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Ecuadorian court revokes citizenship for Julian Assange

AP News Radio

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Ecuadorian court revokes citizenship for Julian Assange

"Hi Mike Rossi are reporting an Ecuadorean court revokes the citizenship for Juliana Sasha Ecuador has revoked the citizenship of wikileaks founder Julian Assange he received Ecuadorian citizenship in January twenty eighteen as part of a failed attempt to make him a diplomat to get him out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London Sandra native of Australia spent seven years inside the embassy trying to avoid extradition to Sweden to face allegations of rape and sexual assault the song has been held in London's high security Belmarsh prison since April twenty nineteen after being arrested for skipping bail seven years earlier in a separate case Saanjh is under indictment in the US on espionage charges related to wikileaks publication of thousands of leaked military and diplomatic documents hi Mike Rossio

Mike Rossi Ecuadorean Court Juliana Sasha Ecuadorian Embassy London Sandra Julian Assange Wikileaks Ecuador Saanjh Sweden Australia London United States Mike Rossio
New Hollywood Podcast Forced to Change Name by Indie


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New Hollywood Podcast Forced to Change Name by Indie

"Welcome back to we are supported by. We are supported by. Yes we got a new name. i like it. Why do we have a new name. Because we got a cease-and-desist letter seen someone else launch podcast with the same name as yours. Kristen bell and monica padma and launched a new podcast called shattered glass accepts. Shattered glass already existed. A podcast has been around since january. Twenty seventeen belen patents. Show is being renamed. We are supported by indie. Podcast has won hollywood nil. So how did the original podcast produce has do it. They registered shattered glass. Last month. has a service mark in class. Forty-one for an application fee of two hundred and fifty dollars

Monica Padma Kristen Bell Hollywood
The Story of Jose Marti: Poet, Patriot, Dreamer


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The Story of Jose Marti: Poet, Patriot, Dreamer

"Monty was born in louisiana on january twenty eighth eighteen fifty three aquarius. His parents were poor. spanish immigrants. His father was sent to cuba. As first sergeants from valencia. Yeah and so it. Only sixteen years of age as modesty was already arrested and accused of disloyalty to spain. It's interesting that he is one generation off from being spanish but at the young age of sixteen is already against spanish but he saw a lot of atrocities at the hands of the spanish. Exactly when we get into what life is like in cuba. During that time a lot of it was influenced by the spanish colonial rule. In so back will at the as early life. After he was arrested in accused he was sentenced to force labor. He got actually pretty lucky. Because he was granted clemency and deported to spain. The reason i say he was lucky is because A lot of other folks during this time. Who got accused of something like this loyalty. They were sent to the firing squad. So this teenager rebel. Who doesn't like spain and gets accused of disloyalty to spain get sent to spain. And what does he end up doing while you know what they say. I can allow gondola threat. Dasa so he gets to spain and he continues with his bullshit he continues making writings against the spanish and he specifically writes political prison in cuba where he described his experiences in cuba and critiques spanish further handling of him as a prisoner and further handling of

Spain Cuba Monty Valencia Louisiana Dasa
Is the Nikon ZFC Retro for the Sake of Retro?

PetaPixel Photography Podcast

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Is the Nikon ZFC Retro for the Sake of Retro?

"Old is new again. And in nikon's case perhaps taking a page from fujifilm from january twenty four teens. Xt one and itself from november. Twenty thirteen's diaw. Company has introduced a new crop sensor retro inspired body called the z. Afc so if the diaw was a full frame. F body does afc is a maryland as version with the c. Perhaps standing for compact or crop. If you're like me also known as old or you just appreciate retro. Styling like fuji's x. Series which is all crop as you know you might want to have a serious look at nikon's new z. Afc a body reminiscent from old school. Nikon's like my old. Fm to in fact looks a lot like the fm too but with modern merely z. Technology inside if you own an ancient nikon finding your way around this new dx crop body should definitely be essentially as with my food you bodies you've got dials for iso. In this case one hundred up to twenty one thousand two hundred expandable two hundred and four thousand eight hundred shutter speed. dial and exposure compensation. Dial as well in fact there in all the same positions as my body's bodies now of this new body the company's executive vice president jan vannatter says quote the. Afc is kind of camera many have been waiting for and that only nikon could create its exceptionally slim yet offers superb image quality and features with iconic styling and precise tactile controls. It's a joy to carry and use for casual street photography streaming or just living in the here and

AFC Diaw Nikon Fuji Maryland Jan Vannatter
Olympian Priscilla Frederick-Loomis Faces Uncertain Future Due to COVID-19

ESPN Daily

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Olympian Priscilla Frederick-Loomis Faces Uncertain Future Due to COVID-19

"This is priscilla frederick loomis. She's a track and field athlete. A high jumper and she's training for the twenty twenty one olympic games allocated timer fifty nine seconds remain. I fixed my hair and roll back my shoulders. I look at the bar right foot left foot. Right foot left foot. What pursuance describing. This is all part of a training. she's visualizing the perfect hijo. It's a weird balance because you can't think because when you think you lose everything and then you've got to be patient because you're running into the sky it all kind of goes quiet and it's just you in your brain talking saying execute execute execute get a little bit faster. Get a little bit faster. Run into this guy. Does that kind of explain it. Does that help. I feel like i just saw you jump in. I started when i was a kid. And it's taken me on this journey to adulthood. I started when i was thirteen. I'm thirty two. it's a relationship. I've had i've grown. It's grown with me. It's been my partner in crime. It's my it's my out but like whole relationships this hit a rough patch in january twenty twenty one priscilla got infected with covid nineteen. She thought she recovered but when she started training again. Our body just wasn't the same am wearing a sports brought the poet. Because i was like i just need to like let my chest expand or something and it hurt. Get her like. I'd have to like hold my chest like i was a punch out me. This was long haul cove it. Priscilla's doctors wonder if she kept up her normal olympic training regiment. There could be permanent consequences.

