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GSMC Music Podcast Episode 63: Halsey, Thirty Seconds To Mars & Noname

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GSMC Music Podcast Episode 63: Halsey, Thirty Seconds To Mars & Noname

"Is maybe the night them, which is my left me no honest full shoe, honest full. Tell me what you do to me. Nothing new. TIMMY, you could bring a bullet. Bring swore bring a more, but you can't bring the TIMMY, Alexa, play Kendrick, Lamar and says, okay. With Amazon music avoi- says, all you need get tens of millions of songs, download the Amazon music app today. Want to know the latest and hottest music hidden. The airwaves be left out. Listen to the Golden State media concepts. Music podcast keep keeps you on the loop with everything. You need to pop rock hiphop top forty, and we'll throw a news of your favorite artists concert and tour dates and so much more listen, no further because this is the gold standard in music podcasts. Greetings, good people, the planet earth and the known universe. Listing the gone state media concepts, music podcasts should captain Keith. Today on deck, we have for your reviewing pleasure thirty seconds to Mars than new album America. And we have no name. Her albums called room twenty-five. And Hosie with hopeless fountain kingdom. So let's get to it. So we'll start off with thirty seconds to Mars. Let me read. Let me read you guys a brief snippet of who they are. For those of you who don't know. So thirty seconds to Mars started in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight, California as collaboration between brothers, Jared, Lee toe and Shannon Lito who had been playing music together since their childhood. The dual later expanded to a four piece when they add a Qatari Solan Bixler and basis watched her or water. To the lineup, just Nova tars Kevin Drake who first addition for the position that bassist also joined the band toy musician. The band played his first concert on the different under different names before finally settling on the name thirty seconds to Mars, which was taken from a rare manuscript tattle ARGUS. Apocrypha cts gently described the name as a reference, a rough translation from the book. I think the idea is interesting. It's a metaphor for the future. He explained thirty seconds to Mars. The fact that was so close to something that's not a tangible idea also Mars being the God of war, which it is makes it really interesting as well. You could substitute that in there, but what's important for my brother and is that it'd be imaginative and really represent the sound of music and as unique away as possible. He described it as a name that works on several different levels. A phrase that has lyrical suggestive cinematic and filled with immediacy when thirty seconds to Mars. I started Gerald, did not allow his vocation as a Hollywood actor to be used and most of the band, yes, folks gently though as a Hollywood actor, he's an Academy Award winning actor from Dallas buyers club. I believe he also played the joker and suicide squad. He's been around for a while and he's in the newest player NFL player in twenty forty nine. It's called. He's in that as well by nineteen ninety eight. The group of form gigs at small American venues and clubs upon a mistake. You album had been in the works for couple of years with lethal writing. The jury of the songs during this period, the band record a demo tracks such as Hala revolution or Jupiter and hero, which later appeared on the band's debut album is fallen and years zero respectively. But also Buddha for Mary. Their work led to a number of record labels be. Interested in signing their seconds to Mars, which eventually signed to mortal records in ninety nine nine virgin records into the contract ego. So that's a brief background on them. So yes, to new alums caught America and it's got different cover art. It's different colors. The one that I tagged for this took for this review. 'cause y'all covers thirty seconds to Mars vertically to the left, like with the cross on top of it looks like and might be across where sort. I can't tell what it is and to the right these these six words cowgirl dogging face sixty-nine. Scissors. The crab though. Sounds a those sound sexual. But but different, they're different album covers with different names, different colors and different words in the front. So that's pretty cool. So, yeah, the quote America and the the first song is called walk on water. As I talk on the record. Of course, the song starts off with a low sounding humming from more than one person. You can also hear people in the background singing, know something like that. But train that. So forgive me in a higher pitch, which is contrast to the low gregarious chance to actually starts off the song the base comes in and it slow and pulsing, percussion flows, excuse me, percussion follows and sounds like a jump sticks hitting the rim of the snare keys come in and sound like random, computer buttons, being pushed, galaxy buttons. You know galaxy fact, the bass, percussion navigate the song towards the end of the song. You can hear some light humming in the background as a choir seems the you believe you can walk on water. This part of song gives it an inspirational, like alternative rock gospel flavor to it. Walk on water is about people uniting and not letting politics divide them any longer. Realizing that together, anything is possible regards to woman mankind. The song is very inspirational, grace, son about hope. People coming together for the common cause of humanity and finding what they believe in which is better future, which means realizing the American dream for all. So yeah, good song. So here are the lyrics to that song. Walk water, do you believe while Khader? Can you even see what you're fighting for. Bloodlust and a holy war. Listen up here. The patriots shout times are changing in the end. The choice was clear. Take a shot in the face of fear fist up in the firing lay. It gives me fist up in the firing line times are changing and has the course do you believe that you can walk on water? Do you believe that you can win this fight tonight? Do you believe the second I look at the sky, see a dying star white lies. It's a man on fire. Making love with the devil hurts times are changing a thin line the whole truth, the far right. The left view breaking all those promises made times are changing. And of course, do you believe that you can walk on water? Do you believe that you can win this fight tonight? Do you believe that you can walk on water? Do you believe that you can win this fight tonight? Then the bridges