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"jason hogan" Discussed on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast

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"jason hogan" Discussed on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast

"Test in all those categories to varying degrees some in some with flying colors as they say in others just enough to pass threshold, but he is the most complete package for a WWE style product for a lead baby face that they have right now, including Seth Rollins because drew his less damaged goods, despite the whole three MB thing that's a distant memory. And I think drew is the best choice. He's not is old as age as not as small as AJ's night as quote regional sounding as AJ Daniel, Bryan, they're in a different place with him bronze Stroman as of Monday, he's not a dead character. But he's damaged and it needs to be reframed in rebuilt for year to get to the level that I think he was at before they turn them in and turn back. So I mean who else is there when you look at that roster. On both sides of the ledger who you could make the face of your company inasmuch as that's necessary. And I think you made a pretty compelling pitch for for for drew being somebody. You don't wanna prematurely, turn them out of neat. You want him to be on the journey. That is best for him over the three year for over over the next three years. But you also look at what's happening to them right now and go do you have to speed some things up because of where ratings are in get people as you said Jason feeling good about the product by having somebody represented the way that I don't know that Vince odd to redo an impact, but drew McIntyre when he's at Ernest pro fans pro pro wrestling, a baby face is believable as anybody, and he does it without crossing into being corny or small tsy like really close. He usually stop just short of. That's the thing. He knows where that line is. And he knows the value of locking up really close to it. But he knows to not walk over it in John CENA. Going back to Bob Acklin went too far. You know, he Drew's more like Bret Hart in that sense. Where? Brett was a baby face who really cared about the integrity pro wrestling. But didn't he was still cool? And I think through is closer in that rent is in that range also. Yeah. I think but you touching. I don't think Vince McMahon has any idea. I because I don't think he paid any attention to a dramatic anti renewing an impact he can't even bother to watch annexed irregular basis. So I don't think he knows what he has there. I don't know if enough people were paying attention. They'd during Drew's run there to tell him you're missing out on this Bence. I I don't know that it's going to happen. Some you know somewhere down the road when the time will come where. All right. It's time to turn. You know, we need to turn this guy. And then you can only hope that it comes out then. But I I I'll bet it's not even it hasn't even bench his mind. And if it hasn't I know that he looks at drew big star. I mean, I don't think he's pushing drew like, well, I don't have anyone else. So I'll just push this guy. I think we are seeing signs he believes in truth. That's not the problem. The problem is does he fully understand what Drew's ranges as both a baby face and a heel. And. Yeah. So I mean, the journey of dramatic entire in in twenty nineteen is it's something to watch it. It's something to watch. And he is one of the really important pieces right now for for WWE. I mean, he is the most ready made top star. And it seems like he's on course to be atop star. But do they utilize him in the best way possible to get what they need out of? Jason HOGAN, I was I'm as out spoken against HOGAN being portrayed as a hero based on the things that he said in his fifties. You know on more than one occasion. And it wasn't just the use of a word, but the categorization and dehumanisation of an entire group of people black people and speaking of if you wanna know what black people are look on Hogan's Twitter feed because you re tweets pictures of them with Hoke mania merchandise constantly..

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