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"jaramillo joshua" Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

"So well, the right here of it is Jeff Powell, and he is definitely well respected. He's broken plenty of stuff in the past and not just for boxing, either, by the way. And so, yeah, I wanna storing something that that he broke just two people. Like there be no way, I could even ker guess right now. But a man in a what I could find it very easy though of. He suggests that Tyson fury is headed to clash with Deontay wilder for Marci. I mean, I'm sorry may eighteenth in the Big, Apple New York City. He goes on to say that the purse, which is a fury could reach three times seven million pounds. The defy is going to be in New York. That's what the article says not not always interesting, though is not just a New York. But I've been seeing lots of out Madison Square Garden and continue. Yeah. I seen that garf-. What's that writers name, garf-, whatever Mike you, and I might have, ma'am. I don't know. You're you're you're the guy that interview Tyson fury. Exactly we. We. I. Aggie here there. We did meet him in Alabama. I'm. Famine in Ireland, my bad or oh, the never mind reminder. But with him again in LA and appointed him out. You know, that's the guy I helped him to the. The classes in like, Sherry. Got long silver hair. He's a little heavy set white guy who kicked car fronts when car with play with him and she gave call them. Daime Chinshek, whatever. But go ahead. Reported yesterday. He was on our belief talk sports yesterday or the day before yesterday. And he mentioned that he heard that. This was also going to happen in Madison Square Garden and the way that they looted two it was more like. If Joshua doesn't hair. Yup. They ca- freeze them out because if they take if they take the Madison Square Garden, which they got a quote from the someone in the garden, right? So the saying that they would welcome that fight. But if they lock in while the fury in the garden Jaramillo and Joshua like this would be a strategic mood because Jaramillo Joshua doesn't make sense in Los Los Angeles or laws Vegas because millages has built a big enough fan base. He's known in Brooklyn 'cause he's a Brooklyn native..

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