit there's a lot of heavy traffic here on the southbound FDR drive preaching the Brooklyn Bridge getting onto those ramps the Everton bound Brooklyn Bridge also I slow the flow of traffic traffic is heavy westbound on the DQ Edea from flushing Avenue down towards Atlantic Avenue in down to what is pretty busy ride from the prospect into it like a cavity on the eastbound Eloi traffic is heavy for fifty eight three down to queens Boulevard Grand Central parkway in good shape no problems here on the Triborough bridge white stoner thrive this rabbi Joseph tastic of The New York board of rabbis and the server may often on from the Christian cultural center we are here to get in front of everyday issues.

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"Wants. Everyone who goes into a competition wants to win but that was the first all my life. I have a winning contests and just not accepted defeat but I was just like I don't really care if I die. May If these people I mean I felt like I was being judged as I was riding. That's why I didn't really ride practice. That dance broke up because I was just like just like scared Sarrazin but when I like what I was going back to what I was saying before was I was like kind of accepting fate because I just knew that I was in. That wasn't me. Dot Com tested fit like my genre rotting so I just went into it and it was just like I'm just GonNa go right at like a normally do and not do anything. Like I'm not GonNa do nine hundreds and five labs and fly whips and all the crazy tricks circus tricks that are a lot of claiborne. Olympic tricks that a lot of people know me for so I just went in and just was like okay. One thing I wanted to do my run was blossoming villain. I hit that's all wants to do and then I'll just winging it for the rest of the run and it's crazy because I did that the first year and I just haven't so much fun man because it was it was different man like it was. It wasn't yeah like a UCI Olympic trial event. It was people in that people didn't care about that. I just wanted to see something cool on the block. With where like feces not like that. The fought the virus is really welcoming really cool but this is just completely a whole different animal and I may running. Those events really gave me that that likes fresh Bach again Emirati to cranking the and had some induce stuff. That not only felt good but made me happy. Wasn't it wasn't necessarily something that I had to do to get a good school. It was just like go out and just have fun and see what happens so you're smiling and that that's always good to see you know and not a single person was was bombed your day like it was the hottest is the hardcore critics or whatever whoever the hell they are whatever but I don't know man like it was fucking cool to see so thank you now. It was. It was Rod I am. I definitely like think back to that day. Nothing that day changed me forever. You know because I always wanted to be a pro Bam actual and always wanted to be in the position I am but when when the cop came out to five hours just like not like lava chance I doubt was like I didn't even I didn't even WanNa ride. I was just like Oh this is cool. You know like my friends get to go rhino contest. And when I went did the regional qualifying qualified for the next day and I ended up making finals. I was just like blown away. A could make it. That Florida vans broke up. Something right man. Yeah but then the next year like this year when I went to this year. I pretty much just did the same thing but then J. Spill the craziest wall next to the spine and then built like those two like phages in like the smaller bowl. And I was just like this is going to be sick. Let you flip dropping the fucking Allah sitting right like the grandstand behind that like extended a bid like oh it was right there fucking. I didn't even think I was going to do it myself. Like I was just like the deck was real small. Remember the deck was like the coping was like exaggerating. The deck was the coping was here and the grandstand people's faces. Because I remember Joe the two thousand eighteen so just trying to do a full plan. He's foot missed the wall. He's bought just miss. My Dad's face no way my dad's seventy five years old and he was like. Oh like get the fucking very crap participation. No that's crazy nearly hit someone but it. The person next to my dad one off things happening you know. I mean that's been a staple. Bmx Compass Forever Mirror. Did it murals Donna every night? Bmx over the years has gone a long. Throw this at the end of my run or I'm going to build up and then I'm going to guarantee these. That's not going to be part of the Olympics as well. I mean you shouldn't win around on one chick it's not gonna it's not GonNa be district on the Buzzer on. It's not a best with someone. Goes to something outside of their comfort zone at Denver. Run back back then. The runs thirty five seconds. So you had enough juice to be. I'm going to try. I'm GonNa try this you know. And but the runs were minute long. Men like it's hard. It's a hard minute so soon as soon as the minutes done like you just want to put your legs up and just catch your breath so I definitely think things are going to get interesting. Olympics are definitely chait. That's not going to change. That's always going to be the same. Bmx that's always going to be. The people always want to do something cool at the end just like I didn't hear shame I did that. Nine hundred at the end to the firefly. That's always going to be a pot of sport just in different building in your head of what you wanted to talk. You mean depending on the course I guess yeah once I see the calls. That's when I'm going to be like okay and map everything out make it so. We're pretty fortunate that we get to ride the calls for Tokyo in May okay. Well April April so the actual