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"jason heyward baseball academy" Discussed on GSMC Baseball Podcast

"For faculty and collegiate students at u w madison concentrating on environmental and sustainability studies for the cardinals paul goldschmidt. This is the sixth time. That goldschmidt has been nominated for this award. And the first time since joining saint louis he. He's looking to join adam. Wainwright who has the twenty twenty wetter and yada air molina. Who won in two thousand eighteen as current cardinals to receive the honour. Gold schmitz he is one for charitable causes including several that able to take off now that he is fully entrenched in the saint. Louis marketing he has commitment to pediatric cancer patients with goldschmidt and his wife. Amy being dedicated supporters of the arizona cancer foundation for children. They have continued their efforts in saint louis hospitals and work with the make a wish foundation tell bring joy to kids dealing with cancer for the chicago cubs. It is jason heyward for hayward. Chicago's not just where he plays baseball but he embraced the city as his home and continually searched for ways to give back in august. He he was present for the groundbreaking ceremony on a ten acre one hundred and fifty thousand plus square foot facility in the city's austin neighborhood that will include a club for kids and professional level sports elements including the jason heyward baseball academy. He hopes to raise kids in this community. One day i want them to see the kind of legacy that he left and he partnered with by the hand club for kids in chicago on such projects as this one. The pirates nominee is jacob stallings. Stallings kept strong kept his strong community engagement going during the cove nineteen pandemic in spring training. He gave a memorable experience for a group of youth from the boys and girls club of manatee county when the pirates run able to host the annual play ball event this spring stalling hosted a virtual event for youth players. He's also held to welcome a miracle league player. Caleb the crusher to pnc park spending time with him catching with 'em showing him around and on top of his charity. Work starlings is lauded by the pirates. Young staffers dedication and willingness to help the game grow within the community for the cincinnati reds joey votto longest tenured member of the reds since two thousand seven. He often helps the community and quieter ways and without fanfare especially helping hospitalized children in those battling with great health challenges during the pandemic vodno had in person visits to cincinnati children's hospital and when those weren't possible he met virtually with patients said recorded videos to kids before their surgeries he also made regular visits to p. and g. mlb cincinnati reds youth academy even after his own games to spend time with the players from the rbi baseball and softball teams for the national league west. You have the diamondbacks david. Peralta peralta the longest tenured active player on the roster gold glove silver slugger recipient but peralta and his wife jordan are united in their involvement with a number.

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