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"jane trevor stone" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Reason for the staff at Lee Lee went down hard on that play. Jane Trevor stone taking him down the Sacred Heart bench wanted a penalty called on the play went over to try to get that loose puck. Stone was behind him. Mike Lee misleads game. He was suspended for a hit last week. The senior defenseman back in the lineup tonight. He gets up heads to the bench under his own power. There was no call on the plane. The officials still talking about it right at center ice. They called nothing when it happened, and they blew the whistle. When Lee was down on the ice. Sacred art ended up taking the puck away and gone back. The other way like gangbusters, but all that was whistled dead on the fact Lee was down on his knees. Yeah. I think trying to figure out where they're going to drop this puck outbreaks. Territories got his hands up in the air sacred or air force was coming out of his own air force thought they should have had the puck probably on the dot closer to the air force line. But they will drop it right down in front of us Brady. Tom lack is on the dot in CJ Marto wants an explanation. Michael Schubert, and Kenneth gates are officials tonight. They will give CJ an explanation, and we are ready to go with one forty nine left in the first one zero pioneers, we are four on four still a four on four for another minute and five seconds. And then a brief Sacred Heart power play falcons come up with a puck at center ice after the face off Levin drills it into the pioneers in its behind the net. Trying to pick it up there. His piece chopped down hard and the pioneers come away with the puck. Long stretch pass near side finds Madera Madera pulls up top of the circle skates. To the mid slot. Shot is wide picked up off the back wall by air force falcons. Come back right to left kiesler passes it to himself and he tries a slapshot from the near circle. And it's off the bottom of the stick not much on it. The ends up behind the pioneers net. Majora picks it up on the far side at center ice. Looks for Vito Rivero finds Rivero pulls up and dumps it in. They will change. A minute to go in the period..

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