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Jane Goodall: Conservationist, Scientist, Humanitarian

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Jane Goodall: Conservationist, Scientist, Humanitarian

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This is a disconnect between this clever into lay and love and compassion the human caused and Andrew Ross sorkin reflection election on that interview one year later just as this year's global conference gets underway. But it's very rare we're I'm sort of starstruck and I was genuinely starstruck by Jane Goodall that conversation exclusive to this podcast. I'm CNBC producer. Katie Kramer it's Monday January twentieth. Twenty twenty squad begins right after this this. CNBC podcast is brought to you by TD. AMERITRADE investing isn't one-size-fits-all every investor has a unique style. That's why TD AMERITRADE offers two different mobile APPs there's TD ameritrade mobile which lets you manage your portfolio with streamlined. Simplicity or thinker Swim Mobile Noble. which gives you tools? You need for more. Advanced Trades and in-depth analysis visit td Ameritrade dot com slash APPs to find the one. That's right for you once again. That's TD AMERITRADE DOT com slash APPs members ABC. This squad on today's episode. The World Economic Forum in Davos for forty plus years the world's leaders in business and politics had convened in the Swiss Alps for a whirlwind four days of meetings interviews panels and performances Andrew. Have you packed yet for Davos pact. That's actually this. After this project I caught up with Andrew just just before we both boarded a flight commercial to this year's World Economic Forum so Davos is the home of the World Economic Forum which has a long history. This is a group group that started in about nineteen seventy-one so almost fifty years of this global event for people who've never been there before. How would you describe it? What could you expect to see in terms of our our coverage this is the super bowl for business and policy leaders probably the greatest density of CEO's and government leaders in one place all traipsing through the snow together over the course of three or four days and a lot of the business leaders are engaging engaging conversations that are maybe a little bit different than what they're doing from a day to day basis we have a lot of discussions about about capitalism a lot of discussions about environmentalism mm-hmm about poverty around the world What kinds of conversations do you expect to hear? I think the single biggest topic you're going to hear about out this year is the idea of sustainability and. I know that is almost a cliche at this point. And it's a topic that's been addressed before Davos in really started To some degree at Davos however there is going to be a sea change in the way businesses operate and that real cost when when it comes to sustainability. You're looking at companies like Microsoft already that are charging their individual units for their carbon use. And I think you're gonNA see that in a very material way across the board so much of this is actually being led by Europe and some of the disclosure rules. And I think you're GonNa you start to see more and more disclosure around carbon emissions the cost of those emissions what companies are doing on. Es G. and it's just it's the the topic that is being talked about in the boardroom. Is it strange to talk about that. At a at a Swiss ski resort that people have to fly and in some cases take helicopters to get to. What's tell me about that? Disconnect people love to poke fun at Davos and think of it as you know speed dating and over Champagne. And everybody's flying there. I have never been fond of the argument that everybody should swim to Davos or otherwise. They're hypocrites if you really think about how. The dialogue and businesses changed around stakeholders and shareholders and purpose. And all of these things that have taken place place over the last twenty or thirty years they started Indaba. And so you know you can laugh if you want. But I I think that actually really the most meet some of the most meaningful decisions that are happening at the intersection of business and policy are happening there over the years. Joe Becky and Andrew have interviewed the likes of Bano J. P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon His Royal Highness. Prince William the Secretary General Role of NATO and so many more but a consensus favorite for the squawk box behind the scenes team Andrews conversation with conservationist Jane Goodall at last year's event. Here's what Andrew told me about that interview a year later. Can we talk about what might have been my favorite interview that we did last year and that is with eighty five year old soon to be eighty six year old. Jane Goodall Maybe one of my most favorite interviews of my career. Oh that's awesome. I think definitely my most favorite image age. Somebody took a picture of me kissing. Jane's on head. Who took that picture Andrew? I think you did I did. Hey I think you did anyway. it's it's just it's an indelible image. I have long been a great admirer of Jane Goodall. Integrate I've had a great love affair with gorillas and monkeys and The environment and and being able to spend time with her and Talk to her about her own journey and how she sees the world today was really quite something. It was a very charming interaction. Action that you had with her I think that doesn't happen very often. When you're interviewing people especially the CEOS of the business leaders that we talked to in Davos you the other piece of it is? It's very rare and maybe I'm completely jaded but it's very rare. We're sort of starstruck and I was genuinely genuinely starstruck. Buy Jingle Jingle Bells raised about two hundred and fifty million dollars for her foundation for conservation work and environmental concerns and also also education about our planet and about The way we coexist with animals and I thought that message was actually really fascinating leading to bring to a meeting of the global elite. You know I think that what she does. She adds a sense sense of humanity empathy to a conversation among business leaders. That oftentimes missing that piece. Okay this is awesome. Thank you appreciate it. If you want to see that photo Andrew mentioned I wanNA kiss you. I'm telling you I've I'm GONNA catch you. We tweeted it out today with a link to this podcast follow us at squawk. CNBC anyway. The interview you're about to hear took place the same week as the launch of the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation its purpose is to safeguard Goodell's lifetime work in conservation of animal habitats and the environment pretty fitting for what is sure to be a theme in Davos all those this year and the theme of few squawk pod episodes over the past week sustainability since launch. Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation has supported nearly five thousand projects and protected nearly two thousand acres of habitat around the world. Speaking of world travels. We learned a lot about Jane's life during that Twenty Nineteen Davos interview view including about Mr H. Her traveling companion. A toy stuffed primate brought a little something special to well. Mr H has been my travelling. MM companion for twenty eight years. He's been moved me to sixty four countries. Let includes North Korea he symbolizes the indomitable human spirit here on squawk. This conversation warms our hearts again and again. I hope you love it as much as we do. We have a very special guest. I I have to say selfishly. Actually I am thrilled to have this guest with us. Jane Goodall is here. Thank you for being here. You have now. Launched the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation. Tell us what that's about. Well you you know. Ever since nineteen eighty six when I realized that the forests for going to numbers were dropping all the problems facing the chimp and soon after that began to understand the plight of so many of the African people living in and around forests who are cripplingly. Poor they don't have good health. Health education facilities and so raising money ended elephant program first of all around the bay area throughout chimp range in Tanzania now in six other African countries whether chimps and giving people better lives in the way they choose and they become partners in conservation. And if you don't have the local people with you this no point in doing it because it's their country and then having you know being still working on getting the funding for this. What's the point if younger generations on be better stewards than we'd be? You raised an enormous amount of money including including from the corporate sponsors. Yes that's that's it. There are thirty four Jane Goodall Institutes around the world. There's eighty countries with our youth program which is kindergarten university and everything in between an all of these groups are choosing projects they choose them to make the world a better place that people animals Envir- how much how much honey you're trying to raise two hundred fifty fifty million. Yes yes okay. I want to make sure we could try to raise more for you right now. Well the point is is that these young people all over the world and we were right across China right across the US and and other parts of the world moving into the Middle East It's not that they can make a difference. They are and why should we care because we have been stealing their future. Here's he is our intellect taking Tamaz. Here's clever businesses. Here's the new technology era and something's gone wrong and what's gone wrong. Pink is this a disconnect between this clever intellect and that's what separates us more than anything from chimpanzees and other animals and love and compassion. The human I have a couple of quick questions. One is a debate here in Davos about capitalism and giving back and I'm curious sort of where you stand on that given the work that you've done all these years well whether it's working people right I think the awesome individuals philanthropists some businesses and they definitely are giving back Sometimes you can hardly differentiate whether they're doing it Sorta greenwashing shing to look good. It's actually the the passion of the CEO but quite honestly as long as they give the money and it's it's not a corrupt business because we have to be careful. I want to take money from some company. That's completely destroying the environment. Two other quick questions kids these days. You like kids to spend time outdoors Unfortunately a lot of kids. I Dunno if it's unfortunate spent time on screens including my own kids. What do you think of that right now? Well do change change we. We do know that the good psychological development is being proved. Children need to be out in the green world And then final question You travel three hundred days a year. We have a lot of people who watched the show. Who who also are road warriors? What what the trick passion mission just doing what you have to do because you care fair enough Jane Goodall? Thank you really appreciate Squawk Pod. God will be right back. We're back. That's the chauffeur today this week. We're bringing you behind. The scenes content and from our rooftop sat in the Swiss Alps the biggest names in business politics and culture are in Davos. And so are we shoes of the most important thing at Davos. I think thinks socks are actually very important. But everybody's looking at each other's shoes all tourney figure out. Can you make boots. Look good with the suit on squawk doc box is hosted by Joe Kernan Becky Quick Andrew. Ross sorkin tune in weekday mornings on. CNBC at six am eastern to get the smartest takes and analysis from our TV. Show right into into your ears. Subscribe Squad wherever you get your podcasts. We'll meet you back here tomorrow. The clear thanks guys this. NBC podcast is brought to you by TD. ameritrade investing isn't one-size-fits-all. Every investor has a unique style. Well that's why. TD AMERITRADE offers two different mobile APPS. There's TD ameritrade mobile which lets you manage your portfolio with streamlined. Simplicity or thinker. Swim Swim Mobile. which gives you tools? You need for more advanced trades an in-depth analysis visit td Ameritrade dot com slash APPs to find the one. That's right for you once again. That's T._D. AMERITRADE DOT COM slash APPs member S._I._P._C..

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