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"janofsky" Discussed on Recorded Future - Inside Threat Intelligence for Cyber Security

Recorded Future - Inside Threat Intelligence for Cyber Security

03:51 min | 10 months ago

"janofsky" Discussed on Recorded Future - Inside Threat Intelligence for Cyber Security

"Today we announced the takedown of the criminal online hacking forum known as dark code. Dark code first in 2015, law enforcement officials from 20 different countries came together in a rare show of unity. And they did something that at the time was kind of extraordinary. They dismantled a dark web marketplace. Dark code represented one of the gravest threats to the integrity of data on computers in the United States. To lead the most renowned English language malware form in the world. The dark code and its users deal in fraud, extortion and money laundering. Malware, botnets and even credit card information stolen during exploits. Dark code has been deemed the best malware marketplace on the web. A malware marketplace is just like it sounds. It's like a local grocery store except instead of hot dogs and cereal, it sells hacks. And there was a real market for them, because in the early days of hacking, you actually needed skills to crack into a server. Prepackaged off the shelf exploits appeared later in places like these dark web marketplaces. Most of these markets conducted their business in Russian. English speakers on the dark web were out of luck. Until the creation of dark coat, which eventually became the go to place to pick up whatever you needed to commit a whole host of cybercrimes. And while dark code seemed to end in a blaze of glory with dozens of arrests, it's beginnings were humble. Some might say improbable. And for that, you need to go to western Kentucky to the small town of smithland. It is the only county in the state of Kentucky without a stoplight. Ryan green, one of the founders of dark coat. We do, however, have a caution light. But there is no actual red green yellow stoplights in the entire county. The story of dark codes rise and fall is a kind of fable for how cybercrime and hackers more generally have evolved. It begins as a kind of boy meets computer boy loves computer narrative, and then gets progressively darker. And it's not a story Ryan green ever expected he'd be a part of. So is this just a fun thing in your mind or was it sort of like a little bit? You felt powerful. It was a fun thing. It was a powerful thing, and it was a challenge. It was a challenge until it was over and then it was on to the next challenge. Which is how things really spiraled out of control. So why don't you tell me about that? Well, I'm Dina temple rast, and this is click here. A podcast about all things cyber and intelligence. Today, a deep dive into a part of the cyber world that has been in the shadows for years. The dark web marketplace. We look at how dark codes started, how it died, and how against all odds, it came back. Stay with us. I'm Adam janofsky, editorial director at the record by recorded feature. One of the leading cybersecurity news outlets in the world. So cybersecurity is an incredibly complex topic. You've probably heard about different scams, hacks. It's more important than ever to have a source of news that can demystify these complex worlds and help you stay secure. Each month we have hundreds of thousands of people that turn to us to learn about the latest in cybersecurity to listen to deep dive podcast episodes about cybercriminals and hackers and just catch up on the latest news from the world of cybersecurity and intelligence. If you want to know more about the stories that you're hearing on the podcast or that you're reading on the record media, you can subscribe to our newsletter where we dive into the.

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