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"jas elliot" Discussed on NASCAR on NBC


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"jas elliot" Discussed on NASCAR on NBC

"But I mean to your earlier point like Larson only comes to those are generational talents. That I mean, there's only a couple of those every decade, right? Those are really distinct beyond that it's probably hard to discern who deserves it and who doesn't so. So do you think Bill Elliott paid for chase Elliott himself all the way to cut? Bill Elliott certainly had a role in putting chase Elliott in some Thank was you. saying. Kendrick hundreds you think he was paying under four million dollars to vote. He he definitely did not put jas Elliot and have that Ryan. You know? I mean, so did now was Bill. Elliott's their win and supporting hill. And and was he was he in a position to help him and his late model career and his car career. And all those things saying with Ryan, and and Dave days there at the beginning to help without a doubt. Right. And did they spend some money on their children to heal? Yeah. It's super late model level you have to do it. Right. You have to. I mean who who is going to sponsor, you know, for enough money that it takes to run a super late model. How often does that happen? Yeah. They were there at that level. But they had to prove they could do it. My dad paid for meter race late mall socks pay from meter race. Go karts my dad, and I with his money started the first xfinity grace I ever ran. He paid for. We had some sponsorship that helped us a great deal. But he. He made up the difference at the beginning of Mike spineta career. So, but no one looks back and says Jeff Burton made it because his dad never I heard that when I was nineteen but at fifty one no one ever says. Right. So here's so here's me. All right. So I see both sides of it. Here's me who because my father in his connections with local companies that were willing to help because of that relationship. I ran late models. I won races. I showed I could compete. We built an entity team. My second year fulltime exponentially at one driver for Sam Mark, but that was partially funded through my father. And then the third year I got hired to drive or someone. But had a sponsor that believed in me and believed in a program. We put together that made that happen. So on the result of my father, helping me I'm a result of a sponsor believe in me and putting a program together that worked. And then now miraculously I'm the driver that was making money driving a race car without that help. I'm not there. Sure. Like, Dale shoot or not here today. So, but no one ever says to me at fifty one your result because you're a rich kid that his dad happened to have money. Maybe if Twitter had been around in the night, it would have been different on. I just don't my point is the debate and discussions have been spawned by Moffitt, solder and everything. And while the not it there's been a constant here in in. This is nothing new. Yeah. And and I lost that explicitly ride, by the way at the end of a year in which the sponsor wasn't coming back. And there was someone that had a sponsor that could come in fill my role drive the race car. And I'm out because he had a sponsor, and I didn't and. It's a guy that we all know that I raised against forever that one Cup races. No one ever says Moore, you're just you'll this even belong to be here because it's the way of the world, man. I lost my sponsor, and he had one and I lost my ride. That was that was in God that was a long time ago. You know what I mean? So, but that's not to say as I am not in any way, saying that the conditions today the expense to do it has driven corporations away has driven them looking into other opportunities. How else can we be allowed that a sport the sports still a very effective still very effective way to be to market? It's still very effective way to do it. But it's it's changed the dynamic in. How why are they here how they hear? What are they doing when they get here? The elevating costs to run a truck program to run an extremely program is a major issue that is contributing to the things we're talking about right now today, but it's not a new conversation by any means wanted to get to that NASCAR being in transition financially and certainly looking at new things for.

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