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"janet pella sahra" Discussed on True Crime Garage

"Taylor beale was a seventeen year old girl. Who lived with her mom? Janet Pella Sahra in Vienna Virginia. Vienna is an upper middle class suburb of Washington. Dc with the small town feel despite its population of fifteen thousand people. Vienna was ranked third in money. Magazine's list of top one hundred places to live in two thousand and thirteen. Taylor was very close with her mother. And the two lived in various places around the world including London and Belgium with Janet's husband Janet's husband was an officer in the Royal Air Force. Eventually settling back in Virginia. When Taylor was eleven Taylor was used to traveling of course and even flew alone internationally at the age of five this under the care of the airline. This is a a really unique kind of experience for a young child. I remember when I was ten. I flew by myself without parents without family is something I will always remember because it seemed like a really big deal to me at the time when I was just ten but one that smelly guy you sit next to. Of course I wasn't Flying internationally that would've been weird. My flight was like one hour long but it was really neat captain because they did like a special check in for me you know when they were boarding the plane. I got to get on the plane early and the flight attendant. Introduce me to the pilot or some guy pretending to be the pilot and it was cleaning the plane and then they sat me right in the front row so they could keep an eye on me. I guess but Taylor was close to her mother. That's like an understatement. But she was also close with her father matt even though her parents divorced before she even turned two years old. Haley graduated from James Madison High School in Vienna the Fifteenth School. She had attended in her life. That shows you how much she moved around at. Just a young age and one of the colleges she was interested in was Virginia Commonwealth University known as vcu which is a Great College Basketball Program The vcu Rams shoutout to the Rowdy. Rams vcu is located on the west side of Richmond. Virginia and the school focuses on biotech and life. Sciences Taylor visited. Vcu twice in the spring of her senior year in high school one visit was in February of two thousand and five with her father matt when the two of them made their two hour drive to check out the campus. Matt dropped Taylor off at the apartment of a friend of hers from the Anna so she could experience a little campus life. Vcu This was the apartment of classmen. Mike Sinoe and his roommate. Ben Fawley tailor made a second visit to the same place in April of that same year. Now she must've liked vcu because she enrolled in the large school of thirty one thousand students and started her freshman year on nineteenth. Two thousand five. Her departure for college was hard on. Taylor's Mom Janet even though she was only two hours away. This was very difficult for for Janet. As I said they were very tight even would give the appearance of almost best friends at times one. She was the only daughter so they had a pretty strong bond. Because of that only child and Janet says that Taylor was not the only you know. She's not one of these teens. Who wants nothing to do with her parents and fact she would still hold hands with her mom when they went places together the two of them even volunteered as elves every Christmas for a local charity and spent a lot of time together while Janet was nervous about her daughter heading off to college in the large city of Richmond. Virginia of course. She knew that it was the best thing for Taylor. Vcu Is a good school and Taylor was very excited for the next chapter in her young life Taylor has been described in articles about her as quite mature for her age. She was working at starbucks and choosing to hang out at Jamming Java Coffeehouse Sipping Cappuccino and listening to local indie bands. That sounds like something. The captain would have been caught doing in his when he was just sixteen years old. I don't know about indie bands. But didn't you go to the coffee shop? Yeah I think. A lot of kids went to coffee ideas. I did his well. I didn't go there to listen to the the latest now. I don't remember any chance at at the coffee shop we had. I went there in just kinda sat around. Yeah picked our nose right drink in Sipping Cappuccino friend of mine used to just say hey. That's just three dollar coffee so she never missed a curfew. This was a good kid. She didn't do drugs or drink. She was savvy and smart so Janet took comfort that her daughter would make good choices even not under her roof. Taylor was very. She was in a very avid user of social media. Keep in mind. This is two thousand and five so social media looked quite different than it does today. Yeah facebook wasn't probably even envy you yet. Well the platforms. That she was using to post her daily musings and blog and about her life were a little dated to say the least. She used my space. Her photo is still visible on there. If you can even get there. I don't know how one would get their She used an Internet meeting. Site called my place dot com and used a site called live journal as well. My space was like pre facebook. It was the facebook before the facebook became the facebook but is also it was wildly popular to your different than facebook because you could actually create a page. Change the colors. It was weird because I was a big myspace user and when facebook came around it became will. Why are we going to this? Other thing that gives us less options like there was more fun things to do. And you could customize You're you're my space a lot more. Yeah I remember that being a weird time too because it was like there was nothing wrong with my space but somehow we transition to facebook. We're going to bring them back. Will burn back by. We're starting with the garage on my place dot Com. We're talking about her. Social media she wrote under the name bidder her online post and photo show that she was a little naive. I don't know much about this site. So do you know what the site is about my my well? It looks like it. Looks like she's almost journaling on some of these things and I took quite a bit of time in read through them and it was a little sad and tragic just even reading through them because they still exist to this day. And you know you really get the vibe of who she is and what she was into but also reminding yourself that she's seventeen at this time. Well that's like the coffee shop thing. That's a very young typical young quote unquote like college thing to do. Let's go get some. Cappuccino listened to some singer Songwriter. Music like and so. Yeah being seventeen and going to school early. You're probably going to do a bunch of things that are very cliche. Well and we can get into her social media little bit to give you a little flavor of what was going on. In fact here is a post. She wrote an early summer of two thousand and five assist quote. I just graduated from High School and now I'm off to Richmond. I'm looking forward to meeting people that are in Richmond because I only know a few people down there but I love to meet New People in general so feel free to message me whenever to chat. That's kind of like an open invitation to That's something that we probably would steer away from but She's outgoing and Taylor had a relationship of sorts. That was going on. At the time. In fact she detailed that on her online journal talking about her budding relationship with a fellow. Vcu student this is a boy named Jacob Cunningham..

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