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"jank woodford" Discussed on Scoops with Danny Mac

"And so you know. They've just got to be careful with liberty for to make sure that they don't hurt his development in the in the importance of trying to help. Saint louis this season now. I i will say ron donors down there. That we've seen eligible down there right now and is closing and As is jank woodford rather than those three. There are no pitchers in memphis. Who have who are on the forty man roster and frankly who are you know showing that they're that they're ready to come up saint louis and help nolan. Gorman gets promoted so he's one step away from the big leagues. yeah i was. I guess pleasantly surprised to see nolan gorman promoted and there were a series of of third base promotions that occurred in tandem that will talk about but the garments are our number one prospect and his age eight sixty two and he got almost two hundred plate. Appearances a double a. He brought a strikeout rate down in his walk. Rate was was over nine percent which which is good because of course the eleven home runs in the fact that he's playing second base as well as third or what you know are tending to draw out of attention rightfully so But you know it's a different situation from dealing carlson two years ago where. The cardinals kept carlson in In aa basically five months before they brought him up to triple eight for the final month. So you could say nola. Gorman is a faster trajectory in that part of his career then was dylan carlson. And so you say okay. We've got allah july august september for knowingly gorman to continue to grow. I mean there's no guarantee that he's going to you know take off in aaa right away. He has enough time there to get feed on the ground and realistically come to camp next spring with carpenter likely gone to compete for a job. on the saint louis infield in terms of the The movement with the minor leagues. Some pretty big promotions is past. Week weren't there. Yeah yeah that. I alluded at a minute ago. Let's just go through them. So the cardinals have three very good third base prospects all in the top twelve or so in the system we of course talked about gorman number one and we have malcolm nunez who was international signee and in his first year in In two thousand eighteen won the batting One of the triple crown the dominican summer league And he moved up then from pin peoria to double a springfield to basically backfill. Gorman and nunez Slashed over eight hundred at peoria and as a very pretty good strikeout rate about eighteen little under eighteen percent and still drew drew walks reasonable rates. So it you know malcolm newness showed that. He was ready to take that next step and that was. That's really good for him. Because nunez ended up back in johnson city in two thousand nineteen. And so you know. The cardinals took a little bit of a risk putting him in hiatus start the year but he showed that he can handle it which is which is great and then the third move maybe the most exciting move maybe more exciting than gorman is jordan walker. Who of course was the first round out of a georgia last year. As a high schooler. he he missed. I don't know maybe three weeks or so with palm beach but still a hit..

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