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"janika patrick annika" Discussed on Johnjay & Rich On Demand

"To boyfriend or your husband could pechiney on you so you come to us like danika. Danika has come to us. We're gonna hear danika story. Kyle's go undercover. Call her boyfriend or husband telling me one a dozen red roses. Romantic red roses. We're gonna find out who he sends them to find out what he puts on. The card card is the key. Because that's where you're right. All the mucci stuff danika welcome to our show. Who do you think is cheating in your life for having me so. I think that my boyfriend might be cheating on me. I wanna find out is his name. Patrick patrick yes. Janika patrick annika and his name. Is patrick danika patrick. Those famous race car driver danika patrick. That is incredible. That should be all over social media right now. I know this would be like. He isn't cheating so that at one point you will have a wedding invitation. That is the dan patrick wedding. Oh yeah there. I wish that to your name is a famous. That's never happened was also danika from the wonder years. What's her name is famous static. Patrick yeah okay. So why do you think patrick's on you. Well you know. He's been acting kind of weird the last couple of weeks and then i didn't really think anything of it. I just thought maybe it was like work or something and the holidays are coming up but then you know i went onto his computer and like i needed to do something and i saw like some stuff on his instagram. And i think he might be today. Would you see on his instagram well. I saw that he was following this girl and she has a twenty four thousand followers or whatever she just like hair and makeup and stuff. And i was like this is super weird. Lies he looking at this. You know whatever the algorithm. But then i started kind of fishing a little bit more because i was curious and i saw that. He's watched like every single line of her videos and make up. Yes super weird and events and now the following are the models that this makeup artist is is working on like extra beautiful. I mean imagine if he follows her the videos would pop up on his feed so he would see all of that and like interacting with it like Are you talking. what's what's going on. I don't understand why he would be selling her that kind of attention. Do you guys live in. The same city. Is the makeup artist. I don't wanna put her on blast or anything like that. I'm not really sure where she is. Located. but all i know is that i don't have a good hearing about it and i'm like kind of freaking out so okay so is your fear that he's cheating with this particular makeup artist while okay lissa okay. You don't wanna put her on blast. But her name is eliza so we're gonna call him offer him a dozen red roses and we're gonna listen to see if he sends them to danika or sends them to elissa or somebody else but you think cheating because of that behavior nothing else. We're acting weird and secretly which is not his not his m. Oh so. I just want to know what's up. Okay that's enough. That's enough to share the feeling that you get. I think is more than the evidence at this point. I think but that gut feeling you're getting is important to listen to try to come up with this thing. Where like you say sentenced but the last word of the sentence it makes sense but it's used improperly. Like if i said to you the feeling that you get i mean it's tenfold doesn't make sense but if i said that and we just kept going one would think by the way i use it just the feeling you feeling you get the. How'd you said you sit goes to sent you said said the view that you get is more important than the evidence right so forget. That's a complete sense. I'm gonna go with that feeling again. His tenfold on. Did it make sense. But i think by the way i say it. It is acceptable. People just continue to move on. So that's a little side note. Dan patrick on the line la. Bring me back really quick. And we'll see we send the flowers to war of the roses continues next which jane rich in rich. We're in the middle of war of the roses. You've got danika and her boyfriend. Patrick has been together thirty years because neither one of you guys a race car drivers right. We're not race car drivers. Yeah okay you think. Patrick is gone you because you saw his instagram that he was commenting on a hair makeup artist tons and tons of comments. And you saw that. He watched commented on every single one of her videos so think she's most of them are most so now you didn't see. Is there any kind of any kind of Direct message going back and forth between her and him. Did you see that market. I saw okay so you might just be a superfan. Maybe like wants.

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