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"jane jalen ramsey" Discussed on The Bill Barnwell Show

"Flip side and you have seen a team get to first round draft picks for you know the best defensive player has position arguably with with the with the bears raiders trade last year for Khalil Mack so I think that's on the high side. I think it's unrealistic to expect that team is going to give up two first round draft picks right now at this point in the season but I think there are teams that are looking at Jalen Ramsey and saying yeah we want that guy on our team and if you're a team of Anita cornerback and you have some cap flexibility. I think he's worth it. I mean he's such a good player. It's just a matter of WHO's actually going to pull the trigger and give up A first-round pick and then maybe an additional no higher pick a first-round picking a player and if the Jaguars will actually go for that because you know if you're the jags like why why why do you move on from him right now. Competitive in your division looks like you I mean that division is going to be wide open. It's not a lost season at this point where you know. I get why the dolphins are doing it. The dolphins are completely rebuilding and moving on for the future and you're going to quite as much stock dropped capital as you can. If you're the JAGS trading away your best player and I don't think there's too much of argument that he is your best player. Sorry to all your gardener. Menchu fan club out there doing ramp is your best player. So what are you doing if you trade him away at this point. I mean waving white flag on the season I don't. I don't think that's the right message to send to the rest of your team by by trading him unless somebody calls and gives you I two. I two first round picks. Maybe you have to do it yeah. I don't WANNA run off them. In shoe stands to be clear if you're still listening thank you for not turning the podcast off in in terms of Jalen Ramsey to your point. This isn't the similar to the Judean cloudy situation because cloudy was holding out on a franchise tag and you know certainly could have then sat out the season the Texans would have had to franchise him at twenty percent of his previous rate next year and that would have been untenable wouldn't have wouldn't have created significant trade value so at some point the text said Hey. We're not resigning this guy. Let's just get the best offer weekend ended up being third round pick in a couple of linebackers Jalen Ramsey. He's still two years away from a franchise tag you mean he's making seventeen and a half million dollars over the next two years and then he gets franchise is that would be the point where he could really start holding out and it would actually have a significant impact so I mean the Jaguars hold a lot of the cards here. You know they have after the ability to sit there and say hey we don't we want to keep him. We want to compete for a playoff berth and we think that he's GonNa make us better and we don't have to make a trade yet. The only thing I can think of is the fear of maybe getting into the planning situation down the line where you say okay yeah. We're not signing this guy when extension he's not going to be a part of our team in the future. We just can't trust him to be that guy now. So if you do that then basically you're going to get the most value for him probably now as opposed to even next offseason or or or the offseason after that so I could see them. Maybe thinking about it from that perspective but to your point they have to get blown away trading him for a second round. Pick or a couple of second round picks. Six right. Now makes no sense there. There's absolutely no if you're the Jaguars wouldn't the thing that makes the most sense is figure out how to use him better defensively because I think that's what he's so angry about is the defensive scheme that he's in and coaching staff. That's not using him to the best of his abilities. So wouldn't that be a smarter organizational. Organizational move is to coach better to your best player strengths rather than continue to fight with him and then potentially trade him away for an unknown quantity. I just is what would make most sense to me but you know I'm not an NFL coach so married to my own defensive scheme that I won't adjust it interesting best player. I mean do you think bill check would be using Jalen. Ramsey has his own corner frequent amount of the time absolutely not go bell check. I don't think Wade Phillips. If would-be I mean I think there's a lot of really good defensive coaches who would look at Jane Jalen Ramsey and say your best and man coverage okay. Let's do coverage and not try to force one one of the best defensive players and football to do something that he's not the best at and not just as not good zone corner 'cause I think he can be a very good song corner but I think he sees how so he could make their defense better how he could play better individually and they're not doing it at this point so I think there is some middle ground here where decides should be able to come together and work this out and if these are strictly football reasons that he's unhappy but