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"janney gordon" Discussed on Staying In with Emily & Kumail

"Bonet Bonus Episode Janney Gordon and this is bonus. I'm trying to think of a staying in with Emily in commercials bonus. There's no I have. Nothing came up with was staying with them. Bonus added a little snake. Sound to bonus for every week. We're going to release a bonus episode. That's going to be different from the episodes. We normally do last week's episode. Was David Chang State at the restaurant in only doing David's cooking this one is David. Hey it's only doing David's so that one was about how to cook for yourself. These are going to be much more sort of practical tips interviews with people interviews with people who have expertise in different areas. And today we're talking to David Higgins. Who was my trainer for when I shot a movie called. Eternal Marvel marvel could call the journals. I got in very good shape trained with David for six months while we were shooting. The movie is a great trainer. Has Really really good attitude about exercise and why it's important so if exercising is something want to hear about something you. WanNa do during this time at home this is. This is a good this after you. And if you're a David and have something that you're an expert in Colorado only talking to Davis Bonus David saying we go now. We have a thing. Yeah in his what I like about David. Quite a bit is that he's there's no obviously. There's no shame because we're not going to work with anybody like that but there's also it's not about immediately okay. We've got all this time. Let's launch into changing your life. It's just about what you WANNA do right now. That will help you feel a little bit better and help you. Make some some use of your time and kind of make some slight changes. I think. Small changes are always better than massive ones. And he's very good at that right right. It's about starting in a way. Basically just gifts setting your goals and then slowly trying to work towards them another thing. I like about David. The first time I I went and visited you on set. He was like here. Take a walk with me and I was like. You're going to have some weird talk with me. And then he took me to get chicken wings. Chicken wing does the great thing about the evidence. Was I definitely shooting this movie? You will attest to this too. Obsessed with working out and dieting. Who and he really really pushed me and forced me on the weekends to take a break and to eat. Big meals outward you so while we were shooting in London. I chewed Monday to Friday the Friday night Saturday night you and I would like go to a restaurant and get a big meal and he really really pushed for that because I think the way. He approaches it. Mental Health and physical health. Really go together. He's like you're going to burn yourself out if you're going to be district the whole time and that was very grateful that forced me to do that anyway. Hope you enjoyed this episode. Next week we have David Letterman coming on to talk about facial hair that we do but hey give us a call. Hey Yeah Oh my God Hungary. We'll.

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