cost will be riding in the Olympics. We get through on April building on here on this dude. I wish if I could build. What are you doing? What's coming if chef Jason Jack in the country you build this up just talking to Jason about extending the mini robot monster making it making like from the streets blinders on the mini rant. Have extend that put a ramp in all the way to like where the concrete pillows off a whole lot but like a quarter razzie box before. So we're talking to Jason. Now and hopefully we can get something not not familiar. That's not the case. I want it so guys like like Sam Gibson and Devon and take Sadler they. I want 'cause I know Dave is much he wants to be hardcore role frame trails shorts scattered like tots. He wants to go to a flip book. Sometimes and it can fucking and he's got the skills man like skills. Yeah and just build something for for those guys that if they want to do at a set of trails or they want to do beyond the hit they can go to monster trial the Reggie before you know. And that's something that I want to. I think always been like that. Rav wanted to just give back soon as I wanNA give it. Give something back and make sure that I'm appreciative. Had bring run up with me on and something. That's never changed since I was a kid. That's being Mexican enough show. Yeah Lot yeah thank you. Yeah I'll be next and I just want everyone to experience how thankful and just try and give back as much as I can even with every comment on instagram. Will everyone support me? I try and give back every little pace of what I can to make sure that because I know a Lotta Rod. Is that really care about us stuff in there just like? Was he a win for me? Those guys are part of my journey. My my my I'M NOT GONNA call my fans that's really. I feel like it's really arrogant of me to say that but people who support my rotting that theropod of my journey. You know everyone that supports me's bought a majority. I'm thankful for every part of the and I want to bring with me every kid who robs black and a show. I feel like whether they hate me. Love me that they were part of my journey and I want to be able to provide stuff for them to ride ladies so because at the end of the day I want kids to remember one nine four hundred plus years to come so when you know when I'm done and I'm just a bag of bones or you in the ground Kids remember me for giving back as much as I can for the sport not. I'm just not a guy that was just doing well. One period in life and just paste out. I want someone. Don't want kids from one hundred years from now. Do I wanted to be the reason that they start riding bikes. We'll keep doing what you're doing. Thank you well. I mean we're going to beat hours to. Douse don't strongman. Yeah it's easy to some legends. Oh I mean I don't know I guess just mentioned is listen to the rollback. Podcast Carl Carlson. At the end of it that was interviewed two thousand eighteen so the season. Yeah you mentioned that you sort of emphasize. Molin mentioned that sort of watch this space. I've achieved stuff. The best is yet to come and you prove that already the sea and I mean do I guess it's your you've set sail. Yeah well it's crazy. I'm going to say that again that the best is yet to come. And do. We're fucking pop the see it now. I'm not gonNA stop that. I say then because a lot of like what twenty eighteen was a big change for me moving to America and getting set up over there but when twenty twenty nine early twenty nineteen on moved into an empty house. Those early one thing in it and I was dead and I just pretty much work went to escape walk and went home and over the next few months my girlfriend moved in. She finally turned the house into a home. And you know I started finding my foot in not just writing there but you know finding the right Jim finding the right people to ride with and also finding my just like my routine learning learning learning this whole twenty eight just learning learning about adapting to this American lifestyle and riding and training and we eating well and just being on on the on the able the entire time so twenty twenty now that I figured that out and twenty nine hundred twenty twenties. Just like set sail. Let's go let's let's I'LL BE DAMNED. If I don't go get go mental. Tokyo. I'll be fricking damned. So it's crazy because you're twenty twenty like I see I see. I say myself going to the Olympics. Not just in the green and gold and and wearing these trailing flag and. I I don't I don't I say that and that's all a part of it but one thing I remember at one thing I do see is like is like throwing black off my run getting the gold medal stage and seeing it so clearly around me because my my background is the Tokyo gold medal and I look at that damn thing every single day so as soon as I say it around my neck and I and I I pick it up. I'm representing all you guys representing my family and everyone rods block all around the world rodiles from Australia or not. That that's a dream come true. That's and that's pretty much why to America's to to get that moment is not necessarily. The metal is not necessarily to to be the best. Like I don't think I'm the best by any means. I didn't think I'm close to being anything close today. Meryl Ryan I WANNA. I'd say like I remember someone said to me. They will do. Because I've always said I wanted to be the next day of mural even when I was younger like when you say I want to be the next day of Meerut and I remember like song came up to me and said don't be the second mural be the first you and that's all I'm GonNa be now is the first and you are the one and only. I guess we're alive and wrap it up. Dude thank you so much do you. And Best of luck man thank. You can't keep on rocking into twenty twenty manspeaker. Yeah it'll be worth of rolled us. Yeah Oh yeah did sweet sweet. Slow thanks guys..