Priscilla Frederick Loomis Olympic Games Priscilla Olympic
Border Patrol Chief Who Supported Trump's Wall Is Forced Out

AP News Radio

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Border Patrol Chief Who Supported Trump's Wall Is Forced Out

"Hi Mike Rossio reporting the border patrol chief who was a supporter of the trump border wall is being replaced Rodney Scott who was appointed by president Donald Trump in January twenty twenty has been forced out as chief of the U. S. border patrol during a call Wednesday Scott told top agency officials he was given sixty days to decide whether to accept reassignment or retire according to an official with direct knowledge who spoke on condition of anonymity Scott headed through Z. ask Liam braced then president trump's policies including building a wall along the US Mexico border he had refused to comply with the vibe administration directive to stop using terms like illegal alien in favor of descriptions like migrant Mike Rossio Washington

Mike Rossio Rodney Scott U. S. Border Patrol Border Patrol Donald Trump Z. Ask Liam Scott Mexico United States Washington
Elton John Adds Dates to Final Tour, Including Stadium Shows

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Elton John Adds Dates to Final Tour, Including Stadium Shows

"Elton John has announced his final north American concerts for his farewell yellow brick road tour I marquees are letter with the latest Elton John has announced the final concert he will play in the US before he calls it quits they will be stadium dates starting with citizens bank park in Philadelphia on July fifteenth of next year his last American shows will be two dates at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on November nineteenth and twentieth twenty twenty two John will resume touring the September in Berlin he will place several U. S. arena dates that were rescheduled because of the pandemic his final final schedule concerts as of now our January twenty seventh and twenty eighth twenty twenty three in Auckland new Zealand's

Elton John Citizens Bank Park Dodger Stadium U. S. Arena Philadelphia Los Angeles United States Berlin John Auckland New Zealand
How Gareth Bale Can Help You Become A Better More Confident Player

The Soccer Specialist Podcast

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How Gareth Bale Can Help You Become A Better More Confident Player

"Back in january twenty. Sixteen rail madrid assistant coach. Paul climent had an interview with the telegraph and he talked about working with gareth. Bale who at the time had ten goals in only seventeen games for powerhouse Rail madrid and yet he and the coaches had working on a single aspect of his game that they thought needed improvement. Help make him even more dangerous player. So bail was practicing after team training specifically on developing a left-footed cross and adding that to his repertoires his talents and skills as paul commit said he is not so strong in that aspect he realizes that and we have spoken about it and come up with a plant he needs to practice it regular and often ask training for ten minutes. We talk about the technique. Break it down. How he feels about it in the work on. It can't just talk about it yet to do it in practice it. We do lots of things like that with the players. We are teamwork but we know that the players are very compliant here. They want to work at being better every day. that's fantastic. i mean gareth myles. A world world-class player. He certainly was six years ago at these tiniest things. It's these types of habits in this work ethic that separates players whether it separates you from can cut or not getting cut riding the venture starting. Or what have you. And what. I've always told my players and tell my players is that i don't care how good they become because ultimately that is that is genetical. The most people never get close to their potential. That's no story. I don't care how good they become. As long as they become their

Paul Climent Madrid Paul Commit Bale Gareth Gareth Myles
Restaurants are Back - What Now?

Smart Kitchen Show

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Restaurants are Back - What Now?

"Jen story this week about some some news on foot traffic restaurants which is up fifty percents since the beginning of the year. This that's apprising but like what we're seeing there is. we're hearing. what. The data origen. Yeah so this. Data came from a tech company called Marketing tech company. I reach and they do a lot of restaurant marketing tech and they basically said this week. That foot traffic to restaurants and also they did put some retail in with that In this report But it's up forty eight percent since the start of twenty twenty one which You know. I think like you said mike. It's not terribly surprising. Now that Vaccines are more. Widely distributed and economy is in cities are fooling reopened or almost reopened so This was always gonna happen I think i did think it was interesting And they didn't go into excruciating detail about this but san diego california had a one hundred ninety eight percent increase in foot traffic since january. Twenty twenty one and then los angeles and san jose were next both at one hundred forty one percent so You know california took. I think it was Five of the top seven spots on the list of cities with increases in foot traffic I wonder how much of that is. Due like what states had mandated kind of limitations on restaurants. If you're down. Maybe in the south where there wasn't as many restrictions to delete governors be more permissive to the jumps weren't as big but also like another more interesting part of the story is When you read about it and kind of what. We're hearing as well as like so many of these restaurants that are seeing surging traffic or having trouble staffing and this kind of goes to another story. I read earlier in the week. And that's so many folks who were in the restaurant industry during the pandemic found other work and they don't plan on going

Marketing Tech JEN California Mike San Diego San Jose Los Angeles
A New Approach to Defending the Human Rights of Migrants

TED Talks Daily

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A New Approach to Defending the Human Rights of Migrants