d- believe, walk a lot or do you believe walk on water? Do you believe, walk on water? Do you believe walk on water that repeats for. You get the point? Yeah. Do you believe walk on water and then more course is d- believe that you can walk on water, do you believe that you can win this fight tonight? Do you believe walk on water that repeats. So, I mean, the questions being asked out show is the same, Steve Waugh commodity, walk water. It's sounds much better sung. So just just remember that when. So the next song talk about on here. I didn't plan because you also have you in halls latest album too. But it's a song called love is madness featuring housing? So to who knew right. The song starts off with a drummer will jeer at little start, seeing the baseline comes in a little subdued with trap percussion hockey stars to sing in response to Jared, the trap drums and bass navigate the song. This is the first time I've heard trot bass, and drums used in rock and roll style very creative. Actually, during the pre course Jarrett Nause are singing together. All the instruments. Dropout with exception of one note that is played off of the synthesizer the no place sounds cinematic and often the background, like a high pitch. Oregon wants to course, comes the songs back back. The song comes, the song is back into it's rot, slash trap based production style, the song's about an unrequited love the guys madly in love with. This woman obsessed with her. She only wants to be friend. They beginning argue about it. I mean, emotions run high on both sides. She realizes that love is driving them both crazy. They eventually talk about the first time they met talking about this makes them both realize that they do really love each other and that is driving them crazy. By the end of the song, the love he has not is no longer on request it, but reciprocated. And that just adds a whole new layer to their situation. His the term love is madness. So it's quite a take, right? So here's a the lyrics on that. And Jerry Lee and Hosby sing together. You are in saying, my desire of daydream love, love. You are crazy, a perfect liar said, you'd save me. Love love. And then the pre choruses still has jeered Nause singing together. I knew the moment I looked into your eyes. I have to swallow all your lies. And the more in comes, to course, between the two between the two of them, I never said that I would be your lover and never said that I would be your friend. I never said that I would take no other be your lover never said. Interesting. Second verse, it's once again, it's Halsey injured together. You aren't saying my desire, a dangerous game. Love, love. You are crazy, perfect, liar, simply save me. Love love. And then the pre course once again between Jerry Nause I knew the moment I looked into your eyes. I have to swallow all your lies. I never said that I would be your lover and ever said that I would be your friend never said that I would take no other be your lover never said. Oh, no love is madness. And in the bridge I knew the moment I knew the moment I knew the moment. Love is madness. I knew the moment I looked into your eyes. I knew the moment. I looked into your eyes and knew the moment is love is madness. Oh, whoa. And then some more from Jerry Nause during the course. I never said that I would be your lover. I never said that would be your friend and it was so that I would take no other be your lover. Never said, oh, no, oh, no love is madness. Love is madness. Okay. Well, apparently love is madness. So that's. Interesting. So. It's very, very interesting. That's all. I mean, I don't know though. I mean, I seem to like the description of the song maybe more so than the lyrics which is interesting intriguing. So. And the next song I wanna talk about on this album is called remedy is a song actually some by Jared brothers, Shannon, Lido in a starts off with an acoustic guitar count off, Shannon starts seem with only acoustic guitar. Initially, backing him the song's about a guy who was out there in the street wrestling with his demons. Shannon is worried about this person because he knows his guys and pain, and he wants to help him conquer demons. That's why he's searching for a remedy during the middle part of the course, you can hear a single PR. No. In the background as Shannon sings about searching for many. The song has a less more fuel to it and it works. This is definitely one of my favorite songs in the album. Shannon encourages this guy to speak about what he's going through and that to internalize it. Son that what's cool surprising as upon upon further review the songs actually, Shannon speaking to his brother Jarrett. So. Right. Didn't see that coming. It was a pleasant surprise to hear Shannon, Leo singing for once a not just jerick. I heard the song was Jared close. Oh, wait. Now this is his brother. The drummer, Shannon singing is pretty good. It's very cool, very cool. And here's some of the lyrics from that song, women e. Which is interesting too, because when I think of the name remedy, I think of the black Crowes and that's all that's on a lot too. So I guess have a theme of remedy, apparently rock and roll. It's a female now. So yeah, but here's the lyrics from thirty six from hours with Shannon singing, hey, man. Where'd you go today? Did you find some place to stay far far? Far away, yeah. Hey, man, that you go again on your own again, you're breaking hearts again. Yeah. All right. Okay. Do you hear what I got to say the what? I got to say. I'm searching for many. All right. Okay. Do you hear what I got to say the not to say I'm searching for remedy now. Mind you. So Shannon, the seeing this and there's a Krista time, the background. So strict downs is good. Hey, man, everywhere you roam deem is going to go, but at least you're not alone. Yeah. Hey, man, you're hanging by thread. You're standing at the edge. It's one chance to take my hand. And we'll do more of the lyrics after this break. I, it's Jamie progressive's employee of the month, two months in a row, leave a message at the. Hi, Jamie. It's me Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name, your price tool. So when it's like, tell us what you want to pay, hey, trombone goes, blah, blah, blah. And you say, we'll help you find coverage options to fit your budget. Then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes savings coming at ya savings coming at you. Yes, no, maybe anyway. See you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap break, progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law. Always on the go, but the day just be one without your Hollywood. Golden