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"You're seeing in the sky are actually clusters of baby stars. Mhm Little baby stars. If you looked at Astrophysical Journal last month, the stars and the clusters are about 100,000 years old Was that the April 13th? Uh, issue? Yes. Okay. The one with Neil DeGrasse Tyson on the cover without a shirt on. Oh, yeah. Yes. That was the one. Um, they talk about it. Grace Wolf chases. An astronomer at the Planetary Science Institute lives in Illinois. For, um, comparison. These these young stars about 100,000 years old. Our star. Our sun is about 4.6 billion years old, which in star world is considered kind of middle aged. Um the stars that are forming in the Orion Nebula are already three million years old, so they might be like preteen, Perhaps. They first thought that the yellow balls that they were seeing were precursors to gas bubbles blown around massive young stars, But this new study suggests that they're actually these clusters of small. Very young stars. That's what I've always thought they were, um Here's an interesting thing. There. He was a space telescope that used to be named after Todd Spitzer, the the Orange County district attorney. The Spitzer Space telescope, which worked until last year, and I don't know what happened to it, but they could see the cosmos in infrared light, and that's how they determined that it wasn't just yellow balls of light that these were actually Yellow balls that were little sons was the Spitzer Space telescope designed to study itself like, uh, Want to look at itself and then No, I don't think I don't know. It depends on whether how the mirrors were placed, I suppose. Speaking of space. Can you make a satellite out of wood? You Bachir world's first wooden satellite aims to prove that plywood can survive space because that is an age old question. That question has been going on since the dawn of time. Can plywood survive space? Sure it has. They're talking about a small it's only about four inch square satellite scheduled for a fall launch at Rocket Lab Electron rocket in New Zealand. Getting to orbit is only part of the problem as with every space adventure. They say that once it's there, the team's going to monitor this little cube to see how the plywood build stands up to the cold to the heat to the solar radiation to the vacuum of space. Would sat was the brainchild of Jari McKinnon, co founder of Cube Set Replica Kit Company of Arctic Aeronautics. And what they want to do. The plywood satellites only non wood parts are the aluminum rails that need to release the satellite into space and then expand this selfie stick that it's going to have that's going to hold a camera that's pointed back in the body so they can keep track of any damage that that happens. But they're just using birch plywood panels. To come up with a satellite. And I'm hoping that they wait to buy that birch for a couple of months. Maybe the prices go back down, because I don't know if you've seen them lately. I don't know. How often would you say you go and buy A Uh, Panel of I don't know. Three quarter inch birch plywood I've now this may be shock to you, Uh, because, you know You think you know someone right? I have never once in my life, but a piece of plywood. Never. Not once. Uh, I know that shocks you because you see me as a d I y you know, weekend Home Depot Warrior, Right? The the rule about home Depot to and stop me. If I'm wrong is it's never just one trip. Uh, it depends. One trip. It depends if you plan it out, right? You can get by with one trip. For me, man. Sometimes the PCP pipe? Yes, the PCP pie. It's not the right size and I got to go back for that return trip. Yeah. And then I do the walk of shame to the returns. Death. No, no, no. Don't ever go back to the returns down and they're like what you screw up, and I'm like, guys. I did it again. My PCP pipe was the wrong he measurement VC, right? PVC, not PCP. Try to bring your PCP pipe back to Home Depot, and you're not going to get very far. Even if you explain, uh, three quarters. I guess I needed a one inch pipe. You know what story? I always think about when I hear the words. Home Depot is how Oscar used to work there, and he said that people would go in there and just Do horrific things in the bathroom. Blow it up, blow it apart to shred because the assumption is m. My wife had said, although I don't know if this is ever true, my wife had said That appears to be a clean bathroom, public bathroom for a woman because the majority of customers assuming now making a total generalization now Well, for example, if you're going to go into the contractor side of the Home Depot or Lowe's, or whatever the chances are Because you know, even the construction business hasn't caught up with 2021. It's going to be generally men, and they're the ones who are going to blow apart that bathroom, the women's bathroom, on the other hand, probably untouched. Most of the probably a real nice place. Probably clean. Maybe, uh, maybe some. You know, nebulizer is in there or what are those called things that does shoot him? No, not soap thing that Chris used to have in the office. Essential oils, essential oils. That's what I'm thinking of. Sure, they got some of those bubbling up somewhere in the back. Bathroom and Home Depot. We'll talk about the twilight Zone in the ocean and how cave people conquered the dark nebulizer. That's for like asthma, isn't it? That's like what Petro sleeps in. Uh, yes. No. Yes. All right, Coming up. Next. More strange Science. Gary, Indiana will continue. Brian Rumen has an update. Long Beach has raised the fine for lighting fireworks to more than $20,000 ahead of the Fourth of July. Tennis Star in 20 Time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal has pulled out of Wimbledon and the Olympics and Cal OSHA is expected to vote today on new mass guidelines for the workplace. This report brought to you by DnB dot CIA dot gov Sunny this afternoon in the L. A basin highs in the eighties inland, one hundreds in the valleys. There's trouble on the one Oh one.

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