"A decade ago after peaceful revolution toppled longtime tunisia dictator bin. Ali i was sitting in an orange grove outside athens. Greece documented migrants. Were hiding there. I came to interview them about human rights abuses suffered while enter europe one of them. Tunisian fellow in a leather jacket explained the people who overthrew ben ali they want democracy and identified life. We across the mediterranean want. Democracy didn't life. What is the difference. The migrant is a kind of revolutionary is idea stuck with me and informed might work as a lawyer and a scholar ever since as middle eastern revolutions turned into civil wars. The refugee crisis unfolded in the measuring. This exacerbated political pressures against asylum-seekers. Initially the european court of human rights took a strong stand against sport or violence in two thousand twelve court decided that the cannot turn asylum seekers back from the mediterranean dangerous libyan territory that first hearing them the human rights community cheer. I was not one of those who cheered in my scholarship. I predicted that this kind of decision could also generate bad results states determined to enforce their own return back asylum seekers even before the entered the supervision of their own courts. I was regretfully correct in recent years. The italians have relied on living to do their dirty work. So eager are some european governments deduction on human rights obligations if an armed libyan militia ignoring the rampant use of torture. This is also why since january. Twenty fourteen more than thirty. Four thousand migrants died by grounding in the mediterranean and since covid nineteen again the militarized border into. Mentoring has come in some ways. Even more extreme but has the militarized quarter caused deaths by drowning.

Dictator Bin Mediterranean Ben Ali Tunisia Athens ALI Greece European Court Of Human Rights Europe
Colleague of California Shooter Feared He Might 'Go Postal'

AP News Radio

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Colleague of California Shooter Feared He Might 'Go Postal'

"I might cross your reporting a colleague of the California rail yard shooter feared he might go postal you information about the gunman who fatally shot nine coal workers at a California real yard on may twenty sixth has been published according to the mercury news Santa Clara valley Transportation Authority internal documents show fifty seven year old Samuel Cassidy was the subject of four investigations into workplace conduct since July twenty nineteen after a verbal altercation with a co worker in January twenty twenty an employee reported hearing a colleague say of Cassidy he scares me if someone was to go postal it'd be him the authority released more than two hundred pages of emails and other documents related to Cassidy Cassidy who worked at the valley Transportation Authority for more than twenty years took his own life as deputies moved in hi Mike Rossio

Mercury News Santa Clara Valle Samuel Cassidy California Cassidy Cassidy Cassidy Valley Transportation Authorit Mike Rossio
Celebrating Juneteenth in the Carceral State With Ebony Underwood

Black History Year

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Celebrating Juneteenth in the Carceral State With Ebony Underwood

"Ebony. What does black liberation look like to you. Freedom black liberation looks like freedom and what freedom means to me is economic stability in means housing opportunities. It means educational opportunities it means health and wellness lack liberation to me all those things i can dive in deep leagues in to each of those but if i just blanket that statement for me it means things and having the freedom and the ability to have the best of all those things and how does the work that you do work towards that vision of black liberation well founded it a nonprofit but we got us now dot org. It's a national nonprofit nonpartisan organization built by led by and about children and young adults who have been impacted by rental incarceration And the reason why i founded is because i was a daughter of apparent that had been incarcerated for thirty three years. My father was released. This january twenty twenty one after serving thirty three years in prison and for the majority of that time that he was incarcerated. I had never spoken publicly about him being incarcerated mainly because of the trauma because of the stigma because of the shame of incarceration. Not knowing that there was this thing called incarceration until dump seven years ago and not knowing that people were actually empathetic to the issue. There were no support systems for my family got arrested. There was nothing and to me. Bad just was heartbreaking. Especially because i found out that people were empathetic to this issue and then i realized wow when people look to the military. They censored the children when people are divorced. They sent to the children when there's in-depth apparent. They censored the children when a parent is incarcerated one through the children. Nothing there is no support

Episode 144: Welcome to the Motel Kill-afornia - burst 15

The Swearwolves

01:10 min | Last month

Episode 144: Welcome to the Motel Kill-afornia - burst 15

"This bill. You can bill mcnally for all. I care will. Mitchell is l. virginia bill. I would do this the boot that why would you. Why are you being so aggressive. Difficult up just trying to billion for services rendered bill

Laurie Jennifer Jessica Roy Moore Evelyn Apple Thousand Dollars Mitchell TWO Laureate Arkansas Kelly Five Seconds Jim Mccullough Evelyn Chambers January Twenty Fourth Nineteen July Thirteenth Nineteen Seven Lord Voldemort Bradford Crenshaw Bill Mcnally Virginia
The Exponential Rise of Ransomware

60 Minutes

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The Exponential Rise of Ransomware

"Just how defenseless our food and fuel supplies can be to hackers this month. The largest meat producer in america was forced to close for several days and that was only three weeks after. Hackers shut down the main source of gasoline for the east coast. Both were ransomware attacks by hackers who break into a computer network and lock it until ransoms paid colonial pipeline paid more than four million dollars in may to get fuel flowing in the east again as we first told you in two thousand nineteen critical public service. Networks are also targets twenty six percent of cities and counties for example report that they fend off work attacks every hour perhaps even worse. Dozens of hospitals had been held hostage all across the country in january twenty eighteen. the night shift at hancock. Regional hospital watched its computers crash with deepest apologies. The one hundred bed facility in the suburbs of indianapolis got it. Ceo steve long out of bed. We had never been through this before. And it's something that i read in the journals. And i say oh those poor folks. I'm glad that's never gonna happen to us. But when you come in and you see that the files on your computer have been. Renamed in all of the files were renamed. Either we apologize for files or were sorry and there was a moment when i thought well. Maybe they're not so bad. They said they were sorry. But in fact they had encrypted every file that we had on our computers and on the network have said still had a told. Nine one one to divert emergency patients to a hospital twenty miles away. His staff turned to pen and paper. Nothing electronic could be trusted. This is a ransomware so this is a virus that has gotten into the computer system. Would it have the ability to jump to a piece of clinical equipment could have jumped to an iv. Pump could have jumped to a ventilator. We needed a little time just to make sure about that.

