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"jared goff roy" Discussed on Blogging the Boys

"Welcome to our hard knocks. Perth office owed discussion situation. You're on the block of the boys youtube. We are live in our. Anybody is not live with us. You can always listen to the casting hours. You watch it next to me if you are watching going clockwise. Have roy white. the incomparable. The one and only jared goff roy to you next to him we do. Have tony catalina. Tc in the house. The legendary himself as well underneath him continuing the clockwise motion the birthday girl. Meg murry turning sixteen. I believe Mtv has been chronicling. Her sweet sixteen. We'll be televised after next week's episode of hard knocks and tom rile has joined us. He of legendary fame as well tom. Let's start with you you wrote the recap at five in the boys dot com. What was your favorite part of tuesday nights episode of our knocks. I like the fact that they spent so much time looking at isaac alarcon and forgive me for butchering his name r. J. i liked it. They got into depth about a guy who they're apparently building up to a till the end of his story. Good or bad It was great to see his family. I love seeing the pride on their face about getting to see the mexican flag on the back of his helmet. And you know. I thought he looked pretty. Good in the clips. They showed of him. Because i noticed a lot of guys would engage with him and wind up flat on the ground. So yeah. I'm hoping it's going to be some kind of a good outcome for him that his days with the cowboys are done but it was kind of nice to dig into one of the not superstars out there. I'll handle and of course to quan hardy a lot of coverage to so i think they're hedging their bets a little bit on who they're covering Well speaking of bats we do have a A super chat here from the one and only bobby belt robert the belt maker himself. Meg wants you to have a very happy birthday as thrown fifty dollars into the pot for you to do what you want with. I suppose i it's your birthday. You can cry if you want to Did you feel like this was a birthday present for you. Make this episode of nuts. Honestly anytime i get like cowboys content on my birthday. It's a good thing for me This episode was a little bit. You know it was little quieter. It wasn't so dramatic but it's kind of.

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