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"jamila muc" Discussed on The Friend Zone

"I still have you remember backing Ammiano fiar did it that like big ass for why lab? Folding and. But then when you got too many, you have the CDs in there with the jackets on the front and the back or just the CDs in there with the whole, Jack and everything have the whole thing and get the one that. I had to consolidate that or how to get a separate one. Because I remember I had a separate wallet. Then I will I switch CD's in and out of to put in my car. And then I got the visor with the CDs. I just kept for in this in the car. I'm dr. Use it off him. I wouldn't even need them CDs to try, but what if you forget about one of them songs? You know, what I'm saying think about if you got the CDs. You can always look back in find the song or whatever the appropriate platform is not everybody's on streaming platforms. Like, I was looking for Jamila muc- did a dope ass threat. Asking people with some most obscure MB song that they know note for no add ad-lib. So I was of course, I was like. Myron do you? Remember my? Any? Hey, Tony Thompson. I wanna love like that. Like, I went off. And then I was reading the thread it just took me back. And then you know, I have all the CDs. But Myron he has all his stuff and Tony Thompson. But the high-tech yours. Hi, Thai tea. Yeah. Yeah. He doesn't have that album on anywhere at checked apple music in. That's like you see a have CD, but also don't have anywhere to play it the mess of thing. 'cause my apple might I Eric is the newer model that doesn't have them wrong anymore. A lot of music is on a hard drive 'cause I burn them in like when it was still the city 'cause I don't wanna take my CDs with me. So I was Arkansas bring my laptop everywhere that music ended up on a lot of portable hard, tribes Sabi. Putting like I'd be having demos and shit on like the same stuff on like three demar drives. Because I'd be scared. Just in case one of them died like is somewhere. That's poor. See my ipod died. Ten. Oh, I lost. All my demos. All the clouds demo James von, ROY Frank ocean. I had a lot of artists before like they blew up that just from being in the scene with Claude that I used to just keep people's demos from the studio. Thank you for saying all actually laws. Stating on top of those obscure songs, you know, randomly that. I'm probably never gonna remember. But sat out to that thread on Twitter because it just made me feel super good. I even bookmark dick. I was like I need to go back to this in look for all those songs may be make a playlist, but but Dustin said CNN, and you triggered a thought before we move onto the show so Yano Christiane Amanpour. She's like the chief international anchor on CNN. She has she also impact casting, and she has a co host Latina anchor that works PVS has a podcast as well in. It goes by Latina telepathy now. Yes. When she emailed me. I was like, well, how do you know who I am? Especially because most people don't even know them Latina. So she me and was like I'd love to amplify you on the podcast. Not like wonderful. Their podcast is like, you know, what you listen to the PBS CNN NPR that is like in Syria this American life. Like, I was like oh my God. My answers gotta be like really clean think than officiant. And 'cause it's just in moves different. You know pudding with us. We like play it's a little more lax difference. So I'm heartless beating a little fast. But you know, she asked great questions. Nothing was prepared was gave me a little bit of anxiety. I am I like to come in. My little notebook can have everything boom. But I mean, that's the treats asks you gotta come in answer. The question nail. They good for you. Great job a lot of you. Listen 'cause she was promoting it and promoted on on I g Soysa Twitter..

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