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"jansher caskey" Discussed on The Nicole Sandler Show

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"jansher caskey" Discussed on The Nicole Sandler Show

"You you um you point out the value of a couple of house members as well jansher caskey who's who's kind of you don't see her on tv every day tooting around horn but you named jansher caskey of illinois most valuable house progressive and a row khanna most valuable house newcomer and it's interesting because rokon ah in a primary defeated somebody that um you know that a lot of us really loved uh and say absolutely yeah so it it was it was a sad day to see and now i'm drawing a blank on my condo i caught by condomi kanda you know i condo with a terrific member he really was um and i wasn't so sure about this rokon a guy and he turned out to be a really really great freshman congressman exactly and i you know look i i agree with you i think that there are many people who had a great affection for my kanda khanna beat him in part because of the new the unique california election laws that allow two democrats to go up against one another you've been in a in a general election at be the circumstance and um and kind of had things to prove i think he would be the first or dollars that but he leapt into his position and and where he did it again as we were talking about your liver you know look we can have great respect for our military we can have great respect for generals and commanders than in the role that they play but the role that they play should be defined by congress is supposed to declare wars congress as opposed to recognize you know when war should be fought and how they should be funded and congress has been so unimaginably irresponsible in this regard it has seated so much of.

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