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"jason angus" Discussed on The Short Porch

"You need to take care of things down there in this. I gotta say i wrote. My mom isn't listening to this episode. But like when you call yourself down there were like a trimmer. It's a disaster. It like you know like hey. I'm going to see girly. I wanna look nice. Whatever and then you cut yourself. Well there goes that one i mean one eight that i'm afraid i'm going to bleed out now not even that. It's just like little bleeding. That's you your mind. Turns you walk under a ladder. Right and now your skin ladders. Okay of but like you. Nick one thing and then all of a sudden a little bit of blood kenneth sex there goes that so you wanna take that all out. You don't need that fear and with the manscaping performance package four point -o inside it. You got the law more four point. Oh you got the weed whacker ear and nose hair trimmer. Which is very important by the way ear. Nose hair is disgusting. People like you see that girl sees runs the other way and then the also got the crop preserver. Ball deodorant the crop reviver toner the performance boxer briefs and travel to hold your goodies inside the performance. Package four point. Oh i mean you can't beat that once again. Manscaping dot com get you twenty percent off plus free shipping when use code porch. Just it's a no-brainer. Go go do that. We're not some odds currently can't lift my arms above my head why i am so somber and up going to the gym no so no. I am so somber and i. I've been back from myrtle beach quite quite a few days. Now you were there for like thirty six hours. Like i quite literally was only tanning for one day but i have a problem where i'm just an idiot so i put the aloe on but then i like there's nothing more fun like peeling or whatever and i just more fun. Now you take. I don't like right now. And i relate to that i like it a lot. It's like it's so uncomfortable. No no no not. No not the painful like winning the dead skin off. I'm not talking about like sauce shit but like it's terrible and i was doing it so badly last night in bed and then more this morning and then nate pointed out to me to just literally like fucking bleeding. What are you doing so i had to go to. Cvs aloe city md. I was gonna say i know. It's fucking bandaged up. Because god terrible. It's quite i haven't shown you the picture. Yep original somber picture. you'll laugh. i won't put this on social media but it was real. I mean i guess the over here. It's like literally as as your hat you. How much can i pay you to tweet myself enough on twitter and all that. I don't need to do that but it was just know that she might call a hat. That was like my skin for the most part. It was really bad. It's not painful. But i just have to physically. I'm almost a patient in a mental hospital. Where like and he. He's that's where. I'm at so that when the dogs they get like the dog. I need a the with my hands or something like that. Some cone hands. Colin hands not good. So i'm dealing with that. When i walk you can probably noticed. Like i can't like fucking mess. Transition back to the yankees. Jason angus called up promoted already. He's at la tampa. He's not moving anywhere. They doing what he was doing. Was wasn't the same facility but now as you playing in games every day you wanna fun debuted. What's today's wednesday. She debuted on tuesday. I think i he was out. He play in the futures game by the way didn't do anything to rocket to third. I was fun. Medina pitched as well dominguez last night and low. Low a tampa rips. Rbi double down the line. People were kind of making fun of it is not to run the bases and he's still ended up at second safely. I think one the guy was really nervous. I think too was like a weird ball down the line if you saw it but like you couldn't tell if it was fair initially and he was out of the box will slow. I'm not don't to mingas is based running in game. One of low weight tampa. What are we doing. I'm sure i'm sure he'll figure out. I'm sure you know on the basis. And if not i'm sure i'll man could do anything. He's also really fast. Which is cool. It is gonna. I wonder. I mean obviously this year. It's not gonna happen but do you think there's any point next year. Where where like. Bring up jason dominguez or do you think it still twenty twenty three. I think it's at minimum twenty twenty three and it could be twenty twenty now but but by twenty takes so long of wadsworth clamoring for him emmy con depends what the situation teams in at that point if we're still somehow rooting nightmare. This time still rooting for aaron hickson. Like twenty twenty three. I mean he's under contract correct. He's still actually. Until i could see there being a time next year in like september call ups wear chance i was gonna say if this and i'm not being trying to be a first-half twenty twenty-five aaron hicks call option. They won't even you for life. My god first half becomes a trend over the next the rest of this year and next year i could see them calling them up late next. But what's why. Russia start his clock. Day would never start saying but then the other side is maybe contender. And he's going to help. Yeah moral the only scenario he'd get called up if they're like there and they just need a little bit of a boost and this is not this year and i don't think it's next year either thinking maybe we're talking twenty twenty three but you're locked you're looking late. Twenty two thousand twenty twenty two twenty three to early. Jason goes into twenty twenty three spring training with a chance fighting for a job. Yeah aaron hicks would have to be.

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