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Cowboys' Jason Garrett is now the odds-on favorite to be the first NFL coach fired

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Cowboys' Jason Garrett is now the odds-on favorite to be the first NFL coach fired

"Of Sean Payton. The Princeton Clapper is miscast as an NFL head coach and has nothing in common with self made men like Peyton or even Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones last night Sunday night football, tobacco made it clear Jones. These defy or gear. The Cowboys toss away a winnable role game to the Texans due to horrendous coach. The bad coaching extends well, beyond gears, ridiculous decision to punt on fourth and one in overtime, Jones's already on the record. Questioning that decision Garrett and his offense of coaching stabbed blue this game in regulation, the before, entering that transpired and over overtime within evitable with the game tied in the final three minutes of the fourth quarter, Dallas had the ball at their own forty, seven and face. Second eight, given the trouble. The Cowboys had blocking JJ watt, and David and cloudy all night gares staff called the worst play of the night. They had deck Prescott dropped back to pass, turn his back on the defense fake to handoffs turn around and then look for receiver to throw the ball to guess what when Dak turned around JJ watt was sitting in his lap. And the next play was third and seventeen game over Jason Garrod is in over his head. Forgive me for this Marcellus, Gary, your stereotypical prep school. All Ivy league elite fast track to a position of power because his resume says, so not his accomplishments. This is what Jerry Jones needs to realize Jason geared and Sean Payton are not cut from the same claw Peyton earned every opportunities ever received. He was an undersized quarterback in eastern Illinois. He bounced around the elitist arena league as a quarterback. He was innocent coach at four different colleges and three different NFL franchises before being named head coach of the saints. The Princeton Clapper has coached to places two seasons with the dolphins and the rest with the Cowboys as a player. The Cowboys signed geared is their free agent quarterback because his dad was in their scouting department geared won. Two Super Bowl rings grabbing coffee for Troy Aikman and carrying a clipboard. Garrett was born slide into home plate. Peyton drew a walk stole second base. Reach third on an infield single and scored on a sacrifice. Fly the saints hired Peyton away from Bill Parcells, Dallas's coaching staff in two thousand six. When Peyton led New Orleans to the Super Bowl title in February of two thousand ten. Everyone started looking for the next Sean Payton.

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