Olympics Tokyo Bmx Jason Jack America gold medal UCI Sarrazin Meerut Florida Rod I Australia Joe Meryl Ryan Donna Denver Rav Reggie Dave Molin
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"Possible I love to hear from my listeners and if you try any of the recipes I shared I'd love to see pictures and videos of your pups enjoying their new frozen goodies please send them to Christy life radio dot com and that's a Christie with an eye you can also find the doggy dish on Facebook and Twitter be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest and healthy cooking for your furry kit thank you for listening to the doggy dish bye for now let's talk pets every week on demand only on live radio dot com let's talk fast live radio dot com Jim David dictator Garfield urging you to listen to live radio well yeah we'll see about that once again podcast in other news cast you expand your idea of what is impacting the veterinary world veterinarians and all animal care professionals as you we are your co host Dr gin and under Jason Jack built if you were not yet and that can one please subscribe for free today it might fit candy dot com you can also reach us at Jen at my that can you dot com for Jason at my bikini dot com our topic today is T. H. C..

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"Guest on our show producer mark with making the show possible you have any questions comments or ideas for a stroll email me yeah Beverly at life radio dot com so until next time spread animal compassion let's talk pets every week on demand only on live radio dot com let's talk live radio dot com everybody listen up this is Gerald to sell it for the world I want you to listen to live radio once again podcast in other news cast you expand your idea of what is impacting the veterinary world veterinarians and all animal care professionals as you we are your co host Dr gin and under Jason Jack built if you were not yet and that can why not please subscribe for free today at my vet candy dot com you can also reach us at Jen at my that can you dot com for Jason at my that can you dot com our topic today is T. H..

