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"jane eyre patrick" Discussed on Aaron Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities

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"jane eyre patrick" Discussed on Aaron Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities

"Siphon-off about fifteen hundred dollars when he got caught though. The price was even higher. He lost the job entirely. Sadly petric story doesn't end well for him after all those attempts to make it big and fight the kerns of failure. He got sick. His father did the best to care for him but at the young age of just thirty one hatrick passed away and in doing so. He took all the hope his father and sisters had placed on his shoulders with him. They were left to make the most of their own poor existence. Each of them leaning on the same hobby their brother had writing an amazingly. Despite their challenges and social obstacles each of them succeeded in fact each of them wrote and published entire novels of their own and a book called. Agnes grey while her sister. Emily became known for her own story when she called weathering heights and there are other sister. Charlotte might have written the most famous of the mall. Jane eyre patrick might not have lived up to the hope and hype his family placed on him but we can all be thankful that his sister's far surpassed it all to become literary legends the broncos. I hope you've enjoyed today's guided tour of the cabinet of curiosities. Subscribe for free on apple podcasts or learn more about the show by visiting curiosities. Podcast dot com. The show was created by me. Aaron minke in partnership with how stuff works. I make another award. Winning show called lor which is a podcast book series and television show and you can learn all about it over at the world of lor dot com and until next time stay curious..

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