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"jane morris goodall" Discussed on Encyclopedia Womannica

"The humans share more than ninety eight percent of the same DNA with chimpanzees. Which is probably why. There's always been a fascination with them to what we know of them is mostly because of one woman whose name has become synonymous with chimps. Jane Goodall Wonder Media Network. I'm Jenny Kaplan and this is encyclopedia will Manica. Today's explorer is one of the world's most famous primatology. She's best known for her decades. Long Research. Wild compansy let's talk about. Jane Goodall Jane Goodall was born Valerie. Jane Morris Goodall Nineteen thirty four in London. Her Father Mortimer was a businessman and her mother. Margaret was a novelist who wrote under the pen name Van Morris Goodall from a young age. Jane was fascinated with animals when she was four. Jane Hid for hours in a hen house. Just to observe how hens lay eggs as an adolescent. Jane Dreamt of life in Africa where she could study and work with animals. She finally did move there as an adult she said upon arrival that it felt like coming home in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven. Jane moved to Kenya while there. She met Dr Louis Leakey a famous archaeologist and paleontologist who offer Jana job as a secretary in one thousand nine hundred sixty. Dr Leakey's sent Jane to Gomba Stream National Park in Tanzania.

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