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"jamie tar" Discussed on Fated Mates - A Romance Novel Podcast

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"jamie tar" Discussed on Fated Mates - A Romance Novel Podcast

"Even the lowliest listen gaffer whatever the i don't wanna ruin. I appreciate the people sometimes. A lot of people are waiting until all of it is out so they can just binge it. So i don't want him ruin very much but i want to say two things. One is the actor who plays jamie tart is amazing and we didn't get enough credit last season and this season i'm for him. His name is phil dunster. He has eleven thousand followers on twitter. I feel like romance could fix that for him. I i i know jen music. It will neither of us should have more followers than jamie tar and we do and everyone go. Follow bill dunster. We'll put it in show notes. And i also just want to re just sort of re commit to my passionate adoration of rebecca who and i don't think this is spoiling too much. We now know scots i. Just i don't know. I feel like she's who i wanna be when i grow up but i am grownup so it's a real who i follow hannah wanting him on twitter now no on instagram. Now and i'm obsessed with her. She's and i want to know how it is possible that this magnificent woman who is gorgeous in her forties and clearly talented beyond belief has just now become our. I mean at least in america. I maybe maybe you know the english have always been smarter. So maybe they just got their first on her. Maybe she's famous there but We love her. We love her. We love her. Eric and i got into big fight about her yesterday. It was a whole. Like maybe i need to come stay. Little romance is in college because he claims. The rebecca did bad things in season. One and i don't remember a single one of them. I mean she had reasons and we now understand them and can forgive them. She's perfect. I want to put her in my pocket anyway. All right are we doing. Oh we and we have to talk about christly because she has news and we haven't talked about that yet yes well. She sent out an email to her. You all and everyone was like everyone tweeted at us. It was it was very gratifying with like a bad signal. We love you all. That was awesome. It was awesome and it was actually just. She said she's just champion to get back in touch and look for news this fall about monroe and also the outstanding book in the chronicles for people who are readers of that series. Those are my breaking play. Some break in case of emergency books. Yeah they are my my last presley's that was exciting. It was really fun to hear from everyone. She did say in the that she spoke to knicks. And i think that's funny. Oh i thought it was so cute. Yes she knows. She's she understands the assignment of the understands that. Let's be clear most of us don't care about those are kennedy chronicles. She like look into that. Next everybody yeah. So that's big exciting. Obviously when manifesting when monroe happens oh yeah our schedule is immediately going to ground grind to a halt. Yes and we will put out a memo episode as soon as possible. Yes absolutely. we'll just live. Read it. It'll be a ten episode. Were not with it. we'll you yes we should. We should just livestream ourselves reading okay. It's happening i was you know people would just keep the stream. This is my fantasy world. People would keep the stream on and then like turkey. If you're lucky you're there when we just put out our books start talking. That'd be amazing. I'm going to clear my sky used to work for scholastic and when i worked for scholastic we did We we had a big series of books about a boy. Wizard might have been mighty from everett of those yes And when they launched the later books in the series they they launched at midnight with the backfield. I remember those very big deal for bookstores around the country and we had to work at midnight which was sort of fine. I guess. I mean it was nice to be part of history. I guess but i feel like we those midnight groves. Don't get those midnight launches. No they don't. They should appear on your kindle in the middle of the night. I feel i feel like what we need we need to. I don't want christly. Here's what i want gresley. If you're listening don't drop it like beyond say because i need like a week. We need a week to get all of our feet meets. What do they call magnificent firebirds. Yes in all the magnificent firebirds to be together at night when it drops. Yes shirt for the next. Maybe what we should do is do a midnight live just for like twenty minutes. Sure just like read the prologue together when everybody can pop in for twenty minutes what i like most about this is we are kind of right now. Admitting to ourselves that we have no hope of getting an advanced reading copy. We we hiked really. Everybody thinks we're going to get it when you do. We expect it will download it to our e-readers dislike everybody else when you all get it too. I'm gonna definitely be doing one of those things. Where i can see if i can change the time by kindle to france or something right leg surely there's around now listen. You know what's going to happen. It's going to happen. It's going to come up on amazon and we're already like wait. What and then somebody is going to email us. Short like you guys. Did you see that monroe is up. And i will be like i'm at work. I gotta go home. I'm feeling i'm gonna get a hotel room in the city. You take the subway. you'll never see me. Don't bother me. it's what i want anyway. So that's happening and now what you've all been waiting for. Have they been waiting. They're like what are these two giggling about. Uh i exactly. It's going to be season for and this really as you've already noticed episode where we're kind of just chatting you even offer few weeks we're gonna talk about our plan for season four and then we have one we have one we. We didn't really have a great one for season three because it was a pandemic. Listen i think we need for ourselves looking back. I was like what were we thinking. We should have just been my. We are going to give you an episode every week. You're welcome here. It'll be what it is and honestly kind of the same right now but with a better idea. No we have. We have like a guiding free for this. We have a good idea. Okay do you.

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