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"jamila san" Discussed on On Point with Tom Ashbrook | Podcasts

"Cancer types of cancer type combination of of the drug developed with with the subsequent jug. Dr hundred developed together has response rate of sixty percent and metastatic melanoma and big clinical trials. It's approved now, for you said, I think there's no reason to think that won't go out for ten years. You know, for other cancers kidney cancer, it's about thirty to fifty percent. You know other gadgets at somewhat lower, but those are with monotherapy and there's the combinations come along. The response rates can go higher. You know, our goal is to get it as close to one hundred percent as we can. But there is there has said of a trade off there. It's not like chemotherapy though where everybody suffers from the same thing you know with with every dividing Salomon body gets challenged by the drug here, it's it's sporadic and it's it's. Largely diarrhea and things like that, which can most of the time be managed with temporary municipal election. But there are a few patients that do develop bona fide autoimmune situations, and you know that that's still working on on what to do about those. But for most of the patients, it's especially in the hands of of a team that has experienced, they're, they're, they're pretty well tolerated actually compared to chemotherapy or even radiation. Another caller who wants to ask about these side effects that's go to Patty, who's calling from Westlake, Ohio, Patty, you're on the air. Thanks for taking my call. My daughter was twenty three when she was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma and treated with combo immuno therapies, and she is a long around them because you she developed once Edina. And so now she's on the drug called round the Cade, and they're trying to get it under control because she can't. She has swelling and fluid in the lungs. So I was wondering, is there any other treatments you know for people that develop, you know, these side effects that possibly could help her out? She's at the clinic. So we were with a good team of doctors should we just celebrated her third year of survival? She's diagnosed yesterday, so yeah. So that that's my question. Yeah, buddy. Thank you for your call. Jamila San. The that sounds like something. Unfortunately, it happens to other people. I think that one of the things that's being done. I mean, I don't know how else can be done to to treat now. But what I thinks that a lot of companies are in positions are trying to your dial the doses down a little bit, particularly in the combinations because I think that we are probably over treating a lot of patients now and you know, especially when you start giving him both drugs. So as I said, there's a lot of invest investigations to decreasing the total amount of the drug or the number of injections, Monica, newly. Let me come back to you here for a second because again, you were saying earlier about the immune system. Of course, there's a body wide system and just again from a lay person's point of view here under help us understand like how targeted these treatments are or are what direction they're heading in Ken, we selectively turn on or awaken certainty cell so that they own..

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