Ceo Steve East Coast Regional Hospital Hancock America Indianapolis
US Formally Ends Policy for Asylum-Seekers to Wait in Mexico

AP News Radio

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US Formally Ends Policy for Asylum-Seekers to Wait in Mexico

"Hi Mike Rossi a reporting the US formally ends the policy forcing asylum seekers to wait in Mexico the blighted ministration formally ended the trump era migrant protection protocols Tuesday doing away with the policy that forced asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for hearings in U. S. immigration court the shift was announced by homeland security secretary Alejandro my orcas in a seven page memo the policy had returned about seventy thousand asylum seekers to Mexico from January twenty nineteen until Biden's first day in office this year representative John Katko will do your work the top Republican on the house homeland security committee called the move a very serious mistake might cross CO Washington

Mike Rossi Mexico S. Immigration Court Alejandro My Orcas U. John Katko United States Biden House Homeland Security Commit Washington
New Pokemon Release Dates Revealed

Kinda Funny Games Daily

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New Pokemon Release Dates Revealed

"We've got a release date for the new pok. Mon games from the verge. Possibly the most ambitious pokemon game to date will be available early next year today. Nintendo announced that pokemon legends arkadiusz will be launching unintended on january twenty eighth twenty twenty two was first announced in february legends. Looks to be big change. Provoke him on a franchise that's become known for its slowly evolving role playing games. It's an open world. Rpg that takes place in a much older version of the central region before the time before. The time of pok mon trainers in organized competitions in addition to the new setting the experience also looks to be more seamless compared to the main main games as as intendo says players will be able to go out in the wild to study polka moms behaviors. Stick up to them and throw out polka balls. Legends isn't the only major title. The works nintendo recently released a modern version of pok mon snap and remix a pokemon diamond and pearl are coming to the switch on november eleventh. Which the company also announced

Arkadiusz Nintendo Intendo
Hackers Behind Colonial Pipeline Attack Reportedly Received $90 Million

Cyber Security Headlines

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Hackers Behind Colonial Pipeline Attack Reportedly Received $90 Million

"De dos. Attacks are back stronger than ever. According to recent annual reports from different content delivery networks and de dos mitigation providers. Twenty twenty was a record breaking year for diaz attacks both number of attacks as well as size of attacks and the number of attack. Vectors used according to accommodate this resurgence likely driven by the covid. Nineteen pandemic lockdown. Saw three of the six biggest volume metric diaz attacks in history during february and more attacks that exceeded fifty gigabits in the first three months of twenty twenty one than the whole of two thousand nineteen the company estimates that attacks over fifty gigabits per second can take down most online services. That don't have antidotes. Mitigation proof of concept exploit released for warm -able windows vulnerability the floor tracked. See twenty twenty one three one one six six and rated critical severity was discovered internally by microsoft and was patched as part of its may twenty twenty one patch tuesday updates it affects the atp protocol stack http dot sis and does not require authentication or user interaction it also the impacts recent versions of windows ten and windows server researcher axel suchet announced the release of a proof of concept exploit last weekend however his exploit does not achieve remote code execution it shows simply how an attacker can leverage the floor to cause a denial of service condition on the targeted system. By sending it specially crafted packets tech audits of colonial pipeline glaring problems in twenty eighteen. An outside audit conducted. Three years ago found atrocious information management practices and a patchwork of poorly connected and secured systems according to the associated press consultant robert f smallwood stated in his eighty nine page report in january twenty eighteen. After a six month audit quote. An eighth grader could have hacked into that system. End quote colonial said wednesday that since two thousand seventeen it has hired four independent firms for cyber security risk assessments and increased its overall. It spending by more than fifty percent although it would neither specify an amount nor identify the firms involved in a brief follow up to the ongoing colonial story. It's internal server that runs the communication system that shippers used to track fuel shipments experienced intermittent disruptions yesterday colonial blamed this on quote hardening efforts that are ongoing and part of a restoration process saying further. These issues were not related to the ransomware or any type of reinfection end quote

Diaz Axel Suchet Robert F Smallwood Microsoft The Associated Press
Roku Channel Adds Quibi Shows

Talking Tech

02:13 min | 2 months ago

Roku Channel Adds Quibi Shows

"They listeners. Mike schneider here. And i'm brett molina and welcome back to talking tech so mike whatever happened to that video app funny mentioned that i think folks will remember the short live video service that launched in april twenty twenty by former dreamworks animation ceo. Jeffrey katzenberg and former ebay ceo. Meg whitman it got. Its name qube from quick bites or video snacks of eight to twelve minutes ideal for riding the subway or bus or in newburgh or waiting in line unfortunately justice launch the nation shut shutdown with the corona virus and started binging seasons of long form content. So could be shut down six months later in october. Twenty twenty then. In january twenty twenty one roku announced it was acquiring quibbles content for its own growing roku channel and now brokers gonna make a huge chunk of that library thirty shows available may twentieth which roku celebrate to streaming day. That's the day it shipped its first streaming player back in two thousand eight back then. It was called the netflix player by roku because roku he don't know began as a part of netflix and then was spun out of the company. Now some folks have seen this content because qube has more had more than one million downloads tap when it launched initially but for most of this. This is going to be new stuff. One of the shows hashtag free. Ray sean has already won short-form creative arts emmy awards for stars laurence fishburne and jasmine separate jones. There's also show starring sophie. Turner of game of thrones and liam hemsworth of the hunger games and christoph waltz specter. There's also documentaries Called ball and big rad wolf. And there's reality shows. I like christie's court where chrissy teigen presides and the revived punked hosted by chance. The rapper. also. Come into roku this week. A double helping of kevin hart who die.

