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"jason grenell" Discussed on Marty and McGee

"Ultra thin blades. Oltra six plus Barbara Saul com. All the billboards we do. That's the one people send me. Pictures of them shaving Barbara saw razors. Here's a can of Barbara Saul shaving cream. Hey, Brian, did you know the Barbara cells make raisers? There's a reason we just played John Deere green by Joe difficult, and the reason is coming right up. It's time for hopefully Joe, Joe dipay. It's now time for the southern gentleman's news briefing. Kidding. You're a hillbilly headlines on Mardian McGee. Self, their chief jumping their dayline, Denver, Denver. Now we got a little audio free voice here ago. We're on top of wowed, breaking news tonight at ten, a John Deere tractor in a slow speed chase with police on a busy night in Lodo going the wrong way on roads, even driving on sidewalks. People are trying to enjoy their Friday night when we have live team coverage tonight, Denver sevens, Jason Grenell and Liz gilardi are both downtown. They've been tracking this for the last few hours. Let's go first, Denver sevens. Jason grown our Jason. What do we know right now we'll visit a strange case, but it was also a very dangerous case of this stolen and crashed. John Deere tractor smashed into the front of that Denver police cruiser right at the intersection of fifteenth and market in the middle of Lodo on a busy Friday night. What police tell us at this point is that one suspect is in custody after being teased to police? Officers are in the hospital, but they are expected to be okay. It was a slow speed, so went for our Travis. They're saying in the tractor was pulling something maybe like a lawnmower attachment something, but wart. How do you use for the tractors. Path like how do you shoot tires out of it now? Now that's not gonna work on a John Deere. You can't buy this kind of advertisement. Well, we love John Deere round here of had a on my form of headache. John Deere twenty forty. In my daddy. So I remember the day that my father in his best friend Gordon Jones. Put a book on the front of that thing when I was maybe ten or twelve and it was it took us days, man, but this bucket on this John Deere and it. I remember just I was like, I was like that when those coaches walked around that corner and saw are a great wolf lodge set. I stood there and stared at that bucket on the front of that John Deere like I'd seen the light, so all right, we're hitting over to Okeechobee excellent. The owner of a spider monkey spiky spanky that attack to Home Depot employees in Okeechobee has been arrested in North Carolina after being given a court order that she should not be in possession of said, spider monkey, Tina Darlene Ballard because of course, Tina Darlene Ballard fifty, six pepperidge lane and Neuland North Carolina. All new was arrested June, thirtieth by officer, Craig Hughes of the Lynn Bill land harbor police department. Okay. Ballard is charged with a felony of tampering with evidence assistant state attorney, Ashley, all Br. Right said Ballard fled to North Carolina to avoid a court hearing right one respect he was with her Ballard is facing seven charges, including two for negligence for putting the public at risk by bringing her pit spider monkey spanky to Home Depot where it attack employs in two separate incidents. Heard. Yeah, we had there is little story, right? Like a month ago and she'd been on the Lam this whole time hot in here. Lada buddy. Spider monkey.

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