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Explorers & Contenders: Jane Goodall

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Explorers & Contenders: Jane Goodall

"The humans share more than ninety eight percent of the same DNA with chimpanzees. Which is probably why. There's always been a fascination with them to what we know of them is mostly because of one woman whose name has become synonymous with chimps. Jane Goodall Wonder Media Network. I'm Jenny Kaplan and this is encyclopedia will Manica. Today's explorer is one of the world's most famous primatology. She's best known for her decades. Long Research. Wild compansy let's talk about. Jane Goodall Jane Goodall was born Valerie. Jane Morris Goodall Nineteen thirty four in London. Her Father Mortimer was a businessman and her mother. Margaret was a novelist who wrote under the pen name Van Morris Goodall from a young age. Jane was fascinated with animals when she was four. Jane Hid for hours in a hen house. Just to observe how hens lay eggs as an adolescent. Jane Dreamt of life in Africa where she could study and work with animals. She finally did move there as an adult she said upon arrival that it felt like coming home in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven. Jane moved to Kenya while there. She met Dr Louis Leakey a famous archaeologist and paleontologist who offer Jana job as a secretary in one thousand nine hundred sixty. Dr Leakey's sent Jane to Gomba Stream National Park in Tanzania when I arrived at the gumby streams I felt that at long last. My childhood ambition was being realized always. I had wanted to go out into the field and study animals on that first day when I looked at the wild and rugged mountains where the chimpanzees live. I knew that my task was not going to be easy in Gombe Bay. Without a college degree Jane began her study of wild chimpanzees at the time little was known about chimpanzee behaviour Jane later wrote. It was not permissible. At least not an ethological circle to talk about an animal's mind. Only humans had minds but Jane observed the chimps had unique personalities with capacity to feel and display affection support joy and sorrow. It was obvious watching them that they could be happy inside. And then the communication signals kissing embracing holding hands patting on the back shaking the fist swaggering. Throwing rocks all of these things done in the same context. We do them in the fall of nineteen sixty. Jane witnessed a chimpanzee squatting on a termite mound placing pieces of grass into the mound and raising the grass to his mouth. Chain discovered that the chimp had been using the grass stem as a tool to fish for termites. It had been previously accepted that humans were the only animals capable of making tools when Jane sent her groundbreaking findings to Dr Leaky he wrote. We must now redefine man redefine tools or accept chimpanzees as human over the course of her study at Gombe Bay. Jane also found that chimps have an aggressive side systematically hunting and eating smaller primates Jane even observed Intergroup violence between two groups of chimps in nineteen sixty. Three National Geographic published. An article about Jane through that piece she connected with photographer. Hugo van Loic Hugo. Jane married one year later and eventually had a son named Eric Lewis. Dr Leaky urged Jane to attend the University of Cambridge where she earned a PhD in theology in nineteen sixty five. She became the eighth person in the history of Cambridge to be permitted to pursue a PhD without an undergraduate degree about a decade after they married in nineteen seventy four. Jane and Hugo divorced a year later Jane Mary. Derrick Bryson a member of Tanzania's National Assembly who died in nineteen eighty. Jane used her incredible discoveries to promote conservation to people all over the world appearing on television writing about her research. Even founding a global nonprofit called the Jane Goodall Institute in two thousand and two Jane was named a U. N. messenger of Peace by Secretary General Kofi Annan in two thousand four Prince Charles deemed Jane a dame of the British empire. Today Jane continues to champion Human Rights and conservation through the Jane Goodall Institute. Jane is credited with challenging long held beliefs about chimpanzees. Her discoveries shifted the ways. Humans see observe and think about primates. Well for me. Animals are part of our world and just because we can destroy our world and exterminate species for ourselves. Doesn't mean that we should do it. I don't we have the right to do it. And we can books and see dinosaurs. I don't want my grandchildren to only know chimps and go relieve some giraffes and elephants from books. So you know we all destroying our own future all month we're talking about explorers and contenders on Sundays. Were taking a break from our normal episodes to highlight women. We've previously covered. Who did amazing things in healthcare for more on why we're doing what we're doing? Check out our encyclopedia. Amanda Newsletter Will Manteca Weekly. You can also follow us on facebook and Instagram at Encyclopedia. Monica and you can follow me directly on twitter at Jenny. Kaplan before you go I want to tell you about another show. I think you might like. Do you want to know what really made exceptional original ingenious people take a new podcast called personality? We'll delve into the minds of famous historical figures icons answering questions like what Albert Einstein today be diagnosed with. Add host Doctor Gail Saltz psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. We'll be joined by amazing experts on each episode to understand how both nature and nurture iology experiences shaped their character and struggles her sinology episodes launch weekly every Monday. Listen to personality. Spelled P. E. R. S. 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