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"jane pockets" Discussed on MNO Podcast

"All right now are yours. Coming along So where now. In the month of march. And i feel like i've made a new goal for myself for march which is centered around Content an released supporting M posting more content I would definitely made this goal for myself before in regards to the podcast and I don't really know if i've been better at it but one thing that I also wanna do is support other people's businesses and and Situations with steph definitely. Will you know if i see someone. I'm not. I'm not someone. That's active on social media. Which i've talked about before and I'm just generally an observer like to scroll see what's going on maybe hit a double tap or like or whatever and I've just been seeing a lot of stuff where it says you know hitting that light. Button really isn't much in the engagement department in the best way to show support for for think so I'm like okay at the very least even if i see something while i'm double tapping it. I can also re post it or share it in the other people. See the things that i say that i like or so that i care about so for the month of march. I'm trying to definitely Share more things for to show support for the people that i want to support and For this podcast specifically to really try and learn had a post things more in Sarah not just on the pike cast piece but on my personal page. So that's my goal for the month of march and then of course i have school staff and that's been crazy This past weekend pretty much just back to back exams and Projects and stuff like that and not necessarily coming down to like a slower point Still a lot. That i need to get done and i want to to try and stay on track with things. So the nfl. Like those a lot of talking but that's how i'm doing with my goals space What's on your docket for this spes shore. So i usually have very interesting conversations with this one friend of mine and thankfully we ended up on phone today and we ended up having an interesting conversation so would he was expressing to me was that he was starting to date around again he was he was trying to be polite about it in saying he was dating a different kind of woman and sounds like deeming like a higher caliber woman. Like what do you mean. he's not bad. Just women who are trying to. Jane pockets is so already. My interest peaked in. I was like okay please. Elaborate is so he was expressing. That whenever it's like let's go out or there's a true plan that he's always paying for everything paying for day paying for tickets paying for adding special events also stuff but lately as of late he's been dating women who are like. Oh no alpay for dinner on no. I'll pay for this pay for that. So he's been Pleasantly surprised in that made me surprise. I'm like are you saying that all the women you've dated previously. None of them have pay for anything in he. Jane lee said yes. That's correct. I always paper everything. Whether it's girlfriends or someone i'm dating or anything and i was like well. That sounds like you allowed yourself taking advantage of so. That's a conversation about going dungeon. what expectations are just. you know. Being clear front is the he also expressed. He's like i want to date women and you know they come expecting that you know they have to pay for something you know. I will take care of me. Like i've been to jerry but is nice. You know in surprising when like oh no alpay for dinner. Oh no out for this ticket and he was like it's just going off so Too long didn't listen. I'm wondering if this is as uncommon as he thinks it is because in my mind going. Dutch is common going half or taking turns comment and not you know putting that burden solely on someone be based on their genetic buildup or identification Is not uncommon. So i guess. I just wanted to get some feedback on that While i haven't been the person who is always getting treated on dates. I'm not surprised to hear that. He has always paid for dates Some people kind of set that standard Whether the guys or the men are the Masculine figure like wants to always pay or The women are feminine figures. Like no i expect to be treated Some people just kind of hold that standard in and live by that. I feel like in starting my dating experience even in high school It was the my money but my prom date. My parents you know. Pay for he didn't pay for for us to go out to eat and stuff like my parents in theory gave me the money and i gave him the money and i always took that from not like he was a deadbeat or whatever but i was in high school and he was a college student so in theory. Neither of us really have money in so it was understandable to be like whatever source. We tend to get our money from being our parents or if he had like a part time job to just kind of be understanding inflexible with that. But some people don't grow up with or whether it's like a learned behavior or just like a trait they pick up themselves. Some people don't don't have that thought process so.

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