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"A huge win in honor of smoothie they're a big win against seat in the hall a lot of luck plays down the stretch especially by Cassius Winston big a big big side one three for the mission St bench how encouraging was that when for you guys as a mission statement well aid prove that they're as good as advertised obviously you lost the opener against Kentucky very good Kentucky team who happen that just get upset badly home but they're so good team but odd beating at quality team like Seton hall on the road does show that you have something to work with and obviously a senior legally caches Winston will only get his troops together as the season goes on you have other pieces but caches is the center point of team and then I'm I'm always gonna trust time is though to get things working before March most definitely what you Sam yeah I mean the first game against Kentucky reminded me a lot of the hot Texas tech game last year in the final four in that kind of had me a little bit worried but it was great to see is bounce back see house a great team and we're playing in a hostile environment it was very loud and we manage it we have I I mean we held up under pressure a cab now bouncing back after both teams were just back and forth the entire game and we still were able to come out on top on the road that's really tough to do and I I was really excited about that and and also Cassius Winston you can count on him he I think it's gonna win player of the year this year and that was a very encouraging when for Michigan state yeah I like to win against Seton hall I ever the Kentucky game miles like men's team does do they really have it is do they have that X. factor then I saw Cassius Winston played last two games I said my god this kid is legit you can do it all he makes plays down the stretch she's a gay man like I said earlier reminds me of Trey Burke not overly athletic but can shoot a long ball and make everyone else around him better and that is what college basketball you know hit that's what they need college basketball has all these guys at their egos are through the roof of the said why not a year and three months anyway and I got a hundred thousand dollars to come here so I don't care okay but catches a guy that's better for you to see your rights we've been there for four years any sits there he goes you know what to put the team on my back down the stretch in he carried the Spartans to a big win there's a lot of big plays across the board rocket played a good game rocket Watson of just ask about him I think rocket watch will be a legit player I don't know if you'll leave after this year because you know he didn't he the ball in his hand so I think a year past catches wins I think rocket watched a next year will be a huge step for your show the country why he was one of the best recruits coming out of high school this past year so Michigan state not just this year or for years to come they got a bright future with rocket what's your rocket what's looked like a freshman against Kentucky but he did play a lot better hi again Seton hall which is encouraging but yeah he's he's gonna be legit right I think he does have a lot of room to grow but I I can see him being you know an NBA player for two years definitely he's a great shooter and you know how fast this kit is that's white rocket that's why he's called bracket is really was mark watch but his dad given the nickname rocket is dead was also nicknamed rocket back in the day so the kick it absolutely fly he did look like a freshman against Kentucky he jacked up a couple unnecessary threes he got blocked a couple times the referee could have pulled up for a mid range jumper so those things are gonna come I could imagine put your first college game against Kentucky inside Madison Square Garden right it is eighteen years old a kid like someone who has grown up to me Xavier Telamon all my goodness I haven't either he had a crush he had literally yeah from grand rapids Michigan I mean that he's a guy who was in the rotation last year but now he's almost having a double double nine and nine I will say in the shooting thirty six percent from the field but I just I just think he's gotten bigger you know I think he's going to be a crucial part of this team if they want to have success because you already have the guard you already have caches are pair him with Xavier Tillman who I can really see being dominant our junior season I think this is going to be a real stepping stone for him and what about movie call again Seton hall yeah but he could not miss the young freshman I think the sharp yeah he was seven for seven from the field had a couple of deep corner threes to take the lead I am a back and forth game against Seton hall and all the kids will get a lot of big data joyous marble he needs his time to come is also a freshman they'll develop of big in junior gave brown can shoot foster lawyer played a good game Stephen is a steal so yeah I can't hear can't forget Thomas give your another guy yet Thomas kiss your from Clarkston he'll be playing a lot of big minutes and I'm surprised that he stepped into that starring role so nicely as Kentucky as well I am hoping that he played a good game him in cash is run the pick and roll that's almost unbeatable yeah it's very tough to guard especially got rocket watched and odd you know Henry Aaron Henry to take a step forward this year because especially when Lankford I'm I'm hearing January will be the return date for Lankford I don't know if you guys her at her different C. dot here or is he is January going to be the set date for the last I've heard January he does have a year of eligibility left so I said if you get a red shirt he did not so he's going to come back at some point this year so the team that stacked is going to get even more no stacked solving things are gonna be looking bright not just for the rest of the year but for the future for Michigan state and that's it that's you for Thomas out to have a group of guys he can rely on for years and years to come the point guard position set because you got rocket watches gonna start next year and then you have fought foster lawyer is gonna be the solid backup his whole career unfortunately but I held the they'll be set at that position and that's really the most important position for machines that I feel like Tom Izzo once he has a a solid point guard from there you can figure it out I would most definitely not want to talk about the Michigan Wolverine basketball team and like I said earlier I last week I said all this is this more of a year is sit back and watch in joy your young group of guys if you could play basketball yeah Joe one Howard first year as a head coach bond not many high expectations but what this guy can do for your program is built for the future and he did the fro you know his first three months of recruiting yet I said Todd who's a five star power forward they can is it an athletic freak so he'll be in next year yes objection a four star point guard coming in next year that's going to take the place of a senior Xavier Simpson for next year so Michigan is three zero the really haven't looked yo dominating in any of the winds are the played well against Creighton Appalachian state came back in the second half then you on I never heard of them but the government in the by twenty but other than that Michigan really has a lot of question marks and how this team will pair in the ten is you know still unknown AJ one yet join Howard he can he can make all the sets the team plays in NBA T. which are like an NBA style offense which is running gun which is kind of like what John beeline did for Michigan before last year because last year they could shoot so they had to they had a drops of offense but John B. lines teams the password is running gun grab the ball throw it down to Duncan Robinson on the wing Jason Jack up as many threes you can also get that same vibe with this team right now Isaiah livers is gonna be a guide I'm looking forward to seeing in his junior year how we can step up John Teske as well so guys like the like that you know the the front grotesquely levers the I. Brooks off the bench seat your Simpson the evil speedy point guard I'm looking for that match up with with with cash and Xavier Simpson hello that's your tough tough guards tough guards they'll be fun the thing with Michigan I I don't think we can really know who they are yeah until big ten season because they play are you playing Iowa state I mean they're usually pretty decent I can't why don't know much about their team this year but then you play Louisville and they're not really I mean are they are they sell this year their fourth the nation right now man yeah we will okay yeah for yeah I've been focusing on the big ten but you know what the point is after our until that Louisville game you don't really know who this team is yeah and you go in the big ten season you played two big ten games Iowa Illinois then you go back to a couple non conference games so it's gonna be until I think you know December by mid December before we really understand who this team is even January he's got Louisville yep Oregon a non conference play in December those teams are ranked then you get like little UMass Lowell well and press I can't pronounce it the terrain press yes in college so I mean there is you know tough tough note rap again readers to ball games in December then you pick of January that's where I'm interested to see how this team will play at Michigan state Penn state Iowa Minnesota will be either they're gonna be okay me there's a lot of good teams in the big ten this year and like I said I'm gonna sit back to enjoy this Michigan team because really I really don't have high expectations for me to get to March you could make noise because you got veterans like like Teske like livers and like Xavier Simpson maybe like a seven or eight seed sob I mean I was excited to have a team that yet you could you could work out with in and not have high expectations you can just sit there and watch watch basketball yeah he also got that nice recruiting class coming in so it's yeah the stress free time to be a Michigan fan you're kind of starting fresh and yeah it must be nice it's fun because I remember the days when we had free Birkenstock was gets in Tim Hardaway junior all those guys in your ranks number one of the nation then you lose you wanna cry you're saying we shop where I wanna watch even more that's what's going to happen whoever's give me the number one team in the nation throughout this year they're gonna lose a game they're gonna lose two games and you're just gonna say I've got I can't watch anymore but we have a team that really does have a any expectations in your you know the building toward the future that's exciting to watch but Michigan state the team that I'm looking forward to seeing all year I can't wait for odd mish division sick to match up this year because it could be fun it will be fun Michelle stays clearly the best team but with catches winches Xavier Simpson those guys always have a great match up your Xavier's a tough pesky little defender on on on defense and catches Winston.

