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"jane creek husky" Discussed on The Daily Zeitgeist

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"jane creek husky" Discussed on The Daily Zeitgeist

"That he's using a which are already outdated and look very old but movie comes out so they're gonna have to reshoot or use. They've actually like digitally altered a shot from the trailer to update the not equipment. So maybe they can just do that for the whole movie. But i'm sure like for cars. You're not going to be able to like complete the car to like this year's model i love it. I love that shit. You know what. I mean like just that second. Those does secondary deliverables. You have as a production. You're like dude. Oh fuck fuck. Sh what does the new one look like. It's completely fucking different. Oh my god. It's we might as well. Just eat the fucking lawsuit because it's going to cost more to try and re-shoot with the fucking phone. I it says sounds so funny. Like whoever's figuring that out in real time i just feel so awful for but also they're being paid exorbitant sums of money so do you. They're probably being taped but the special effects person that they're putting it on not being paid. They're going to replace superman's mustache. Right justice league studios duxing that affects artist. So i don't know man you should check out this guy his email like i don't know you should ask him what the hell is going on with that That's horman well. I i. I hope it comes out And it its incident free but a will. Haven't we still have have. They been figured out who the next james bond was or was that always going to be controversial thing. 'cause they mentioned someone that was not white sis gendered man. I think the second that there was like a lot of talk about it. I think because they know cricket sounded for a bit like he might have done. This one like wasn't a big talk about that so that he came back like well. We'll address that later when people forget he would sounded like as nihilistic as movie star has ever sounded about like a role it was like. I hate this role. James bond news die and then like immediately did one eighty. It was very very funny to see check landed on his doorstep. The mustache thing that you just referenced is a real story right. Yeah yeah really happened. You can see that on youtube the basically they He wouldn't shave his moustache for i think michelle when he was doing mission right right. The most important part of that character was the mustache so and they need to do a reshoot. He wouldn't shave it. And so warner had to pay someone to like digitally erase a mustache in the shot. Because he's superman. And superman usually doesn't have like a freddie mercury mustache but the thing is it almost looks it looks almost like they just took clay and just wrapped it over his lip. So we're still has like the contours of a mustache. Little bit right. It just looks flesh covered and like the mouth moving looks it looks. It looks like if you and i downloaded my and did like a two hour training video on it and then replaced footage of superman. Just got a ken doll mouth all the sudden this little rock the mustache. Hey i forgot to shave if you knew how fastest grows like. You'd have a whole movie media shaven. Okay let's move on. Yeah i was going to say that. That would hurt his ability to disguise himself as clark kent. But it's not like any other part of the faces covered up Yeah so does anyone know like funny mockumentary about like clark. Kent co workers putting together that he was superman. Just following guys. Superman superman that all against side-by-side photo it's him you fucking idiot but he has is neck has a cool curl right. They do Some superman's change the side that his hair is parted on because like having it parted. Sweeping from left to right is alpha. So that's was ran has Clark has it part of the other way as if he combs his hair with his left hand. Which is a some beta shit. Obviously but i do. I love the lore about fucking clark kent but i. I love the idea that superman like most of the time spent not like taking the off like re fixing his hair as people are like about to die ehrlich shit like a cock you idiot to all the wrong the real super super cock get All right let's talk. Let's dog allan. Allan has one year left on her contract for show about six months from now. Negotiations will begin to discuss the future of the show But it seems like she may have had enough bullying from other people too on her for noun in this page six article which are like with these tabloids. They've been they've been taking us for a ride. The last couple of weeks. I mean especially if that heartbreaking revelation that jane creek husky was not in fact with mike lindell. But i'm mike krakowska trooper so that that love story will go on in my heart but yeah the whole thing with this. Is you know. She owns the rights to the show. So basically fully in control of what happens you know like she doesn't have to like they can't be like well we're renewing and it's our show so you got to do it or fuck off. Nah i don't have to do that and Reports and paid six to be about. It's all of the exposure in fucking accountability around her mistreatment of people that is wearing her down and she just wants to go to them with all the other and this guy and just not be bothered by it anymore. So yeah that's where she's at and then like in the article like who will take the throne. Apparently kelly clarkson has been eating into her ratings since the summer. Not like in a huge way. But that i guess when you're measuring where the the audiences are shifting kelly clarkson maybe the new ellen i guess maybe not. I mean i dunno. Kelly's our of heard kelly clarkson of her drew. Barrymore part of me also like my conspiracy theory had thinks that maybe like kelly clarkson hurt drew barrymore's people are the ones that see that article of ellen thinking of leaving the onto who see all the all. The things allen's action really sweet to everybody behind the scenes and taking going believes me drew. Barrymore man fucking master technician tactic. I'm saying though we we've we've been fooled for decades and the knife comes out. The those first couple episodes were a little rocky though. Yeah i didn't watch or blowing up for all the wrong reasons over out of show. Yeah just weird. It was like. Does anybody making this show know what a talk show is more okay cool but i liked it about it because it felt like it almost felt like someone like as much as the cliches like. We just made a show in our basement but with the budget. That's what it feels like. They give who does food segments on it and they're like they just went like. Hey you wanna come on and test snacks. And he was like like like it. Feels like it's a podcast with a ton of tv money. Yeah oh god one of these networks do that over here. We can use snack tess. We're already doing passive product placement anyway. Because we're so consumer brain from being married your your product placement for. We'd yeah exactly that and then like just talking ad nauseam about..

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