Mike Schneider Brett Molina Roku Jeffrey Katzenberg Dreamworks Animation Meg Whitman Newburgh Netflix Mike Ebay Ray Sean Qube Jasmine Separate Jones Starring Sophie Laurence Fishburne Emmy Awards Liam Hemsworth Christoph Waltz Turner Chrissy Teigen
"january  twenty" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

News Radio 920 AM

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"january twenty" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

"In January twenty ten in an ice cream truck near Tampa Florida two masked gunmen ambushed the driver Michael keep late they stole around twelve dollars and shot him five times Keatley survived but according to prosecutors he never recovered from his desire for revenge ten months later on thanksgiving day police say Keithley shot six men killing two of them but none of them had anything to do with the robbery of the ice cream truck the two men killed were brothers widened Sergio okay Traun their mother passed with data tells fox thirteen in Tampa does please feel free for call me if it's taken ten years but the murder trial of Michael Keithley is beginning prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty if convicted Keatley could face life in prison with fox on just as Hank winds on fox news newsradio nine twenty and won all four seven FM this alkaline level math yeah I trust from able Massachusetts Ernie and Fairfax county to get yeah and this is the how he feels he's Pocahontas for she wants to have something which he takes away free speech and she's the one that really violates at more than anybody when you look at all the yards that she's told she's failing she's failing in the polls whether it's Biden or Bernie or somebody it's not gonna be Elizabeth Warren and too many arms.

Florida Keatley robbery Tampa Michael Keithley fox Hank Biden Bernie Elizabeth Warren Sergio murder fox news Massachusetts Fairfax county
"january  twenty" Discussed on 600 WREC

600 WREC

01:34 min | 1 year ago

"january twenty" Discussed on 600 WREC

"In January twenty nineteen there were three hundred thousand jobs gained and there are seasonal issues you know warm weather increased and jobs related construction support of Bob without the real thing the people working at is really what the fed you worry jobs report going to be and that isn't expected to be so glad you remember the federal reserve board George has been cutting interest rates now the last meeting they left interest rates loan because they thought you know in war at like one the federal funds rate is at one point seven five right now and that's a pretty low rate they start cutting wore off of that and US interest rates could give okay what's happening in Europe and in Japan on in China and that is it could go negative that means that favors who right now are getting you know by an average of like less than one percent could wind up getting nothing in the the near term if the it because club Justin played this economy the right way and I think the the yield curve everybody's been talking about which is the harboring or you know something that forecast potential slowdown in reception is now inverted again so I think that before everybody gets to decide and jump up and down about you know the jobs report I think they would need to look at the big picture.

Bob George US Europe Japan China Justin
"january  twenty" Discussed on WBSM 1420

WBSM 1420

02:38 min | 1 year ago

"january twenty" Discussed on WBSM 1420

"Out on January twenty third the White House informed John Bolton and his attorney that they they were in receipt of the manuscript for his new book and that he couldn't publish it the way it was written because it violated national security that was January twenty third third Thursday the story was leaked to The New York Times three days later on Sunday January twenty sixth what a coincidence so it may not have been somebody from the National Security Council that it may have been Walton's own kia but wait that although there wasn't much to leak there wasn't really anything there than no direct quotes there's really like one paragraph that's not even a smoking gun I I would oddly described as a smoldering god but today here's some investigative reporting and it's not being done you'll you'll be surprised to hear by The Washington Post or The New York Times or CNN or MSNBC it's being done by the Daily Mail which is this of course the British newspaper in the website where you have to go if you want to get any news about hunter Biden's paternity case down in little rock before was subtle note none of the left wing media will cover that either I'll read you the headline on this story but John Bolton John Bolton was accused of harassing a government contractor by chasing her through a hotel camping she was a lesbian commenting on our weight and banging on her doors to shout threats sounds like Ted Kennedy chasing one of the Ford women at a hotel idea which I mentioned in the Kennedy Babylon to Melanie council described how in nineteen ninety four John Bolton her raster chased around the hotel and criticized wait this was a hotel in Moscow by the way I wonder if it was the Ritz Carlton hotel where Donald Trump all that's right that was all made up stuff by the way by Christopher steel Bolden has the night her allegations she described his behavior in a two thousand five letter to the Senate when he was in the confirmation process to be you when ambassador he wasn't approved bolt quote Bolton proceeded to chase me through the halls of a Russian hotel on quote she wrote he made unconscionable comments about my weight my wardrobe and with a couple of team leaders my sexuality had thing that I was a lesbian for the.