Cassius Winston Kentucky Seton hall three months hundred thousand dollars thirty six percent eighteen years four years two years
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"Would like to thank our producers for making the show possible I always want to hear from my listeners so please send your comments and questions to Christy at pet life radio dot com that's Christy within IBM you can also find the doggy dish on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and now our new YouTube channel so check that out be sure to like us and follow us to keep up with the latest and greatest in healthy cooking for your furry kids thank you for listening to the doggy dish but I for now let's talk every week on demand only on live radio dot com let's talk fast live radio dot com hi from Animal Planet meal to build your listening to live radio once again today podcast in other news cast you expand your idea of what is impacting the veterinary world veterinarians and all animal care professionals as you we are your co host Dr gin and under Jason Jack built if you were not yet event can write one subscribe for free today at my vet candy dot com you can also reach us at Jen at my that can you dot com for Jason at my that can you dot com our topic today is T. H. C. C..

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"jason jack" Discussed on Pet Life Radio

"Her furry friends and doubles home life and career all the while managing to survive in the world's most hectic city the exciting animal adventures and secret stories from both ends of the lease that make up the details of this city every week on demand only on live radio dot com get ready another sizzling pad seven tell Agoncillo and starts all the time life radio the number one music and I love it life radio dot com that's what she said was the turn to is life radio then sure it's all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone that's right we are animals deal with it live radio live life unleashed once again podcast in other news cast you expand your idea of what is impacting the veterinary world veterinarians and all animal care professionals as you we are your co host Dr gin and under Jason Jack built if you were not yet and that can write one subscribe for free today at my vet candy dot com you can also reach us.

