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"jared harper jared" Discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

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"jared harper jared" Discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

"You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back to the foul ball show men are moving in the group. And we've got a lot of basketball going on. We got a drew lock pro day. We got people call in to tell me about the great legacy of wimp, Sanderson Alabama basketball of more importantly, we've been covering auburn's nailbiter win over New Mexico state one of the heroes of that game joins us now. Jared Harper Jared, you got a few minutes to kind of decompress you got away with one today. Man. Congratulations. Thank. By going out. Well, how tits was that atmosphere in that building? When it wasn't that close for a long time and suddenly in the closing minutes of that game yet got the free throw line with a chance to take the lead. Definitely on tough situation for like a team that plays to make route thirteen at one point. And we make some team I'm missing takes not self. So on just come out with a win five games in eight days. But you guys didn't look tire by any stretch. How are you keeping that energy level up for this thing just playing a heart without some people that we can have in court on where I would play harder. A lot of pains don't know have as many players on their as we do and we'd like to use are thriving. Now you had a question in the post game. And you didn't really answer it. But I'm gonna thought back at you in this team has swagger man, tell you explain the attitude with this team right now the ability to make this run that they are here marching on everybody having chip on our shoulder just on is. No that we that. We've been counting a lot just having our model of being on an unfinished. Business. So coming in this year, we have everybody filling his business from last year. So just looking to make anytime take us in the locker room and owned the bus. What is Bruce Pearl? Really like when now it's marts, and it's time to get on with it. Oh, just very energetic. And he he's happy to be playing basketball. Just this is a special time for basketball Martian fairness. It's just everything could do to hopeless, and it is being air force into something that we can enjoy at times co pay are y'all gonna take him to drugstore because I'm worried he's gonna lose his voice before the next game. I'm sorry. He's he's gonna get his voice right beside it. So what do you do? Now, take the mindset of a team you gotta wait to sue Hugo play. Now, you gotta game. It's a little more than thirty six hours. What do you do over that time now to make sure you're prepared for your next round on? This was contained by look at this. Who play the new covenant sitting aimed at first one was going to be the toughest game. Always the the happen of tournament. Play still when I go go get together on price star tonight. Get ready for playing the make sides. But how you feel it out there in the desert man you like a mile high air. Okay, you breathe it. All right. Yeah. I was it was an adjustment only got here on Tuesday. But now so normal so. You get acclimated. Well, you got acclimated to the to the tune of seventeen points today. Congratulations and good luck. In the next round. Thank for shut. It. Jared Harper Auburn guard they. So ridiculous. I'm still not convinced. I'm going gonna have a letter from a lawyer saying I gave too much play by play the heat, haze. Did he answer the swagger question because he wouldn't answer the press converse about trying to give it to them..

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