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"japan tae" Discussed on Ninja News Japan

"Seven maybe we need to change the name of the podcast who Cova Japan or or Corona News Japan. I can try to put some jokes in but global pandemics. It's not that funny. There have been some problems as a result. So basically we're just GONNA Kinda go through all the problems That Corona virus has caused in Japan and then get onto a couple of other meaning news stories because honestly all the news is just cove nineteen there has been a complete loss of masks disinfectants and hand. Sanitizers those things off the shelves. It's really hard to find. And that has led to essentially a black market. Now people are going through sort of illegal version of that by price gouging places like Amazon and Raccoon. Which is the Japanese Amazon Cardi? Which is another online shopping thing in general? They're trying to charge about ten to fifteen times. The normal price people who bought stuff in the past they have some sort of stock and now they're trying to sell it online and Abuse People Amazon and these big companies are trying to put a stop to it and try to put a limit on how much price gouging can actually happen The government in Japan though specifically has decided to make it against the law so basically if you do price gouging during an emergency you could be in violation of a new law. Reselling Masks at inflated prices can lead up to five years in prison or a fine of three million of course it could also be both so you can see. They're actually taking this quite seriously because they want you know essentially professionals who need them need them first and then if people wanna use them in public that's important. The interesting thing that a couple of people of note is that masks are gone which are not particularly effective against the virus. Hand sanitizers gone which is useful. It's one of the things you should be doing but then just like regular soap isn't gone so people aren't doing the most basic thing which is just wash your hands regularly with hot water. I personally went to the store I was looking for. Typical typically is basically the pure L. of Japan Taes hand and Pika is the short version of Pico Pico. Which is the sound of cleanliness? It's actually sparkles. And then I knew there weren't going to be any but I thought all just go check the empty shelf. It was interesting then I came back home. It was like I wonder how much people are trying to get for. Irregular bottle would celebrate five six hundred yen how much they charging for that on the Internet? And the first one that came up was a regular bottle for four thousand yen. So you can see that this is a real thing that people are actually trying to abuse seriously and now you can get banned from Amazon or raccoon or any of these other services. You could actually be in violation of new lawn Japan. So That's interesting to see how many people are going to get in trouble for that One person in particular was actually an assemblyman in Japan. And what he was doing was selling sets of two thousand masks on Yahoo auctions and he was getting between one hundred twenty thousand to one hundred and fifty thousand yen per box apparently he stocked up during the merce crisis. The merced pandemic several years ago. So this was cars. Mercedes these or other things so he bought a whole bunch and just kept them and now this new crisis has come up. He decided there's a good chance to offload some of these. Apparently if you're a politician and you're doing some price gouging that isn't really good for your image online now. He initially said the prices were decided by the market. I'm sorry for anyone who feels uncomfortable. the the regular interpretation of that would be shut up and go fuck yourself because people are willing to pay. There's no reason for me not to charge that. He made eight point nine million yen but then turns out. The people thought he was kind of an asshole. When people think you're an asshole you're politician you might not get reelected so a few days later. He decided maybe I should actually turn around. Change my opinion from fuck you too. I'm sorry and he kind of Said. Sorry. He said he lacked consideration as a politician and he will donate the money made from the auction so he lacked the consideration as politician means that he personally is not sorry for what he did but because it affects his career negatively he sorry about that so this is the kind of piece of Shit you're clearly dealing with where he's like. Oh okay I know what I can do. It'll look really good. I'll give all the money. I made away to charity. I'm betting he doesn't actually do that. He said it. He'll probably give money to charity. And then the rest will just keep quiet about basically. This is a shitty human being doing a shitty thing and he got caught and I really hope he doesn't get reelected but Japanese politics they were. I would actually expect this to get forgotten pretty quickly. Seven eleven also got in trouble. They sold a thousand yen. Box of masks for sixteen thousand yen so they got in trouble for this thing. They were price gouging as well all of these now. Once this law has gone through could be violations John Japan. This of course led to other people trying to take advantage of the situation. Six thousand four hundred masks were stolen from a beauty salon. So they wear them. Because they're you know dealing with your hands and feet so they cover their mouths and these are breathing masks. They won't actually protect you from virus in the way people think they do mask again. Have been proven to be relatively ineffectual. But they don't WanNa spit on your hands or if they cough or something. I don't want to go on you. So that's why they wear the masks. This clearly was an inside job because one hundred and sixty boxes each containing forty masks for stolen. The room was padlocked but the padlock was broken. So someone at the beauty salon has taken these mass and they are now probably trying to sell them online at at exorbitant prices locally an it man was diagnosed as having the Kovic nineteen virus Thing he wasn't showing any symptoms. He decided that since he was sick he should go around and make everyone else and he decided that would be the perfect time to go out to some bars. In one evening he went up to two bars and in the second evening he actually told the staff. I was diagnosed as positive corona virus and he decided that the best thing to do would be go round and spread it and it doesn't get any better internationally because both Japan and Korea are using this to be Kinda dicks to each other as you know quite frankly. They always are by imposing more visa limitations on either country something that they're going to have to undo later when they actually have to do business with each other because let's say the economy across the board has taken a hit. These two countries