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"jan cher" Discussed on Worldly

"Right. So like, this was a huge deal in terms of like a historical moment. There's no. Doubt having these two world leaders meet after they had been like threatening fire and fury and threatening to wipe each other out coming together to meet the whole fucking world was watching this. We were glued to our TV's essays up all night that night like writing about it. It was a big moment culturally, politically, I think that's a different question than like, whether it actually produced something that warrants, the kind of attention that it got is their tangible results to show for like all the hype that got I think that's the question that we really wanted tackle, you're right. It was more of a show than substance. I mean what they've effectively agreed to was let's try to minimize tensions. And then maybe we'll come up with a deal onto nuclearization. Right. Like, they came out of this meeting, and it's this big spectacle. And they have this press conference. They sign this dramatic document like this declaration, the basically said like gonna agree to keep talking to to do some stuff to make things better. The civic as it got. In the meantime, Kim Jong Hoon has basically become the like, yes, sure, Jan gif and continues to expand his nuclear capabilities, not necessarily the nuclear bomb per se, but satellite photos show, the missile program expanding. It really doesn't see my Trump accomplished a whole lot with this apparently historic declaration that came out of it. Yeah. What what are we talking about? Oh, the Brady bunch gif of. Yes. Sure. Jan cher. Jan. Yeah. We all believe you share. Boyfriend. So Trump tweets after this as the threat from new Korea is over. That's obviously not true Zack said still building nuclear weapons still aiding US sanctions, oddly, though, Trump is fine with this like his big issue is that as long as they are not testing missiles like they were all through twenty seventeen which kept me up at night there kind of chilling and still improving their program quietly. So the spectacle that was supposed to lead to this peace deal did not lead to a peace deal. It led to a I guess ceasefire which look you can see that as kind of a good thing for now. Right. Like, it's demonstrably effect that tensions are less on the Korean peninsula in between the US and North Korea than they were before this happened several months before this happened, right? Like, we went from literally like I've Hawai to you out. We will rain down fire and fury like the world has never seen and like North Korea threatening to bomb Guam like this is this is not. Okay, right. It was really scary at the time. If. Everyone remembers like we did several episodes like are we gonna go to war with North Korea. And we're not at that point. Now. So Alex, I think your point that like, yeah. Maybe there isn't substantive difference. But just the fact that Trump in his head thinks that like the problem has been largely solved for now that is still in that positive a lot of ways should Trump get credit, and this list of some kind of accomplishment for solving a crisis that he created. And I don't think I don't mean like the North Korea situation in general or the nuclear program, obviously, it'd be silly to say the Trump created that but the recent spate of tensions like that was in significant part because the president decided to go around using the really aggressive language to talk about North Korea. Right. So he brought us to the point of nearly getting into a war with North Korea. This is this is like a toddler intentionally knocking over a toy box. And then giving them credit for putting some of the toys back in the box at the end like they still knocked over the toy box. But North Korea. Also up their missile testing over and over over there. Just a ton in a row and Ben Trump started getting really feisty, right? So I'm not going to put this all in Trump. At the end of the day. I you do I think if Trump a bit credit from even though agree he opened the pathways to war..

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