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"jane kiesel" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"It. Since this was an acid jazz. Life. Russell westbrook. Didn't wanna talk about it. Did not want to have anything to do with it. For us. And I know a couple of days ago, he says, I you know, I like to mix it up with the crowd. Can we not understand that? There is a line. No matter what a guy says with the crowd. We're not get that. Yet. There is always going to be some fun and give and take. And I remember when I was young. And there's always a story you go to a baseball game. There's a guy standing in right field. You try to get his attention. You try to. I do it. I've done it a minor league. I've done it a minor league games while a host right here at CBS sports radio. I love to do. I actually got a new with the pitching coach wants. You find out about you have a little bit of fun. You have a couple of pops were down to Myrtle Beach. They're playing the Lynchburg hill cats. Pitchers up there. Get a little bit worked up. We're trying to we're trying to get in get the old bio out on the Wikipedia. Don't get too personal leave the mothers out of it. Try to have some fun. So who's going to be down there who's catch in see if we can say something? I don't think Tom actually knows the story. I'll tell this all of a sudden the pitching coach comes out. I know his name not going to say his name. He looks up to us like old boy. Silver goes, hey, you you pop it off. I says no he goes. Yeah. You think you the one pop off to shut up and watch the game for whatever reason it came over me. And again, I was a couple of drinks in. Hey, why don't you worry about your pitcher is about to get blown up and stop worrying about drunks in the stands? I sure came down. He said you didn't cost. I'm not gonna throw you out of here said, absolutely. There's a line cursing line. You can have fun. But you have to understand that there's a lot in for the rest of the game. I was quite gotta be quiet had some fun. It's gotta be quiet ended up talking to the guy that kid who was playing right field end up. No one who that kid is. Hopefully, he's going to have a nice twenty nine thousand nine season. A major league baseball now. You try to have some fun. But there's always going to be line. And just because you haven't expensive seat doesn't give you a license to be a dumb ass dumb ass. And there's always going to be aligned where a player who doesn't know who you are. And he's the superstar is always going to be above. You just what it is. You came to watch him. You didn't come to watch you. And so for the Shane keys will guy in the name needs to be said. Because of I know who Russell Westbrook is, and I can go after Russell Westbrook and say that he bothers me for this that and the other and be critical of him and say that Durant got the best to him and say that Oklahoma City is worse off with him than they would have been with Kevin Durant as that take needs anything. But if I'm going to say that the us Russell Westbrook's name if this is a guy who was cursing and saying slurs at Russell Westbrook, which obviously according to his Twitter when he got milkshake duck. It would have to believe that. He did I'm going to use his name. So for Shane keys, all the guy who got kicked out of the state or kicked out of the arena for the rest of his life. And I need to know his name. It's just a simple license of what's acceptable. And what's not especially now because we are more on edge -ociety? Now, I will say it's been years since I had fun and Myrtle Beach. It's been years since I've had fun like that at a ballgame getting Johnny Damon's attention. Getting other guys. Attention the best you Manny Ramirez. David ortiz. Trying to get him to look up trying to get him to see something when you're up there in the stands trying to do that. It's been years. I'll admit there. And I think our society has changed. We're more on edge than we've ever been before rightfully so we're more nervous than we've ever been before rightfully so about our scenarios. And I think for a guy like Russell Westbrook and for the fans, the situation change, and there's no wall in basketball a wall separates us from the field and football. Most of the time in soccer all the time in baseball. There's no wall that separates you in the NBA. So you're right there possibly in contact Ron our test taught us that he can certainly come up there and get you if he really wanted to lot other guys could. So what it comes down to now in twenty thousand nine is that while I was goofball mouth myself back in the early twenty tens I can't necessarily afford to be that way. Now in two thousand nineteen also the enjoyment of other people are also in my stance. Just because I spent a lot of money doesn't mean I can make an ass out of myself because I am also trying to take away from the enjoyment of the other people who spent a lot of money if Tom disagrees with or Billy Jack disagrees. With me you go right on ahead. But what it comes down to now is in in our society. If more nervous than we've ever been before if we're more connected than we've ever been before this guy who would have been a no name, and what it just got kicked out of the arena twenty years ago. And we never heard who he was we never would have talked about who he was now gets milkshake duct you find out. Exactly who we find out the terrible things that he said Russell Westbrook in the past on social media, you find out where he lives you find out where he works. You find out all the background information. And you're about to find out the guy who got thrown out with them because he was saying some other racially charged things that Russell Westbrook. We need to be more responsible. What it comes down to is this. I think booing is perfectly acceptable. Cheering personally acceptable. I think that encouragement is acceptable. And that's about it. Because the NBA is going to protect the brand. There was a time where if you went to the opposing place they're taking care of their players. They're taking care of their fans. If you're one of the visitors you're just gonna have to deal with it. You go into the garden. You're going to have to deal with what the garden comes with you. At you. Go into the great western forum, you deal with those folks you're going to have to deal with that Indiana could be a tough place to play back in the early nineties. You have to deal with that. Now, they're gonna protect all their players. It's all about the brand. It's all about protecting themselves making the look better because they want to make sure that it's an inviting place for fans at every single arena that they're at all thirty. They have good fan-friendly atmospheres. And you're kicking lots like Jane Kiesel out of the arena for life. It's the same thing that what the NFL will do once somebody gets hurt in the bills mafia the same thing with the NFL's trying to do because every single Monday, we see a video on busted coverage or we see a video on TMZ a some goofball getting in a fight in the men's room. The times are a changing sometimes it's fun to have the home field homecourt advantage home ice advantage. It's a fun thing to do that. But we have to compare selves a little bit better than what we have been in the past eight five five two one two four.

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