I don't have a ton of faith that the jags organizationally are going to be willing to you do that it. It does seem like you know. This is a battle between Jalen Ramsey. Tom Coughlin no yeah. I think so you know I think so. It's it's kind of coming out through Doug marrone. WHO's Kinda the middle man who have to be there to kind of be the the day-to-day. Guy Who's enforcing all of this stuff you know yeah I mean Tom. Tom Coughlin is the guy who's building the roster. Who's you know kind of setting this the tone for this team and all of the you know how they wanna play and all that stuff but yeah and Doug Marrone the bad guy here in the middle of it but at the same point like what you know from the top down. Why can't you make this work. I mean you drafted this guy into Dave Caldwell kind of crowning achievement here the draft pick. That's actually worked out suspending. Did this guy make it work. Yeah I mean it's the best first-round pick I should say Brian Bankok way might be his best pick but certainly best first Dr Jones. Is You know legitimately great football player and like unless you're getting an absolute salute premium to trade him you would figure that he you know you should do whatever it takes to get him back on the scientists and Antonio Brown situation where he's being disrupted from practice Akkas or he's doing you know obviously worse things being accused of sexual assault off the field like this is just a guy saying hey I wanna win and I think I can help us. I think an even better by using zing me in this role that I think I'm best fit for and I'm frustrated that on that being used in that role so yeah I I. I think absolutely this is a the Jaguars should resolve the situation internally internally but let's say the Jaguars do not resolve the situation internally. Where could you see Jalen Ramsey heading or what are some of the destinations that you think makes accents for Jalen Ramsey as far as that without getting to the compensation. Just in terms of you know a team that might might be looking at how the cornerback yeah I mean yeah I mean I think the first thing is you have to look and say okay one. Who's WHO's kind of in a win now mode and really need a quarterback and I think the most obvious answers right there right there are the chiefs the Eagles and the saints although the drew brees injury kind of throws the saints into question a little bit there because how much are you. Do you think you can win right now and a an elite cornerback and he can make you a super bowl contender there so you know. I think the chiefs for the team that's so intriguing is just a little unsure if if they would actually if they could actually pull it off given the investments that they've made elsewhere on the roster and what they would have to give up to get him but just in terms of like scheme team and fit and a team that is has legit super bowl aspirations. I would love to see him there. I'd love to see him the same secondary. Tire Matthew you know I I think they need him really bad but you know all the guys who are really plugged into the chiefs right now. Our our beat writer named Taylor you know the guys who are on the ground in Kansas City Day are kind of pump the brakes on on those connections right now just because I think of all these things that I just kind of mentioned they you know they're very heavily invested in Frank Clark. They've already paid tyreek hill and they're you're. GonNa have to bury in the not-too-distant future. give a insanely large record breaking contract. Patrick Mahomes so you know you can only play pay top of the market deal for so many guys and they're already there with several other guys so you know I think that makes a Lotta sense and I think the eagles also really intriguing you know they kind of one of their glaring and weaknesses on their roster right now where they don't have a lot of weaknesses on the roster at least before injuries became a factor last week. you know I'd love I'd love to see Jalen Ramsey in that a secondary there. I think they could really use him and I think that would make them the NFC favorite if they were to figure out a way to get him yeah. I think absolutely I mean the to make it makes total sense the chiefs there is that concern. I think you know maybe fans. Sometimes think about the the cap situation there's also the reality of just some some owners just don't have hundreds of millions of dollars to commit to straight up cops yeah and there's every team has a budget for not just you know refilling at your Austrian and finally the capital so just how much money you can spend on your roster in a given year so chiefs are obviously budgeting for Patrick mahomes extension. They know it's coming. It's going to come from this off season. It's going to be a extremely large number. They're not GonNa let Patrick Mahomes getaway obviously but it is another Joan. Ramsey's extension is going to be improbably forty million in guarantees you'd figure at the very least and that that's a lot of money for a achieved enough. Obviously you know the the franchises worth but just actually having that cash on the hand you know I..

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