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"jason connie jillian" Discussed on Audio Theatre Central | Exploring Family Friendly Audio Drama

"All right. Next up nightmares by constance, and this is the as of the time of recording. This is the most recent multi parter yeah. And it was fantastic. hilarious stuff. Oh, man. Jason Connie Jillian. Can't go wrong. I actually really liked Jillian in this era episode. As episodes she she made a lot of sense in this context it just it fit the story she. Interestingly enough. She wasn't quite as brain dead and he actually had some good ideas in this. Funny. Any longtime fan is. Is a fan of Jason. He's he is definitely a fan favorite right in the show and so seeing him in in this new role of an antiques dealer is kind of interesting but he just can't help not get involved in in in some kind of a mystery or something that's going on and again I think this was referenced earlier in one of the other episodes. But this had a lot of the the core cast seeking. Connie as a big part in this one you know and Jason and wit and so. This was just a really solid solid choice and I I couldn't I think this is the one. One of the ones that all three of US definitely have said was on our lists yeah yeah. And then we had the mystery of the clock tower. This was an album fifty two. This is what I was thinking of the. Multi. Right. After the region. Yes, it was excellent. Great. Story gene being Eugene In sort of A. I don't know. We could have had this story before he got married. I guess is yeah it was it was really good. It was quintessential Eugene. The mystery was was good. The conflict was great everything. It was just an really excellent episode or a couple of episodes. That did all the things that the multi-party should do. There's a reason you have multiple partners you have to of story to develop wrap up in one. Episode, and so it filled that function. Perfectly it was great. and. This is one of the first ones where. we really get to see Matthew taking part in something. Outside of his family. And, actually being involved as in in the main plot and this one was written by Paul mccusker and does so good with these mysteries. Yeah..

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