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"jared walston" Discussed on 710 WOR

"Swings and lifts the high drive out in the right center found its way out of here. That is a grand slam right there by Jared Walston, tie the bar game up in the ninth inning. It's now 88. Well, that's the call on K L, a radio and, uh then they got three more runs. So what turned into it? They were seven runs in the first They wind up losing the game. 11 8. That's interesting story, right? Wow, that is that you have to understand Yankee fans. Yankee fans little bit different from Met fans. You know, Mets fans are always hoping for the best, but they just know they expect the worst. And that's what's happening now. Yankee fans are entitled and they just think they're going to win the World Series every year and and this stuff like this has been happening all season, and they've got a whole bunch of highly paid guys on that team. And so far, they haven't done too well. Now. Do you know why? July 1st, which is today you tease the fact The Mets have a big announcement today, which is a big tease. Because nobody knows what that announcement is, But we have a hunch it has to do with Bobby Bernier. Do you know why do you know who Bobby and Benny is in? Why? July, 1st is Bobby beneath your day? He's a guy they signed up and he barely played. And they got to pay him a million dollars a year for the rest of his life. Basically, and then the check comes do every July 1st. Right. Well, that's sort of true, Okay, It's not like he didn't play at all. I mean, he had his moments with the mats. But when the Mets, uh told him Bye bye. They still owed him. $5.9 million. Now you do the math. They agreed to pay him a million a year for 25 years plus interests. Oh, my God. So that's all for 5.9 million. And then down the road. They would start paying them and it turns out to be 1.2 million for 25 years. That's he left in, Um 99, so they started paying him in 2011. And now they're going to pay until 2035. Now why would they make such a mathematical goof? Well in their defense, they had their money with Bernie Madoff. And Bernie was giving them such great profits and great payoffs. They figured. Well, wait a second. You know, we'll put that 5.9 million that we owe him by the time we have to pay him off. We will have made money. There's going to be a deal that we make money on. Well, I didn't exactly didn't exactly work out that way. Now the Mets changed ownership. Went from the Wilpon and the Cats. Families to Steve Cohen and Steve Cohen is hinting a big announcement today. Perhaps You're gonna pay off in here. Uh, get this over with because every time July 1st cubs around, people gotta check Well, people always like to talk about how dumb the Mets are. And that happens every July 1st. So maybe they want to, like, change The conversation next July 1st, and maybe they'll have some announcement where they paid him off and go away And we will have to pay you everybody July 1st. But today is Bobby Bedi a day. Hey, I have a quick trivia. Yeah, it's funny. I have a quick trivia question for you. I meant to ask you this earlier in the week. Are you ready? Lynn? I just I just I just learned this. Yeah, I just learned this Do you know Why were the Brooklyn Dodgers called the Brooklyn Dodgers? It has something to do with trains. People running out of the way of trains Ding ding ding, all of the electric train cars back then, in Brooklyn, the joke was you had to dodge all of the electric train cars there. So if you were in Brooklyn, you were dodging the cars. That's why they call them the Brooklyn Dodgers. Very young. I will go back to sports. I really this. My colleague used to get the dudes with dome. Sure, I'll give yourself with the Trump Organization CFO Alan Weiss Solberg, He's turned himself into authorities. Weisberg in the organization expected to be charged with Tax fraud, legal analysts, Royal Oak says This could be just the first round of indictments. There's nothing run of the mill about indicting a company, especially when it's run by a former president. If the indictment comes down is expected, it could be a first step toward an even more extraordinary event, namely criminal charges against a once and possibly future chief executive will learn more hopefully, anyway, when this indictment is unsealed this afternoon. President Biden heading to Southern Florida today, where that condo collapsed One week ago. 18 people confirmed dead now 145 still unaccounted for,.

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