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"jared poulsen" Discussed on TalkRadio 630 KHOW

"You are back in the day and capital show with Christie Burton Brown, and that song was especially for our next guest. Representative Richard Whole tour if he represents House District. 64 in Colorado, is a third generation rancher in a military veteran as well as the father of I believe four daughters. Welcome representative Holt ORF to the capital show. Thank you very much. Christy. It's a pleasure to be on the air with you. And I actually have five daughters. So wow. Alright, count. That's great. That's great. Well, well, I wanted to bring you on today. Just because there's so much talk around Colorado. You know, I'm traveling the whole state. You live in Washington County and represent a rural area of Colorado and It's really a fact that Jared Poulsen, the Democrats have Have waged a war on there are rural economies here in this state, and I just would love our listeners to hear from you since you live it every single day. Well, thank you. Christy and I represent nine counties in eastern and southeastern Colorado. It's the largest house district. Currently in the House chamber. And rural Colorado is a big footprint and I very much aware and in touch with what happened in what I call the rest of Colorado. Unlike many of my urban legislators. So some of them don't even like it when I say the rural urban divide just growing right, and it's growing by our actions and our intentions, both direct and indirect. If I just Right well, and I think that's something that Irvin, Colorado actually needs to realize is going on. Like I grew up in rural Colorado. And so I think about it a lot, even though I currently live in the city now, But I don't think a lot of our city city dwelling friends. Do you think about it as much as they should. And how would you say representative Richard Holt? Orff's who were talking to you right now? How would you say that? When rural Colorado is hurt by the policies that get passed to the capital in Denver? Why should that matter to the rest of the state? Well, I think our urban cousins need to understand. That agriculture is the life blood of rural Colorado. Everything that is agriculture in our small towns in our communities. All the services the support the primary economy outside of energy. Oil and gas right and other renewable energy sources. It's agriculture. Yeah, everything that we do is tied around agriculture, and what's important for agriculture, of course, is transportation, right? And also Bannon Internet as we analyzed fast moving markets, um and many of the things that we do out in agriculture, so the biggest thing people need to understand As you cannot. Degrade trying to do harm or damage to our agricultural sector. Yeah, and then so diaper people don't understand how diverse agriculture is true from pencil. The cattle. To poultry to watermelons. So many things in your grocery store a milk Pancakes. Buttermilk pancakes, Buckwheat pancakes. I don't care what kind of picked it like, right? So many things. I'm going to guess you have a particular favorite kind of pancakes, But I will move past that. But no, I think represented. Hold your your right that agriculture is one of the industries that built to Colorado and it continues. I mean, you and the people in your community. You're the ones that feed our families and people so easily forget that. That's why I think we need to elevate more rural voices and listen to people like you. A third generation rancher here in Colorado who understands what it means for our state when that is trampled all over by the boulder elites who run run the capital in the government right now. Yes, Christine and the one thing that highlighted the that divide more than ever. This last session was Senate Bill 21 87, this agricultural workers rights bill. It is a big city. Big union model. It just doesn't fit agriculture, Mhm and the sponsor who claimed to know a little about agriculture, But not much. I promise you right and out fuckers. Who were foolish enough to sign onto this bad legislation. Clearly. We're completely clueless. As to the diversity And the differences. Between agriculture and the agricultural industry and urban Big City factory type. Um, right. Exactly. No, I think you're so right. I think there's a lot of people from the cities he for tend to know what the agricultural industry does are the oil and gas industry to which I think many people just don't understand. And they don't realize how integral that is to the Colorado way of life. And if we triple all over the Colorado way of life, which includes farming, ranging oil and gas that is to the devastation of our entire state. Not only communities like the ones you represent I I did want to ask you. We have a couple minutes before we're gonna go to a break, But I want to ask you I know you have a big background in the military. And how do you think what you learned in the military and what you did there and you're overseas tours and all the other things you did. How How does that affect your view of how? As Republicans of the State pyramid? You are state Representative. How we fight this battle that so many Republicans and conservatives want want to see us truly engaging. Well, I will tell you that, Uh, If you want me to leverage a little bit of my military experience, I will tell you that we have to have a very, um in depth. Strategy. To fight that fight that we have at every level. We have to take a message to Urbanite urban cousins to explain to them. Um, the importance of the rest of Colorado. Yeah, And I think, um, we have to have a short term message. That we are trying. There are many eggs stakeholders that are trying Just to spread this message out, But I will tell you, the message gets ignored, and it has to be a multi layered or a very, uh in depth. Way of communicating at many levels. Yeah, so I would start with that. And I will tell you that, even in the capital this last session, the testimonies from farmers and wrecked ranchers. Was very much ignored. Oh, yeah. The Urban League. Continue to be referenced. And so, um, uh, you know, do not to get too in depth with, you know, strategic analysis or intelligence preparation, the battlefield and some of these military models that we use, right? Um, it's about messaging. And then it's the real issue is we have activist organizations. Most all of them come out of Boulder County. Our animal rights. They are vegan, their anti, um, meat, protein or animal protein, right? They are all that anti Additional American Western values. They are anti rural. Yeah. Urbanite, their elitist urbanites who don't understand where their food comes from. And the effort and time it takes it. The grocery stores filled exactly a representative Holt. Or if we are wrapping up this segment, I hope to have you back another time. Thank you so much. Representative Richard Holt ORF on with us today, talking about the war on rural Colorado being waged by the Democrats. When we come back, we'll be with Daniel Gawronski, a local city council.

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