State media concepts that are ten podcast. Take care of that and all inclusive luck pop culture. And we're back once again, you're listening to state media concepts, music podcast, captain. Here's some more lyrics from remedy. All right. Okay. Do you hear what I got to say? Do you hear what I got to say? I'm searching for remedy. All right. Okay. Do you hear what I got to say? Do you hear what I got to say? I'm searching for remedy. I'm searching for remedy. I'm searching for remedy. Talk about it, scream about it, laugh about it with anyone. Talk about it, scream about it, laugh about it with anyone. All right. Okay. Do you hear what I got to say? Do you hear what I got to say? I'm searching for remedy. All right. Okay. Do you hear what I got to say? Do you hear what I got to say? I'm searching for him. Andy. I'm searching for many. I'm searching for remedy. I'm searching for remedy. Talk about it. I'm searching for remedy. Scream about it. I'm searching for remedy. So. Yeah. That's one of my favorite songs in the album actually. So like I say, I was very surprised when I heard it the production. It's the most trip down on the record. There's also instrumental on this album too, so they're six, tomorrow's. They definitely have a way of. It's kind of like. The kind of like. Alternative hop. I would say something like that, but thirty seconds to Mars America. An album with things on inspiration, unity, mental health on death. Struggle for freedom. The craziness of love and war. This record doesn't body American very candidly, honest way. The music has an alternative pop slash, Trat bass, and drums sound to it that I found to be quite clever in its Cunanan. This is a great pop rock album with something to say, on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the best and one being the worst, I get this to eight, definitely my favorite tracks on the mar walk on water. Rescue me monolith love is madness hell to the Victor Donal rise remedy and writer. So those my favorite tracks. Now once you're gonna give eight so thirty seconds to Mars, the new America check them out, and I've seen some of their videos on YouTube and pretty good. I've never seen the live. I'm definitely open a checking them out. And you know, Jared leader might be like. Only Hollywood actor with an Academy Award actually has the rock and roll band that actually serious as separate from us. His acting. I mean, it's when he's doing this. He's Jarrett the singer. Yeah, he acts. But yeah, this is this is I mean you could tell this passion for him and his brother because they started this band together. So you know, this is serious and they've been planning for a while. So I think that's cool. And the name is very cool. So yeah, I'm glad I listened to this work. I like it was the, I was very shocked at how they were able to incorporate Trat base in drums into their rock sound, and it made it. They made it work. It was very surprising. I could dig it. So yeah, it was real cool. So like I said that by the record, there's more than one cover for it. So don't forget that. And there is definitely a video for walk on water and the host of other videos as well. So. Check them out once again, eight out of ten. There's tomorrow's America. Next on the list is. MC that you may not hard, but you will today. Her name is no name and so actually she's she's making some noise now. She's the buzzes growing, which is very cool. I'm gonna read to you about no name. Her new album called room. Twenty five. Let me read you synopsis about who she is actually. So no name releases her highly anticipated. Debut album room. Twenty five eleven track. Album was executive produced by fellow Chicago native Felix, and the spell p. h. e. l. i. x. and sees no name return as a more mature and experienced artist room twenty five has received early price from the New York Times calling her full-fledged maverick and their critics. Pit review yesterday. No name also recently opened up and the failures for fashion issue about her license, the release of her two thousand sixteen mixed tape telephone. Now I have telephone, but that was just regular album. But apparently that was her mixed tape. So. So that means that room twenty five really is her debut record. See, everything's changed. Now hip hop is changed a lot of different things in the music John. But I mean rack role, there wasn't a mixed tape. There wasn't a mix tape in Rb or soul, so you can have a mixed that's not a record, but still promote ACA record. And it is record is just called a mix tape. So you mixed tapes and records, you know, so. And that's all going to be discography so that just adds to it. So it's pretty cool. So rather than cash on the hyper mound, extremely well received two thousand sixteen debut mix tape telephone. And that's built t. l. e. f. o. n. e.. And she also did a tiny performance of that record back in the day. No name took two years to play, shows backed by a full ban and refined crappy for releasing her follow up project over the last few months anticipation for a new album steadily built with no name dropping. A stream of hints that it's released was approaching. Telephone established wanted to expel t. l. e. f. o. any establish no name as one of the most promising and unique voices and hip hop and with room twenty-five. She stakes out her places when the best lyricist in the John and cousin incomes comes into her own as a fully realized artists as she as she achieves mastery over the style. She developed her first tape. Okay, so room twenty five arrives a little over two years after name released her breakout makes tape telephone. Opponents released telephone, received nearly universal acclaim and propelled no name to become one of the most exciting new voices in music. The intimate mixed cut through the noise. An over saturated musical landscape like few other releases having the last several years since the release of telephone non him has built an international presence successfully touring the world and playing the top festivals in two thousand seventeen. Last year. She also touched the at live stage alongside collaborator and childhood friend chance the rapper to perform a song off his coloring book album. See, I missed that performance to go online and look that up. The New York Times called her Essner performance. A master class employs delivery and selfish shortness. No name aka for team Warner grew up in Brownsville, a historic neighborhood on the south of Chicago. They're famous attracted accomplish black artists and intellectuals of all types patina I discovered her love for wordplay while talking excuse me while taking a creative writing