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"jason jack" Discussed on Pet Life Radio

"And you can use that same thing to find us on social so shop hot box on Facebook Twitter and Instagram. and as always you can reach me with any questions by email Dustin Florida com that's few P. J. R. Y. dot com George on all major social media and online store to come to my friends happy tails until we meet again let's talk every week on demand only on live radio dot com. live radio dot com hi this is Amy here are your thing you play for radio where the real and make everyone feel like. once again. hi Kathy in other news. to expand your idea of what is impacting the veterinary world veterinarians and all animal care professionals as you. we are your co host Dr gin and under Jason Jack built if you were not yet at that can't write. one. subscribe for free today at my vet candy dot com you can also reach.

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"Home and they want to let you know that miss all of fines or forever home is now available in both hard cover and soft cover and that's at Amazon dot com as missile of says what you eat thank you everyone we would like to thank our guests this week and also as our doggie divas always say please love your pets because they love you unconditionally and please remember to adopt foster spay neuter microchip and as always please have a great week everyone that's all for this episode of the doggie divas show to find out more go to our website the doggie diva dot com also find us on our Facebook page the doggie divas show and tell your fellow dog lovers about it don't miss Susan Marie miss olive and the doggie divas right here for the next episode see you again soon. let's talk that every week on demand only on live radio dot com. let's talk fashion. live radio dot com. world champion poker player Annie do telling you. like radio. once again podcast in other news. have to expand your idea of what is impacting the veterinary world veterinarians and all animal care professionals as you. we are your co host Dr gin and under Jason Jack built if you were not yet event can. why not please subscribe for free today at my vet candy dot com you can also reach.

co amazon
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"Sure Rita we had a call earlier she's been approached by a coworker to be the third person the better of me she's like I don't know what should I do Sri to have you had this experience yeah a different time thanks first time with a married couple I can get it right back number one you have open minded a yet be willing to be willing to try new things but can't get better if they are interested you have to be right really our our our nothing but at least you have to be into it yeah we all can't be wishy washy now and good looking I think I've had other state well why not going would you rate yourself one out of ten me Serra have you been the third person in the bedroom or what is your advice for people thing about doing that I have been the third person that your men I've invited people a third person and adventure and I think there's so many people to have a threesome with and everyone should do them but I don't think that you need to force yourself and your online are necessarily had a coworker who now are you married or in a relationship or you just can't argue that you but you're the or you're the third person I am and she has also invited this a third person in on heather Shinsha ever been Serra a timer you're like long fellow jealous while it's happening no not really because I pretty much just that you know like with my husband when I wasn't going to be okay with you know and I he is has no problem making sure that I'm getting the most attention so I'm getting the most attention from everybody I am happy as can be I am thoroughly turned out are you hung I don't think I'm bad who want one out of ten all is what it I just need to know how can I give myself at least a solid seven okay all right we had a caller that she's been by tobacco or could be the third person yeah in the bedroom and she's like I never not done that and then so ask you have done that their advice Victoria go ahead yeah I actually met mac level when I was a bartender and like they would always come in and see me and I thought they just really like you know how may Marjorie but I drop the I mean yeah pretty good great they dropped the bomb on me one day why you know why we keep you know come back the right and now I'm kind of that well I was at one point kind of a sad him made you know person but so I really had no idea what they were talking about men I mean they dropped that on me and of course I was like yeah I'm not really into that kind of thing but we are hung out several times and you know like we got really comfortable with each other and then next thing you know like a year later here we are so you do this on a consistent baseline gosh yes it was no wonder what you look like one is like a very very and Jason Jack I'm not I don't I don't like it right now so stories hard on the six what you're talking about this Katie yes it it's not like you see in the actually the movie that is because of that right there is also a story it's like some shy girl bartender that.

Rita one day