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"jar walls" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"Air. You're celebrities behaving badly. We have a name for them in that name in a bag. Presenting Lord and Lady douchebag of the day. User D bag. Well, my d bag. Is this company who did this lady wrong on pizza Friday. So I found this article about this woman who was awarded $32,000 after being excluded from her company's pizza Friday. And I thought, How does that happen? Rude. Okay, so right Also like I want pizza Friday, right? Although then it just feel like then it would sort of lose its luster like pizza Friday. Should be like once a month. We We have pizza Friday at our house, not a work, though. My house I know I was gonna say I'm fully aware that I have not had any pizza unless you invite me. No, we do pizza Friday. No, I know it's fun to have theme nights. I know Children. See you've got Children, but I'm saying like Friday. Yeah, I'm just saying, I think it would lose its appeal if we if it because then it's an expectation, like give me my goddamn butcher. I'm not saying in your house. I'm saying it work, so this is not a personal affront to your family's dietary habits. What did this lady back to the actual story? So on the last Friday of boats, so they did it like I Yeah, Okay, So I'm thinking on the last Friday of every month. This, um this company Would do take out for the entire office except for the receptionist named Melgar Zadeh. I don't know. That's kind of a fun name, so I'll just call her mail. She was a receptionist, so they got literally everybody could pick. Like what kind of pizza they wanted. So nice, and she didn't get nothing. Greed. On do might be asking Why? Yes, I desperately want to know why? Because apparently according to her over core. I'm sorry. I'm laughing because it's just so absurd that anybody would think this was acceptable behavior. In all of her co workers were asked what restaurant they'd like, and then they'd order this special lunch from there, and they were all invited to share. I'm reading verbatim and the bounty of corporate take out with their fellow employees. Now, when she joined the company or allegedly back in 2014. They let her do this. But then she accused another staff member of sexual discrimination. And apparently, that turned The office against her for them to not invite her to pizza Friday. In fact, the company said that, um The accused employees did behave inappropriately was punished. However, even though her allegations had been proven correct, she was punished by her coworkers who apparently did not like that she was a snitch. And so they decided that they were going to keep her from enjoying pizza Friday. Do you think that's so petty? Yeah, like I mean, woman was justified in her sexual discrimination claim and your co workers like I can't get no pizza. That's something I'm trying to him like. I'm trying toe put myself in the situation where One person in the office did something even though it was right that everybody else that was wrong. And how does that revenge take place? Right? Like does it start with like a couple people at lunch being like You know what I don't think we should invite Melt pizza Friday anymore. Yeah, and then it spreads. She's not one of us for how long did she not get to partake in pizza friend? I don't know, but she ended up leaving because they kind of got rid of her. They were like we're gonna fill this job with the full time person and she was part time and they were like, Well, you don't get pizza Friday because you're part time. So she would just sit there and stare at them eating their plots. And then Pete, like, walk to the parking lot and just be sad, But anyway, the joke's on them because the judge was like, Yeah. This treatment of this woman who brought a sexual discrimination claim. This is a campaign of victimization and you dear company are now going to pay her roughly $32,000 in damages. Pizza is supposed to bring people together, not tear them apart like the slices of pizza that you were. Inhaling and also, I can't actually think of anything less exciting than doing shared pizza at work. Me even though I've done it a lot at this workplace. It's usually fine, but a lot of time. I just don't I have pizza stress. We've talked about this on the show. Let's outline what pizza stresses. The two of you have discussed your pizza stress at length. It's just that like I am very, uh, you want us much pizzazz you can have And I guess here if you don't get on her when other people start Helping themselves to their pizza. Or you have to compromise your topping some fashion sense of what is that I'm not a big fan of but I am his pizza stress that's certified pizza stress, like just plain like I'm fine with just the sausage. The pepperoni is I'm fine with it. Yeah, but then you get somebody who's like, Well, actually, I really like mushrooms. But I don't like onions or sausage or pepperoni. So then you're like Okay, So what? We're going to get a mushroom pizza? This is actually my message to the world You don't get to when you are in a group situation. You get three choices. You don't get to have what you want. You get to have choices. What does that mean? You get three choices. You either can have cheese, pepperoni or sausage. If you're lucky, maybe I'll get one with wolf sausage and pepperoni. But usually what happens in the experience I've had is Have to fight to get a pepperoni. Nobody wants cheese, and somebody inevitably wants Hawaiian or, like all the vegetables and I'm like nobody eats that. And then here's what Here's What drives me up a Uh, jar walls. Don't even get him started. He's about to get started. Um people go. Hey off. I really like they. You know, the garden spread pizza so tasty. I just you know, like when I have When I have the pepperoni is just too greasy. It's like little petals of grace. And then the pizza arrives, and the bitch is eaten my pepperoni because she don't want her garden spread because she's lying to herself. She didn't want in. The first place was trying to talk yourself into the garden spread that it was a salad. One time I had a friend who ordered pizza with broccoli on it. Know that Cassie again. I think this is my things Don't call her. You think this is the problem? The problem is that we haven't figured out the social contract off group Pizza. That's social strong tract of group pizza is You get your cheese. You get pepperoni or you get sausage. You don't get Tomo in hot with your requests about like, I really like with garlic. Can we get with one with garlic? No, The answer is no. And you know what That is? That is the boss's responsibility..

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