class as a sophomore high school. She became enamored with poetry and spoken word pouring over de Portugal, jam clips on YouTube and attending open mics around the city after impressive appearances as no name gypsy on early chance to rapper and MC Jenkins mix tapes. She gained a cult following online. They helped set the stage for the life changing, released telephone, coinciding with the albums released. No name is also announcing her fall tour beginning next year in Detroit day twat on January seconds. She would play nineteen shows across North America before concluding Oakland, historic FOX theatre on March fifteenth tickets for the tour will go on sale. September twenty four hours. Excuse me, ten to twenty two tomato. So that's that was last month. Yeah. So the very cool. And they're also be available Ed, no name hiding dot com. So that's a nice synopsis on who is for those. You didn't know. So let's talk about her new album. So her new record cover. It's cool. It's like a sketch of her. And there's other like models faceless models nude, like male female models. In the background, it's like a black and white sketching with a little bit colour added into it. It's hard to describe, but it's really cool. Very cool sketching cover art. So the first song on the album is called self. It starts off with snare. Clap, percussion, along with the smooth under rose Cuba, rhythm backing, the percussion. The Fender Rhodes keys and percussion anchor the song a synthesize lays faint in the background behind this near clap because Shen self has a organic hip-hop meal solve. I've to it actually the song's about how people I might known as as as an MC the songs also not on the male rappers. We have nothing literally say, yeah, that's what I got from somewhere. I heard it. So here's some lyrics. Maybe this album you listen to to in your car when you drive a home late at night with a question, every guy, religion, Kanye. Witches sensor. Maybe this is the interest before you get to the river. I haven't before the heathen, no reason for you. Like for you to like me, maybe this show your wife. He just wanted to clean divorce. Maybe the the baby ain't really yours. This really this really for babies, teething and chicken wins under seasoned. He really thought a chick couldn't wrap since you're maybe there should answer for that a crack era, the Reagan administration, that brothers are still scared of sensor. Not actually. This is now actually, this is from me this one for t- t at the late serving the MAC and the cheese, the once small, the one, a small apology for all. 'cause I screened in the second verse Mr. money, man, Mr. every day. He got me Mr.. Wi-fi me down Mr. Mula Mr.. Miaki miscellaneous Mr.. Molly inside my sake and credible and credible intimacy. My body has only four few tall. I set my ringer to it, screwed your rapper. Homey. Now his assets making bit music. Sincere. My kitty teaching ninth grade English. So my, he wrote a thesis on colonialism since and conversation with the marginal system in love with Jesus and y'all still thought a witch couldn't wrap, maybe this your answer and for that good kiddie, since I know brothers only talk about money and good kitty sensor. Artists artists that are liking. You make me censor your stuff. You don't even know. This next song, prayer, song, prayer, prayer, songs, it's one of my favorite cells on the record. Don't wanna talk to you guys about that. So see the production has less more fuel to it with powerful lyrics pack, quite a punch. The song starts off with percussion that sounds spacing trap. Like at the same time, playing off playing off of the rim stare kick drum. The space is slow in bold one note style time. At one point, you can hear the song actually reversing for a few for a few seconds. The jumps change go from snare to symbols. This rhythm along with a single note based to get the song no-name uses sexism metaphor to breakdown America has screwed over the American people through police brutality obesity, heart disease, transportation, racism, login, unnecessary, plastic surgery and materialism. So yeah, as you can see, she's not your average. See, I'm so here's some lyrics from that song. Once again, call prayer song. If you wanted to help me and kiss me and love me later, censor gentrify all my people. There's emptiness on the table. If you want me to put inside the cuss, put the cigarette in my back, keep hospitals overrun run, run, run chicken, little. How are you? Gonna run if craps how am I gonna run off craps and giggles. Politicians overzealous with the provolone Qaboos and instant in incidentals don't crash rental. It's gotten in temple and bible. Don't nobody got no holy. Everybody got an iphone if you want to help me kiss me and censor love me. Good, good, good tonight. Angle would tonight l. a. b. bright but still dark city. Some some can get your happy and your new Bubis said, go find your doctor. You can get Kimmy. So how we used to love you. Choruses with Adam singing America. The great or wrapping. Excuse me America the great great for dead in life for me, apple pie in the morning obesity and heart disease. Can you hear the freedom bills? Can you see the rest of chip away on all on all the coffin approach with caution how Louis I'm in. I'm in. I was lost, but thinking I was truly free. I'm in, I'm in darkness lingers in the wake of slavery. I'm in. I'm in hope. Close. Don't let me fall into the deep. I'm in. I'm in the last, have risen near religion. Hallelujah, I'm in. I'm in more from the song after this break them is my left me no own stars bullsh- honest full. Tell me what you're going to me cafeteria. They never know. TIMMY, you could bring a bullet. Bring swirled bring a more, but you can't bring the me. Alexa, play Kendrick, Lamar and says, okay. With Amazon music of voices. All you need, get tens of millions of songs, download the Amazon music app today. Stylized lounge presents an evening. Progressive box. Oh, what a great order. Let's Jim, the light for this next one too much there. It is. Got gotta get things just right. Like progressives name your price tool. Tell us what you want to pay and we help you find coverage options to fit your budget and now the movies, right, wait, the lights are back on again, Trudy can you know it's completely dark, progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Pricing coverage match limited by state law. