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"Welcome to handle on the law. Yes. I am Tim Europe. Sorry about that. No, no problem. I've got a former tenant. It looks like I have to sue to get my back rent, and I complied with, you know, sending her the the accounting for the security deposit within thirty days. But I sent it by text and the property is out of state and the requirements for that particular state. They lost states that it should be mailed. Wait a minute. No, no, hold on a minute. You're you're properties in California. Correct. No. It's a rental property out of state. Oh, okay. And the law there specifically said it has to be mailed and not by text by first class mail. Didn't even say first class. It has to be mailed. Right. So within thirty days. Okay. So Tim, what's your question? Well, I she was a friend. So we were in touch, and I didn't mail it to her. I texted it to right within thirty days. Yeah. What's your question? And I want to know if texting it is going to be you know, is that gonna me up instead of mailing it to her jam you up. It's going to eliminate your case. Really sure it says if you have to notify her by mail, that's pretty much mail unless there is a court case in which the court has determined and by the way, the appellate court, which I'm sure is not the case has determined that texting is equivalent to mailing, but I'm willing to bet. No. So Tim you didn't comply with the law, and effectively you did not send the accounting within thirty days. So you're kind of screwed how much does she? Oh you. About fourteen hundred dollars. Yeah. There's your lesson a good one, but you have to. I mean, it's here's the problem when there is specificity in the law, then there is specificity in the law. Now, you can and there are laws as far as informing people by text by mail by Email, and that's it is written that way where you can use any form of communication that is accepted, for example. But what it says by mail and there's nothing else. Pretty much by mail. Yeah. And you can't even have a female delivery. I was stupid. All right Jason allo Jason. Yes, sir. Got bill. Yes. Go ahead. Jason. Yes. I have a disgruntled extent that is unhappy with the return of her security deposit. Okay. And she's trying to make this rather than a small claims issue. A civil civil action small-claims this civil so is she has she already filed a lawsuit and superior court not at all, right? So so what does that mean that she's trying to make it a civil action? She can do whatever she wants. Okay. Well, I got a letter from her attorneys. Yeah. About all kinds of threats basically, saying give us ten thousand dollars. Oh, that's crazy. I mean, that's just crazy. And why based on what exactly well the first thing that basically the troop we're talking about. We would not let her moving in her husband, which is a bunch of lies. Right. So that's a bunch of lies you tell the terrain. That's not true. All right. That's simply not true. What else he they want the ten thousand dollars for? Oh, just they're trying to say the conditions pre existent came home, and that's not true. And they can't prove it. Correct. Exactly. Right. Then just tell the attorney. We'll see you in court. Exactly. So I'll just say we'll see. We'll see you in court. That's all you're done. Okay. Yeah. We did hiring attorney. But my question to this Bill is how much time is there in between in order to for them to cash. A check. I understand what you're talking about. What do you mean? They have a check. Yeah. Yeah. We sent a check with itemize things that can take. It's well, if they've accepted the check, and it's interesting because I'm sure the check didn't say that I accept into this check, I waive all liability. So they can wait forever. If they want if they're gonna sue you. They shouldn't cash the check if they're gonna sue you. Okay. I understand. So just listen. We'll see you in court. You have no proof. I have all the proof in the world. Go ahead. Exactly way. Is there a d did you have a lease? Yes. Okay. The lease talks about prevailing attorney's fees at if you win which it looks like based on what you tell me that not only is she going to pay her attorney's fees, but you get your attorney's fees. Correct. We did hire an attorney to. Okay, then you've done everything. So what's your question? Well, that was my question. How long would this guy can take a year? It can take two years. It doesn't matter. Just don't worry about it. This point if they have no case, they have no case. Okay. Very good. All right. Go ahead nothing. But tenor dishes for sure. When you go to any store, you notice the cameras that are all over the place. Obviously there videoing you the.

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