Ritz Carlton hotel Christopher steel Bolden Melanie hunter Biden MSNBC CNN The New York Times Senate Donald Trump White House Moscow Ted Kennedy government contractor The Washington Post Walton National Security Council attorney John Bolton
"january  twenty" Discussed on WMAL 630AM


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"january twenty" Discussed on WMAL 630AM

"January twenty fourth February second exotic and luxury models SUVs trucks electric warrants models what if your outdoor writing drive experiences and a full line up of family attractions don't miss the Washington Auto Show at the Washington DC convention center January twenty fourth through February second that's January twenty fourth through February second tickets at Washington Auto Show dot com most of us did little grouchy if we happen to miss breakfast or lunch every now and then but unfortunately for many struggling families in our community skipping meals as a regular occurrence it doesn't have to be because when you get to the salvation army you help your neighbors in need when the battle to keep food on the table want to join this fight for good please visit give Westwood One dot O. R. G. I. V. E. W. E. S. T. W. O. O. D. already done to make a donation he took a report of our office three sixty five email on the threat sitting in users in boxes wow how did you get this there's a free tool called Uday enough threat scanner they can quickly and safely scanner office three sixty five email for hidden threats like spear fishing in the main fraud really yeah there could email thread Skinner identifies hidden threats in employees most at risk for a cyber attack all summarized in the complete report this is great get your free email threat scan now at barracuda dot com barracuda your journey secure it adopt US kids presents what to expect when you're expecting a teenager learning the lingo jelly jelly adjective.

"january  twenty" Discussed on News Radio 810 WGY

News Radio 810 WGY

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"january twenty" Discussed on News Radio 810 WGY

"January twenty six for February first consider Catholic education for your child the educate inform leaders of tomorrow offering strong academics and individualized instruction of faith based community environment kindergarten through eighth grade and a pre kindergarten program for three and four year olds presented by Holy Spirit school open houses Saturday February first from one thirty to three thirty PM five one eight four seven seven five seven three nine H. S. S. C. G. dot com it's the thirty fifth annual winterfest aggression lake state park Saturday January twenty fifth come enjoy a free family day of winter fun with snow shoeing kids contest in the snow sled rides with new phone lines and the polar plunge for more info find graph to lake state park on Facebook your favorite shows and WGY news streaming now on the I heart radio and power my quick response restoration first to call for fire smoke or water damage welcome back welcome to handle on the law marginal legal advice when I tell you an absolute okay and don't forget if you need a lawyer when I tell people go get a lawyer go to the website its handle on the law dot com because those of lawyers and know what they're doing they in all those areas in criminal I.

"january  twenty" Discussed on 90.3 KAZU

90.3 KAZU

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"january twenty" Discussed on 90.3 KAZU

"January twenty seventeen I walked through the ruins of Alcott's hospital in east Aleppo the rebel and clay that had just fallen to the regime, and its Russian and Iranian allies. Thousands of casualties were treated here during the siege. The medics had left in a hurry after shells hit the building. Woes are less chaotic than they appear pain, and death are inflicted on someone's orders. Have have laws some supposed to protect civilians in Syria? They've mostly been ignored. Hums alkatiri. One of the doctors says he witnessed war crimes every day that killed and maimed civilians. Two years on he'd like to see the perpetrators in court. Regime and the Russian no one else has the airplanes to tell to make this guy, Iran cluster bombs explosive barrels and chlorine gas. No one else can do about what would you like to have happen to the Justice dust Justice? Serious war has destroyed a country killed, perhaps half a million people and left overwhelming evidence of war crimes by all sides, according to you, and investigators all the countries involved in Syria's multi-layered war have questions to answer. Raca once the beating heart of.

Syria Aleppo Alcott Iran Two years
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"Offer expires January twenty six twenty nine hundred staff sergeant Ryan Pitz of the one hundred seventy third airborne brigade speaks about what it means to receive the medal of honor on the one that got the recognition because I received the award. But like, I know that this isn't mine, I just was trying to follow everybody else around me all these guys didn't credible things. The only reason I'm here in the only reason I have WI fi only reason I have kids is because those guys gave everything they had that day. The American veterans center protects the legacy and honors the sacrifice of American veterans to hear more like us on Facebook. Dino show. I'm sorry. Not sorry. Sorry. The shows that I turned down not to speak to you. You would be very impressed with yourself data that I could giving you the facts and natural right? Is a right. You have as a free American. It is not up for debate up for discussion up for abridgement, nor compromise nor rollback in any. Listen live around the world. Are you a citizen or argue with subject because I'm a citizen, and I'll ask whatever question I want to win ever. I want to if you're a subject you go on a Nubia subject. I'm a citizen Dino show. This Friday will be the second time. These federal workers are not receiving a paycheck. And I have personally heard the stories. We all have a folks who are standing in food lines people.

Ryan Pitz Dino Facebook WI
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"On WPRI twelve January twenty sixth from seven to eleven PM. You'd never know what you'll hear. I started all the link came out of the guy got my arm back on the road. Just know it'll be a little weird a demon. And what's difficult between demons and go, and we wouldn't have it any other way, I'm a vampire, religion and love. Green coast to coast. All kinds of people every night at one pm on NewsRadio nine twenty four seven. Fox news. I'm Carmen Roberts. President Trump abruptly council speaker Pelosi's use of a military aircraft for him correctional delegation's trip to Afghanistan democrat, Adam Schiff, I think the president's decision to disclose a speakers making a war zone was completely and utterly irresponsible. And the president's move follows speaker, Pelosi's call to delay the state of the union address Republican Lindsey Graham tweeting one sophomoric response does not deserve another the former boss of CBS not giving up when it comes to his millions CBS says former CEO les Moonves intends to fight for the one hundred and twenty million dollars severance that he was denied in arbitration says Michelle Pollino aboard says an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations shows Munoz was fired for cause. So he's not doing any severance pay. This is FOX. Now, you're.