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts now listen close, and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching the Golden State media concepts. Podcast network is here nothing less than podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast, covered from news, sports, music, fashion, looking entertainment, fantasy football, so much more. So stop lurking around and go straight out to the Golden State media concepts. Podcast network guaranteed to fill the podcast. Whatever it may be. Visit us at WWW dot g m MC podcast dot com. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and download us on itunes, soundcloud and Google play. And we're back what's gained, listened to Golden State media concepts, music podcast, you can't Keith reviewing no names twenty five. We're back slows school beco these lyrics I was lost. But thinking I was truly free. I'm in. I'm in darkness lingers in the wake of slavery. I'm in men. Hold me close. Don't tell me, excuse me. Hold me close. Don't let me fall into the deep. Men are men. The lost have risen, a new religion. Hala Louisa. I'm in. I'm in the second verse. No name. Put your hands behind your back. Anti up. All your crack. Which since I seen a cellphone on the dash because when it's a gun, I see a toddler in the back after fires, seven shots a deem about to get me. He watching. He watching me kill his mom. The hood is over flooded. Excuse me. The hood is over flooded. These brothers is on the rise. Baker kick with flower. It's better to gentrify. Why? A? Why my. Member getting bigger this violence termi me on me on my mama. Finally seen her baby on channel two. She led me better when I when I keeping the streets clean, why a, why my house getting bigger corruption turn me on and no police lacking these brothers. But in the me and my wife think I looked like a man, I feel manly. I tell Stanley when you grow up, you're going to be like your dad are Freeman in the land of the news. They tell me how to cry, just shoot. I did. I did. They only taught me how to check your Paul's she dead. When I win. It's like confessional. Trying to find me at their first. They taught me how to say, I'm in, I'm in and then Adam necess- the course America the great, it's Grateful Dead and life. For me. Excuse me. America the great. It's Grateful Dead and life with me. Apple pie. Awesome. Morning obesity, heart disease. Can you hear the freedom bells? Can you see the rusty nails chip. Away on the coffin approach with caution. Hallelujah, Amen. Amen. I was lost, but thinking I was truly free. I'm in. I'm in darkness lingers in the wake of slavery. I'm in. I'm in hoping close. Don't let me fall into the into the deep. I'm in. I'm in the lost, have risen a new religion. Hallelujah. I'm in a men. And then the last one one talk about is actually called no name and it's the last time, the album. The song starts off with Qatar. That sounds fuzzy and acoustic at the same time as the best way I can describe it. Actually, it's pretty cool. The atmosphere sounds in the background and someone harmonizing faintly in the background appear no comes in and complements. The harmonizing the percussion is a slow track, beat sound. It changes to snare and kick drum. You can hear strings, come into the background as y'all you. Why w. starts singing the trap. John's come back the sense based sent sense basis, subtle and in the background, then at the song is just planet at the end. Actually, their song is about wide no-name chose hip hop moniker. When African American people have been treated polling in the United States, it's as if they were treated like they were nobodies as if they want real people with names and personalities. This actually reminds me of. Legendary of the legendary hip hop group public enemy. They chose that name because they were of the belief that the black man was unjustly considered public enemy. Number one. Their logo is a black male silhouette with a rifle scope aimed on it as intriguing parallels in that regard. So I definitely wanted to mention that. So here's the verse from the lair Schmidt song. No name. No name for people to call small account is optimism, no name for intimate. Excuse me. No name for inmate registries that they put me in prison. I saw the answers Lennon phantom under the thread, tandem writing in your cities where brother scared of the Fed's. There's a ghost on my bike. Say he laid with the bullet. We wrote the scripts for living in all the ways that he couldn't gave up the profit for pennies. No taste my mystery pudding. When labels as the sign, say my name on exist. So many names on exist booth into Inglewood and the trauma came with the rent only wurley possession I have is life only room that I'd I'd was twenty five. What's an eye for an eye when brothers won't love you back and medicines overtaxed? No name look like, you know, name for private corporations to send emails to because when we walk into heaven, nobody's name going exist. Just bow. Boundless movement for joy, nakedness, radiance, and then y'all does the bridge through all the joy and all the pain. Don't forget from what you came avenue remembers you your song truth, your light is proof that love still with you. Then animus does the don't let a pass you by. Don't let a pass you by your life. Your life is your life baby. They'll let it pass you by. Don't let it pass you by. So very cool. So. What's cool about no name to is that you know, her voice is low but very clear and it's like, when you hear her rhyme, you definitely have to listen and pay attention in some ways. You kinda reminds me about how Medina in that sense because Mme voice isn't really high. It's just really low and cool and crisp, none aim has go into and after doing this review and do some research, I can totally see slam poetry influence because when she's putting her verse together, there's like a slam feel to them the rain in this and the delivery in the punctuation of it. So. No names room. Twenty five to me is. It's a hip hop album with. Organic, Neil sole production that blends perfectly with things on self-discovery before I go for their into that. So Felix and I'm assuming. Pronounce the name as p. h. e. i. x. is the executive producer of the record. I mentioned early in the podcast now usually when you're the executive producer, that means that you just put the money in and you can overseas you say Yay or nay on how the record sounds when it's done. You don't usually produce any tracks. When the executive producer a some producers do that, they executive produce any produce do both. But an executive producer can be someone who just puts him more money than anybody else and says yea or nay on the finished product. So this person Felix who's from Chicago. LAX he produced every track on this record and it's a good sound. So I like how he blended hip hop with this, this Ganic Neil sole production that