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"jared atlanta" Discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast

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"jared atlanta" Discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast

"Bury the lead. No look I mean. Obviously the things you say are Gergiev is going into his third year so I think he should be on the brain. He didn't really have much of an opportunity his first year. Right right. Well I gotta read one more important email here to end this show. And this is from jared Atlanta with all of the sudden free time I decided to finally watch Jerry. Maguire settle for myself if it was a football movie. Personally I don't think it is however while typing this up. Of course the most memorable see the movie is Rod Wells. Knocked unconscious touchdown. Grab Week winning. Fantasy performance by Rod tidwell with that being said tidwell central portrayal is his true love story with his wife. Marcy and his flourishing allowed friendship with Jerry whereas for Jerry it. Is it his epiphany on his purpose for his career in life and the tough road ahead for him calling Jerry. Maguire football movie would be like calling how to lose a guy in ten days a basketball movie just because the knickerbockers play a small role in the flick is just not a good analogy whatsoever because how to lose a guy in ten days. The main characters are basketball players. They just go to a game. I think I mean congratulations jared from Atlanta. You're wrong though he he's right. He's taking a little bit too far with the with How To lose a guy at ten days but it's not a love story. Everybody and I plan on watching it this weekend because I don't think my wife's ever seen it and she doesn't think it's going to be good one thing. We can all agree on. It's a great movie a great and needs to be watched. Even though there's barely any sports you complete me am thank you dave. You complete me as well. Everybody y'all had me at. Hello Talk to you on Thursday or Friday with our next edition fantasy..

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