president CBS President Trump Pelosi Munoz Adam Schiff Carmen Roberts FOX Fox Lindsey Graham Michelle Pollino les Moonves Afghanistan CEO twenty million dollars
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"They'll be from January twenty first through January twenty six I think that's an well. No names. Ralph Acampora comes to mind, he said, just a godfather of a technical trading. So whether it's charts are signals are or. Trading into the box. Whatever you name it. They've all got a system. Now, they all had a system, and they were so successful. I always ask myself. Why are they doing sharing their great signals and systems? So there's an online on the trading floor. Never saw a wealthy trick an old trader on the floor that was wealthy. Most of people make their money and get all art show. Yeah. Check it out. There's also link or the information if you didn't get the website at Terry, savage dot com. Look have a great lunch tomorrow. And we'll read about it Thursday on your website. And then talk about it next Wednesday. Absolutely state. It's the wintrust business lunch. Seven twenty WGN. Start the timer because here's the wintrust business minute sharing and examining Chicago business. News of the day. Nabo Nabu Nabo national association of women business owners. Oh, and that national organization calls Chicago home never heard of them before wealthy. Only happened to be the networking source for nearly ten point five million women business owners in the country. And would you look at that? They're having an event at eighteen seventy one there think big event is on Wednesday. January sixteenth starting at nine AM, and you can just register online at eighteen seventy one dot com. They're definitely moving things forward in this world. And so are the people over at first stop health, the telemedicine startup that's just raised its second round of funding at six point five million dollars, totaling fourteen point five million. What sets first stop health apart from other health companies is they're focused on working with doctors via phone online video consultations and through iphone or Android apps, man. This is straight out of the movies. I'm Bennett weeknight, and.

Nabo Nabu Nabo Chicago Ralph Acampora WGN Terry five million dollars
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"January twenty third Rhody men's basketball, hosted annual coaches versus cancer game presented by South County hospital. You are I athletics is offering two free tickets to all cancer, survivors and caregivers for digital information. Or if you'd like to purchase or claim tickets, just visit go Roti dot com slash tickets ring in the new year with the Rhode Island Philharmonic orchestra Beethoven Mozart and the blue Danube Saturday, January twenty six at the vets in providence. Visit tickets dot RI. Phil dot org. That's tickets dot R. I fill dot org. I make learning a privilege, not a chore and frustration a tool, not an obstacle. I'm a teacher. Make more teach. Visit teach dot org brought to you by teach and the Ad Council. Newsradio nine twenty one zero four seven FM. Worked as a fortune five hundred technology executive CEO of the first internet radio network visa, digital political.

south county basketball ri radio network ceo executive rhode island council
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"This is where Clinton vetoed. The Republican controlled congress is spending Bill. And they duked it out with Gingrich and so forth, and they agreed to a seven-year budget plan. Mata spending cuts and tax increases. Then of course, Clinton took credit for all the benefits they came out of that bracket may balance the budget. I'll look at me look at me. I ran I lucky you put your pants up. Barack no house Benito. Obama. You might remember this would Ted Cruz who was attacked by McConnell. Attacked by rove attacked by the Wall Street Journal, September thirty talk Tober seventeen twenty thirteen sixteen days. Lawmakers couldn't seem to come to an agreement on the Affordable Care Act. House passed several versions of the Bill the funding govern each time. The Senate Senate back. So and by the way, we won more seats after that you hear that. January twenty two January twenty two twenty eighteen last year three days. It comes to immigration spending. Trump and Republican lawmakers Democrats were divided. Publican's control the Senate, but they still need sixty votes to break the filibuster. So even there Trump was fighting to get funding to secure the border wall. And that's the history. Oh my God. Not a single social security. Check went missing while. If it did it was usual bureaucratic bureaucracy, not a single Medicare. Check went missing. Not a single Medicaid. Check went missing. The military never stood down. Federal law enforcement never stood down. All the essential elements of the federal government functioned. In. Here we go through this because the media are filled with left-wing, democrat progressives. Who do not give you the news who do not give you the facts, they give you their opinions. How much analysis it's their opinions. Not news not facts. Mr president..

Senate Senate Clinton Trump Obama Gingrich Wall Street Journal congress Ted Cruz Mata rove Mr president House McConnell Tober seventeen twenty thirteen sixt seven-year three days
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"January twenty seventeen. Now, we also prior prior to the to the Republican convention Republicans were meeting to design the platform member all the stories about the changing of the platform. At the last minute radically changing one plank having to do with Russia and Ukraine. So Muller is zero zero now on the money around the inauguration? Russians and Ukrainians. Jared kushner. Jared Kushner who could not get a security clearance because he could not fill out the paperwork quickly enough. His lies were just being spun too quickly. Donald Trump is considering his son in law.

Jared kushner Donald Trump Muller Ukraine Russia
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"On January twenty, first this year In honor of the thirty, second anniversary the nonprofit I mentioned the hug alliances aiming to set two, Guinness world, records in Los Angeles the most nationalities ever in a group hug and we'll tell you about the other. One coming up but, let's get him on the line. Is in our, virtual green room Rick Morris and he's the, founder of the, hug lines and the co, author of the children's book the hug store so he's the event founder coordinator of this whole. Thing I Rick Let's. Talk about Tell me about why and when national, hugging day started National hugging day to go. Back to the origin was actually started not by myself But by Kevin Barney in one thousand nine hundred eighty six and he just wanted people to more and it was really just kind of a very grassroots early on movement for him and it Well it's not widely known is known and it's actually celebrated in some places over the world on every January twenty first That's, how the origins of go back but this year will be by far the biggest global celebrate recognition of that day Yes so tell us what. You're doing I mentioned the one. Thing trying to get. Those two Guinness world records in LA. Tells about that go there there's three actually ruled world records we're gonna go for For the world, record is, the most, nationality is ever a, group hug and it's going to represent basically like the Olympics. Of hugging and there's going to be stashes worn by different people from different countries and hopefully we're you. Know. You know they have every country. But we need a certain number tax break the Guinness record and then the second is real fun record that. Is going to involve astronauts in. The international space station Have these Connecticut best. And a few, people on, earth will, wear them NBA able, to hug and when the themselves in this vast the person. Space station astronaut will feel that hug and do the same thing back literally it's like an intergalactic college Wow interesting I. Love that lactic so cool Yeah how'd you I? Was, gonna. Ask you how did you do I said you got my need. A. Change rethink? Your name is outside the, world at that point Yeah no kidding All right. I, absolutely love Tell me about the what? Are the benefits? Of hugging what are the? What, is research.