has like hints in subtleties of jazz as well and the production. But this album, like I said, blends perfectly with things on. So self-discovery blaxploitation, pan-africanism government corruption, police brutality love loss. LA found mortality religion engines. -cation. This album is about no names life at as a twenty five year old. That's what's caught room twenty-five and it's definitely intriguing. On a scale of one to ten, with one being the worst and ten being the best I give record in eight and a half. So. I would love to see it on vinyl avenue to see if it's on vinyl fact might just do that. Now I'm talking to you folks the joys of the internet. See. To me by the sea. Let's see. So looking up. See the MP three. Amazon, but. And is available. I can Amazon Apple music, definitely band camp. Let's see. Me see. Mixed type on vinyl. So I don't see it on vinyl yet. But no vinyl yet. But that doesn't mean anything that could still definitely happen. So sometimes it comes out later that way. So, but my favorite tracks I gave it eight and a half, the ten album fatal attraction. Album are self blaxploitation prayer song featuring Adam nece window featuring Felix, don't forget about me. Rigo part of me featuring Benjamin Earl Turner and Felix with you and no name patron Adam Nessin. Yeah. So there you go check her out, no name looking for something a little bit different. See, here's the thing. You can have a world where. Cardi b. Nikki layabout mecca. Queen Latifah, no name rhapsody. They all exist, Lauren hill, you know, doesn't have to be a little camp. It doesn't have to be one type of style for women who wrap doesn't have to always be about sex. Materialism. It can be, you know, hip hop needs to keep evolving and it needs to be more inclusive. There's not just one, MC. There's so many different types of emcees and they can all be mesmerizing. Some are some are not. But yeah, I mean, you can like Cardi b. and you can like no name. It's okay to like both. You know, that's that's actually a healthy, my opinion. So you can like Missy, Missy Elliott. You know, you can't be like Lauren hill. Rod digger saw pepper, you know. Sara to so many people. So yeah, there's not too great MC's out there. Male and female. So many book meccas amazing from Decca planets. So. All right. So I guess I'm done talking about that. Oh, yeah. Next on the list getting distracted. Is housi- her album called hopeless fountain kingdom. So can talk about that. And before we do get a little snippet who she is. So I could give you a government name, but I'm not going to do all that. Well, I did for no names. I can't for holiday to Ashley Nicolette Fangio pain frontier piney. So actually Nicolette frontier. Piney. Okay. So let's see. She is a. Lieber ninety was Virgo. Okay. Both on September, right on known professionally housi-. She's an American singer. Songwriter actress for stage name is a reference to the holiday street station of New York City subway in Brooklyn and an anagram of her first name. Yeah, it is just those that Ashley Halsey right on clever like that. Okay. Gaming attention from. So for these music on social media platforms, housi- signed, but Asha works in two thousand fourteen very cool on about NBA electric label. She taught with acts such as the kooks and imagine dragons to promote her debut extended play a room ninety three thousand fourteen her debut studio. Album. Badlands in two thousand fifteen was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, riot, four singles where released from the album, all of which achieve Mina commercials success. That's good. How's he rose to prominence with closer in two thousand sixteen a collaboration with the chain smokers which topped the charts in major music markets. Her second studio, album, hopeless fountain kingdom, two thousand. The most recent one consisted of more radio friendly music than her prior releases. It became our first album to top the billboard, two hundred the US Bilbao two hundred and generate the single bad love. That's what we're talking about this on which became her first top five entry on billboard hot one hundred, the lead artists as a lead artist. Outside of the music industry house. He has been involved in social activism including suicide prevention, awareness and sexual saw advocacy advocacy, so good for you. So that's a good. You know. You know who she is and after this break we're going to record. I, it's Jamie progressive's employee of the month, two months in a row, leave a message at the. Hi, Jamie. It's me Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name, your price tool. So when it's like, tell us what you want to pay, hey, trombone goes, blah, blah, blah. And you say, we'll help you find coverage options that fit your budget. Then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes savings coming at ya savings coming at ya. Yes, no, maybe anyway. See you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap break, progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law for percents, get inspiration to help you do insurance stuff. Okay. Time out. Let your budget be. The boss of you. Take control, progressive name your price tool. Tell us what you want to pay for car insurance, and we'll help you find options that fit your budget. Here's a music to get you pulled out guy. I hear your budget laughing at you. Oh, wait. That's just kids laughing. Me. Casualty insurance company and affiliates price and covered limited by state law. TV has changed over time streaming has become the new norm. That's why Golden State media concepts, television podcast, dives headfirst to the world court cutting wants to be on the loop of what's hot Netflix for if it's not a preference. What about reginal shows in Hulu? We've got you covered. Join us as we fill the blunt and talk about movies, two Streep and what show you should be Benji. This is the Golden State media concepts, television podcast. Welcome back to GMC's podcast issue. Captain Keith review on the house. Hopeless fountain kingdom. Alrighty, let's get to it. So. Her has cool like read cover, light, red covers, got a picture of her. She's in front of a guy where he's his face is blocked out and she's looking to the left. She's looking at you like her one left is covered with something. You can't really see out of that. I, I'm not quite sure what the cover art supposed to represent, but it's a cool picture of her in this guy, the guy faces kind of blacked out. You can't see his eyes and yeah. Her boyfriend. I'm not sure she's got like goal like jumps on, and let's good. That's pretty cool. Actually. So the first track on the caught. The