have to work together and they just don't want to accept that but that is the reality that they're gonNA have to deal with and honestly both of you stop it. If these were my children I would've sat down and had a conversation with them a long time ago. There is no parent country in this situation at the moment and that is another problem. One of the things that I personally hate. That started cropping up on the Internet. Of course homeopathy and false cures and things like that and some of the ones we've heard is is covering yourself sesame oil and then drinking sesame oil which probably not gonNA kill you. But it's not good for you Taking a hot water and granite rock bath and they are also talking about Vitamin D. Now this is the stuff that of course. It's probably not going to kill you but you know people do it next as it might actually make them sick. And the actual danger is people might disregard actual warning signs of being sick because they're doing these precautionary measures so be careful. Of course where mask is not a bad idea. Just don't like ruin other people's lives trying to get them wash. Your hands doesn't have to be with you. Know some sort of antiseptic or bleach or anything. Just wash your hands regularly and you're actually doing the number one thing you can do. There is a push to get rid of plastic bags. Japan too has been a little while the government was actually saying like stop people taking bags from the store plastic bags trying to get a plastic bags. It's become a real issue. Good for them. There is now going to be a minimum one in fee for every plastic bag. You Use in Japan from July so everywhere you go if you get a plastic bag your enough pay at least one. That's a minimum and most places probably would charge more because they can maybe actually profit off that we're even talking like convenience stores now the interesting thing from this article which was the bit. I actually wanted to know about was. What is a plastic bag? You might say hey well. That's quite obvious it's a bag. That's made of plastic. But it's actually not that simple. There are many things that are bad like may not fall under the definition of plastic bag. So you WANNA know what? A plastic bag is and it turns out. It's a bag but it has to have handles so if you go to a store to go to a convenience store to go the supermarket the bag you would traditionally get as a plastic bag with handles. That's the kind of bag talking about bags for perishable. Food are exempt. So if you're going to the supermarket and you put some oranges or some some vegetables or fruit into one of those plastic bags. That doesn't have handles those. Do not count now. Of course what's going to happen. Next is people are going to use that by trying to put everything they can in those disposable bags but then I would assume the stores just stop handing them out after awhile or they start charging them friendly. Another exemption is also eco-friendly bags bags. That will dissolve when they come into contact with water or voltaire basically these bio friendly bags a couple of new ones have been invented. There was one invented. In China a little while ago It actually dissolves if it gets wet which is really cool except if it's raining and you're using that bag during the reign but still it's nice to see that these steps are being taken and they're being taken seriously because The Monetary Element is actually. GonNa make people push them to not actually use the bags as much creepy story. You can't go a week without a creepy story. Because even in the midst of a virus pandemic you still have creepy guys and the guys are still going to be as creepy as possible so this was a new one. This is this is why I was kind of interested in it because I'm interested in the context in the situation that happens. You had two girls go to a game center and they were doing In Japanese precursor which is print club. Which is when they go into those photo booths and get their pictures taken in a lot of high school girls do that excessively and you know good on them. They're having a fun. They're having a good time there being with their friends while they were using the photo booth an adult man squatted behind them and started slashing their skirts. There's actually picture that goes with this of the slash skirts. And he got bilotta chunks off to skirt before they noticed they turned around and noticed he was there. He got up and he ran away. He was caught the same day. He was on security cameras so they had a picture of his face. They brought him in and they said you know. Why did you do this? And he said. I slashed the skirts of the girls for thrills. Now the interesting thing is how long or how capable was he that he was able to squat behind the girls for an extended period and then start cutting away their clothes and they didn't notice like maybe they were so caught up in what they were doing. maybe he was like a Ninja lineage and was really capable. I don't know but this was kind of freaky to me. The idea that he could actually be there cutting up closer person and they didn't actually notice until several pieces were cut away if you've got an engineer's Japan dot com. I will post the picture that goes with this story On the website and it turns out. There were two similar cases last month in. The police are suspicious. That maybe this guy was involved and I love the way they say this because they can't come out and say we got this guy and he also did these other crimes that are exactly the same. They have to actually couch it in the investigation idea before like basically have to check. We can't just go say this. This happened or this didn't happen so they never say this. Exact same crime committed in the exact same modus operandi as it were happened last month. We're not allowed to save the same dude but we're pretty sure it is. That's our investigative line. It'll be interesting to see what kind of punishment this guy gets because this technically is an assault but also no one got hurt so they might just be one of those slap on the wrist and let him go creepy. Guy Crimes Which to me is sort of a big problem in Japan. Either you gotta put them away or get them counseling. There is no in between but they can't do it because there are just so many creepy guys everywhere. We go in Japan so if you are in Japan and you're getting your picture and you go to just be careful your surroundings. Don't leave your bag on the floor. It'll take your bag Make sure no one is squatting in the little booth behind you or just outside the curtain In cutting your clothes because that is an absolute nightmare and as always wash your hands and take care yourself leave a text to a voice comment at voice link dot FM Slash Veloce podcast. Click the link in the show description. You can tweet questions or comments and ingenious Japan or join the.

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