Rick Morris Los Angeles Guinness Kevin Barney Rick Let founder NBA Olympics Connecticut
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"Okay it was january twenty fourteen c so like i used when i used my the ai search meta data search on google photos to remind me when i was somewhere and i did it a couple of weeks before that would new orleans that's pretty meaningful so it is memories and then after you do the search you just get this like you know pile photos that you took while you were here that's cool meaney a couple of minutes thinking about puerto rico well i actually think what you two are saying is a good argument for a wearable camera because it encourages you to take more sort of spontaneous photos or to capture a moment sort of as it's happening or as a snap continually says to live in the moment rather than doing the offer thing where you're like oh wait holtz to us their plot your phone from your pocket and you're like wait a building the like and the footage of the capture the photos you take on spectacles aren't designed to disappear immediately they live in the section of the one section of the snapchat app that actually does keep things memories for longer than twenty four hours so i think like particularly without products like they're also distancing themselves a little bit from their federal format and actually moving toward what i think both of you are interested in which is sort of being able to capture the things that are happening around you so that you can save it for posterity.

puerto rico holtz google snapchat twenty four hours
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"The big gum a oh uh congratulations and still in victory mode president trump of january twenty this is a president who's been in place in as now has a bit of a history specially with his own cabinet members and going back and forth publicly so it's not just that you might lose your job you're going to be publicly humiliated possibly and that goes back to the question that we had yesterday and that is who would want to accept the nomination for any of these given positions given the president's nature on social media for going after people in his own cabinet and and not just people but the most loyal person arguably right that supported trump that wasn't named trump who's going to want to whip with everything going on when you as as in and you'd said earlier uh you know that you not only will you be let go but you'll be public publicly ridicule right whether it's in the white house now talking about it we you know removing people inside the white house or if you work for him on the cabinet you'll be publicly ridiculed before you are let go we can find to replace these people i'm sorry to do that i think there's a strong possibility i still stand by this i think there's a possibility will see session stepped down and it could happen before friday or before and weaken and very quickly just because it's it's a it's personal to me the the uh the whole love trump speaking of before the board scouts look at the at the at the.

president social media trump white house
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"January twenty it's president two years there will need what you're on new mexico leaders four point one at that eight seven seven radio kate he'll be jake they'll be over kirk wieters storm is wreaking havoc in the west cbs's carter evans has more rain and snow continues to pound the west from or again this is just the disappear read where wideout conditions caused at least three hundred fifty crashes stayed why to california we're flooding shutdown rhodes and forced this water rescue after a couple refuse to evacuated more than a thousand holmes a bit evacuated in reno when schools in the area will be close tomorrow most of the flights or canceled it to oregon airports the east coast is still coping with the storm that dumped a footer more of no from north carolina to southern new england cbs it tony to cope but when new york shovel by show board and allowed by loud the east coast the shaking off a massive winter storm which small traffic and grounded flights for mississippi to massachusetts the storm contributed to more than the thousand crash is in north carolina and virginia alone north carolina governor right cooper's urgent residents to stay off the rhodes incoming white house chief of staff ryan's previous says present elect trump accept the conclusion that rusher tried to metal in the us presidential election but trump they kelly and conway told cnn's they didn't accomplish anything as for a shame too in primetime action with failed they were not successful in doing that for is really soldiers were killed in many injured when a palace to be in man drive a truck in to them injure russa lawn leah schreiber sought happen sunday's start it's shutting on him and it took some time today but able to pick and he got time to make the reverse was as track and just london anders.

mexico cnn conway kelly ryan chief of staff white house virginia new york tony oregon california kirk wieters president leah schreiber presidential election us cooper massachusetts mississippi north carolina reno carter evans cbs jake kate two years
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"January twenty was you know the next president here's your when you're a new mexico leaders four point for that eight seven seven radio kate he'll be new matzek goes taught station i think you might have something at ninety four point one of them and am seven seventy news radio you would do when you have to you have to biggest but if you're happen half you have to you don't no actually you don't it's again it's referred to as mixed race for reese well and i do appreciate because you then heritage you're saying it must ignore the heritage of one side which is ridiculous oh no no but you know what i'm saying you know i like a nerd all pro men try with people in my family is gonna when it's not when i'm training you don't have to click aside the and it's not as always lose you it's not a social con struck it's not that we can change because or what you're what what you're playing here lawrie is people going about their day to day lives and how worried and her children to decide to live their lives is there business but that's all the point is because what a president start saying things and is already said and on that mindset then you're changing the law your change your i'm doing one of the most important acts of our time this over right side by saying but it's a social construct because what you're doing is your chipping away at that entire illegal definition which is why the federal judge and texas good the way he did on december thirty first because no would ministry shin can go win and just change.

president kate reese lawrie mexico texas