prologue. Starts off with like a humming. This sounds like regarding chanting that's like a this at this podcast between her and thirty seconds to Mars. See the link though again, how's he begins her spoken word on this track. The humming is still in the background and has a buzzing tinge to it and organism the background playing once staining. Note once spoken word ends, the song stops changes meant temple. She sees what the vocal effects that the starts. Her voice voice seems to be layer through the store, vocal facs. There are no instruments playing in the background at this part of the song. The prologue introduces listeners to the central concept of hopeless fountain keenum the new album. The album is loosely inspired by the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. The introduction of the song is directly taken from the prologue of the play. So how's he has rewritten it to be about the two houses of an jealous and RAM or a room a you are. E. AM the two famous star crossed lovers. I renamed solace and Luna. So Lisa, Mona, and our gender swapped Luna housi- takes place in the house of orient and sell those houses. Labra takes Juliet's place and the good house of jealous and ancient Roman religion. Myth known as the divine embodiment of the moon as often presented as female complement of the sun. So as well, the worst together, so lease a Luna is a Latin phrase, meaning sunlight. Okay. And we'll talk about the whole Romeo and Juliet thing in a minute before the broadcast. So his, here's the supreme log and this is spoken word. So. And two households, both alike in dignity in fair Verona, where we lay our scene from ancient grudge break to knee mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands on clean from fourth fit loins of these two foes, a pair of star crossed lovers. Take their life who's misadventure. Pi tears. Overthrows do what their death bury their parents strife, the fearful passage of their death marked love and the continuance of their parents rage, which, but their children's in not remove is now the two hours traffic of our stage the which if you with patient ears attend what here show miss our tortoiseshell strive to amend. And then she starts seeing what the vocal effect this really just destroying her voice. I am a child of money, hungry prideful country is green, and it's always sunny, hanso, bloody tastes like, Honey, I'm finding it hard to leave. I'm a child of money, hungry pry full country. Grass is green, and it's always sunny. Hansel bloody tastes like, Honey, I'm fired hard to leave. That versus intriguing. She starts off the with that, so that's, that's cool. It's different. The next track on talk about on, here's called, sorry. And this is what my favorite tracks in. The album definitely starts off with pianos. Housi- starts to sing the songs. Piano ballad actually driven song is just housi- in the piano on the background, Novo Clifton voice housi- truly shines on this track Miki here without effects voice. The song is an open apology to the people who loved housi- in the past, but she was too insecure. Realize the love that was conveyed to her was real. She left so she left and discarded these people in her past. She realizes now that she shouldn't have the song is is moving heartfelt and sat at the same time. Here the lyrics. I've missed your calls for months as seems. Don't realize how mean I can be. 'cause I 'cause I can sometimes treat the people that I love like jury 'cause I can change my mind each day. I don't mean to try you on, but I still know your birthday. And your mother's favorite song. Here's the course. So I'm sorry to my unknown lover. Sorry that I can't believe that anybody ever really starts to fall in love with me sorry to my unknown lover. Sorry, I could be so blind didn't mean to leave you and all the things that we have a hind I run away when things are good and never really understood the way you lay your eyes on me and ways that no one ever could. And so it seems broke your heart ignorance has struck again, I felt a seer from the start and tell your open until you open to the end. And the chorus. And I'm sorry to my unknown lover. Sorry that I can't believe that anybody ever really starts to fall in love with me sorry to my unknown lover. Sorry, I could be so blind didn't mean to leave you and all the things that we have a hind and someone will love you. Someone will love you. Someone will love you, but someone isn't me our which someone will love you. Someone will love you. Some someone isn't me. Sorry, Tamai unknown lover. Sorry that I can't believe that anybody ever really starts to fall in love with me sorry to my unknown lover. Sorry, I could be so blind didn't mean to leave you and all the things that we have a hind many, our show, and someone will love you. Someone will love you. Someone will love you, but someone is it me and someone will love you. Someone will love you. Some them will love you, but someone isn't me. I mean, what do you say that right. Ouch. So then bad at love. I understand why this. This was a successful single soccer's catching. I like it and it's really sincere starts off with an operatic signing background. Vocals synthesizer plays a melody that sounds like a low in horn section kind. It's hard to describe the song on on this synthesizer affect trap jobs and sent the base follow. Soft bell ringing comes in and out of the song as well. The sympathizer trap drums sent based navigate the song the songs about housi- interpassed lovers, which male and female actually each relationship that she sings about. She thought she had found the one who could help fix her, but she would get caught up with jealousy or lose interest or both his term. She declares because of her bags sponsors that she's bad at Luv. So here's the lyrics got a boy back home in Michigan, and he takes like Jack, when I'm kissing him. So I told him that I never really liked his friends nice gun. He's calling me a witch. Again, there's a guy that lives in the Garden State anytime that we make it. To graduate. So I told him that the music would be worth the wait, but he wants me in the kitchen with dinner plate. Okay. And the pre course I believe, I believe I believe I believe that we're meant to be, but jealousy, Josse, jealousy, jealousy, get the best of me look, I don't mean to frustrate, but I always make the same stakes. Yeah, always make the same mistakes. 