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"And Herbert Bank, local knowledge local decisions for commercial banking. It's better at Burke and Herbert Bank at your service since 18 52 Bob w. T o P. Traffic look at the forecast for storm team for his Matt Ritter with the increased humidity. It's not going to cool off very quickly this evening will stay in the seventies for the next several hours. Overnight lows will be in the mid sixties to low seventies. Partly sunny, hazy, hot and humid for tomorrow in isolated late day thunderstorms will be possible out towards the mountains has been in the mid eighties, too low nineties in hot and humid To get on Wednesday with scattered late day thunderstorms possible again, mostly out towards the mountains. Highs will be in the mid eighties, too low nineties. Then. Mostly cloudy on Thursday more numerous showers and thunderstorms not as hot highs in the upper seventies. Low eighties I'm starting four meteorologists Matt Ritter, Chantilly at 83, Penn Quarter 86 Columbia 83. Maybe all the way down to 65 in some parts of the area. Brought to you by Dulles Glass for all your glass mirror and shower door needs visit. Dollars class dot com dollars class Love your glass 7 50 on w T o P Tropical Storm Nicholas. Yes, there is another is gathering strength and threatening to blow ashore. Are in Texas as a hurricane that could bring up to 20 inches of rain to parts of the Gulf Coast. The storm is likely to strike the same area hit by Hurricane Harvey. Back in 2017 and Storm battered Louisiana. Nearly all the state's coastline was under a tropical storm warning that included potential flash floods and urban flooding. CBS News correspondent Janet Champollion is in Galveston. The storm is coming ashore two weeks. After the death and devastation of Hurricane Ida. There is the potential for catastrophic rainfall in places from Corpus Christi to Galveston and Houston and into Louisiana, where the cleanup in many parts of that state has just started in earnest. Texas Governor Greg Abbott says authorities placed rest secret rescue teams and resources in the Houston area and along the coast. The system's top sustained winds reaching 60 miles an hour. The winds hit 74. Miles an hour, the storm would become a Category one Hurricane 7 51. If you've got an iPhone or another Apple product, you need to update your software as soon as you can. The company has released an emergency software patch to fix a security vulnerability that researchers say could let hackers directly..

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