'cause I'm bad at love who, but you can't blame me for trying. You know, I beat lying saying you are the one that could finally fix me looking at my history. I'm bad at love. Right. I too got a girl with California is, and I thought that she could really be the one this time, but I never got the chance to make her mind because she fell in love with with little thin white lines on the girl with nanotubes. We never told no one, but we look so cute bulk out way better things to do. But ours think about her when I'm riding through. I believe I believe believe believe that I'm into deep and jealousy Jauzi Josse jealousy got the best in me. Look, I don't mean to frustrate, but I always make the same mistakes. Yeah, always make the same. Thanks. 'cause I'm bad at love. Oh. Ooh, but you can't blame me for trying. You know, I'd be lying saying you were the one who that could fill that could finally fix me looking at my history. I'm bad at love are, you know? You know, you know, you know, I'm bad at love and that love. I'm better love who feel funny saying. And then the bridges I know that you're frayed I know that you're gonna walk away each time feeling phase each time, the feeling phase another, you're going to walk away feeling fades. You know, I'm bad at love. But you can't blame me for trying. You know, I'd be lying saying you're the one that finally fix me looking at my history. I'm bad love. In the post course is, oh, you know, you know, you know, you not. I'm bad at love. Oh, I'm bad. Love who, oh. Sounds funny. You hear my voice saying that. Okay. So. This is definitely a pop album. House he's hopeless. Keenum is an album about the tragedy of love. I mean, literally, there's no other way to really describe this record. That's what it is. This, this makes this pot wreck extremely unique in that sense. A big basis for the foundation slice concert was inspired by William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. There's convey LA as problematic consistently. In that regard, the chat based pop production is, you know. Plans nicely. The only complaint that I have housi- relies too heavily audit tune on many of the tracks of her songs when you get a chance to hear just her seeing like on sorry or bad love she shines. She's great. Her voice is filled with emotional sincerity and paying good. Use that instead of all of the auto tune Oslo to here. Her do a song to that is a little bit more Ganic with like the production. So the tram base. Production formula is huge right now, and it's everything commercially speaking, and it works and some things and it doesn't others, but nothing's ever gonna be a good. Earthy organic, like live production feel whether that's in hip hop rock and roll, pop soul country blues, jazz, punk funk. I mean, when you can get people playing and it feels free and open. It's good. It moves this is so don't get me wrong. She's, I mean. This album is unique because it's this pop album. This just tragic Romeo and Juliet story. I get why she did it, hey, she calls a hopeless kingdom. So she's, you know what time it is. This is not gonna be a joyful ride, but be a stimulating ride. And I get that from her. Yeah, Romeo and Juliet is like my least favorite Shakespeare story. It's so popular. And I think it's just so over rated. Man that I mean, I get the whole from rival families in your love. But by the time you get to the climax story, I was like really seriously, but no, she did her the theme for that worked here. She blended that will give credit for that. She did, but like I said, there's too much the tune on too many songs hair. She doesn't need it. So sorry and Batalova great example of just singing without all that, and it works. So my favorite tracks on this. Oh, so on a scale of one to ten, I get us out a six and a half. My favorite tracks on his album. Either prologue is closed. That's an interesting trap because on that track, she's talking about how she's with somebody new, but which is she's thinking about her ex that's not healthy. Like I said, the album's problematic, but the song was intriguing because I never heard by seeing about that. So I couldn't stop listening. So it was good. So you so the favorite tracks, like I said, the prologue is closed alone. Sorry, walls could talk bad at love and strangers featuring Lauren. Jack jaregui from saying name, excuse me, if I'm not. So yeah, houses forbidden, excuse me at Haase's hopeless fountain kingdom. So that's the, you know. You know. So I look forward to seeing what she does next. But yeah, my only thing with her, I don't need you. Oughta tune that is need that voice that beautiful soulful. Tragic, emotional. Fearless voice all the above less auditing. Let's tune Dow's might complain on kind yays. Eight. Oh, wait, heartbreak. He didn't need the vocal effect. Just do it without it, but I guess so good people are the planet earth and the known universe. You've been listening to goad state media concepts, music podcast issue, captain Keith. Thank you so much for listening. I appreciate you hope you had no idea to so good to be back to my little break. I'm here and so upcoming. Reviews next week it'll be Paul McCartney's Egypt station is no record. The legend from the Beatles and wings. Of course. Loa Wayne's new album. The Carter five, so and so artists independent independent. So Andy, so artists name is which profit our albums called the golden active. So that'd be next week. So Pomme Carney each station, low away the cutter, five, and which profit with the golden active. So stay tuned for that next week. So once again, good people the planet earth in the known universe. Thank you so much for listening and tuning in times to be back, missed you. All appreciate you. And until next time, see somewhere out in space, you've been listening to the Golden State media concepts, music podcast, part of the Golden State media concepts, podcast network. You could find this show and others like it at WWW dot GS, MC podcast dot com. Download our podcast. On itunes, Stitcher, sound clock. Google, put just type in GS, MC to find all the shows from the Golden State media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports entertainment, and even we are us. You can also follow us on Twitter and on Facebook. Thank you. And we hope the of today's program. Hi, it's Jamie progressive's number one, number two employee leave a message at the, hey, Jamie, it's me Jamie. This is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your Capella group mad harmony, but you will bounce back. I mean, you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name, your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk. Now, get out there. Hit that high note and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year. Sorry, pitchy progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law.

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